92nd Oscar Nominations

Relive this year’s Oscar nominations announcement with John Cho and Issa Rae. See the full list of nominees at oscar.go.com/news/nominations/oscar-nominations-2020-list-nominees-by-category




  • The clapping is so annoying

    JaredJared5 days ago
  • To The Academy, Not denying that diversity is necessary but everybody’s going overboard with it. Nominate black, white and Asian people or women etc. Why do we need to move the focus completely from art to race, color, sex, sexual preference etc. etc. etc. Why can’t we just recognize and give awards based on the work people have done. Recognize the art and award the artist, not vice versa. At this rate, soon the awards will lose their dignity.

    Vishesh JainVishesh Jain9 days ago
  • For more information click here :usproject.info/author/W1ZBIzv4OGlGQGt8lQNg4w.html

    BIG QBIG Q10 days ago
  • Fine by mike shinoda should be on original song list

    I_Tolde_u_so 05I_Tolde_u_so 0511 days ago

    G GlowG Glow11 days ago
  • Seen live it was amazing

    super mystsuper myst11 days ago
  • White's Only Oscars once again😅😂🤣and a handful of Token blacks as presenters.

    vertdell Solovelyvertdell Solovely11 days ago
  • and the Oscar goes to: PARASITE!!!!!!

    João Gabriel Souza SouzaJoão Gabriel Souza Souza11 days ago
  • One word for this. Embarrassing. YUK!😎

    Nita The Google Giggler.Nita The Google Giggler.11 days ago
  • Honestly were is oscar for Robert Downey Jr for his dedication to the character ironman he played for a decade. Sad

    Arya ShubhanArya Shubhan11 days ago
  • I love John Cho! ❤❤❤👏👍

    lio lailio lai11 days ago
  • Congratulations, Oscars! You have made the right decisions on 2020 Oscars Wins in 2-9-2020. Totally agreeable to 2020 Oscars Wins!

    M RaymondM Raymond12 days ago
  • What you did this year you people of the academy is a joke it says a lot that winning Oscar means nothing, how on earth the best supporting female actress is “ Laura Dern” her role was nothing no skills anyone can do it and she was irrelevant to the movie to the limit I felt I wanna stop watch the movie honestly you should be ashamed

    Grey thoughts music MusicGrey thoughts music Music12 days ago
  • Avengers Endgame? Highest grossing film???

    Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku12 days ago
    • @Hatsune Miku A bunch of the movies I've been talking about on this thread are from this century and even this decade. Heck, I mentioned "Ford v Ferrari" which came out the same year as "Endgame". How many movies have you actually seen that are NOT comic book movies? Also, I'm not even old enough to be Gen X

      Morten AanstadMorten Aanstad7 days ago
    • @Morten Aanstad lmao, u re ignorant who lives in the prehistory, a boomer haha

      Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku7 days ago
    • @Hatsune Miku I don't like MCU because it does NOT require thinking and does NOT have an interesting story on top of not having any real artistic merits. Compare those stories to "The Godfather", "A Streetcar Named Desire", "12 Angry Men", "Fight Club", "Requiem for a Dream", "Pink Floyd: The Wall", "Apocalypse Now", "Taxi Driver", "Pulp Fiction", "Whiplash", "Birdman", "American Psycho", "The Matrix", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "The Truman Show", or even "Shrek"

      Morten AanstadMorten Aanstad7 days ago
    • @Hatsune Miku Trending amongst kids and high audiences, not amongst serious moviegoers or film historians, and trends don't mean actual quality. MCU is like McDonald's; trendy, overpriced, distasteful, manipulative, pointless, and low-cultured compared to actual art. I can also just imagine Gen Z eventually become fascists in the future because it's "trendy". After all, how did the Germans rise to power during WWII?

      Morten AanstadMorten Aanstad7 days ago
    • @Morten Aanstad u dont like Marvel movies bc what, it requires thinking? Bc stories are actually intresting? Bc it all have arms and legs, bc they are contsistant?

      Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku7 days ago
  • 2019 was another success year of movies. More great movies than 2018. It not mean 2018 not have good movies but kind of less than this year.

    Dragonetti LuisDragonetti Luis12 days ago
  • Stop the fucking clap

    Ali Al-jouborE CH. - علي الجبوريAli Al-jouborE CH. - علي الجبوري12 days ago
  • From AMPAS to this. Ah, Douglas Fairbanks.

    Arfan Eka DiandraArfan Eka Diandra12 days ago
  • That was great. Even though I love Joker, but Parasyte shows that everyone can achieve their dream.

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!12 days ago
    • Parasite

      The Emerald AxeThe Emerald Axe11 days ago
  • I have a very strong feeling Parasite might....might win Best Picture!

    Wilbur HernandezWilbur Hernandez12 days ago
    • Hahahahahahahaha

      The Emerald AxeThe Emerald Axe11 days ago
  • Capt sulu

    ツD E R AツD E R A12 days ago
  • The worst oscar ever !

