Ben (My Husband) Does ASMR

Another charity milestone!!!! Ben does ASMR! I'm loling. He wouldn't stop looking at me for affirmation. He did great!!! And the title makes me feel old omfg lol. He's spent so much time with ASMR people the last 3 years it came more naturally than I thought ha! He's got such a nice soft speaking voice so I made him do some of that around 3 min in, but most of it is whispered! I gave him some props and let him do what he wanted! AKA... asked me what to do LOL.
For all of yall wondering what Ben looks like. There you go! We are married and have been together for over 5 years :)
Our ~story~
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  • This is an extra video so please enjoy!!! Apartment Tour coming out tomorrow :))))

    Gibi ASMRGibi ASMRMonth ago
    • That's was so funny good job Ben

      Bori TorresBori Torres17 hours ago
    • Gibi ASMR 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      Miss ChristiMiss Christi8 days ago
    • I want that you and your husband make a video together

      Christian biscoChristian bisco8 days ago
    • Someone call me? No? Just checking

      Ben FBen F9 days ago
    • For everyone here imagine your dad doing an asmr 🤣

      The DoomDaddyThe DoomDaddy9 days ago
  • let me just get this straight, i loved this too much, i listened to this twice now and all i could do is laugh. I need more of these. This made my day x3

    TheJeScastTheJeScast25 minutes ago
  • I was starting to lose all hope in men but nevermind theres still good ones out there ☺️

    Ava CollinsAva Collins35 minutes ago
  • Can we please have a husband and wife ASMR video or like husband tries giving me tingles? 😂

    Mackenzie MillerMackenzie Miller8 hours ago
  • Hahaha, I like your husband. He seems cool 😎

    Foreiign SaiyanForeiign Saiyan11 hours ago
  • I've watched this video a lot and it always stresses me out when Ben gets to reading the puppy book and it talks about "body positioning sequence". Like what is that? I so desperately need to know

    Katherine McGarryKatherine McGarry11 hours ago
  • Loved this one, his whisper voice is the best for asmr.

    RaRa RodrigoRaRa Rodrigo17 hours ago
  • gibby's married????

    YFNN SAUCEYFNN SAUCE20 hours ago
  • Ben could punch me directly in the face and I'd thank him. He's a chill dude. He probs had a fair reason.

    madamaemadamae20 hours ago
  • Ben is so pure! The way he’s looking at Gibi is everything

    Angela FarrarAngela Farrar22 hours ago
  • Can we have another Ben video I loved this!

    Gemma VangoGemma Vango23 hours ago
  • We need more Ben 😂 he should make a channel, I would subscribe to him for sure 😌

    Gacha bbyGacha bbyDay ago
  • 7:01 LOL I was just thinking he looked like Cal from Jedi Fallen Order before he said that!

    Gr3enMachin3Gr3enMachin3Day ago
  • 3:48 sounds like a commercial

    Tyler SpencerTyler SpencerDay ago
  • Dang I think he’s better than gibi tho

    Tyler SpencerTyler SpencerDay ago
  • I prefer whispering over talking and it was funny so I enjoyed this alot. He should come back like once a month or something. Good job. I like that he kept looking to gibi for confirmation he was doing good lol

    Pumpkin QueenPumpkin QueenDay ago
  • Ben’s soft speaking voice reminds me of that guy who guide us in the listening part of TOEFL test

    Rillya KharismaRillya KharismaDay ago
  • This is so chaotic I love it

    plazmasoulplazmasoulDay ago
  • I LOVEDD this video I want more like thiss

    Delfina AlvarezDelfina AlvarezDay ago
  • He is the cutest

    Delfina AlvarezDelfina AlvarezDay ago
  • He got really lucky to get Gibi 🥺

    Lilly :DLilly :DDay ago
  • Honestly he is better at asmr then gibi

    Cursed catCursed catDay ago
  • Wait... WHAT???

    Angel DavidAngel DavidDay ago
  • I need more videos like this in my life PLZZZZZZ!!!!!

