Alanis Morissette's Legendary Jagged Little Pill Was Rejected from Every Label

Alanis Morissette shares details with Jimmy about transforming her international hit album, Jagged Little Pill, into a Broadway musical with Diablo Cody and reveals how that classic album was initially rejected from every label.
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Alanis Morissette's Legendary Jagged Little Pill Was Rejected from Every Label




  • Wow she’s so fat now!

    Hanna ShiraziHanna Shirazi5 days ago
  • What....A....Goddess. Her aura is truly a special thing to see.

    dranyaM naneeKdranyaM naneeK5 days ago
  • She looks freakin awesome

    R dMR dM6 days ago
  • Bro jagged little pill was one of the best Albums ever!!!! I still listen to this album!! Alanis still can sing too, she’s only 45 & her voice is strong as ever!! #JaggedLittlePill

    Juice 730Juice 73010 days ago
  • I was in 6th grade when this released. I knew the lyrics but didn't realize what they meant until I heard the songs again a few years back. And I was like whoa.

    e Rikae Rika14 days ago
  • Got those chicklet choppers

    Jim CarlileJim Carlile14 days ago
  • she had a baby on August 8, 2019 she has three kids .let's see how you fuckers shape up at 45 a few months after your third kid .twats

    mudshark jonesmudshark jones17 days ago
  • If you the battery starts looking

    Michael ClayMichael Clay18 days ago
  • I'm just speaking for myself she still looks good. And i love a thick woman

    Michael ClayMichael Clay19 days ago
  • Alanis looks like she ATE all the little pills... HUGE

    Kao GoogleKao Google20 days ago
  • My partner and I went to her first tour, I talked 2 girls in the lobby to trade seats with us. We ended up front row, so we took our old tickets ( they didn’t want theirs) out to the street to give them away, no one would take them. New tour selling for 250 to 1000 in T.O. CRAZY

    Evil PussywillowEvil Pussywillow21 day ago
  • She gained a lot of weight for just a 45 year old ...

    OVI-Wan KenobiOVI-Wan Kenobi21 day ago
  • Who swallowed Alanis Morissette?

    123 456123 45622 days ago
  • Beautiful as ever Alanis! ❤️

    Angel GraceAngel Grace22 days ago
  • you are loved forever alanis!! thank you so much!!!

    donny hud43987donny hud4398722 days ago
  • She looks good with some weight and makeup! Jagged Little Pill was the best album from the grunge Era. Nothing touched it. Nothing. Excellent album. See Right Through is my fav. Now that's a rock in song.

    Ducati DaveDucati Dave22 days ago
  • This looks like alanis morrissette if she ate alanis morrissette

    Ricky RickRicky Rick22 days ago
  • Thank you madonna queen of pop

    carlo delarosacarlo delarosa24 days ago
  • I loveee Alanis 😘💕

    Miss AuroraMiss Aurora26 days ago
  • Thank you MADONNA 👏👏

    TorinoTorino26 days ago
  • yay, so there's hope for me! jk

    Jody SielsJody Siels27 days ago
    • Jody Siels yes there is. You too can get as fat as her some day.

      S TraS Tra26 days ago
  • How was the play/how long on?

    EXT0EXT027 days ago
  • Worst F_CKING record of all time! She sounds like she is getting jabbed with a hot f_cking nail through half of it! F_ck that sh_t! She is looking a little gaunt, must not be EATING enough?

  • There is a difference between having curves and being overweight. She looks good; but I’m so sick of all the P.C. crap! Overweight is fat! Curves are bone structure. Let’s call it what it is! We all gain a few pounds as we age, or find it more difficult to keep weight off; but it can be done! Granted, some people take meds or have a condition that may put weight on, but the majority of people don’t exercise or eat healthy. Just cutting out refined sugars and simple carbs go a long way, but some people don’t care. The majority of America wouldn’t know a thin person if it hit them in the face! The next time someone tells me to eat more; I think I’ll tell THEM to lose a few pounds!! I don’t make comments about fat people; so don’t shame me, either! Her weight shouldn’t even be a factor in the comments. Just enjoy her music!

    T RT R27 days ago
  • She looks so pretty!

    Adrián RojasAdrián Rojas27 days ago
  • you fat now

    The GeneralThe General27 days ago
  • Alanis has the most beautiful smile!

    Paulo Lima MusicPaulo Lima Music29 days ago
    • Paulo Lima Music that’s because she trained her mouth a lot by stuffing huge amounts of donuts in it.

      S TraS Tra26 days ago
  • I'm from Brazil and I have a American friend and I asked him if he knows Alanis Morisset and he told me no, I don't . And me: what? How can you I love Alanis and she doesn't get older she's always beautiful

    Alison AbsAlison AbsMonth ago
  • "jagged little pill" is so excellent album by alanis! and shes an icon!

