CUSTOM VANS 🎨 👟 for Tanner Fox!! (SatiSfying)

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  • Which paint is this??

    Yashasvi RaghavYashasvi RaghavHour ago
  • a big complement from italy, you are a great artist....

    Bruno LibrelonBruno Librelon2 hours ago
  • O cara compra um vans branco pra pintar de preto

    Aline RobertaAline Roberta12 hours ago
  • Damn those are fire

    Abbey UkuleleAbbey Ukulele13 hours ago
  • I want those shoes

    Kristel KoniKristel Koni20 hours ago
  • water proff??

    abhar kalloloeabhar kalloloe23 hours ago
  • pls customize a janoski

    Son YeagerSon YeagerDay ago
  • What kind of paint do you use?

    Kyle SchmidtKyle SchmidtDay ago
  • I want some vans

    Nathan BesingiNathan BesingiDay ago
  • I need vans

    Đàm 44206 GiaĐàm 44206 GiaDay ago
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👉🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    leon T3xeiraleon T3xeira2 days ago
  • fuck king man so fuck you

    toan hoangtoan hoang3 days ago
  • Cual es la cinta que usas y la pintura por favor

    Jafet Nango De Los SantosJafet Nango De Los Santos3 days ago
  • What kind of paint gun is that sir?

    Luigi NaveLuigi Nave3 days ago
  • So cool and your talent so insane

    정현튜브정현튜브4 days ago
  • Eres un verdadero artista brother

    Gianni NuñezGianni Nuñez4 days ago
  • 수박 왤케 좋아햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    piepie5 days ago
  • You can do this on a black pair also 🙄

    GAuRaNgGAuRaNg5 days ago
  • Super satisfying

    Roshem GohilRoshem Gohil5 days ago
  • He’s so good at this

    Nareg HamamjianNareg Hamamjian5 days ago
  • what kind of tape?

    Rebekah ReyesRebekah Reyes5 days ago
  • that so cool.... im from indonesia

    Reza CekidotReza Cekidot5 days ago
  • I'm from Indonesia like with chanel you. Thanks good drawing brother

    cemot officialcemot official6 days ago
  • Ах

    Радик СафиуллинРадик Сафиуллин6 days ago
    • Радик Сафиуллин , первый русский за все время которое я листал ленту

      Максим КуликовМаксим Куликов5 days ago
  • Get yo beanie wearin ass outta my feed boy

    BluesClues420BluesClues4206 days ago
  • why didn't u use black old skools

    ChillyChilly6 days ago
  • We satisfya

    Asif YtAsif Yt6 days ago
  • Most people: 60% water MaRkO: 60% watermelon Hehehehe I love your vids MaRkO Your my fav artist ✌️

    Wolf PackWolf Pack6 days ago
  • What if it rains?

    GoodbyeGoodbye7 days ago
  • como llegue aquí. 🤔

    Hugo. HernandezHugo. Hernandez7 days ago
  • Dangerous boy,hahaha!!!!

    Alamgir Hossen AloAlamgir Hossen Alo7 days ago
  • Hello, I am Korean. I am not good at English, so I am using a translator. I use another language, but I always enjoy it. Cheer up, too!

    oung Gayoung Gay8 days ago
  • Marko custom make your dest

    Jack ChammoJack Chammo8 days ago
  • couldve bought black and white old skools but meh still looks great

    Yves MathieuYves Mathieu8 days ago
  • hey much for a pair of white vans size 7 custom from you marko i want a pair please

    Damian ShervaDamian Sherva8 days ago
  • Он на а4 похож

    Никита ХхххНикита Хххх8 days ago
    • Никита Хххх второй русский за все время которого я встретил

      Максим КуликовМаксим Куликов5 days ago
  • bruh they are sooo coool

    Florian KratochwilFlorian Kratochwil8 days ago
  • So Beautyful 😍😍😍

    WOLKIZ GGWOLKIZ GG8 days ago

    Ultra HdtyBUltra HdtyB9 days ago
  • Where did he get the shirt

    undeadsniperrrundeadsniperrr9 days ago
  • Wowwwwwww

    Hoa NguyenHoa Nguyen9 days ago
  • 💙💙💜💜💙💙💜💜💙💙

    Viviana DíazViviana Díaz9 days ago
  • Me antojaste mucho tu sandia 😅 Que hermosos! Saludos desde México

    Valery Sanchez ValdezValery Sanchez Valdez9 days ago
  • Wow

    md anas hossainmd anas hossain10 days ago
  • Я так понял он любит арбузы.

    SergeySergey10 days ago
  • Just wow 😍

    SHAXKALSHAXKAL10 days ago
  • すごいですね!私もこんなの作ってみたいです!!

    萎えた星人萎えた星人10 days ago
  • Sicckkkkkkz

    Amaury LienardAmaury Lienard10 days ago
  • This dude needs a scholarship

    Kandice McCordKandice McCord10 days ago
  • I love you can I plz get a shoutout

    Maddster SityMaddster Sity10 days ago
  • Wow I only seen your video with zhc now I lover your vids

    seven slatersseven slaters11 days ago
  • Sesuatu untuk ventela shoes

    Bagus storyBagus story11 days ago
  • The colors are really cool These shoes are street art!!

    JUN TOROJUN TORO11 days ago
  • Marko +🍉🍉+🐥🐤

    Timothy SquiresTimothy Squires12 days ago
  • Your beats are sick

    Luisa VasquezLuisa Vasquez12 days ago
  • tan de ruta de rucula con palmito

    Ángeles FonsecaÁngeles Fonseca12 days ago
  • Perfect😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Lorena CarreñoLorena Carreño12 days ago
  • Trop beau

    Manon FRUITIERManon FRUITIER12 days ago
  • Why dont u color ur table

    E-AZY PLAYSE-AZY PLAYS13 days ago
  • Wala

    Uchiha ShisuiUchiha Shisui14 days ago