8 Truths and Myths About the Full Moon

With so many claims about the moon’s influence over everything from menstrual cycles to rainfall, SciShow is here to set the record straight with these 8 truths and myths about our moon.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • But love moonlight and sleeping while it fills my room!

    Chrys TChrys T12 hours ago
  • So are you going to believe him or your lying eyes??

    niwtruniwtru3 days ago
  • I knew it! About once a month I suddenly have a few nights when I can't really sleep well for no apparent reason. Except for the full moon. I knew it had to be it!

    TheZhukeeTheZhukee4 days ago
  • My mum works nights as a nurse in a nursing home. She has told me for years that the residents are more "difficult" when there is a full moon. She put this down to the old myth of the full moon causing madness, but after watching this video I suspect it is just because the residents are not sleeping as well as they do at other times.

    queenofshredqueenofshred11 days ago
  • they say that you should trim split ends of your hair during full moon because it somehow makes your hair healthier, I think it may be because of the air or something because hair tends to get frizzy when it's low pressure

    Nic0aNic0a13 days ago
  • There was once a boy in year 8 who I heard comfort his friend by saying “don’t worry about it man. It’s the 18th, all the girls are on their period”

    Bonnie JaneBonnie Jane13 days ago
  • Full moon days are public holidays in Sri Lanka.

    Vishva KumaraVishva Kumara15 days ago
  • I know that nobody asked but my menstrual cycle is 28 days.

    Anne-Mette PedersenAnne-Mette Pedersen21 day ago
  • Here is anecdotal evidence for further study of human menstrual cycles and the moon's cycles. I happen to know many women who lived or live in off-the-grid hippie communes with no electricity whatsoever. These were communities with 20 people or so. The women would all menstruate at the same time, and all during the full moon. Perhaps there is something in living with the electromagnetic fields of tech that throws this off (if it isn't a coincidence) or with being able to turn bright lights on at night (which would be retinal influence and not an electromagnetic one) or perhaps there is some combination thereof.

    Bryna WaldmanBryna Waldman21 day ago
  • I've seen and heard strange things, but I've heard Stranger Things...

    its just luke Reviveits just luke Revive22 days ago
  • This may be anecdotal but speak to anyone in the emergency services, care industry or bar work an they’ll all say the same thing about full moons, people go crazy an bad stuff happens.

    torque8899torque889922 days ago
  • The many myths about the moon kinda shows how much we either love or hate our moon. I personally love it.

    SKB ArtistrySKB Artistry26 days ago
  • This presenter has obviously never worked in a hospital emergency ward, as a paramedic, police officer or in a psychiatric ward during a full moon, I remember a high care aged care worker telling me that many of the advanced dementia patients act up during the full moon, the majority of people may feel no lunar effect, but people who work in the mentioned areas most definitely see an effect on a minority of people.

    TomTao1TomTao126 days ago
  • The menstrual cycle "mystery" HAS a scientific explanation. Unlike other primates, early humans hunted at night... by moonlight. Well, the men did at least. That means women who were most fertile every time the moon wasn't out had more offspring, passing down those genes. If human's cycles stayed around the length of 37 days, then fertility would align far less often with their greatest opportunities to mate...which happened every 29 days. Our ancestors that had longer cycles got bred out of existence.

    lolchemylolchemy27 days ago
  • 00:25 I just imagined every ER /ED Doctor and Nurse facepalm....

    Klutzy MuttKlutzy Mutt28 days ago
  • “That the moon makes people behave strangely is a myth” Said no nurse ever.

    Indianne GIndianne G29 days ago
  • Who's they? All men or all women and did they know the cycles of the moon or not ? Like they had an idea the moon was waning or waxing?

    Jennifer RytheJennifer Rythe29 days ago
  • Why don't we have a annual sex festival? Humans are boring.

