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  • This song makes me cry a lot because my uncle had a car accident 5 years after this song at the age of 18 i was almost 7 at the time and for the last 11 or 12 years he has not been able to talk or walk or move any part of his body so this song reminds me of him all the time

    Ray WilliamsRay WilliamsDay ago
  • Who’s feeling like a bad bitch on quarantine? Just me? ok

    AveryAveryDay ago
  • 10 years. Damn!

    Huy LêHuy LêDay ago
  • Thank you for recording this song, she and many other of your songs are my favorites

    Karina WiśniewskaKarina WiśniewskaDay ago
  • This song came out on my second year of highschool where I was bullied harshly. Oh boy!

    Carlos PanganibanCarlos PanganibanDay ago
  • I feel some Mad World vibes on this.

    Jermaine BeetstraJermaine BeetstraDay ago
  • 2020?

    Filmes e clipes de princesas da Disney CASA DO OUROFilmes e clipes de princesas da Disney CASA DO OURODay ago
  • 10 years already. Wtf!

    JawingJawingDay ago
  • ALi ATDRIK need this

    Alson Joel JoelAlson Joel JoelDay ago
  • Who Iz with me...1/4/2020......!!??

    Bibiana YonaBibiana YonaDay ago
  • Haaa nice you call I'm home list you say so. You block work block me from flying out from u no.u block everything from me ALi HAÀA nice day ❤️💙 😉 together

    Alson Joel JoelAlson Joel JoelDay ago
  • 2020!!

  • This song needs to be out once again

    D LopD LopDay ago
  • I loved it but in the end it cuts the clown in the clown movie

    gaby citagaby citaDay ago
  • Rob Thomas is One of the Most Underated Singers I don't know how to Get It Back to Good

    Shirelle HarrisShirelle HarrisDay ago
  • I'm still listening this song......quarantine

    yassin valensyassin valensDay ago
  • Next film: the birds of prey take down the Joker

    Xxxchanel _ xoxoXxxchanel _ xoxoDay ago
  • This song is probably the National Anthem of Homeless people

    Mugsy GreeneMugsy GreeneDay ago
  • *Tiktok has joined the chat*

  • Lol that's the beat maker from hustle and flow

    Talon SwayzeTalon SwayzeDay ago
  • Клёвая 😍

    Виталес СлободаВиталес СлободаDay ago
  • the song is actually really good , but is the wrong movie for this art

    João BatistaJoão BatistaDay ago
  • I was alienated by society. Fu©️k off society. I'm just sucker for pain. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Shiva NShiva NDay ago
  • Кто из Тик Тока? 😂😂😂

    사랑해.박자민사랑해.박자민Day ago
  • I love this song. Your voice is amazing!

    Jessica CookJessica CookDay ago
  • who’s still watching to this in 2020?

    The Wise MozThe Wise MozDay ago
  • Who´s here to escape COVID-19?

    Adriano CEOAdriano CEODay ago
  • Good song

  • This should be next to "dad rock" in the dictionary

    James ForestJames ForestDay ago
  • Still loving this song in 2020 ❤️

    Lucy PhiriLucy PhiriDay ago
  • If she collabed with cardi it would be like the nicki cardi collab we’ll never get to see

    Ree SiXtY NiNeRee SiXtY NiNeDay ago
  • yo this girl is an americannn haha

    bp ainaaazzsbp ainaaazzsDay ago
  • hah Fuck ur 666

    BerserkerBerserkerDay ago
  • I LOVE Normani But i cant keep my eyes off Megan. She got that star power and that thiccness

    Marie-Christine LachanceMarie-Christine LachanceDay ago
  • Wow i know who wrote this hook Dawan !!! check him out

    Who Is HendoughhWho Is HendoughhDay ago
  • Thank u tiktok

    putra sanjayaputra sanjayaDay ago
  • dân việt nam đieẻm danh

    Phương Linh VõPhương Linh VõDay ago
  • Person: what’s the title of the song “How could this happen to me” Me: it’s untitled. Person: your so useless! Me: :O

    Burco PresentsBurco PresentsDay ago
  • Amei amo essa música todo dia tô ouvindo

    Ivanir MoreiraIvanir MoreiraDay ago
  • Duck the tiktok part it’s still collddddd migos been in the game for years 🐐4L

    DwwDwwDay ago
  • Not gonna lie this song was made for women. Ngl this is lit So yeah Respect Women before they turn into a Bitch Of a Boss

    ML MoriGamingML MoriGamingDay ago
  • When I first heard this song , I have no idea what he talking about until I saw the lyrics ,

    Min ZanMin ZanDay ago
  • One of the best collaborations ever and kid ink was in it woot.

    World KiddWorld KiddDay ago
  • Me steeling my moms credit card AM A BICH AM A BOSS

  • Hi guys

    Jeffy BlackJeffy BlackDay ago
  • Nicki Minaj vibes

    Serah AlexanderSerah AlexanderDay ago
  • this reminds me harley

    * NiLt ** NiLt *Day ago
  • Dear poor handicapped repeatedly unemployed and indebted turned MNC STUD ex, if you ever come across this just know that I'm way too beautiful both inside and outside for you, yet if you believe that you deserve someone million billion ways better than me dream girl, then good luck, really dieing to see what we both deserve PEACE

    sulusuluDay ago

    Барли -_-Барли -_-Day ago
  • 안녕 도쟈냥;-) 우리 도쟈냥 노래마다 온도차가 심하네~

    દઃન‌곰돌이દઃન‌곰돌이Day ago
  • The girl on drums was a monster on them drums😂👍💪💪💪💪 even the female guitarist was rockin

    john Zambranojohn ZambranoDay ago
  • The only problem of this song is that it’s too short

    Keren MaryKeren MaryDay ago
  • Then NPH gave it a shot...and omg in love all over again..

