Thanks to all you Mythical Beasts out there, we were able to create a brand new Mythical Kitchen! Here's a tour of this beautiful space where we're going to be whipping up a ton of awesome new food content coming your way. Stay tuned! MK #001
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  • nicol is so pretty 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    val gutiérrezval gutiérrez8 hours ago
  • 5:47 My Alexa went off and now I have a 10 min. timer

    Davis FamilyDavis FamilyDay ago
  • THATS MY HOMIE @trevor

    Dakari RollinsDakari Rollins2 days ago
  • 4:10 absolutely hilarious banter going on. I totally enjoy the chemistry of the mythical crew when they're on-screen! But also, elementary school, I was maybe 7? Less so now. Live laugh love or Eat pray love, as Lucas & Josh discussed once.

    Rep. of AntarcticaRep. of Antarctica3 days ago
  • boy i really want some more Trevor content

    Ivy ShiIvy Shi6 days ago
  • We want more of Trevor, even though he doesn’t know to do dishes!!!

    Verdigo VocesVerdigo Voces7 days ago
  • I too steal recipes from my former place of employment lol

    juan Garciajuan Garcia9 days ago
  • You're supposed to sanitize last...

    Ruben EsquerRuben Esquer11 days ago
  • drink every time when: Josh says baby Trevor says cookies

    Agnessa92Agnessa9212 days ago
  • How much does the gmm show bring in a year? They have a bunch of space in Burbank (ain't cheap) and have a pretty large staff..... damn son. Good for these guys.

    AZ Card GuyAZ Card Guy12 days ago
  • Mythical nothing it got boring

    Tripp 34525Tripp 3452512 days ago
  • We need two to three episodes of this per week. Even if it’s just weird, random kitchen vlogs.

    Guinnette 96Guinnette 9613 days ago
  • that surströmming looks past its due date, hmmm...

    DracouniusDracounius14 days ago
  • Make a restaurant

    ImFawnYoureNotImFawnYoureNot14 days ago
  • you can try fish sauce, honey, and a little lime as the sauce/coating for chicken

    pop art heartpop art heart14 days ago
  • Josh: What's your biggest fear? Nicole: Never falling in love. Josh: Cut! Josh: Nicole, walk with me, talk with me, love me.

    VigeosDOTnetVigeosDOTnet15 days ago
  • You made my Alexa set that timer.

    David ArthurDavid Arthur17 days ago
  • Waiting for pay to come in to order dinner... I binge watch Josh .. I know I'm eating maccas at midnight though

    Guy StokesGuy Stokes17 days ago
  • Trevor is a gamer for sure.

    okogaookogao17 days ago

    okogaookogao17 days ago
  • Someone should really make me stop repeatedly watch this just to see how adorable Trevor is

    Kaitlyn ChapmanKaitlyn Chapman17 days ago
  • That cast iron pan with dome shaped indentations could also be a danish æbleskive pan

    Mathilde AndersenMathilde Andersen18 days ago
  • It is ba sil, not baysil 😂

    Hannah LouiseHannah Louise19 days ago
  • I love this so much it’s stupid.

    Allyson YenerallAllyson Yenerall20 days ago
  • Nicole tittle would be, “Mythical Sous Chef Nicole”

    Ricardo EsquivelRicardo Esquivel21 day ago
  • Could have been better but the advertising ruined it.

    mountopian 1mountopian 121 day ago
  • well i hate to be that guy, but as far as I know, its WASH, RINSE, and then SANI

    pigpenmrcpigpenmrc22 days ago
  • 1:35 that is an ableskiver pan

    braydeen schlenxbraydeen schlenx23 days ago
  • We have the same kitchen aid bro that’s awesome 👏 the kitchen looks 5 ⭐️ congratulations Mythical chef Josh and team

    jeremiah cribbjeremiah cribb23 days ago
  • Congrats everyone, can't wait to see all of the adventures in the new kitchen!

    Lindsay GiedoshLindsay Giedosh23 days ago
  • Never falling in love? Why she said that???