    Aracne80Aracne8029 days ago
  • Moon is a COLD light Use A thermal laser pointer and measure the moon shade and measure moonlight it’s always colder in moonlight And that’s a fact

    Amy NAmy N29 days ago
  • dude... did you do any research?? your 1st statement couldnt be more wrong! on the full moon they always had an extra nurse scheduled in our emergency room BECUZ there were routinely MORE PATIENTS! ??? OUR BODIES ARE 97% LIQUID?? HOW! could we NOT be affected!!! HELLOOOO!!!!!!

    T BarrT Barr29 days ago
  • By my experience, yes, a full moon does sometimes make mating easier.

    22vx22vxMonth ago
  • This stuff is cray!

    Devin SparksDevin SparksMonth ago
  • Regarding the scorpions - How are we defining, “Wandering a round aimlessly?” Were the scorpions hunting, drinking water, developing close sexual relationships rather than chasing their tails?

    Judith MarriottJudith MarriottMonth ago
  • One thing I would like to know about that research on lunar cycles and menstrual cycles using the data from the app is "were those women on hormones?" Because since I stopped taking the pill I can totally connect my cycle with the moon cycles, it's really amazing.

  • Yeah? Try working in an emergency room, then talk about it again....

    Eyvonne HammondsEyvonne HammondsMonth ago
  • The reason why the data for that period tracking app didn’t correlate with the moon is because they were all on the pill! Makes no sense to me why you would need an app to track it if that were the case but...well all of us don’t work the same.

    Liza CynoLiza CynoMonth ago
  • Try being a police officer during a full moon. Compared to any other day of the year. It hits fan.

    Keith MoranKeith MoranMonth ago
  • not leftovers man, the human body has minimum 60% water, and on top of that there is a small magnetic bone at the bridge of the nose called, I believe it is the ethmoid. but it is just pure nature, not leftovers.

    Rudyard KiplingRudyard KiplingMonth ago
  • Only one true thing you need to know about the full moon it marks the middle of the month, if it's a full moon you know it's the 15th.

    Miriam BabiMiriam BabiMonth ago
  • A cow or a heard of cows will always face north or south when resting. Dogs prefer to face north or south while pooping. It has to do with the magnetic poles. I like weird facts... that's why I'm here. Also you can tie a chicken leg bone in a knot by soaking it in vinegar for 24 to 48 hours. I have never tested this so It might take longer or shorter, or it might just dissolve into goop. Thank my dad and his unlimited well of useless information. I'll take his word for it.

    Kate BrownKate BrownMonth ago
  • worst one yet

    Jeff JJeff JMonth ago
  • At no.7 you miss the fact that its know for thousands of years that the moon is realted to our emotions. It means that the moon itself interferes with our brainfunctions. You missed the important fact that people seem to eat more eggs during full moon or the werwolf phenomena were undealt emotions rise up to be unleashed. Our brains is related ti the univrse which includes all our planets in our solar system. Your scinetist not having an answer but making up an excuse makes no sense. Listen to our ancestors. Maybe you will learn something. It is called numeroogy and astrology. GL & HF with your discovery of our true reality. Our ancestors already explained eveything to us to its finest details.

    Vuur WaterVuur WaterMonth ago
  • So, does the moon make it more difficult to fly for birds/insects when it's overhead thanks to the air pressure, or is it a little simpler due to the gravity? (I mean mechanically)

    DarkVitaminsDarkVitaminsMonth ago
  • Hank seriously i love your Content and i wish SciShow would get all the german ARD/ ZDF Money (Rundfunkgebühren) Broadcasting of "Free Radio and TV" While whole World understands Digital, and Password Protected services, German LAW dosnt (Internet is still newland) So we still pay more than 8 Billion Euro for crappy content no sensfull guys can watch. Get yourself at least some percents of the cake :D You deserve it

    Georg ZechozkyyGeorg ZechozkyyMonth ago
  • With the menstruation study, did they account for which women were on hormonal contraceptives?

