Bloopers from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Netflix

Hilarious bloopers from the set of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance!
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Bloopers from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Netflix
As power-hungry overlords drain life from the planet Thra, a group of brave Gelfling unite on a quest to save their world and fight off the darkness.




  • no one: That one Skeksis: "and making love was just for fun"

    Sierra T.Sierra T.11 hours ago
  • 1:17 is that a song? If so what’s it called?

    chipotlechipotle12 hours ago
  • I feel like they are animals how they act

    Candace DeCoteauCandace DeCoteau17 hours ago
  • The puppets are so lifelike even in the bloopers

    thunder thumbs96thunder thumbs963 days ago
  • Please seson 2😢

    Chiara FabbriniChiara Fabbrini3 days ago

    John MarJohn Mar4 days ago
  • "We're dream fasting idiot shut up!" 🤣

    Weeaboo_senpai UwuWeeaboo_senpai Uwu5 days ago
  • Lemme.. help! Hi what’s up?

    NightFuryTamer 2130NightFuryTamer 21306 days ago
  • Musicians play for your emperor the have Gone on lunch Tipical musicians if that happend in the Show that would've been hilarious

    Wolfy Claw 54 lopoWolfy Claw 54 lopo7 days ago
  • It is a little scary how even among humans those puppets look alive.

    H. G.H. G.10 days ago
  • 1:38 is the best, the princess shoeing away a earth pigeon on Thra.

    Maru RabaMaru Raba11 days ago
  • 0:48 Is me when we dont have any milk

    mammaK MammatmammaK Mammat11 days ago
  • It must be scary having giant puppets crowding you

    Fan VixtionFan Vixtion11 days ago
  • 2:07 I'm sure I'm not the only one who really likes this as a ship moment.

    Bryce RaberBryce Raber13 days ago
  • Director: Excuse me guys. Skeksis: HISSSSSS.

    Arandomguy XDArandomguy XD13 days ago
  • "Oh baby" LOL that's funny

    Galaxy OlwGalaxy Olw13 days ago
  • "Were dreamfasting you idiot shut up"XD 😂

    Gacha cutieboyGacha cutieboy14 days ago
  • Moaaarrrr

    Aticer WolvesvilleAticer Wolvesville14 days ago
  • i just love this :D

    GodzillaGodzilla14 days ago
  • 1:23 Alright, that one cracked me up :')

    Dutch BladesDutch Blades15 days ago
  • Holy shit this is the funniest thing after I just finish watching the first season

    RelapseGalore55RelapseGalore5515 days ago
  • Anyone else here from TheOdd1sout? Aka James

    Baberaham LincolnBaberaham Lincoln15 days ago
  • all the screaming tho.. *i died.*

    •Bean••Bean•15 days ago
  • Deet- _im a scat man uwu_ 1:21

    Cakepop the corgiCakepop the corgi16 days ago
  • 1:21

    Isabella LIsabella L17 days ago
  • “Where dream fasting you idiot shut up”

    -Space Kid--Space Kid-17 days ago
  • I need a season two just so I can see more bloopers

    Mang MangMang Mang19 days ago
  • Were dream fasting you idiot shut up Meh:🤣hahahaha haha * falls out of chair* hahahaha 😂 Literally though I fell out of my chair and it hurt TwT

    Mermaid BrynleeMermaid Brynlee20 days ago
  • I need 2 hours of this

    IrisIris20 days ago
  • All of the actors are crazy! Lmao it’s VARY funny

    Baekhyun BoiBaekhyun Boi21 day ago
  • its always good when you screw up a scene up once you get comical laughter and jokes to come right after!

    Brayden PlaceBrayden Place21 day ago
  • *we’re dream-fasting you idiot shut up*

    Abi MatthewsAbi Matthews21 day ago
  • We're dreamfasting you idiot,Shut up! Lmao I cant-

    X x Wølfsong x XX x Wølfsong x X22 days ago
  • 0:49 has the same energy as kermit scrunching his face

    JuiceBox01JuiceBox0122 days ago
  • *im a scat man*

    Kristiansmarcis ProductionsKristiansmarcis Productions22 days ago
  • Just imagine the studio when night falls I rather be with hunter skeksis pupppet than the gelfling

    Ahhh Enslaved equationAhhh Enslaved equation23 days ago
  • Lol

    GODGOD23 days ago
  • Um YoU bRoKe ThE sWoRd RiAn!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

    Starwolf447Starwolf44724 days ago
  • 1:16 Ging gang goo goo goo goo wa cin ging gang goo ging gang goo

    pinkmiku dreamurpinkmiku dreamur24 days ago
  • 0:31-0:34 Its me when i seing a person dies in the series

    mammaK MammatmammaK Mammat24 days ago
  • 0:50 that moment when you realise it wasn’t a poop.

    Priceless PotatoPriceless Potato24 days ago
  • I love the dark crystal and I wish I could meet one of the puppets in real life

    Katie BiondoKatie Biondo25 days ago
  • something about 0:48 really got me

    owen w.owen w.26 days ago
  • *We’re Dream fasting you idiot, SHUT UP.*

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith27 days ago
  • i love every funny moment in this video but what cracked me up when the skeksis said "Eric, I'm acting" and when Rian said " We're dreamfesting you idiot shut up"😂

    Eika IvanaEika Ivana27 days ago
  • This is so cute! What the heck?

    •____••____•27 days ago
  • I watched the series.. its awesome

    •cl0ud 9••cl0ud 9•27 days ago
  • I love this..

    •cl0ud 9••cl0ud 9•27 days ago
  • “ hi what’s up. “

    ocean qrageocean qrage27 days ago
  • Bruh,Rian holding Deet in his arms,WHAT A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!

    sand boxsand box28 days ago
  • Well they do respect Jim Hanson's grave than spitting on. This show is so good!

    Rin YukiRin Yuki28 days ago
  • Me dreamfasting: We're dreamfasting, you idiot. Shut up.

    ajtipsskitsandmore Ajajtipsskitsandmore Aj28 days ago
  • What a phenomenal show! They really put together a masterpiece here

    WW28 days ago
  • I don't even remember all the names and I used to watch the original all the time. Yet again I'm only 12

    Glob glubGlob glub28 days ago
  • I’m a scat man

    Tanner KoobTanner Koob28 days ago
  • 3 month

    Benyamin HoseiniBenyamin Hoseini28 days ago
  • *Theodd1sOut has joined the chat*

    Amy :3 Summer :3Amy :3 Summer :328 days ago
  • Anyone looking for theodd1sout's comment?

    Christian SalazarChristian Salazar29 days ago
  • She looks like baby yoda’s sister..

    Creepy DollyCreepy DollyMonth ago
  • The part when her lower eyelids twitch 😂

    丅ᗴᗩ丅ᗴᗩMonth ago