Antonio Brown Makes a Cameo in Drake's God's Plan video

Saks Fifth in Miami FL. Drake gives back 1 Million Dollars from his video Budget doing community service. Invited me to make a moment in my hometown.




  • So this is what AB does off the field. K...

    Izaiah BinghamIzaiah Bingham9 days ago
  • AB, the video vixen. I'm glad you chose a new career path

    JJ9 days ago
  • You guys know if your football team had a chance to take AB they would in a second he's a once in a lifetime talent.

    Rovin MangalRovin Mangal9 days ago
  • Y’all bagging on this dude like he wasn’t on pace with the great jerry rice’s stats so who wouldn’t try to get back in? Sometimes you don’t realize but that ego gets everybody and sometimes makes you believe things are un-simplified but life’s not that dramatic and also not like he raped anyone cough roethlisberger cough

    Dale DentonDale Denton9 days ago
  • bruh wasn't there already a music video?

    LeeLee9 days ago
  • Name of song at the end?

    Ravi ManglaniRavi Manglani10 days ago
  • This aint a good look for AB we all know what's going on...I'm not on to hate, just pointing out the obvious

    Daniel PlatonovDaniel Platonov10 days ago
  • The eagles need you..

    Tone EllerbyTone Ellerby10 days ago
  • Stay up AB

    Aion ClarkeAion Clarke10 days ago
  • Going for the 2pac juice haircut

    Bakos SakrBakos Sakr10 days ago
  • He has to find a way to stay important

    Bakos SakrBakos Sakr10 days ago
  • Drake can make image look good lol. Ab you ain’t slick. Using drake to make yourself look good

    joek moneyjoek money11 days ago
  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    will websterwill webster11 days ago
  • I just need AB next year for my fantasy league !!🐴

    Octaviano HernandezOctaviano Hernandez11 days ago
  • SHUBSCRIBE Here is gonna be BOOOMIN

    Jonah MataJonah Mata11 days ago
  • 345 park avenue New York New York 10154. They are waiting for you

    Saul BelloSaul Bello11 days ago
  • Trying to stay relevant. Irrelevant. Have fun playing Catch with Kaepernick in the streets. #CongratsYouPlayedYo'self

    Wulfenacht WulfenachtWulfenacht Wulfenacht11 days ago

    JD Cool KingzJD Cool Kingz11 days ago
  • Damn, Drake features clowns in his video😂

    Charles DonohueCharles Donohue11 days ago

    DontTrip TylerDontTrip Tyler11 days ago
  • Damn AB DESPERATE AF to stay relevant 😂😂🤣 farm land, China's buying more farm land than any other noun! They buy gold, investing in Africa and buying American farm land! Wake up!!!

    Sydney RobinsonSydney Robinson11 days ago
  • This is pathetic like your blond mustache .

    Automated InfluenzaAutomated Influenza12 days ago
  • Yea…. Your bored.… ..Trying to keep some relevancy… 😄😄😄… You're done bro

    ThatsJustEricThatsJustEric12 days ago
  • CTE has Stood Up

    michael espinozamichael espinoza12 days ago
  • Hey AB I heard the xfl was hiring

    Paint 101Paint 10112 days ago
  • I legit did not know thst was AB always wondered who that guy was with Drake.

    FamilyFirst!!FamilyFirst!!12 days ago
  • He's lonely 😂

    QuizyTube TVQuizyTube TV12 days ago
  • I knew AB was done once I seen the original video.

    CM PerkinsCM Perkins12 days ago
  • From Superstar athlete to unsuccessful USprojectr

    AtomicShadow64AtomicShadow6412 days ago
  • I ain't know that was him

    Nate EllemNate Ellem12 days ago
  • Gonna be seeing a lot of drake over there in the CFL

    Big Tele red neck king And associatesBig Tele red neck king And associates12 days ago
  • AB has the brain power of two Gerbils in which to screw up a 30 million dollar contract, and see Zero Money has to prove AB is a complete dotard.