    Lisa G.Lisa G.Month ago
  • I actually only ever have seizure during random liner events the last one I had was two weeks ago during a wolf moon other the that I only ever have them if I forget a pill

    Toby PageToby PageMonth ago
  • A couple of these are lies due to the fact the moon is within the Earth's supposed atmosphere

    Flat Earth SageFlat Earth SageMonth ago
  • *Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars...*

    Nick AugustNick AugustMonth ago
  • What about births in the full moon or different phases of the moon? Does it affect some how the baby? Or the difficulty of the birth somehow?

    Renato GranitoRenato GranitoMonth ago
  • I will stop to observe her in all her Sun backlit splendor.

    Jed-Henry WitkowskiJed-Henry WitkowskiMonth ago
  • Lmfao try working in a mental hospital, nursing home, or prison. Lunar gravitational pull in some way? Anything is possible. I get dizzy right before every full moon without realizing it's about a full moon.....and I mean really dizzy....I have an autoimmune neurological encephalitis....so I know when I'm having a weird dizzy moment....and these are unique.

    Skadi FrodeSkadi FrodeMonth ago
  • should be interesting to see what happens when humans get between Mars and Earth and they have no magnetic field around.

    Hisame ArtworkHisame ArtworkMonth ago
  • Those myths aren't real but these are. F U

    mmartinisgreatmmartinisgreatMonth ago
  • Oh please don't give this idiot any money

    Kenda GeorgeKenda GeorgeMonth ago
  • We all know the signs and symbols better than you and your controllers

    Kenda GeorgeKenda GeorgeMonth ago
  • Lies lies lies dummy

    Kenda GeorgeKenda GeorgeMonth ago
  • Your a mason and all your numbers are from your gimitria. The moon is a hole with YES demons coming through. The truth is interesting. York DUMB spewing LIES. Get a brain cell then speak. You dummy

    Kenda GeorgeKenda GeorgeMonth ago
  • Your an idiot

    Kenda GeorgeKenda GeorgeMonth ago
  • Maybe my menstruation influences the moon instead of the other way around?

    sararavenrainesararavenraineMonth ago
  • A deeper connection to women would help here... thankfully more people are studying the wisdom of the natural hormone menstrual cycle.

    Christina RobohmChristina RobohmMonth ago
  • No one here in Australia calls coral spawning the annual sex festival

    Naomi CNaomi CMonth ago
  • I always think this is an interesting topic to bring up. I know a good number of people who have no belief in unexplained events from things like the moon causing issues all the way to paranormal events. Yet many of them who are in medicine/ems say that while no one can explain it, the oddest and most bizarre shifts they work are on full moons. Most went into their fields initially feeling ‘full moon’ as a cause was myth. Yet they came to find that they do see a correlation. But it always stands out to me when very practical, science-minded professionals admit there’s something that happens during full moons!

    Elizabeth DarseyElizabeth DarseyMonth ago
  • There's something about Mary

    Jon CocksJon CocksMonth ago
  • "Orient" is not a verb, please stop treating it as such. "Orientate" is the correct term, you are obviously aware of this as you said "orientated". Please stop mangling the English language. Thank you.

    MyriaddsystemsMyriaddsystemsMonth ago
  • Oh, when they do it it's called an underwater snowstorm. When I do it, my wife tells me to sleep on the couch.

    Miles LougheedMiles LougheedMonth ago
  • As a Cairns local, born and raised next to the Great Barrier Reef I can confirm it is NOT called the "Annual Sex Festival" 🤣🐠🐟

    Jodie CallaghanJodie CallaghanMonth ago
  • Yes, a lunar rythm... we can't sleep, because, your body is telling you... SOMETHING IS GOING TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!

    Jeann van RooyenJeann van RooyenMonth ago
  • That`s dirty trick to lure people: put something sexually-related in thumb picture.

    Boogie Man80Boogie Man80Month ago
  • Objectively, my cat goes CRAZY when it's full moon.

    DemcheckDemcheckMonth ago
  • Not a myth. I've worked in call centers for 14 years and people get crazy during a full moon. I know people in the medical care field and they say their patients are whacky too.

    Jeff MullinsJeff MullinsMonth ago