10 FUNNIEST Anti Political Correctness Jokes

FUNNIEST Anti Political Correctness Jokes
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  • Comedians who won Most Grammy : thelaughplanet.com/comedians-who-have-won-most-grammy-awards/

    LaughPlanetLaughPlanetMonth ago
    • +LaughPlanet I agree with you, and, ironically, my two young nieces (thirteen and fifteen) introduced me to his comedy. To be honest, I assumed I wouldn't be a big fan, but within about three minutes, I found him hilarious! Then, I realized I knew him from Nick Kroll's show, but didn't know him by name at that time. I'll definitely watch your John Mulaney video, boss!

      Fluoride JonesFluoride JonesMonth ago
    • @Fluoride Jones He is seriously funny and given how young he is, I can only see him going up from there as long as he doesn't run out of steam. Thanks for suggestion, I will be making a compilation on his observational comedy.

      LaughPlanetLaughPlanetMonth ago
    • +LaughPlanet Hey, LaughPlanet, what do you think of John Mulaney? I haven't really seen you feature him, though I may have missed his presence in past videos.

      Fluoride JonesFluoride JonesMonth ago
  • Which is worse? Slavery or holocaust?

    Mestre ShakeMestre ShakeDay ago
  • david cross is so stupid, that would only work on a calvinist or modern jew, or muslim

    Alex HageAlex HageDay ago
  • Shut up nigga - all the audience found it funny??? Idiots

    djarvils EUdjarvils EU5 days ago
  • Look across the dinner table. YOU SEE THAT GUY🤨 Your husband is the feckin president😅😅 So much common sense it made me pause and think.

    Average BasicAverage Basic10 days ago
  • Hats off to you Stanhope.

    Mark RidleyMark Ridley10 days ago
  • Man I wish Britain doesn't have this kind of censorship. They just banned comedians from having their channel and fine or even jail them and I am using VPN now btw. So the Government can't track me

    Los Angeles ManLos Angeles Man12 days ago
  • Nah us men doesn’t need to stfu. And normal people don’t condone killing babies

    GodZpeed X7GodZpeed X716 days ago
  • Stop👏letting 👏 young👏 liberals 👏decide 👏what👏free👏speech 👏is. 👏they👏don't 👏get 👏to 👏decide 👏what👏 is👏 politically👏 correct 👏👏🙋‍♀️

    Kayla PerrinKayla Perrin17 days ago
  • I need to watch Larry King and Norm now, that looks like a treat.

    Peach State Sports LifePeach State Sports Life18 days ago
  • I like norm MacDonald.

    I'm Iron ManI'm Iron Man20 days ago
  • Only three of these stories got me off really hard.

    Todd CoreyTodd Corey22 days ago
  • On team DC with this one.

    kobathedreadkobathedread22 days ago
  • This is not anti-political correctness jokes. This is just jokes. Every joke is funny and every joke is offensive. Fuck that PC gangs just being uncomfortable all the time for Christ's sake

    S. SS. S22 days ago
  • George Michael song was playing last christmas and I said how is this a christmas song? ,it has much to do with christmas as Die Hard a christmas movie,which he replied why?,so I said he says Last Christmas I gave you my heart ,very next day you gave it away...then My co worker said maybe that why he turned gay?. So I said did you know lesbians have more break up with partners than homosexual and hetrosexual.and I said do you know why? Co worker said why? .Because when two lesbian go on a date to a restaurant they expect their partner to pay

    sleepup7931sleepup7931Month ago
  • which show is the dave chappelle one from?

    LynxLynxMonth ago
    • Lynx it’s on Netflix i think it’s called equilibrium

      Yourma JestyYourma Jesty17 days ago
  • Spoken like a true use of the n-word had to stop the token at 1:40. What blacks in America are in the lead of doing to themselves and others and the country isn't cute and aint funny anymore yo except when his mother uses the same language that kept him from meeting his father. I've had enough of this type of blackface

    Brian PerkinsBrian PerkinsMonth ago
  • At least humor is still around...but seriously this far-left ideology has ruined everything. In Europe and in Canada people have lost their freedom-of-speech thanks to this stupid ideology. They get arrested for "hate speech" or in other words "Any opinion the LEFT doesn't like..." The fuck kind of world are we living in now? I've heard people say that we shouldn't obsess over it, but these people don't realise how precious that freedom is. Just because "you don't want to talk about it anymore" doesn't mean political-correctness isn't happening.