    BlakeAwesome1BlakeAwesome1Day ago
  • Wait, he kinda looks like obi wan And his name is ben😶

    Steven GraysonSteven Grayson2 days ago
    • @Joshua Longden "so uncivilized"

      khan lmaokhan lmao4 hours ago
    • Steven Grayson BEN KENOBI?? 😂

      Joshua LongdenJoshua LongdenDay ago
  • worst asmr i have ever seen 🤮

    Equi LibrumEqui Librum2 days ago
  • He clearly like it

    Matty AndersonMatty Anderson2 days ago
  • I didn't know she was married- C-can y'all adopt me-

    WilloD4484 The AnimatorWilloD4484 The Animator2 days ago
  • Hes literally just cal kestis from star wars jedi fallen order

    DragunovskiDragunovski2 days ago
  • J’aime les nouilles

    Makikata and VlovoMakikata and Vlovo2 days ago
  • LOL at 1:07 looking at me

    Don't talk to me kDon't talk to me k2 days ago
  • He's taking an interest in your hobbies/work

    NoireNoire2 days ago
  • He is literally THE CUTEST!!! So Freaking Adorable!!! I Also Agree His Soft Voice Is Really Soothing & He Did Really Well @ASMR IMO!😘❤️😍❤️

    Brandy Cochran CheyetteBrandy Cochran Cheyette2 days ago
  • the sounds behind the scenes asmr ben

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan2 days ago
  • the guy is amazing. doing this for/with his wife, while probably feeling rather uncomfortable ... kudos.

    Razvan MesteriucRazvan Mesteriuc2 days ago
  • Nooo I really loved hearing him it was so calming until...... he started soft speaking lol ugh tune out

    Aly GAly G2 days ago
  • he keeps looking at her like "am i doing it right?"

    Riley SmrtRiley Smrt2 days ago
  • This mans is adorable.

    Z monsterZ monster2 days ago
  • Is it bad that the 1st thing I thought when he said"I hit the mic" was "forgiveness, can you imagine"

    Soulless DrawsSoulless Draws2 days ago
  • Ma heart

    exposed. -_-exposed. -_-2 days ago
  • I legit don’t watch gibi for like a month and I come back to find out she is married 😂 what?!?!

    Kirby RoseKirby Rose2 days ago
  • 5:14 that legit woke me up man😭

    Marcus RollinsMarcus Rollins2 days ago
  • He’s a lucky guy, probs so relaxed hanging around her all the time 😩🥰😴

    Smith HillSmith Hill2 days ago
  • He looks like a puppy looking at there owner when he looks at her 😭❤️

    Fraze TrazeFraze Traze2 days ago
  • When he’s not looking at gibi for help he’s looking at us in fear of messing up and just- he did such a great job

    Oh BoyOh Boy2 days ago
  • "Scratch the shirt part" - GibiAsmr

    RedDarklingRedDarkling2 days ago
  • oh no. ive caught feelings.

    Olivia ConroyOlivia Conroy2 days ago

    SaharaSahara3 days ago
  • How lovely ! He has an incredibly tingly voice ! Please ask him if he would like to make a video where he tells us a bedtime story / or if you both could make a video together ?

    chaychay3 days ago
  • You two are soooo cute 😘😍

    Alexis juneAlexis june3 days ago
  • Awww That melt my Heart ❤️

    Alexis juneAlexis june3 days ago
  • We need more of these. Ben is so good 🤗

    EatskeetdeleteEatskeetdelete3 days ago
  • _Ben has talent for asmr_

    BartokBartok3 days ago
  • He's good at this

    Claire BartelminClaire Bartelmin3 days ago
  • ben has the kindest eyes oh no i feel like im on the verge of a mental breakdown does that make sense

    KelpoKelpo3 days ago
    • you know when someone looks at you with too much kindness and understanding and you just wanna BAWL

      KelpoKelpo3 days ago
  • It's funny because he doesn't know what he is doing lol

    Matt DSMatt DS3 days ago
  • Wow he’s definitely better than u💀

    Kyle GKyle G3 days ago
  • Not Bad

    SamueleSamuele3 days ago
  • he's so WHOLESOME awh

    Haylee HerzhaftHaylee Herzhaft3 days ago
  • me: mom can we get *ben affleck* ? mom: we have *ben affleck* at home *ben affleck* at home😳:

    Yukio MoriYukio Mori3 days ago