    Arthur PatombonArthur PatombonMonth ago
  • its perfectly safe....

    7668587 07668587 0Month ago
  • Still have my CD!

    Robin PrestridgeRobin PrestridgeMonth ago
  • After 35 millions of records

    Patrizia PintoPatrizia PintoMonth ago
  • she's started with Madonna's label ... the queen

    Fabiano XFabiano XMonth ago
    • Madonna is the queen. Not need money

      Fabiano XFabiano XMonth ago
    • Fabiano Ciccone yes. She made M a lot of money

      Joshua HowardJoshua HowardMonth ago
  • Alanis was my first white female idol... Her lyrics inspired me to learn English before I came to Canada.

    J fJ fMonth ago
  • I bet those record companies felt pretty freakin stupid! Same story with Lynyrd Skynyrd's first album. Joke is on the record execs who couldn't recognize these classics.

    Randy HendersonRandy HendersonMonth ago
  • she looks radiant

    Leandro MartinsLeandro MartinsMonth ago
  • Goddamn what happened to her? Hope she is ok.

    Johnny GleasonJohnny GleasonMonth ago
  • Hard to believe Jagged Little Pill was rejected initially.Still 1 of my fav albums of the 90's.I gotta check out the broadway musical.

    TheBriguy33TheBriguy33Month ago
  • YCDTOT!!!!

    boobtuber06boobtuber06Month ago
  • Is she pregnant or just a fatty? People starving and she ate all the pies?

    paramjit singhparamjit singhMonth ago
  • Chorei vendo essa mulher que marcou minha vida com tantas músicasdo caralho!!

    Call LimaCall LimaMonth ago
  • Too bad I caught you in the first place about 20 years ago. Insane nazi *spinoff*. Yuck. Stalk, bug, tape, tap that dog and don't forget to share with *friends* and your fake *Madonna* accomplice. Yup, I caught that dog too.

    Judy NagleJudy NagleMonth ago
  • You Ougta Know is a horrible song.

    Jackie NoffJackie NoffMonth ago
  • This entire album kicks ass. She is one of my favourite female artists of all time.

    cc360cc360Month ago
  • I love her, still remember her live on woodstock 99

    X NeverTryToCornerX NeverTryToCornerMonth ago
  • She's still so beautiful!!!! She has aged so beautifully!!!!

    JdjJdjMonth ago
    • You're joking!

      paramjit singhparamjit singhMonth ago
  • It's a good record but COME ON, they make it like it's the best thing since air. I'm sorry but the Gen X anger from back then being performed by a frumpy middle aged woman is SO lame....and turning it in a Broadway thing is more lame. Let sleeping dogs lie! I can't stand when they try to RECREATE the past.

    Debra DebraDebra DebraMonth ago
  • Please, invite Travis to your tv show. Fran Healy, Neil Primrose, Dougie Payne and Jim Dunlop. They are the greatest band in the world in my opinion. Thanks a Lot!!!!!

    Danilo Sena ReligadoDanilo Sena ReligadoMonth ago
  • So beautiful, wow!! Happy for you Alanis!

    cullbcullbMonth ago
  • She’s an idiot!! Broadway?? What a joke !!! It’s going nowhere!!!

    christemple66christemple66Month ago
  • She looks BEAUTIFUL

    Ricardo SolerRicardo SolerMonth ago
  • Transgendered

    Dan LettuceDan LettuceMonth ago
  • So cute😍

    Omar JROmar JRMonth ago
  • And what is she singing now love songs !!! Being big bold and beautiful .. she looks like somebody's mom

    Robert ButtsRobert ButtsMonth ago
  • Oh good she is so big now ... The Canadian 🥓 bacon ..

    Robert ButtsRobert ButtsMonth ago
  • Remember her on Nip Tuck?

    destro513destro513Month ago
  • These shows are designed for hype and in some way, they're useful (especially for truly gifted artists like Morissette). But if you're looking for an intellectual meeting of the minds. Not gonna happen. This is a C20th phenomenon. There was a time when these types of shows delved deeper. Pre-Letterman.

    orbitalsatelliteorbitalsatelliteMonth ago
  • Because it sucked!

    Rose NRose NMonth ago
  • "Jagged Little Pill" was the soundtrack to 1995-1996 when I was 11 turning 12 and it's one of the baddest albums ever.

    abluemovie7 84abluemovie7 84Month ago
  • So gorgeous, better now than the skinny version.

    Richard Graham-GreenRichard Graham-GreenMonth ago