    The DracobirthstonianThe DracobirthstonianMonth ago
  • Louis ck is a genius .

    Akshay AjithAkshay AjithMonth ago
  • that's not Dave Chappelle

    Future Selves Past MemoriesFuture Selves Past MemoriesMonth ago
  • theres 4 that were actually funny which is the point of the video. Dave Chappelle, louis CK, the comedy central guy, the black on laugh planet.

    MZMMZMMonth ago
  • The last one was epic

    The ImpalerThe ImpalerMonth ago
  • Dave Chappelle is being politically correct while cleverly establishing fairness towards both sexes. The woman has the right to kill life and the man has the right to not provide. Who cares about life in the womb? She's hurt in her pride because she was taken without consent. And he worries about his wallet, specially when he gets tricked by a woman who wanted to get pregnant. In seven or nine months of gestation a child is born. Time goes by fast. And it would feel so for a good hearted GOD fearing woman who would decide to carry this unwanted pregnancy to term even if she decides to give the baby up afterwards. But you see; carrying a baby for 7 or 9 months, unwanted or not, might make her develop a bond with it, come to love it and decides to keep it after all. Noooooo, she's too hurt in her pride, too angry at the world and that man! A woman kills life in a womb for those reasons: PRIDE(Godlessness), ANGER, UNPLANNED AND UNWANTED PREGNANCY, WORRY ABOUT NOT HAVING A DAD FOR THIS BABY. Yeah I sound too serious and gloomy. Don't get it twisted tough, I love a good laugh and enjoy comedy but some subjects will never get me laughing with a comedian whose opinion favors an immoral behavior. SINCE WE WRAPPED THE JOKE WITH A LAUGHTER, ES OKAY!

    Maxime Pierre - PierreMaxime Pierre - PierreMonth ago
  • It should be women's choice whether to keep it or not and a man's choice whether to pay for it or not.. This is a nice philosophy

    LasTCursE69LasTCursE69Month ago
  • What a mixed bag. Excellent and dire.

    WildlifeObsessedWildlifeObsessedMonth ago
  • Who’s the last guy?

    Michael OrmMichael OrmMonth ago
  • Number of people killed in the US by mass shootings per yr : Approx. 300ish. That's all of them not just kids. Number of abortions per year, about 600,000.

    Chris FortuneChris FortuneMonth ago
    • What about suicides and car accidents?

      Elton MayoElton MayoMonth ago
  • Can someone stop with the whole “...against political correctness...” obsession? This is comedy and comedy can be as transgressive and upsetting to individuals as it wants to be.

    Daniel VerberneDaniel VerberneMonth ago
    • @The Dracobirthstonian political correctness is the thing that destroys 1st amendment. It's complete bullshit that humour is an actual offence. It's humour and can be as upsetting to fucking brain-dead that kill our country as it wants. Microphone dropped.

      Voland V.Voland V.Month ago
    • @Voland V. So you just not want to speak out against it? It I too obvious what it has done to our societies that we should be speaking out against it before WE in America lose our 1st amendment. Not talking about it, won't make it go away, you know?

      The DracobirthstonianThe DracobirthstonianMonth ago
    • So true.

      Voland V.Voland V.Month ago
  • #fu&K political correctness

    Joe BowdJoe BowdMonth ago
  • Little known fact: most workers in ancient Egypt were citizens paying off their tax by way of labour or they were pows, who were actually well fed and nourished

    zetta _zetta _Month ago
  • At this point my inner dialogue is almost all "but maybe" 💙 L.C.K.

    J.D. BurfordJ.D. BurfordMonth ago
  • Epstein didn’t kill himself

    ChrisChrisMonth ago
  • "But maybe"...1% of Americans are in jail for good reasons, but maybe the USA has become worse than ANY other totalitarian state in history...ever...look it up.

    Doogle TickerDoogle TickerMonth ago
    • *Of course

      LaughPlanetLaughPlanetMonth ago
  • nice clickbait, most of these have nothing to do with political correctness

    John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
  • It's not that I found any of these offensive. It's just I felt most of these jokes in this vid were trying too hard to be shocking, and just lacked that punch that jokes like Chapelle's had in this vid.

