[BREAKING NEWS] Shannon Report: Antonio Brown meeting with NFL next week

[BREAKING NEWS] Shannon Report: Antonio Brown meeting with NFL next week




  • You guys are talking about AB like he doesn't have CTE. Give the man a break!

    PalahumePalahume23 hours ago
  • OMFG !!! I could not stop laughing when Shannon said: "How's AB doin' in school? Is he on the Dean's List ?? The Honor Roll ???"..........FRIGGIN SAVAGE !!!!

    Round RobinRound Robin7 days ago
  • Edelmans another wes welker.

    Wax DoeWax Doe8 days ago
  • BREAKING NEWS!? Really?

    Kevin KnightKevin Knight8 days ago
  • This is some ****ed up ****.... S.M.H.!!!!!!!

    Stanley WillisStanley Willis8 days ago
  • I care about the Edelman story more! Shannon just went against his own point that Edelman did not have the regular season numbers (even though he was always consistent) He had big time playoff numbers and won the MVP in the Superbowl against Wade Phillips defense also played some clutch catches in their last two wins before last year he is worthy of a hall of famer!

    johnny bongosjohnny bongos8 days ago
  • Fuck the NFL if he made a couple of million already do something else bro

    Outer SpaceOuter Space9 days ago
  • Knock Knock Commissioner: who is it? AB: AB Commissioner: WHO? AB: Antonio Brown Commissioner: Say it one Mo time correctly AB: Antonio Brown Sir!! Commissioner: Oh, well come on in lil fella how ya been? AB: I'm ready SIR!! Commissioner: Ready? So you're ready to kiss the pinky ring lil fella? AB: YES SIR!! Commissioner: NO APPTS TIL DEC 31, SEE MY SECRETARY ON YER WAIT OUT, HELP YOURSELF TO SOME WATER, DRIVE SAFE! LMAO

    Mr. AveryMr. Avery9 days ago
  • This guy cant talk. .blu bla ble bla blu.. jesus

    Dave WattsDave Watts9 days ago
  • Edelman is like a mega stuff oreo... and Welker is like a regular oreo? I don't think Shannon has his head on straight lol

    Internet Tough GuyInternet Tough Guy9 days ago
  • How is anyone entertaining AB playing given the seriousness of the charges and the #MeToo movement . This guy is radioactive however this case is resolved.

    Joel RichardsJoel Richards10 days ago
  • Shannon ‘thru that tin ruf’ sharpe

    Mikey TMikey T10 days ago
  • One of my favorite movies " A Bronx Tale " has a really good quote that fits here. *" Nothing worse in life than wasted talent "*

    timboslice513timboslice51310 days ago
  • AB must have CTE.

    KevinKevin10 days ago
  • Reality trumps Fantasy......

  • Antonio Brown needs an intensive psychological evaluation.

    Judith RhiceJudith Rhice10 days ago
    • He NEEDS More than that!

      DTNWO YGDDTNWO YGD9 days ago
  • Dam Shannon get that brown shit off your nose lol Ik AB fucked up but to say he can’t make millions without football and joke about his classes is selling the man short ... you can get your point across without all of that smh

    Qamar MoodQamar Mood10 days ago
  • damn shannon i wish u werent such a step n fetch a$$ mf

    y2kenyony2kenyon10 days ago
  • Brown is a loser, will ruin any team he tries to run. Loser.

  • Yes, first step forward. Yes,maybe the games he did not play will be his punishment. I don't know the details of case.

    Artur RofiArtur Rofi10 days ago
  • As a Steelers fan I, never want that fucker to play again!!!

    William Van ParysWilliam Van Parys10 days ago
  • The NFL is trash!!! AB has been LEGIT DISRESPECTFUL AND CRAZY.. but Kaepernick stood up for social justice and they don’t want him because so many racist watch NFL they don’t want to lose their racist money!! Shits ridiculous!! Kaepernick should have BEEN back in the NGl.. all these trash QB’s.. money over moral in the NFL!!

    BamaBoynCaliBamaBoynCali11 days ago
  • Colin Kaepernick!!!!! Colin Kaepernick!!!!

    BamaBoynCaliBamaBoynCali11 days ago
  • Shannon Too Real For Selfish People! 100% True Shannon! My Up Bringing Was Similar Growing Up In South Ga.! A HUNGRY STOMACH AND A TIN ROOF!

    Paul HardrickPaul Hardrick11 days ago
  • Antonio Brown kick fckn rocks.

    John TrumpJohn Trump11 days ago
  • Money wasn’t hitting right nomore. He’ll pretend again to get payed but act an ass again

    Trendy trending gossipersTrendy trending gossipers11 days ago
  • Something not right with him hopefully its not CTE. He’s constantly posting things that he ends up deleting later when he’s back to himself, idk something seems off with the way he acts not normal!!

    Alex ChamAlex Cham11 days ago
  • Steeler Nation!

    Anthony MunozAnthony Munoz11 days ago
  • Brown the clown, they’re definitely not letting him back in the league this year at least. I know that for sure. I love how he changes his story every other day. He doesn’t need the NFL and doesn’t want to play, then the next day he tweets that he wants to play again, then the next day he doesn’t wanna play anymore. This dude is such a nut case

    tgardonetgardone11 days ago
  • Antonio Brown is an elite talent besides the bs quit playing with that man.

