Antonio Brown is VERY frustrated right now, begging to return to #NFL

#AntonioBrown keeps changing his tune about his return to the NFL.
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  • What advice would you give to Antonio Brown?

    Boyce WatkinsBoyce Watkins6 months ago
    • Boyce Watkins Think before you speak ! Watch how you handle yourself publicly !The World is watching ! Conduct yourself in the way you want to be respected ! Don’t bring the white mans meaning of a “Black Man” into fruition ! In Everything you do Antonio place GOD first ! GOD would not have you conduct yourself publicly as you already have done ! He wants the best for you !!

      linda parkerlinda parker6 months ago
    • Mr. Avery I agree! Have that neurological assessment done ASAP!

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
    • Go see a very good therapist, if you have a entourage tell them to go on vacation, give one final social media interview for awhile explaining in detail what your objectives are, keep yourself in playing condition, cease giving personal interviews until you're picked up by an NFL team. Good Luck!!!

      Mr. AveryMr. Avery6 months ago
    • Boyce Watkins Read, read, read, & Learn, Learn, Learn without ceasing. Learn FROM the most powerful people on the planet-the White Supremacists, with a view toward establishing Justice & Helping those who need help the most, constructively vs. destructively-there is no Spiritual Power in destruction.

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
    • He has to have some sort of CTE, he better hit you up for investment advice. The NFL is not gonna deal with him again...they are gonna call him a loose cannon and move along. T.O, Ochocinco, Ricki Williams, and so many others its almost set up like that

      NB CNB C6 months ago
  • Brown needs to go run routes and do sit-ups with T.O.😏

    muallem64muallem646 months ago
  • Collaboration is key, even in competition. You might not collaborate with your direct competitor, but you collaborate with your team, your coaches, your supporters.

    Cute LadyBug DrSBMidCute LadyBug DrSBMid6 months ago
  • i stay in cleveland and i will tell you this is a segregated state

    Cleve JaeCleve Jae6 months ago
  • I have learn so much from your knowledge and wisdom, thank you. Remember that every word from your mouth, goes to God's ear! The profanity is not necessary.

    Ecila2uEcila2u6 months ago
  • I quit this channel 3 years ago because he can never stay on topic. I comeback and he still can’t stay on topic. 🤦‍♂️

    Elite CastingElite Casting6 months ago
  • He should’ve stayed with the team that wanted him ... the Oakland raiders. He played himself and now he’s on the street looking sad

    VL BVL B6 months ago
  • Resources!!!

    Land SharkLand Shark6 months ago
  • Lol that black judge was out of line she is the typical black woman in power funny moist boyce didn't mention what she did😒😊😊😊

    uy97uy976 months ago
  • Bro-man needs a check huh?

    Clyde ReidClyde Reid6 months ago
  • My Scrubby Jets can use him if he wants 2 play that bad and i mean really bad cuz they if you aint known are that damn bad. 1 and 7 type bad.

    Cosmic MoorCosmic Moor6 months ago
  • 😭Oh Boo Hoo.... (AB) has *$24 million* in the bank.... *The Black **#ADOS** **#FBA** Community has lot more Important issues to worry*

    P WHALESP WHALES6 months ago
  • Boyce rumbles and rumbles through his videos. He has no structure with his thoughts. If you listen, Boyce says the same things, whatever the topic, in every video...we must love Black women...keep the dollar in the community...join my financial school...blah blah blah

    Dak FDak F6 months ago
    • LMAO

      Sammy DavisSammy Davis6 months ago
  • ❤✊🏾

    Tylin FosterTylin Foster6 months ago
  • Hello from Orlando Florida!

    Ingrid TaterIngrid Tater6 months ago
  • There is no such thing as "BLACK CELEBRITIES" out there. They're just a bunch of Idiot and Retarded blacks most of the so-called ADOS have lived their lives through and worship every day. I'm not that stupid to call any football and basketball player or any Hollywood whores a celebrity! Besides, MONEY is drug only for attention-seekers or very low self-esteem individuals.

    RealBlackManRealBlackMan6 months ago
  • I appreciate Dr. Boyce but sometimes that black hate comes out. We may have to go a little younger and wait a little longer to find the ones with the real spill and don't have that pinch of black hate. In no way shape or form have I ever felt inferior to any race therefore my pride and sense of self makes me change the station when he speaks. No disrespect but he was born to close to the time that he got a pinch of self hate

    Travis SimpkinsTravis Simpkins6 months ago
    • Travis Simpkins Let us all hope & work for a day when “color” no longer is the way in which people define who they are, & is no longer assigned at birth as a form of “identification.”

