Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album) [Official Music Video]

Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (from Birds of Prey: The Album)
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  • هلووو

    xx letherxxxx letherxx34 minutes ago
  • i thought the beginning of this song sounds like I Put A Spell on You song

    Risti RisantiRisti RisantiHour ago
  • This better be break up anthem for 2020

    aestheticallynerdaestheticallynerdHour ago
  • love it fits birds of prey good movie btw

    Julia NunezJulia Nunez3 hours ago
  • the worse movie ever sorry the most sexism storytelling ever. all the show is about girls . all the people who fight them are men, not one single woman among the criminal gangs is a female. and in a city of batman not once we see the strongest character of dc or bringing some reason why in the last scene which was in night he didn't show up. girls girls girls. this methodology ruined dc universe.

    Shahriar RadpourShahriar Radpour5 hours ago
  • This song is simmilar to Melani Martinez's "Nurse's Office"😍😂

    Syifa AndrianaSyifa Andriana6 hours ago
  • Is this Bebe Rhexa?

    Dan TampusDan Tampus10 hours ago
    • No

      SAY ONSAY ON8 hours ago
  • I love this song 🥺💞

    Caroline SofieCaroline Sofie12 hours ago
  • One of the best songs of this year.

    Final BlastFinal Blast16 hours ago
  • Happy April 1st 💀

    Jona YongJona Yong17 hours ago
  • Why is Dc the best

    VenomX SneakVenomX Sneak17 hours ago
  • 💙❤

    denny iaidenny iai18 hours ago
  • Pero la canción ferfecta

    denny iaidenny iai18 hours ago
  • Que vestido mas corto y feo

    denny iaidenny iai18 hours ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

    Mohamd NazmyMohamd Nazmy19 hours ago

    Zelisa SinghZelisa Singh21 hour ago
  • The singer lookes like babe rexha

    ROSE KIM BTS الشمريROSE KIM BTS الشمري21 hour ago
  • Linda mis reinas

    Julián EstebanJulián Esteban21 hour ago
  • Mamasitas

    Julián EstebanJulián Esteban21 hour ago
  • Cool

    Natali GriffithsNatali Griffiths22 hours ago
  • I got goosebumps man her voice is so so good

    Samaira FizooSamaira Fizoo22 hours ago
  • Yes

    dO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyOdO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyO22 hours ago
  • she is no more. the joker is free

    ბლაბლაბლაბლაDay ago
  • I love that Charlotte is finally getting the recognition she deserves

    Arshia AsifArshia AsifDay ago
  • How freakin PERFECT did she fit into this freakin movie soundtrack?! Like a GD puzzle piece I tell ya!

    Flannery RedFlannery RedDay ago
  • Harley: "This is where it all begin puddin.... you mother**ker!"

    Ming LeongMing LeongDay ago
  • *Definitivamente el comentario en español que esperabas* _haci que deposita lo que quieras decir aquí_

    Naty PCYNaty PCYDay ago
  • Someone obviously broke her heart.

    iixMiloviixMilovDay ago
    • Stop replying to yourself loner

      iixMiloviixMilovDay ago
    • Yeah i agree

      iixMiloviixMilovDay ago
  • Wow! Love the movie, love the soundtrack. Screw the misogynists.

    Fahd Ali RazaFahd Ali RazaDay ago
  • This is my favorite song from the BOP soundtrack.

    Estevan GarciaEstevan GarciaDay ago
  • This was literally the most hyped song ever!! I loved it tho. Super funny and awesome.

    TCS DeadShotTCS DeadShotDay ago
  • Please tell me u fake burn his face

    Mohamad HusseinMohamad Hussein2 days ago
  • 💕Love it ......This Song is 🔥🔥🔥

    Jessica ArroyoJessica Arroyo2 days ago
  • sounds like "Nurse's Office" from Melanie Martinez

    Zeius KellZeius Kell2 days ago
  • I can't stop listening to thissss 🖤🖤

    Jee EleenaJee Eleena2 days ago
  • i love this song so much i wish i could sing that good!!

    AnnabellaRoseAnnabellaRose2 days ago
  • Drag me to death, like a lit cigarette Took my last breath, like the smoke from my lips I've lied for you, and I liked it too But my knees are bruised, from kneelin' to you I've had enough, but you're too hard to quit We've had our fun, now your sugar makes me sick I've lied for you, and I liked it too But my makeup's ruined And now I'm laughin' through my tears I'm cryin' through my fear But baby, if I had to choose The joke's on you The joke's on you God knows I've tried to be kind But I will just lay down and die Wearin' a fake smile The joke's on you My heart's gone bad, now it won't beat for you You had your laugh, now I won't play the fool I've lied for you, and I liked it too But I'm black and blue, from bleedin' for you You strike the match, burn me out so fast Look what we had, now it's turned to ash I've lied for you, and I liked it too But my makeup's ruined And now I'm laughin' through my tears I'm cryin' through my fear But baby, if I had to choose The joke's on you The joke's on you God knows I've tried to be kind But I will just lay down and die Wearin' a fake smile The joke's on you

    Kimberly FeistKimberly Feist2 days ago
  • Charlotte: Fire Coal And Harley Quinn Kaniss: Your Copying District 12!!!

