A Sad Truth About Atlantic Records Exploiting Artists (Lil Uzi, Young Thug + more)

Discussing the shady actions of Atlantic Records & how they take advantage of artists with their devious tactics
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    yadiiiiggyadiiiigg11 months ago
    • yadiiiigg no thank YOU!

      Hamsa BeatzHamsa Beatz11 months ago
    • yadiiiigg culture vulture

      Been CxzyBeen Cxzy11 months ago
    • soundcloud.com/user-487325426/paytoe-x-lilbyron-x-boss-feelinright am I tweaking or is this the most fye song of 2019? Fuck carti

      La PaytoeLa Paytoe11 months ago
    • D Savage and a lot of upcoming acts who had more than 2million views on USproject He signed he died off now he just helps produce songs because he can't release what he wants they release what they want

      Mohau MokhethiMohau Mokhethi11 months ago
    • love ur vids bro usproject.info/it/video/tI7De4OCncR9l3E

      LunaaLunaa11 months ago
  • Well in 69 they signed Zeppelin so idc what they do. They're gods

    CronoxusCronoxus10 days ago
  • Who’s watching after EA dropped?

    Aizaaz FAizaaz F25 days ago
  • music is music

    OfficialJIGGA BUUOfficialJIGGA BUUMonth ago
  • It’s a cult and stealing your soul is definitely sodomy 😬

    Dj JazzDj JazzMonth ago
  • Here's Bruno's latest accusation / Did he steal this one from his Dad? You decide >>>usproject.info/it/video/06zbp6yE2s2VlI4

    Julene SandlinJulene SandlinMonth ago
  • I hope Roddy are not going to sell his soul he is such an smart guy I hope he is going to make his own business like Nip told him.

    Navy ANavy A2 months ago
  • Look at Keke Palmer and Gia Farrell. Very talented people but they were just one hit wonders because they wouldn't do what their label forced them. I bet this is also happening to Lizzo and Kelly Clarkson without a doubt...

    Werner CedilloWerner Cedillo2 months ago
  • What about the atlantic artists "tragic deaths" before their albums get put out? Aaliyah, Nip, jce wrld, etc...i think xxx was on Atlantic too.

    Slum KingSlum King3 months ago
    • Juice WRLD was signed to Interscope and XXX was on Caroline/Empire (so he was basically independent)

      Choppa NachosChoppa Nachos26 days ago
  • Mans said these nwords lmaoo I'm done 💀💀

    Dat BoyDat Boy6 months ago
  • Y’all the ones that be going to these white owned labels. I can’t really feel that bad. Read your contract before selling your soul

    Aaliyah GrayAaliyah Gray7 months ago
  • I don’t think rappers understand that music is a zBUSINESS entertainment as a whole is a business. If you don’t want their business, read the contract carefully and don’t sign? Or negotiate for a better deal? Sign to a different label instead before you sign anywhere? Nobody is putting a gun to your head to sign the contracts.

    The Buzz IncThe Buzz Inc8 months ago
  • They exploited also disco singers in the 70s

    Mikoyan MiG-29Mikoyan MiG-299 months ago
  • Im trying to figure out why atlantic records and lyor cohen are going after nicki minaj..... she never signed to them why are they blackballing her/blacklisting her..... i really don’t understand

    JaylaJayla9 months ago
  • I’m crying does anyone care about why don’t we being signed to Atlantic records 😭😭

    A PersonA Person9 months ago
  • They already dropping lil nas x album but doing this to uzi and thugger

    XentricGamingXentricGaming9 months ago
  • dumb ass mf’s , have a lawyer on deck and fuckin let them know ur not a bitch upfront! only a dumb ass lets that happen n signs shit away. when u sign shit get serious!

    rockteebeatsrockteebeats9 months ago
  • You'd figure that a label would grind their artist to the bone forcing them to constantly make music but no Just don't release their albums

    MapleMilkMapleMilk9 months ago
    • Rigggght?? Thay is so weird. They totally 360'd their way of business now

      Impeccable RaImpeccable RaMonth ago
  • But NBA youngboy signed to Atlantic records and he can drop music whenever he want.

    Chris SloanChris Sloan10 months ago
  • Lil Uzi Vert-Ramp is a trash artist and closet gayboi

    Jeff PhillipJeff Phillip10 months ago
  • Eternal *AH-TAH-KAY

    Justin UnionJustin Union10 months ago
  • So u thought they were gonna keep.paying artist for saying the same watered down whack azz shit. All of them sound the same. Y'all mad but y'all signed to them. Your stupidity

    Maurice RMaurice R10 months ago
  • Let them say anything too......

  • If they choose satan then they will continue to suffer JESUS is the only way!