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
    • We living in certain times now but it always corrects itself. Every one is doing as they should

      Travis SimpkinsTravis Simpkins6 months ago
    • @Ms. Henrée Benton I followed your words, but I could have stopped reading in the second sentence because the format of deliverance didn't reach me. But "I" know better and am patient enough to receive your words through. The one to change the pendulum may not be as patient, hence my point. The ones to carry the torch will be self made and free thinking. None like the others. He or she is going to talk the talk of that day to grasp the youngest attention because they will not sound like a "Jesse Jackson" sermon or a Dr. Boyce pinch of self hate nicely criticizing someone. Independence in the youths and the torch that was dropped along the way to lead us....( main reason why we can't reach most of the youth now ) is going to be a good thing. (A gift and curse if you will) because When the majority force these kids hands and they experience a injustice it's never felt before they are the ones that going to revolt because it's going to be such a shock to them that this huge melting pot where all these kids don't see color is going to side with the sympathetic (because that's the right thing to do) thus creating a whole new way of life!

      Travis SimpkinsTravis Simpkins6 months ago
    • Travis Simpkins I definitely feel your pain, Brother. But let me enlighten you: Time of birth has less to do with our “racial” esteem than survival skill training-from home. Too many colonized POC have conflicting values in one area or the other. THEN, we become emotionally attached to the IDEA of an outcome, without the logical thought + pragmatic effort it will take to achieve the Best possible outcome. (My personal preference is to a Just outcome.) We need self-analytical, objective thinking in order to be effective. Subjective feelings & wanting to have it both ways is Killing us. The Age of Fantasy (without any grounding in logic) needs to end. We need to root out our individual internal conflicts-I’m publicly Black & Proud/I secretly want to be White; I want to be a Success/I want to indulge in vice & egomania-to become the best people we can be who deserve Justice. PS I’m OLDER than Boyce.

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
  • Couldn't have happened to a better person. Fuck him.

    Musashi-san ____Musashi-san ____6 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> *I Dont feel sorry for her one single bit just because shes BLACK like me....* Shes a part of this *FLAWED AND HOPELESSLY CORRUPT SYSTEM* .... The system just *turned and BIT HER NOW.* Like Brother Malcolm X said: *"Her chickens are just COMING HOME TO ROOST."*

    Mr Logical MindMr Logical Mind6 months ago
  • It was the disrespectful and disgusting text messages that got him into trouble. This guy thought he was invincible. I do not feel sorry for him at all.

    Bria JacksonBria Jackson6 months ago
  • Antonio Brown acts as though he’s suffering from mental illness. He’s taken a lot of big hits to the head. This is not a joke.

    Mars Green MediaMars Green Media6 months ago
    • MarsG MANY NFL athletes (& boxers) have been seriously harmed in just this way-only to return to a community that, to this day, refuses to view mental Health as anything more than a tool 4 stigmatizing people. Until we become as concerned & proactive in maintaining mental health as we are in bragging about what “my doctor says,” we are NOT going to be able to progress in a wholistic way: Spirit, Mind, Body

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
  • AB needs to go to rehab where he will be remote from society and get helped.

    Kevin HarrisKevin Harris6 months ago
    • Kevin Harris Amen! Constructive help, neurological assessment help.

      Ms. Henrée BentonMs. Henrée Benton6 months ago
  • Please, go check out OJ Simpson twitter page! He responded to Antonio’s rant. I didn’t expect to see that. A Mess!

    Echelle EllisEchelle Ellis6 months ago
  • Cincinnati is terribly racist 😡

    Capricorn GoddessCapricorn Goddess6 months ago
  • We need to start our own leagues and media companies. We are allowing our talents to make Europeans and others Wealthy. We need ownership, so we can become wealthy instead of them saying their making us millionaires. We need to become billionaires. Let's start our own leagues, we have the talent and capital. Also we will allow Europeans and other races to play in our leagues if they can win a position! Ownership is respect!

    JORDAN44JORDAN446 months ago
  • Resources

    marlonhew75marlonhew756 months ago
  • It's time for Antonio Brown to learn the game and stop playing by the rules of his enemies The racist owner's of the NFL are not his friends Brown can turn the situation around and use this to his advantage. IF! I was Antonio Brown I would use the time away from the NFL to reset my finances get rid of everything that is not making money and adding value starting with the skeezer's meaning the women who are just there for the money they are just hanging on and draining his resources. The expensive home would be put on the block and sold to the highest bidder along with the cars practically all of it would be gone.

