10 Times Neil Peart Was the Best Drummer on Earth

Rest in Power to the #Rush icon.
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  • I love Bonham's groove and sound, but you cannot escape the technical precision and sheer percussion mastery of Peart. I hear Moon, Krupa, and Buddy Rich all over his playing, but you know it's distinctly Peart.

    R KaylorR KaylorDay ago
  • the thinking man's drummer. love Rush and Neil Peart. RIP still mispronouncing his surname, i apologise. is it me though or did he look a bit like Tom Hanks?!


    MurabitoMurabitoDay ago
  • 2:34 wasn’t that in Tom and Jerry

    Nathan ZieminskiNathan Zieminski3 days ago
  • Who ever disliked the video then you are a false icon

    Michael SpencerMichael Spencer4 days ago
  • He inspired me and others everywhere to play an instrument and play with true passion, focus, consciousness, and expression. You rock. G.O.A.T. R.I.P

    Paeanoa KingiPaeanoa Kingi5 days ago
  • Damn he was awesome! RIP Neil!

    bhobo09bhobo097 days ago
  • He felt the music!

    Marcos TorraniMarcos Torrani7 days ago
  • Hey! I didn't know Tom Hanks played drums! 0:42

    Alan WesleyAlan Wesley8 days ago
  • Tom Hanks sure was good at drums.

    panfrickpanfrick8 days ago
  • Master ................. Period

    Lee AnneLee Anne8 days ago
  • tom hanks

    Mateo GazzaMateo Gazza8 days ago
  • More accurately, 1 Time Neil Peart Was The Greatest Drummer On Earth: his entire life

    DaDewd 64DaDewd 648 days ago
  • He was not just a drummer. He was an actual percussionist ! They didn’t call him the professor for no reason.

    Paul Raudenbush JrPaul Raudenbush Jr9 days ago
  • I seen them in concert in 84 in meridian. MS and he had a long solo everyone one was in aw

    Glenn DunnGlenn Dunn9 days ago
  • Wish their were dates listed.

    Michael WerbickMichael Werbick9 days ago
  • Neil was always the greatest drummer

    Landon The MisfitLandon The Misfit11 days ago
  • Tom Hanks burns man

    Leo TorresLeo Torres11 days ago
  • So many great drummers. I got Peart 1 Bonham 2 then the rest..alot of greats but Neil pert was in a league of his own r.i.p.

    lou sassolou sasso12 days ago
  • If you want to see Neil in a happier unguarded time check out dinner with RUSH...what a wonderful relationship these guys had

    Patrick WebbPatrick Webb14 days ago
  • i grew up in Pt.Dalhousie in St.Catharines during the 60s.. same age..same time period.. went to the same school with Neil..followed him around in the local bands he was in(The Majority,Jr Flood Doc Savage etc).. and later on became a drummer myself and we were both drummers in different bands ( but known to each other).. hung out some at TastyTreat..downing burgers and cokes and talking music for hours on end...he then got in with Starlord (local band) and THEN quit to go to Toronto to get in with some band called "Rush"..a friend replaced him.. and i replaced the friend for a short period when he broke his arm... as i did also Neil in Doc Savage when he left them too... and later in 1973,i replaced him in an act called Westfauster .... seemed as if i was constantly following him when he left something... we knew each other not as close dear friends,but as "colleagues" for a brief time during that period of the early 70s..i then followed his career while pursuing my own as a musician/music artist in later years BUT.. i knew the man during those early beginnings.. and hold dear ALL those memories....because sometimes, fond memories are ALL that remains

    Signore NicolaSignore Nicola15 days ago
  • Folks I need some help..I truly believe his drum set should be in a museum.I'm all for it..to preserve something so special..hope it will be preserved for everyone to see..my hero..please let your voice be heard before a piece of history is gone..God bless

    Donald EmmertDonald Emmert18 days ago
  • the man nuf said

    Marko RuotsalainenMarko Ruotsalainen18 days ago
  • What are you talking about he’s always been the best drummer

    Vintage Music, Action Figures, and MoreVintage Music, Action Figures, and More18 days ago
  • It's been a month, and I'm still so bummed.

    Fred GarvinFred Garvin19 days ago
  • Rip Neil Peart

    Damien RichDamien Rich19 days ago
  • Anyone know what that Jazz composition he was playing was? That was awesome.

    jari56ifyjari56ify20 days ago
  • 2:36 I never knew Bob Ross played sax

    shazbot10shazbot1020 days ago
  • Mr. Peart influenced every part of my life. Not just a monster musician/percussionist; would have been extraordinary at anything. He possessed a high moral compass, voracious appetite for knowledge and lived by a ridged set of quality and ethical standards. Unfairly, he also endured some of the darkest times a human being can face, but persevered with grace and dignity coming back out on top of his craft and life again in the end. This man was a warrior. Prayers to family and friends.

    good * woodgood * wood22 days ago
  • It ain’t easy being cheesy

    Ben WilkinsonBen Wilkinson24 days ago
  • The one time he wasn't was when Stewart Copeland was born.

    romandameromandame24 days ago
  • god it just makes me wanna cry,

    rockhardrockhard24 days ago
  • Rest in peace Neil you were the best drummer there ever was or will be.