    • How

      The Emerald AxeThe Emerald Axe11 days ago
  • Oscars to the movie parasite why it's not American. They don't speak English. This is A Korean move

    Sam EsquibelSam Esquibel12 days ago
    • ?

      The Emerald AxeThe Emerald Axe12 days ago
  • Can we have Ricky Gervais please?

    Geoffbuzz WhocaresGeoffbuzz Whocares12 days ago
  • the Oscar for perverts goes to...WAY TO MANY OF YOU

    Geoffbuzz WhocaresGeoffbuzz Whocares12 days ago
  • Congratulations for all the winner👋👋

    David SihombingDavid Sihombing12 days ago
  • "International community of artists." Lmao

    Times of BETimes of BE12 days ago
  • - congratulations to those men -

    Grace SankeyGrace Sankey12 days ago

    TheDodapogiTheDodapogi12 days ago
  • Avengers endgame better win an Oscar or I’m suing

    Melissa GoveaMelissa Govea13 days ago
    • Aarón García I need to get in contact with my lawyer asap💀

      Melissa GoveaMelissa Govea10 days ago
    • Did you sue?

      Aarón GarcíaAarón García10 days ago
  • Watch Oscar 2020 Live >> oscarsawards2020.com/

    Jebunna HarJebunna Har13 days ago
  • Should have been nominated for best live-action short film usproject.info/it/video/3H7Jh4af1sKIkG0

    ToastedToasted13 days ago
  • O farol não entrou ?

  • Why the claps

    EDM de AçaíEDM de Açaí13 days ago
  • Adam Driver better won this Oscar ❤️👌🏻

    Deborah AdamDeborah Adam13 days ago
    • And he lost! Ha! Too bad!

      Morten AanstadMorten Aanstad7 days ago
  • Maravilhoso✒

    Luciana MufukaLuciana Mufuka13 days ago
  • The best acting category is one of the finest. All of the nominees won once (sort of, I'm referring to Brad Pitt).

    Noel LawlerNoel Lawler13 days ago

    twain103twain10313 days ago
  • I was in shock when I heard or find out for that movie got a oscar

    Tonya ReddingerTonya Reddinger13 days ago
  • Once upon a Time in Hollywood VS Joker

    DooT_DemonDooT_Demon13 days ago
  • Joaquin phoenix for oscars👍🏻

    Ailin SadaghianiAilin Sadaghiani13 days ago
  • How is Harriet not up for picture of the year it is a joke

    Mike SimpsonMike Simpson13 days ago
  • I barley heard of any of these movies but endgame doesn’t get nominated for best picture like it’s the number 1 most grossing film of all time!

    Quaksongirl 1996Quaksongirl 199613 days ago
  • I tell you I SCREAMED when Maleficent 2 made it as a nominee in Makeup! I tell you I also SCREAMED when Into the unknown from Frozen 2 made it onto the best original song! I got triggered when Angelina Jolie didn’t make it into the Leading Actress category. :( BRUH, MALEFICENT 2 AND FROZEN 2 ONLY GOT NOMINATED FOR 1 AWARD?! :(

    AuphorixAuphorix13 days ago
  • North MACEDONIAAA for second time

    AlexYoutuberAlexYoutuber13 days ago
  • I like many millions of other people will not be watching the Academy Awards this year for stuff they don’t have a host which is a stupid stupid blonde or second off to get rid of Kevin Hart because they’re too worried about hurting idiots feelings

    CBM VenturesCBM Ventures13 days ago

    Rifan Ari SyahputraRifan Ari Syahputra13 days ago
  • Award Ceremony Cancelled Fears of Pomonavirus (Cali joke)

    mopthermopthermopthermopther13 days ago
  • *1917 WIN ALL include BEST PICTURE💪*

    INTERNET Lie Fake Ugly BadINTERNET Lie Fake Ugly Bad13 days ago
  • who is win best picture category?

    Oscars Awards 2020 live streamOscars Awards 2020 live stream13 days ago
  • 1917 was good though Amazing movie I saw it last night👏 And Joker is the best👏

    Harley’s Lego ChannelHarley’s Lego Channel13 days ago
  • 봉준호!

    mark 동2mark 동213 days ago

    Zoe TsoZoe Tso13 days ago
  • Done subcribes

    Watch & SeeWatch & See13 days ago
  • Joker (Coringa)

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro13 days ago
  • When will be the official Oscar premier

    Apoorva SolankiApoorva Solanki13 days ago
  • Where is Le Portrait d'une jeune fille en feu ?

    MarianneMarianne13 days ago
  • Four nominations for the French

    MarianneMarianne13 days ago
  • usproject.info/it/video/uIe6nYGBzcxkhrA Less than 24 hours Oscar, left! First Open Movie Music [Parasite] I mix It!

    MISSY's Music Academy MISSYAUHMISSY's Music Academy MISSYAUH13 days ago

    agata węglarzagata węglarz13 days ago
  • 14:55 *congratulations to those mEN* THE SHADE i love her

    Ambar VioletaAmbar Violeta13 days ago