    Michal NovotnýMichal Novotný24 days ago
  • On another note. I really like Nicole. I love women with a heft to it, if that makes sense (characterwise)? Also she seems like a nice balance to the explosivness that is Josh.... :-) And she can cook! Which is always a bonus. To say it in newer kids slang.... mhh.... stay cool, yeah? I dont know how this works. xD

    BrahlamBrahlam24 days ago
  • You Americans and Food Phobias are strange.... not every raw chicken and egg can kill you. But maybe thats because of the missing health insurence? Can somebody explain this?

    BrahlamBrahlam24 days ago
  • one I want to say that I love the logo, 2 hopefully I can get a response from josh in a more private form of communication but its about a recipe Idea that I have that is pretty eccentric that I think he will love to answer specially since my ingredient is soda lol if any way to get feedback would love it thank you

    RTSRadio RollThatShitRadioRTSRadio RollThatShitRadio24 days ago
  • Its cookie time gamers!

    ZestySwayZestySway25 days ago
  • Can we have an episode where Josh gets his ServeSafe certification? Maybe he can answer typical certification questions before he takes the course to get a baseline for his knowledge.

    nooperspismnooperspism25 days ago
  • Can you please do a kitchen tools video? That would be cool

    Koval FettererKoval Fetterer26 days ago

    D7ooD7oo26 days ago
  • 6:23 Nichole: "mmmmm" Josh: "but wait is it actually good?" Awe buddy you're adorable

    Meara SmallMeara Small27 days ago
  • "Crispy bottom!" 😂

    Megan OberMegan Ober27 days ago
  • Wow I already love Nicole and Trevor so flippin much

    Susanna CordoneSusanna Cordone27 days ago
  • The japaners pan is danish and is for round Christmas cakes With Apple Called æbleskiver

    trivig1trivig127 days ago
    • trivig1 that pan is also Japanese though. Not just Danish.

      David FerrerDavid Ferrer24 days ago
  • That surstromming looks like it has botulism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kevin CarterKevin Carter27 days ago
  • MY Alexa just took command from your Alexa while watching this and set the timer for 10 minutes LOL XD

    DactrinDactrin28 days ago
  • Josh said some kind of cast iron skillet which is actually an ebelskiver pan 👍

    Sara RSara R28 days ago
  • That's not a takoyaki pan. I feel like that's the pan used to make like a donut type thing in one of the Nordic countries? Takoyaki holes are way smaller. My pan is like an electric machine, the pans I've seen are usually rectangular

    Dollee MixturesDollee Mixtures29 days ago
  • Ten days after new channel

    Flinty LockFlinty Lock29 days ago
  • Great job, everybody - highly entertaining! Can't wait to see more :D

    ApollynaApollynaMonth ago
  • iS THiS HOw yOu VlOg?!!

    Skyler ChampagneSkyler ChampagneMonth ago
  • Am I the only one falling for Nicole? 😍😅

    Bertin NavarreteBertin NavarreteMonth ago
  • Why is josh me lol

    Ellison CorzanoEllison CorzanoMonth ago
  • I'm 100% sure that pan with the small indentations is an ebelskiver pan!

    Anna Marie GebertAnna Marie GebertMonth ago
  • Hi I love trevor

    Sofia HughesSofia HughesMonth ago
  • Just screaming into the void here. The correct steps for washing dishes is: step1 soap, step potable water, step 3 sanitize and step 4 air dry or dry with a clean towel after a minute.

    Sweetlilly JarrettSweetlilly JarrettMonth ago
  • Feels like I’m watching a Disney channel show!

    Trent BlissTrent BlissMonth ago

    Mark Baker IIMark Baker IIMonth ago
  • A good kitchen is like a mirepoix, you get the base ingredients, then you add ingredients to your liking

    FershizzalFershizzalMonth ago
  • i thought that pan was for æbleskiver

    morten jørgensenmorten jørgensenMonth ago
    • morten jørgensen it could be for both. Similar pans are found in Asia and India

      David FerrerDavid FerrerMonth ago
  • Lmfaoo. My Alexa set a timer 😂

    Taylor MonteTaylor MonteMonth ago
  • OHH DAMNNN!! NICOLE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT!!! (Not a guy nor a les) she is just soooo beautiful!! Nicole, if u r reading this, you are EXTREMELY pretty. May God Bless You

    Unknown CommentorUnknown CommentorMonth ago