    Latoya flemingLatoya fleming10 months ago
  • Crazy how Young Thug and Waka have both been shot at recently smh

    Masani MusaMasani Musa10 months ago
  • What kind of deals do they think they’re going to get? There’s an abundance of garbage rappers and they all copy each other lol, they ain’t even artists anymore they deserve to get fucked

    williesamdavis503williesamdavis50310 months ago
  • What makes you think I even like Lil Uzi . I want him dead actually

    Winter Tarzan JagrupWinter Tarzan Jagrup10 months ago
  • Soooooo....the artists are slaves basically

    Tracy KaPoniTracy KaPoni10 months ago
    • Yep

      Barbz Nicki loverBarbz Nicki lover10 months ago

    Tracy KaPoniTracy KaPoni10 months ago
  • Atlantic is TRASH!

    R RoweR Rowe10 months ago
  • Atlantic is now pimping Cardi!

    JelenkoJelenko10 months ago
    • It just all doesnt make any sense...... theu were literally offering female rappers 250k just to diss nicki minaj..... they are blackballing and blacklisting nicki since 2017.... i don’t understand why

      JaylaJayla9 months ago
  • One of the realest videos on USproject.

    Derrick DavisDerrick Davis10 months ago
  • "Ya can't think clearly from the mind control theory" ~ *The Method Man* ~

    Kevin GuillaumeKevin Guillaume10 months ago
  • they shouldn't have signed.

    Slim DumbySlim Dumby10 months ago
  • I mean seems common amongst major labels. Tbh.

    IrocChucKTayLors215IrocChucKTayLors21510 months ago

    BriaBria10 months ago
    • Shut the fuck up you clearly don’t listen to rap so get off this channel dumbass

      Gh0stGh0st10 months ago
  • Uzi and thug didnt write thier hits anyway.

    Joshua RosasJoshua Rosas10 months ago
  • This is why i dont listen to this fckery . I saw right through all this .

    NOT EVEN GODNOT EVEN GOD10 months ago
  • Lyon Cohen has a very long reach not only Atlantic records but Warner bro distribution. They control a lot of things, it's why cardi b is untouchable!

    Gemini0162Gemini016210 months ago
  • Even Beyoncé had issues with them she spoke about record label ain’t ish on her last album

    Shiaenna DavidShiaenna David10 months ago
  • It's apart of music industry culture...from day one

    derreck taylorderreck taylor10 months ago
  • Maybe the artists needs to READ and/or NEGOTIATE before they sign a contract. Duhhhh! 95% of record levels are shady.

    Sho' Nuff! You know!Sho' Nuff! You know!10 months ago
  • Y’all been letting that Jew Lyor Cohen fuck up our culture for years

    VAWNVAWN10 months ago
  • Better sign with someone like Jay-z with rocafella, dr.dre etc., with them being rappers themselves they know how everything works and will help you make as much of you're own money as possible, but don't go to cash money ,birdman will steal your money lol

    Chevy Nation19Chevy Nation1910 months ago
  • Fuck them & Atlantic records 🤷🏾‍♂️ They sold there souls why complain now 🤷🏾‍♂️

    dread dreadydread dready10 months ago
  • Stay woke as long as we're gay on drugs locked up killing each other making broken familys and such we as a black people won't survive

    Johnny AllenJohnny Allen10 months ago

    DestinyDestiny10 months ago
    • And it would’nt bother her that they’re controlling her art because she don’t give a fuck about the art lol

      JordanJordan6 months ago
    • She wears underwears wit dick holes in em😬😱lmao

      Pedro GonzalezPedro Gonzalez10 months ago
  • PSA: A majority of these Atlantic artists.... fuck that A MAJORITY of these ARTISTS in general are selling their souls in these contracts.

    B SandersB Sanders10 months ago
  • They ripped YB off sad MOTOWN DID IT TOO NOT AS BAD THO

    Diane LongDiane Long10 months ago
  • Cardi is about to see what they are about at any time

    Jermaine WilliamsJermaine Williams10 months ago
    • They are currently using her to get at nicki..... wake up ppl. If they werent using her to bully nicki out of the industry then she’d be going through all these problems right now, i dont think they done w her still. Lets not forget atlantic was going around offering female rappers 250k just to diss nicki back in 2017.

      JaylaJayla9 months ago
    • Jermaine Williams I can’t wait! It’s what she deserves since she doesn’t care about the art of music, she just wants the money!! Perfect example of a culture vulture 👏🏼

      LexiLexi10 months ago
  • The narrator’s voice is erky jerky. I’m sorry it’s annoying. And it’s ok to slow Down a bit. Blahhhhhh

    Dee HardenDee Harden10 months ago
  • I love Lil Uzi. He really loves his fans

    Gina PadillaGina Padilla10 months ago
  • They only want your image. They want your image with their lyrics. Because you put out an image of being rich and the kids think if they become rappers they will be rich, when you “get out of pocket” they can easily replace you cause they have many hungry for what they think you have. You become disposable

    Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams10 months ago
    • Jade Xxx take on the persona of any negative black stereotype you can and let them know explicitly you can be bought

      Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams7 months ago
    • Kimberly Williams how can I get noticed by a label because I literally don’t care what they want my image to be I just need the money for my family

      Jade ExplicitJade Explicit7 months ago
  • Gotta read the fine print,

    Mike Love ThyselfMike Love Thyself10 months ago
  • Fuck atlantic

    Omar GayOmar Gay10 months ago
  • What these artist are being used for and the agenda they are carrying out only to be slaved for their dream. The question is if it is worth it or not. Someone is walking around repeating everything you say and you are a being puppeted by record labels. To what degree is the artist accountable to the pain of their dealings in a very crooked system? What alternative do they have? Should they just remain impoverished? How does an artist fight an industry their life is dependent upon?

    Asita LandryAsita Landry10 months ago
  • If I was a rapper I’d hire an agent before gettin signed to anybody that’s how to maximize everything

    sam regiersam regier10 months ago
    • Tj Bryant you know somethin I don’t?lmao

      sam regiersam regier10 months ago
    • @sam regier 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

      Tj BryantTj Bryant10 months ago
    • Tj Bryant well obviously not to all these Atlantic artists 😂

      sam regiersam regier10 months ago
    • I mean that would make since..

      Tj BryantTj Bryant10 months ago
  • Cover your own genre

    Darc MavisDarc Mavis10 months ago
  • The industry got these new lil niggas looking crazy androgynous and drugged out. Black culture is fucked in the next 20 years.

    Native SunNative Sun10 months ago
  • Read the fine print people.....

    SoFly Kip FloatBySoFly Kip FloatBy10 months ago
  • Atlantic is broke

    Cam Godi 365Cam Godi 36510 months ago
  • As usual, someone other than “US” speaking on our culture

    187Bryson187Bryson10 months ago
  • All this money black artist make start our OWN shit. Black people don't realize how POWERFUL we are...But they do that's why they stay trying to make y'all feel like you NEED they rotten asses. They stay exploiting black talent

    Elisha PigrumElisha Pigrum10 months ago
  • Saying "n-words" is no different just sub all together if u not gonna say nigga say person or people

    Bj BennettBj Bennett10 months ago
  • Dont forget Nba youngboy .

    Bel’Air BuGottiBel’Air BuGotti10 months ago
  • None of them niggas real niggas they all feminine asl so their white daddy is going to keep fucking them and treating them like side bitches

    Bryant JohnsonBryant Johnson10 months ago
  • Its all f*ck'd up out here..Total chaos and mass confusion..Smh

  • I wish this shit got half as much attention as the youtube drama rn, this shit not right

    Kennedy PatersonKennedy Paterson10 months ago
  • Fuck all these rappers. This music is bad for our black communities

    223 Kd223 Kd10 months ago
  • Mannnnnnnnnnnn fuck lil Uzi and half the wack rappers on this list.... Im jus sayin they lame as hell anyway.....

    King WaltonKing Walton10 months ago
  • clink link for real music soundcloud.com/mike-london-501090338/mic-london-wish

    jay Strongjay Strong10 months ago
  • Blame it on culture vulture Lyor Cohen ☠️👿

    Young KingYoung King10 months ago
  • Damn, rappers are some ugly mfs. Just like their music. Trash

    Sheldon CooperSheldon Cooper10 months ago
  • Lupe sucks they was trying to help his ass! All these dudes suck in this video. 🤔🤫

    Priestmajic 76Priestmajic 7610 months ago
  • Hahaha he said they don't care about the record they just want a number 1 hit record....they don't care about me they just want the best for my well being...I swear rappers be crying n bitching about They albums but when they do do a album the way the artist wants and then flops they then blame it on piracy lol naw bru ur record is just wack af. You think labels wanna invest money on a album they know is wack af. Some of these rappers don't understand that they wack af and the label only wanna help them out not cause they care but because they don't wanna loose money they invest on yo stupid ass. If you really think you that good of a rapper then don't sign no deal take out the album urself, I'm tired of these rappers bitching n crying accepting millions of dollars when they sign to a record label when most of these rappers if you ask em what tracks the record labels made them add to they album is the same tracks that made them famous n main stream. It wasn't their own track.

    Alfonso SolorzanoAlfonso Solorzano10 months ago
  • where is suge knight when u need him

    • TROY MARTIN TV He just as bad.

      Gina PadillaGina Padilla10 months ago
  • In the time of social media who FUCKING needs record deals!

    Brandon CaldwellBrandon Caldwell10 months ago
  • Create Your Own Avenue. These Labels don't give a damn about no artist. #MoneyGrabbers

  • just hurt A&Rs an the ones who in ya way there nothing wrong with pain lokey then getaway lowkey...suckers let them people take tha culture... any thing with ATL don't trust

    DuBs WorksDuBs Works10 months ago
  • Don't believe the hype. #publicenemy