    The AbsurdistThe AbsurdistMonth ago
  • Stanhope is in that Bill Hicks and George Carlin mould, making statements that are shocking at first but then you give them a chance and they have a very valid point to make.

    Syxaxis PhotographySyxaxis PhotographyMonth ago
  • Who is the third guy ? I've been looking for this set for about 10 years . I saw it about 10 years ago and could never find it .

    Richard MorrisonRichard MorrisonMonth ago
    • @Mitchell Bowser awesome ! Thanks man

      Richard MorrisonRichard MorrisonMonth ago
    • Richard Morrison Doug Stanhope

      Mitchell BowserMitchell BowserMonth ago
  • Church!

    MrLuridanMrLuridanMonth ago
  • Omg that's deep the comedian said the kids in America are being shot n killed so they can go to heaven and service the isis warriors as part of the virgins that they are promised 🤔

    pyramid architectpyramid architectMonth ago
  • Abortion is a necessity especially for the liberal American woman they promote promiscuous behavior Madonna and Rihanna are worshipped as sex Godesses.

    pyramid architectpyramid architectMonth ago
  • These joker's suck! Bring back guys like Carlin, Dice, etc.

    Ed ElktonEd ElktonMonth ago
  • Halfway through. None of this is politically incorrect, this is mainstream humor pretty much everyone in cnn and nbc would laugh at.

    John LourisJohn LourisMonth ago
    • @varun hebli They didn't.

      John LourisJohn LourisMonth ago
    • Nobody at CNN will laugh at the Obama joke, about the first abortion joke and the last one. They'll probably try to get all of them banned

      varun heblivarun hebliMonth ago
  • Stellar compilation

    sean revoltahsean revoltahMonth ago
  • Stanhope might be the most gifted comic since Carlin.

    Scott RackleyScott RackleyMonth ago
    • He's so hammered and cringy I had to skip him.

      Future Selves Past MemoriesFuture Selves Past MemoriesMonth ago
  • I shouldn't have liked any of these jokes! I am a white, mother of two daughters, married for 27 years, Christian, 47 years old, Republican, conservative, no fun at all. I was laughing hard! I didn't like the abortion joke, though! God bless our babies!!! 🙏🙏🙏

    noneof yourbusinessnoneof yourbusinessMonth ago
  • Louis C.K. shouldn't have jacked off in front of women...but maybe...

    P ConnerP ConnerMonth ago
  • Nut allergy over-parented little pussies.

    P ConnerP ConnerMonth ago
  • Stanhope so NOT funny.

    P ConnerP ConnerMonth ago
    • Found the PC boomer

      unh0ly s0daunh0ly s0daMonth ago
  • Lets hope that we NEVER have a first male first lady. That last "first" was nothing but failure and everyone knows it.

    Ugly StikUgly StikMonth ago
  • Chapelle was straightened out after Africa. Tow the line mfr. Tow the line. You got castrated when you got back from Africa.

    theartplazatheartplazaMonth ago
    • That's cuz that's not Dave Chappelle.

      Future Selves Past MemoriesFuture Selves Past MemoriesMonth ago
  • I agree! People are sooooo overly sensitive!! I remember back in the day male comedians would bring out their penis to fellow comedians every day! People have to learn to chill!

    Jim MulchinockJim MulchinockMonth ago
  • 12:48 So fucking clever observation xD

  • Thank you for this compilation, Laugh Planet! Several of my favorite comedians were featured in this video. Those being, Doug Stanhope, Louis CK and Anthony Jeselnik! :D

    Fluoride JonesFluoride JonesMonth ago
  • Chappelle has become kind of an idiot.

  • 7:03 so wrong and so brilliant lol

    Rodney BurrRodney BurrMonth ago
  • What, no George Carlin?

    TrilobightTrilobightMonth ago
  • Triggered

    Verbal DiarrheaVerbal DiarrheaMonth ago
  • I'm taking a shit right now.

    Phuque2Phuque2Month ago
  • “It’s my money my choice” Lol! This is awesome.

    PedritoooPedritoooMonth ago
  • some of these are jokes and some of these are just people talking

    Mike CarrollMike CarrollMonth ago