  • They say he has 24 million in the bank. Tonio if you reading this bruh. Pay off the houses and cars. Open a wide receiver school and sit back and watch the very people who are trying to keep you off the field pay you to teach their sons how to do what you perfected and displayed on Sundays.

    Hondas R D BestHondas R D Best6 months ago
    • @Dreamer13 Hall of fame They can't decide who's name will display first on the marquee.....

      Mr. AveryMr. Avery6 months ago
    • Preach him chad Johnson and Terrell Owens should have they own show

      Dreamer13 Hall of fameDreamer13 Hall of fame6 months ago
    • Good advice, once he sees a therapist to address his issues.

      Mr. AveryMr. Avery6 months ago
    • @Ingrid Tater Thanks. This guy is probably the 5th all time greatest receiver I've ever seen play.

      Hondas R D BestHondas R D Best6 months ago
    • Brilliant

      monica webstermonica webster6 months ago
  • Antonio brown has some mental problems!

    Jerrell HoggardJerrell Hoggard6 months ago
  • Collaboration is good unless the other team has the scarcity mentality and then it becomes very difficult.

    tammy coopertammy cooper6 months ago
  • "Clear my name and go fuck yourself (NFL)"....he's in the NFL's rear view!

    Hyman BjornHyman Bjorn6 months ago
  • My advice to AB listen to this podcast.

    Brother KofiBrother Kofi6 months ago
  • My advice. Pursue other passions. Fall back and get emotionally structured then pop back on the scene or simply lay low and enjoy life.

  • It feels good to cuss sometimes. Great release, better than punching someone. Plus you're grown & a Dr. Do you Doc😂

  • I would rather see unity. The school I believe is in Delaware. Antonio should stay off USproject, unless it is positive. All legal issues should be fought in the courts.

    tammy coopertammy cooper6 months ago
  • That lifestyle doesn't come cheap and it's like a drug withdrawal going cold turkey. He doesn't have enough stashed away for long term maintenance.

    JayLilRose CollectionJayLilRose Collection6 months ago
  • The NFL is control by white men not black males. These nfl players are slaves in black face. Antonio is begging the white man for job after calling those white billionaires racist slurs. It won't happen!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    KARAH D.KARAH D.6 months ago
  • I would tell ANTONIO BROWN to have conference meetings with Dr. Claude Anderson and Dr. Watkins, with Dr. Umar Johnson.

    Tukool9Tukool96 months ago
  • Like Tyler Perry sayed, own the team

    Akil BonnerAkil Bonner6 months ago
  • We would have loved to hear your take on the Byron Alan interview with the breakfast club

    alpha truckeralpha trucker6 months ago
    • @alpha trucker yes

      monica webstermonica webster6 months ago
    • jsnjwb84 did they go into great detail?

      alpha truckeralpha trucker6 months ago
    • He been did that one with claud Anderson.

      jsnjwb84jsnjwb846 months ago
  • Philadelphia

    Tukool9Tukool96 months ago
  • First Get Rid of Becky because she will take all your money than she will add more to the Becky family.

    Marcia AllenMarcia Allen6 months ago
    • Shut up black women destroy black men to brian banks merlin satana

      uy97uy976 months ago
    • Black women still getting mad that black men are dating white girls... Get over it already, your jealousy is showing.

      ItsRebekahStarItsRebekahStar6 months ago
    • We know that

      Marcia AllenMarcia Allen6 months ago
    • That was a sista that brought these charges

      Warren HollyWarren Holly6 months ago
  • Why must you say, “begging” the dude worked hard to get where he’s at today just to see it come crumbling down against his words over another one.

    RealTalk With LadyDeeRealTalk With LadyDee6 months ago
    • Fonzo Grate, I’m so glad I read your comment to the very bitter end because black as I am I was starting to turn red but with that said, I totally agree.

      RealTalk With LadyDeeRealTalk With LadyDee6 months ago
    • He said begging because the man is begging to play again lol. So what he put all the work in, he also put all of this on himself...and he’s begging for another chance, instead of getting with Kaepernick and possibly starting their own league.

      Fonzo GrateFonzo Grate6 months ago
    • This didn't happen over night. AB has been a problem for his teammates and coaches for a while in addition to these allegations.

      Kei LynKei Lyn6 months ago