Antonio Brown Makes a Cameo in Drake's God's Plan video

Saks Fifth in Miami FL. Drake gives back 1 Million Dollars from his video Budget doing community service. Invited me to make a moment in my hometown.




  • antonio clown The big AC

    Tim HicksTim Hicks5 days ago
  • Going broke

    Wreck-It-Ralph 25Wreck-It-Ralph 2512 days ago
  • @Antonio Brown Yo if you see this join the XFL

    HelloHello13 days ago
  • The goat

    cederic jamalcederic jamalMonth ago
  • Both clowns

    Lord RothschildLord RothschildMonth ago
  • Too damn much greatness in one photo 🆎 come back home 💛🖤💛🖤

    Carlos VCarlos V2 months ago
  • My "G"

    Janelle AllenJanelle Allen2 months ago
  • Love it when he does that lil dance ♥️

    Pooka BabiPooka Babi2 months ago
  • So this is what AB does off the field. K...

    Izaiah BinghamIzaiah Bingham3 months ago
  • AB, the video vixen. I'm glad you chose a new career path

    JJ3 months ago
  • You guys know if your football team had a chance to take AB they would in a second he's a once in a lifetime talent.

    Rovin MangalRovin Mangal3 months ago
  • bruh wasn't there already a music video?

    LeeLee3 months ago
  • Name of song at the end?

    Ravi ManglaniRavi Manglani3 months ago
  • This aint a good look for AB we all know what's going on...I'm not on to hate, just pointing out the obvious

    Daniel PlatonovDaniel Platonov3 months ago
  • The eagles need you..

    Tone EllerbyTone Ellerby3 months ago
  • Stay up AB

    Aion ClarkeAion Clarke3 months ago
  • Going for the 2pac juice haircut

    Bakos SakrBakos Sakr3 months ago
  • He has to find a way to stay important

    Bakos SakrBakos Sakr3 months ago
  • Drake can make image look good lol. Ab you ain’t slick. Using drake to make yourself look good

    joek moneyjoek money3 months ago
  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    will websterwill webster3 months ago
  • I just need AB next year for my fantasy league !!🐴

    Octaviano HernandezOctaviano Hernandez3 months ago
  • SHUBSCRIBE Here is gonna be BOOOMIN

    Jonah MataJonah Mata3 months ago
  • 345 park avenue New York New York 10154. They are waiting for you

    Saul BelloSaul Bello3 months ago
  • Trying to stay relevant. Irrelevant. Have fun playing Catch with Kaepernick in the streets. #CongratsYouPlayedYo'self

    Wulfenacht WulfenachtWulfenacht Wulfenacht3 months ago

    JD Cool KingzJD Cool Kingz3 months ago
  • Damn, Drake features clowns in his video😂

    deathmizer 101deathmizer 1013 months ago

    DontTrip TylerDontTrip Tyler3 months ago
  • Damn AB DESPERATE AF to stay relevant 😂😂🤣 farm land, China's buying more farm land than any other noun! They buy gold, investing in Africa and buying American farm land! Wake up!!!

    Sydney RobinsonSydney Robinson3 months ago
  • This is pathetic like your blond mustache .

    Automated InfluenzaAutomated Influenza3 months ago
  • Yea…. Your bored.… ..Trying to keep some relevancy… 😄😄😄… You're done bro

    ThatsJustEricThatsJustEric3 months ago
  • CTE has Stood Up

    michael espinozamichael espinoza3 months ago
  • Hey AB I heard the xfl was hiring

    Paint 101Paint 1013 months ago
  • I legit did not know thst was AB always wondered who that guy was with Drake.

    FamilyFirst!!FamilyFirst!!3 months ago
  • He's lonely 😂

    QuizyTube TVQuizyTube TV3 months ago
  • I knew AB was done once I seen the original video.

    CM PerkinsCM Perkins3 months ago
  • From Superstar athlete to unsuccessful USprojectr

    AtomicShadow64AtomicShadow643 months ago
  • I ain't know that was him

    Nate EllemNate Ellem3 months ago
  • Gonna be seeing a lot of drake over there in the CFL

    Big Tele red neck king And associatesBig Tele red neck king And associates3 months ago
  • AB has the brain power of two Gerbils in which to screw up a 30 million dollar contract, and see Zero Money has to prove AB is a complete dotard.

    John BlazeJohn Blaze3 months ago
  • You didn’t make a cameo in this NFL season tho.....

    Gravy SpinGravy Spin3 months ago
  • You should have to get it done

    Gladys GalitGladys Galit3 months ago
  • Yo Brown plz go to the cowboys

    panda gangpanda gang3 months ago
  • Love!

    Tyrell CochranTyrell Cochran3 months ago
  • They both need god in there life or there life gone start tumbling better sooner than to late

    Jacqueline PerryJacqueline Perry3 months ago
  • You also made a cameo with the Patriots.

    GetYourTrollFaceOnGetYourTrollFaceOn3 months ago
  • Bash AB now while he ain’t ballin, when he get back it’ll be a rap, he’ll be back at the top bcuz he still is the best WR atm. Just give the league a year and for ppl to forget lol

    Greg BollingGreg Bolling3 months ago
  • I'd rather see AB playing football. I don't even watch football anymore. It's boring with out him.

    Georgia GonzalesGeorgia Gonzales3 months ago
  • Got the Black & Yellow on. Antonio Brown is a Steeler. Make it right.

    P BauP Bau3 months ago
  • Gotta get that USproject bag now huh ab I understand but it take more than being famous to get them subs fam

    Shaqdashooter HKShaqdashooter HK3 months ago
  • So sad . How soon people forget . Like dude ain’t elite.hope he come back to the league and watch the sac riding commence. All these holier than thou people . Worry about your dreams .

    Baronn FILMSBaronn FILMS3 months ago
  • What's crazy is that they BOTH got bodied in the next 365... Pusha Thanos put aubrey in his grave AB put AB in his grave lmao

    Rushil NakhreRushil Nakhre3 months ago
  • Couple of clowns right here.

    RawdiswarRawdiswar3 months ago
  • Hope u get another shot big homie......alll these critics aint nobody perfect and therefore there life aint perfect....dont let theyfool u...aint none perfect....none

    Mark YoungMark Young3 months ago
  • AB sign a year contract with the 49ers help them win a chip

    Nat Turner HeruNat Turner Heru3 months ago
  • Who cares about AB anymore, when he’s back on the field I’ll care

    Marky MarkMarky Mark3 months ago
    • frr

      LeeLee3 months ago
  • 2 clowns

    Bb Rochester NYBb Rochester NY3 months ago
  • Immature never grew up

    Awareness with ChrisAwareness with Chris3 months ago
  • When you ain’t playing football anymore 😂

    Joe YoJoe Yo3 months ago
  • Hey AB Whenever u in Vegas & wana do a photoshoot hit my folkz @QTPhotoz

    Tre 516Tre 5163 months ago
  • So much negativity in these comments. He’s still doing better than more than half of us, financial wise.

    You Been Here BeforeYou Been Here Before3 months ago
    • You Been Here Before he’s doing better than you maybe. Money doesn’t amount to success in life. This guy mental

      Judah RiseJudah Rise3 months ago
    • You Been Here Before Yeah but he’s spending more than he’s making. He’ll be broke in a year. Dude has a severely low IQ levels. Yikes. Only good for carrying footballs.

      Jocky RohnsonJocky Rohnson3 months ago