5-Second Summaries with Vince Vaughn

Jimmy and Vince race the clock to summarize movie plots trying to get each other to guess the title.
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5-Second Summaries with Vince Vaughn




  • Home alone...home by himself...

    adamadam6 days ago

    Bird PersonBird Person16 days ago
  • Michael Shannon and Vince Vaughan in a film together playing brothers. One's really fucking intense and the other one's really fucking intense and funny.

    chattycathydollchattycathydollMonth ago
  • For Ghostbusters should’ve said “Who you gonna call?”

    G&MMG&MM3 months ago
  • Vince said home.

    aro 327aro 3273 months ago
  • You cant say home.

    Johnny DutchJohnny Dutch4 months ago
  • White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen were the two that came out in 2013. Funny enough, Independence Day came out the same year as Mars Attacks!

    Brian SchwartzBrian Schwartz4 months ago
  • how do you guess jurassic world before park lol

    Marlboro HunnidsMarlboro Hunnids4 months ago
  • Clay Pigeons

    Jamie IngelsJamie Ingels5 months ago
  • Olympus had fallen ...

    Josh JackzoneJosh Jackzone6 months ago
  • He is one of my absolute favorite talk show/late night guests. The BEST. 🙌🏼

    Liz LaBauve SimonsLiz LaBauve Simons6 months ago
  • baby you're so money and you don't even know it

    ТурбоТОПТурбоТОП7 months ago
  • Vince reallh talks that fast, wow lol

    Puntex GamingPuntex Gaming7 months ago
  • No one noticed he cheated on the first one. He said the word “home” which is in the title “Home Alone”. You can’t say words that are in the title. These damn celebrities think they can get away with anything. Well, not while I’m alive. I’m pissed off. My respect for Vince Vaughn just went down a couple notches, and I will never watch another one of his movies. My heart goes out to Macauly Culkin and his family. May God give them the strength to carry through these tough times. Peace in the Middle East!

    Bönzeaux BleuxgrënBönzeaux Bleuxgrën9 months ago
  • I wish Vince Vaughn could be my uncle!

    Alicia PearsonAlicia Pearson9 months ago
  • He said Home!

    adlercreutzableadlercreutzable9 months ago
  • Jimmy Fallon, more fake than a hooker's smile.

    🌍 Mister No🌍 Mister No10 months ago
  • Martians attack was the movie that came out the same year as independence day

    PoptartsCh0c0l4tePoptartsCh0c0l4teYear ago
  • Jimmy that dance tho! 😍😍

    Pickle PoePickle PoeYear ago
  • "Home Alone" should've been in the 1 second section, with Vince saying "KEVIIIIIIIN!" :D Seriously, just me?

    enzoli23enzoli23Year ago
  • Vince Vaughn is incredibly hot. There, I said it

    Hjwah hhHjwah hhYear ago
  • How did not thought of Jurassic Park first? Rigged!

    Hardy SilverHardy SilverYear ago
  • Jimmy should’ve said, “There’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?...” lol

    Brooke StopBrooke StopYear ago
  • White house down IS a movie

    Christian UriaChristian UriaYear ago
  • Omg! Home alone was literally the first movie I thought of!!! I would say “kid gets left at his house by himself”.

    Matthew RammigMatthew RammigYear ago
  • I hung my camouflage jacket up in my closet, and now I can't find it.

    Palo GrandePalo GrandeYear ago
  • White house down IS a movie. not a good one, but its a real movie

    Sammy WoolleySammy WoolleyYear ago
  • he said HOME in HOME alone. idk if anyone else said this in the comments i didn't check.

    BlueDream617BlueDream617Year ago
  • Jimmy's games are always so fun and funny hahhaa

    Michelle Cox PhotographyMichelle Cox PhotographyYear ago
  • Fallon is so boring

    vikas malikvikas malikYear ago
  • He said home...love him anyways

    Molly CapperruneMolly CapperruneYear ago
  • Vince my idol

    King BoatKing BoatYear ago
  • This is so fake

    Lukas NielsenLukas NielsenYear ago
  • Vince Vaughn is a National Treasure

    Manny A.Manny A.Year ago
  • Jimmy Fallon reminds me of my gay boss

    Nate HermanNate HermanYear ago
  • He was thinking of Olympus had fallen for the twin movie of White house down

    Jack Of SpadesJack Of SpadesYear ago
  • Jurassic World? lol

    Omid SaranjOmid Saranj2 years ago
  • Vince is so HOT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ WHAT A TALL DRINK OF WATER!!!! 💋💋💋💋💋💋🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀💥💥💥💥💥🌩

    Oh Really SBOh Really SB2 years ago
    • Oh Really SB Wow 😮 someone feels the same way I do 😛😛😛

      Hjwah hhHjwah hhYear ago
  • He said "home"for "Home Alone"!

    Alexa WallAlexa Wall2 years ago
  • Who agrees that he would fit being chief Hopper in stranger things

    ريان عبداللهريان عبدالله2 years ago
  • WTF...white house down is a damn movie.

    wright vcxwright vcx2 years ago
  • Anyone else notice Vince said home for home alone and he wasn't supposed to

    Sam SaundersSam Saunders2 years ago
  • To this day Dodgeball is still one of the best

    PurpleBull3tzPurpleBull3tz2 years ago
  • this part is unclear lmao 😂😂

    aye boiiiaye boiii2 years ago
  • 1:47 that would've been pretty cool

    SchiddySchiddy PangPangSchiddySchiddy PangPang2 years ago
  • he said home in the first one

    Spencer CorbettSpencer Corbett2 years ago
  • maybe he was referring to the movie Mars Attacks cuz tht came out the same year as independence day

    PoptartsCh0c0l4tePoptartsCh0c0l4te2 years ago
  • White house down stars Channing tatum and Jamie fox how did jimmy not know that he had them on the show promoting it 😂😂

    Anna Nicole tyreeAnna Nicole tyree2 years ago
  • White house down is a movie

    luca Rossiluca Rossi2 years ago
  • WOW thought he was gonna say Jurassic Park lol but he got it right

    JEFFYjackassJEFFYjackass2 years ago
  • You're so fuckin money right now lmaoo

    Benjamin CoxBenjamin Cox2 years ago
  • For ghostbusters I would've said "who you gonna call"

    Ben E. MacLeodBen E. MacLeod2 years ago
  • No fair he talks so fast

    caljohn88caljohn882 years ago
  • Vince!!!

    Paul PolpiboonPaul Polpiboon2 years ago
  • That buzz is annoying

    bob sagetbob saget2 years ago
  • All my friends think I look like vince Vaughn lol

    Mitch CaptainMitch Captain2 years ago
  • What a cutie!!! Loved him since I was a kid!

    Vera GrigVera Grig2 years ago
  • you can't say home, Vince!!

    Stephanie CanadaStephanie Canada2 years ago
  • Jimmy needs to get up on his desk and do his Magic Mike dance. For an hour. With no shirt on. Is it hot in here??

    J. SmithJ. Smith2 years ago
  • 1st one should've been thrown out - V said home

    Josh DaetzJosh Daetz3 years ago