    Stephen HradilStephen Hradil24 days ago
  • What can I say? Neil Peart was one of the most phenomenal drum players of all time. May he rest in peace, and may his music and legacy live on!

    Scott BrowningScott Browning24 days ago
  • 10 Times? Yeah, how about every time he picked up the sticks.

    Bill B.Bill B.25 days ago
  • the man was a Master of his craft!! RIP Sir..

    pwookiepwookie25 days ago

    mfuji02mfuji0225 days ago
  • First we lose Neil, then now we lose Kobe, 2020 has been a rough year right from the get-go.

    Maolen Vin PelaezMaolen Vin Pelaez25 days ago
  • The Grammys should hang their collective heads in shame for not paying tribute to Neil Peart last night like they did for Nipsey Hussle. At least Tool was good enough to pay homage to The Professor in their acceptance speech. Anyway, I know The Juno Awards ceremony on March 15 (Canadian version of the Grammys) will make it right for Neil.

    Bryan DesjardinsBryan Desjardins26 days ago
    • You are so right. No offense to Nipsey, but Neil Peart was one of the best ever and did it for multiple decades. He deserved a much more significant tribute.

      Andrew FAndrew F24 days ago
  • First Niel peart now Kobe 💔💔

    Ephel sagansayEphel sagansay26 days ago
  • G.O.A.T.

    Chris HilbornChris Hilborn26 days ago
  • The New guy sure did well...

    Geddy lee HammersleyGeddy lee Hammersley27 days ago
  • This dude is not the best drummer not even close.

    Medicated BobcatMedicated Bobcat28 days ago
  • The titles wrong, he still is the best drummer

    ScineronScineron28 days ago
  • I don't care what haters say. Neil Peart will forever be in my heart as the best drummer ever! Being the son of a Rush fan I grew up listening to his chops. I had no choice. It was one of the best presents my father could have given me. May he RIP, and may the Lord remember him in the last day! May we yet share many moments in Paradise! I'm gonna ask for lessons, so be ready...

    Clement AugustineClement Augustine29 days ago
  • Heil Neil The God of The Drums

    JonhyherediaJonhyheredia29 days ago
  • 2.10. He wasn't playing the drums..... He became ONE with the drums

    Golden Dawn HierophantGolden Dawn Hierophant29 days ago
  • usproject.info/it/video/t4_Yr4marrRpqJw

    Damien RoyDamien Roy29 days ago
  • Never get sick of this. Awesome solo and bodies work work! Let celebrate what he did and left for everyone! What a legacy! Condolences to Lerxst and Dirk 😢😢

    Bat ManBat ManMonth ago
  • King for ever 👑 NEIL PEART 👑

    H a n d g e m a c h tH a n d g e m a c h tMonth ago
  • No one can hold a candle. Were going to miss him.

    Muck BringerMuck BringerMonth ago
  • "Black ice... It's my turn to drive..."

    Чорнобровый ПавелЧорнобровый ПавелMonth ago
  • Why did he start wearing a hat? Thoughts?

    Amish Baby Machine Pop Culture PodcastAmish Baby Machine Pop Culture PodcastMonth ago
    • Hi Amish Baby. Yes, the people's thoughts are sometimes strange...anyway, within or without hat or shorts, Neil Peart IS Neil Peart...RIP Neil. Regards, Amish Baby.

      Gheorghe BusteanuGheorghe Busteanu27 days ago
    • Gheorghe Busteanu Counterparts tour the hat started showing up. Some say it was trip from Arica inspired him. Wondering what people’s thoughts are.

      Amish Baby Machine Pop Culture PodcastAmish Baby Machine Pop Culture PodcastMonth ago
    • Che te ne frega del capello? I mean what's wrong wearing a hat? We're not talking here about hats, man!

      Gheorghe BusteanuGheorghe BusteanuMonth ago
  • He was a monster and a craftsman at the same time. We will never see his like again. RIP.

    Jon BerryJon BerryMonth ago
  • God: We've been saving a seat for you. Bonzo: Don't worry Prof, I'm cool with scooting over

    I want Felisha's life, she's always going somewhereI want Felisha's life, she's always going somewhereMonth ago
  • 3:51, baby! I saw him do this in person, a clear view with binoculars trained right down on him, on November 9, 1982. One of the best days of my life. That time he did triplets on each of the high toms as he went up and down. On Exit Stage Left, I could never discern whether these were triplets or not.

    tyanite1tyanite1Month ago
  • Absolute genius will be sorely missed so many thousands of hours of pure musical enjoyment but most of all a lovely clever unpretentious man r.i.p.

    Tim KnightsTim KnightsMonth ago
  • the Best Drummer on Sky!

    Alexis BustamanteAlexis BustamanteMonth ago
  • Who?

    Lewis WrayLewis WrayMonth ago
  • Rush was one of the best concerts i have ever seen in 1987 ....amazing!

    Norman AckersNorman AckersMonth ago