    John BlazeJohn Blaze13 days ago
  • You didn’t make a cameo in this NFL season tho.....

    Gravy SpinGravy Spin13 days ago
  • You should have to get it done

    Gladys GalitGladys Galit13 days ago
  • Yo Brown plz go to the cowboys

    panda gangpanda gang13 days ago
  • Love!

    Tyrell CochranTyrell Cochran13 days ago
  • They both need god in there life or there life gone start tumbling better sooner than to late

    Jacqueline PerryJacqueline Perry13 days ago
  • You also made a cameo with the Patriots.

    GetYourTrollFaceOnGetYourTrollFaceOn13 days ago
  • Bash AB now while he ain’t ballin, when he get back it’ll be a rap, he’ll be back at the top bcuz he still is the best WR atm. Just give the league a year and for ppl to forget lol

    Greg BollingGreg Bolling13 days ago
  • I'd rather see AB playing football. I don't even watch football anymore. It's boring with out him.

    Georgia GonzalesGeorgia Gonzales13 days ago
  • Got the Black & Yellow on. Antonio Brown is a Steeler. Make it right.

    P BauP Bau14 days ago
  • Gotta get that USproject bag now huh ab I understand but it take more than being famous to get them subs fam

    Shaqdashooter HKShaqdashooter HK14 days ago
  • So sad . How soon people forget . Like dude ain’t elite.hope he come back to the league and watch the sac riding commence. All these holier than thou people . Worry about your dreams .

    Starbound Be MackStarbound Be Mack14 days ago
  • So sweet! Thank You 🇺🇸✝️❤️

    Gia PacellaGia Pacella14 days ago
  • 🇺🇸✝️🕊️❤️

    Gia PacellaGia Pacella14 days ago
  • What's crazy is that they BOTH got bodied in the next 365... Pusha Thanos put aubrey in his grave AB put AB in his grave lmao

    Rushil NakhreRushil Nakhre14 days ago
  • Couple of clowns right here.

    RawdiswarRawdiswar14 days ago
  • Hope u get another shot big homie......alll these critics aint nobody perfect and therefore there life aint perfect....dont let theyfool u...aint none perfect....none

    Mark YoungMark Young14 days ago
  • AB sign a year contract with the 49ers help them win a chip

    Nat Turner HeruNat Turner Heru14 days ago
  • Who cares about AB anymore, when he’s back on the field I’ll care

    Marky MarkMarky Mark14 days ago
    • frr

      LeeLee9 days ago
  • 2 clowns

    Metro PcsMetro Pcs14 days ago
  • Immature never grew up

    Awareness with ChrisAwareness with Chris14 days ago
  • When you ain’t playing football anymore 😂

    Joe YoJoe Yo14 days ago
  • Hey AB Whenever u in Vegas & wana do a photoshoot hit my folkz @QTPhotoz

    Yo. Q516Yo. Q51614 days ago
  • So much negativity in these comments. He’s still doing better than more than half of us, financial wise.

    You Been Here BeforeYou Been Here Before15 days ago
    • You Been Here Before he’s doing better than you maybe. Money doesn’t amount to success in life. This guy mental

      Judah RiseJudah Rise13 days ago
    • You Been Here Before Yeah but he’s spending more than he’s making. He’ll be broke in a year. Dude has a severely low IQ levels. Yikes. Only good for carrying footballs.

      Jocky RohnsonJocky Rohnson13 days ago
  • Wats that beat at the end

    ITz PEPEITz PEPE15 days ago
  • Both scrubs

    Shawn ClearyShawn Cleary15 days ago
  • Biggest joke of the NFL and the best Halloween costume.AB your all done.If I were you I would delete Twitter, USproject, And Face book and beg for forgiveness.Cause your not going to play till you visit the NFL office.Get a clue..Cause with all that money your pissing away you should buy one.

    Robert ORobert O15 days ago
  • Ab talk louder why you always got no voice ?!

    K06EK06E15 days ago
  • Penetration?

    Sam W.Sam W.15 days ago