    ETN• •French PotatoETN• •French Potato2 days ago
  • とあとあ2 days ago
  • Bebe Rexha é você ???

    Gabriel FreitasGabriel Freitas2 days ago
  • she sounds like if selena gomez could actually sing

    Sophia NingSophia Ning2 days ago
  • muy buena cancion jajajajajaja

    Luis Ángel AquinoLuis Ángel Aquino2 days ago
  • She got coronavirus 😔

    Joana MunguiaJoana Munguia2 days ago
  • I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Anuar GalaiAnuar Galai2 days ago
  • Br aqui ! Kkk

    Larissa AraujoLarissa Araujo2 days ago
  • Charlie's Angels: I've got the best movie soundtrack. Birds of Prey: Hold my egg sandwich.

    JasminJasmin3 days ago
  • All these MVs for birds of prey are underrated !!

    boo booboo boo3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>

    Isabelle JonesIsabelle Jones3 days ago
  • ใครคนไทย #ทีมนกผู้ล่ากับฮาลี่ควีนผู้เริดเชิด

    นะโม Channelนะโม Channel3 days ago
  • Best movie I've ever seen 😩

    Mariana PimentelMariana Pimentel3 days ago
  • ♥️❤️♥️❤️👩😘😘

    ALi91 johnALi91 john3 days ago
  • Her voice is so beautiful and unique. It's like crystal clear yet husky at the same time. She's a great actress in setting the mood. Other singers in MV are very obvious but she really makes it look natural.

    Rachel BRachel B3 days ago
  • she sounds like Bebe Rexha...or is it just me?

    Diana BradenDiana Braden4 days ago
  • *me walking like a depressed person* my earphones:

    Diana BradenDiana Braden4 days ago

    Beren KarasüleymanoğluBeren Karasüleymanoğlu4 days ago
  • カッケー

    マリンピアマリンピア4 days ago
  • Sad song😪

    free fire PŁΛЏΞЯfree fire PŁΛЏΞЯ4 days ago
  • I LIKE IT SO MUCH! It sounds like FELLING GOOD!

    Carlos FernandoCarlos Fernando4 days ago
  • I would if she asked nicely, but otherwise 👎

    Four on the floorFour on the floor4 days ago
  • this is like the jam of every girl aganist patriarchy

    anwesha lahirianwesha lahiri4 days ago
  • Perfect

    Kle AmbrosioKle Ambrosio4 days ago
  • I'm sorry...but DC has the best soundtrack...ORIGINAL soundtrack, and I love Marvel movies. Indeed, I love DC too...

    ladyarlekinaladyarlekina5 days ago
  • Billie Eillish wanna be

    Ω BishBash PotatoPriestΩ BishBash PotatoPriest5 days ago
    • @Essence Knight im not even a billie eillish fan and yes she is

      Ω BishBash PotatoPriestΩ BishBash PotatoPriest3 days ago
    • Someone jealous and she is nothing like billie

      Essence KnightEssence Knight4 days ago
  • lowkey would be a fire breakup song ngl

    peachy ._.peachy ._.5 days ago
  • This is great like this song and the movie dc universe forever harley quinn is great ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Damir BabicDamir Babic5 days ago
  • This song sounds like version 2 of "you don't own me"

    My Coochie Is hairy as fuckMy Coochie Is hairy as fuck5 days ago
  • I fkn love this song

    Danielito MoraDanielito Mora5 days ago
  • Does anyone else fall in love then soon as when your heart gets broken you go crazy? Because thats what i did thats why i can relate to this song a lot

    Tashon PerryTashon Perry6 days ago
  • Such an amazing song and her hair is so lovely, lit🔥

    Hessa AliHessa Ali6 days ago
  • Chale, no hay comentarios en español 😕

    Amayrani PancardoAmayrani Pancardo6 days ago
    • @Franco Jesús Al fin alguien que habla español!!

      Amayrani PancardoAmayrani Pancardo2 days ago
    • Xd aqui

      Franco JesúsFranco Jesús3 days ago
  • This song fit Harley quin.

    Royce GarciaRoyce Garcia6 days ago
  • The singer is so talented 😍

    Multi fandom EditsMulti fandom Edits6 days ago
  • Moral of the story, dont fall in love. It will drive ya mad

    John CasillaJohn Casilla6 days ago
  • Everyone Says that the movie was trash but the songs were amazing

    Hi HowAreYaHi HowAreYa6 days ago
  • this sounds similar to "i put a spell on you", 50 shades of grey

    SupreethaSupreetha6 days ago
  • I went on the song boss bitch and went on the person who posted it and I found this and I love it

    Ananya RamchandranAnanya Ramchandran6 days ago
  • damn, how many songs do they have in this movie?

    Why So SeriousWhy So Serious6 days ago
  • WoW ❤

    Maria RaimumdaMaria Raimumda6 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

    หมีเดินทางTheTravelBearหมีเดินทางTheTravelBear7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> When Harley sets the Factory on fireworks love it

    ʀємɛмвєя ʍeʀємɛмвєя ʍe7 days ago