    Michael St. SinMichael St. SinDay ago
  • My first encounter with Hedwig was the movie version and I completely fell in love. The music the lyrics the star.. I figured that _>

    Michael St. SinMichael St. SinDay ago
  • Anyone here in 2020? Holding no hand, of course 😂😂

    Blessingz SamboBlessingz SamboDay ago
  • Şemseddin bin arabaya Şemseddin ☝️ Can you write it(USproject)

    Süleyman DİRİKSüleyman DİRİKDay ago
  • I love Camp Rock but they ripped off this

    Bianca IsabelBianca IsabelDay ago
  • 2020 be like Coronavirus: i'll freaking kill uuuuu

    Firefox5000 YTFirefox5000 YTDay ago
  • get this to 100M views!!!!

    bp ainaaazzsbp ainaaazzsDay ago
  • this song is a bop!!!!

    bp ainaaazzsbp ainaaazzsDay ago
  • Hii tiktok

    ashyyashyyDay ago
  • Rick Nasty and GALXARA would’ve been such a cool collab. I don’t understand how Rico wasn’t asked but this song is still a bop.

    Bronsie LBronsie LDay ago
  • I'm getting old Azelia Banks vibes

    Shahjahan MirShahjahan MirDay ago
  • Lmao I miss the days when comment section was not a calander

    I Am Back Better Than EverI Am Back Better Than EverDay ago
  • his voice is fucking annoying but i love the song

    Pradhee SandeepanaPradhee SandeepanaDay ago
  • thank god my mom didnt open the door 0_0

    Nayeon StanNayeon StanDay ago
  • Wer kommt auch von tik tok

    Lacisha SprelichLacisha SprelichDay ago
  • 0:37 Bitch I’m a bosssssssssss

    NekaneNekaneDay ago
  • 2020-2120-2220 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

    LOL GGLOL GGDay ago
  • Lo único buena de la película es está canción

    JeroidJeroidDay ago
  • 2020

    Marco CemoliMarco CemoliDay ago
  • Remember Dara...I wanna play.. I'm scared....for us.,

    Tim ColeTim ColeDay ago
  • Birds of a prey was just WOWwww and this song makes me feel like a badass gurlllllll

    Girl BossGirl BossDay ago
  • one word..I cry

    Giuseppe AnnarummaGiuseppe AnnarummaDay ago
  • She’s the new Cardi B/Nicki Minaj but better

    Danish NazreenDanish NazreenDay ago
  • Shes amazing

    Kevin J. WareKevin J. WareDay ago
  • Where my 2020 folks at

    Scarlett ThomasScarlett ThomasDay ago

    madelainexxmadelainexxDay ago
  • Feeling like a badass?

    Zodiacal GirlZodiacal GirlDay ago
  • 2020. These were the best of RnB

  • How to get likes: Shit talk TikTok users (but yeah fuck tiktok users)

    Byron MannByron MannDay ago
  • 0:36 Tiktok people.

    Ali SalimAli SalimDay ago
  • Good song and video. Real love is so hard to find. When you think you found that one person you can trust and love wholeheartedly. They do something so dumb to ruin it.

    RedSoxRedSoxDay ago
  • Good song and video. Real love is so hard to find. When you think you found that one person you can trust and love wholeheartedly. They do something so dumb to ruin it.

    RedSoxRedSoxDay ago
  • 0:48

    Boss123 AhmedBoss123 AhmedDay ago
  • I'm a bitch I'm a boss 💕💕💕 I love this music ❤️❤️

    30apish30apishDay ago
  • I did not know that birds of prey has this song in it like whaaa... And anyways ima watch it now cause it looks SO COOL!

    jenefher tarinjenefher tarinDay ago
  • Ed's smile is so cute on 1:50 Just love it

    Atishi's WorldAtishi's WorldDay ago
  • How freakin PERFECT did she fit into this freakin movie soundtrack?! Like a GD puzzle piece I tell ya!

    Flannery RedFlannery RedDay ago
  • Makes me wanna send the principal to detention

    El FelipeEl FelipeDay ago
  • Можно один вопрос? пАчИму все пишут на английском .?!!! Я ничего не понимаю

    КуРоЧкА :3КуРоЧкА :3Day ago
  • i revisited this song bc of quarantine

    datsneakiboidatsneakiboiDay ago
  • Wow I want more of the very beginning wtf.. they inturupt that blissful piano the fuck at least play it afew more seconds. Why??

    eaz senteaz sentDay ago
  • Quarantine nostalgia time

    Blueberry BlueberryBlueberry BlueberryDay ago
  • I love the song

    Aryan SameerAryan SameerDay ago
  • she’s so harsh and very shocking to me

    WEXSTAZU My musicWEXSTAZU My musicDay ago
  • *This song makes me wanna bark to dogs to go away*

    AVAVDay ago
  • лайк если ты русский

    ruby45karuby45kaDay ago
  • 0:38

  • Tsundere in the nutshell

    Annuit terraAnnuit terraDay ago