    Jmontana1017Jmontana101711 days ago
    • Elite Talent...My Ass!

      DTNWO YGDDTNWO YGD9 days ago
  • Let’s not act like his talent isn’t sought after lol if he was a bum he’d never play again, there’s teams that would’ve been signed him but because of the chain of command he’s not.

    King kingKing king11 days ago
  • He needs a life coach and his social media shut down 😶😶🤫👍🏿👍🏿

    Rodericka HairstonRodericka Hairston11 days ago
  • Wtf he want a meeting with the nfl for? Sound like another dumb ass colin Kaepernick

    big dick banditbig dick bandit11 days ago
  • He's gonna make a great crack addict

    Doctor EnigmaDoctor Enigma11 days ago
    • He Already is one....GAURUNTEE IT!

      DTNWO YGDDTNWO YGD9 days ago
  • I hope AB rejoins the pats after their defeat by the ravens.

    Vincent VaughanVincent Vaughan11 days ago
  • IDK why any team would want this drama queen, and negative press magnet playing on there team.

    Matt KellyMatt Kelly11 days ago

    samoth adissamoth adis11 days ago
  • Where's he gonna go if he comes back?

    Mark GrossMark Gross11 days ago
  • Antonio Brown is a damn idiot.

    Marcellus SimsMarcellus Sims11 days ago
  • who else looked up 400 park ave lol

    Kieonte DaughtryKieonte Daughtry11 days ago
  • A B has CTE! thats a guess after the hit against him vs the Bengals he is in Phase 2!

    raysschokoraysschoko11 days ago
  • Edelman is a hoffer. No debate

    TrillmxticTrillmxtic11 days ago
  • Shannon needs to stop that lol that man ain’t starving he’s a millionaire he has investors and property that he owns what the hell are y’all talking about ... just remember w people you may own the sport but we run it literally without us there is no sport and eventually you’re gonna learn that ... 💡

    maxxpayne309maxxpayne30911 days ago
  • He really didn’t want to play. I think he’s hurt. CTE got him in the mind. He doesn’t think clearly. He’s probably using weed too. Clouded thinking. He lost a year.

    Connie BConnie B11 days ago
  • Knowing AB, he’s going to be interviewed and shit the bed

    Kevin RamirezKevin Ramirez11 days ago
  • Shannon dude sometimes people going through things. Things were said but truth going to come out. If He did something wrong he will learn to be humble. Got to do thing differently.

    Abraham HerreroAbraham Herrero11 days ago
  • About time dummy

    darral morrisdarral morris11 days ago
  • Yall suck with editing clips. If you wanna extend the video to get more adds- just show the next segment. Why put it in and then cut in the middle of a segment just after it hits 10 minutes?

    Michael MirandaMichael Miranda11 days ago
  • Bout time AB get right and get back in the league boy💪🏾

    thereal_mojo_  point of view and sports reviewsthereal_mojo_ point of view and sports reviews11 days ago
  • That got kinda petty toward the end !!

    Yahdig.solid _LeonHardYahdig.solid _LeonHard11 days ago
  • AB will get in that meeting and act a fool because he has to give an account and answer to someone. That to him is a form of being attacked! He will be defensive and have another outburst (tantrum). I don’t know why folks give him enough the benefit of the doubt and believe he could act reasonably.

    Iammissjones 7Iammissjones 711 days ago
  • This man is the biggest retard EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keith B JonesKeith B Jones11 days ago
  • Cocaine is one hell of a drug. You hear it here first: AB is doing some serious amounts of Cocaine, and that's his major problem......

    michael Castlemichael Castle11 days ago
  • Wannabe Malcolm-X lookin' ass 🤣🖕🖕

    Steven SullivanSteven Sullivan11 days ago
  • Shannon Sharpe is retarded

    Steven SullivanSteven Sullivan11 days ago
  • If Hines Ward is not in the Hall of Fame there is no way Julian Edelman will get in

    Nathan CaldwellNathan Caldwell11 days ago
    • Ya he should be in for sure he'll get in

      David GutierrezDavid Gutierrez8 days ago
    • David Gutierrez 2 Super Bowl rings and 1 time super bowl mvp

      Nathan CaldwellNathan Caldwell8 days ago
    • How many SB MVPs does Hines have? How many rings he got?

      David GutierrezDavid Gutierrez8 days ago
  • It's like every REAL job out there ......there are rules you can go by them or NOT work here . Doesn't matter how you feel about them .

    MassacMongo99MassacMongo9911 days ago
  • Uncle Shay be dropping words of wisdom..

    Ray MooreRay Moore12 days ago
  • I hope AB can put the past behind him. Honestly he should either delete his Instagram app or just have someone else run it for him. He has so much left to do. He should by all means retire a top 5 receiver...or higher

    xavier lopezxavier lopez12 days ago
  • "wised up"? LOL yeah, nah, don't think so sick and tired of fucking criminal fucks being on the field - because - MONEY - decades of this shit, and this is just one more

    David InvenioDavid Invenio12 days ago