Dark Crystal - Top 10 Differences Between Show and Movie

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These are the top 10 differences between The Dark Crystal and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. For this list, we’re looking at the many ways that the web TV series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” has evolved from the original 1982 film. From its prequel status showing us a pre-Skeksis world, to new puppeteers and a new director, taking on "Game of Thrones" vibes, and recruiting an all-star celebrity voice cast, join WatchMojo as we count down the many ways that the web TV series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” has evolved from the original 1982 film. Another time, another world... in the age of Netflix. What was your favorite The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance moment? Let us know in the comments below!
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    WatchMojo.comWatchMojo.com4 months ago
    • Yeah i totally skipt that part

      Tim HahuryTim Hahury4 months ago
    • I gotta be honest, this looks like spam and I almost flagged it as such

      Spoons GarciaSpoons Garcia4 months ago
    • @Kristin B "Oh hi painting!" *Spits. 😂😂 you're a good sport thanks for entertaining me

      S HS H4 months ago
    • @S H LOL Okay, you've just made my night. Oh hi Mark!

      Kristin BKristin B4 months ago
    • @Kristin B Starring Tommy Wiseau from The Room, as myself lol. Super alpha.

      S HS H4 months ago
  • New puppeteers, new directors? Lame list

    Jokers Midnight ShowJokers Midnight Show9 days ago
  • What's annoying is that the video says "there's more female characters and that's an improvement." 1. The original had more female then male characters so that's a straight up lie.. 2. Why does having more female characters "improve" anything? When a franchise as mostly female characters and they add more males does that "improve" things?? I doubt watch mogo would think so... go fuck yourself watch mojo..that's why I stopped watching your shit for the most part and even when I try yall just remind me why I steer clear of your videos.

    Chevy BlazeChevy Blaze20 days ago
  • I always thought the original dark crystal would make a better series then single movie. And while the series is absolutely amazing, now when i learned all the extended lore i believe it would make for amazing game.

    Ann I BeeRunAnn I BeeRun21 day ago
  • 1:27

    Henry MockingbirdHenry Mockingbird27 days ago
  • This puppeteers are almost as good as the elite puppeteers and their politician puppets.

    Albus RegnumAlbus RegnumMonth ago
  • Can't wait for Season 2!

    Sarah VenableSarah VenableMonth ago
  • 1:26

    Henry MockingbirdHenry MockingbirdMonth ago
  • You forgot some, like, Awkwafina

    Miyu SawaiMiyu SawaiMonth ago
  • But will there be a season 2?

    Miyu SawaiMiyu SawaiMonth ago
  • The format? Really?

    Esteban De MartinoEsteban De Martino2 months ago
  • Climte change, yeah right. hahaha

    Jay B OneJay B One2 months ago
  • 🖕😡😤😠👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    Gacha DilOoGacha DilOo2 months ago
  • This show is doing with puppets what Laika's doing with stop motion.

    HarmonE RecordsHarmonE Records2 months ago
  • Raid got to watch mojo. NOONE IS SAFE

    MoinmaxMoinmax2 months ago
  • The puppets look amazing, the story line is very interesting. The creators have such elaborate imagination. I am enjoy it very much. Good to see something real for once.

    Carina GrajalesCarina Grajales2 months ago
  • What?!?! You totally forgot to mention that Nathalie Emmanuel, another Game of Thrones actor, voiced the main character Deet!!

    Melissa AmlungMelissa Amlung2 months ago
    • Lets not forget Natalie Dormer as the voice of secondary character Onica.

      Diana NorthDiana NorthMonth ago
  • There will be a Series 2?

    Frau WerumFrau Werum2 months ago
  • I do respect The Dark Crystal film as a cult classic, but when I first saw it about 9 years ago, I admit, I wasn't too thrilled by the story at first. It seemed...pretty cliche to me. A prophecy, a being the last of his kind (those being elf-type humanoids) to fulfill the prophecy, parents murdered by the bad guys, a crystal at the heart of the fantasy...yeah, I'd heard all those tropes before by the time I watched the movie (I was about 20 when I saw it so that was probably why XD). But over time, it grew on me. I think maybe Jen and Kira could have stood to be more fleshed out as characters, but oh well. But I still like the characters pretty well, and the visuals, puppetry, and soundtrack are to die for! Even without Age of Resistance, it's still a world I'd love to get lost in! :D When Age of Resistance came out, I was a little meh about it at first, but once my roommates and I sat down to watch it, boy did I get hooked! Not only updated effects, which are stunning, but yes indeed a world explored way deeper, which Thra really needed! And the Gelfling race, I never knew before that they were so damn interesting! It's not just two Gelfling who are the last of their kind anymore, we get to see a whole fleshed out race of them! And of different clans, in different parts of the world, different cultures, love it, love it, love it! And so many complex characters among them, something the Gelfling really needed. LOL Anyway, yep, just me fangirling out over the show so far. Can't wait for season 2! :D

    AishaVonFossenAishaVonFossen2 months ago
  • You got it wrong at the start. It’s “Another world, another time” Why do I even bother

    NeonNeon2 months ago
  • Hes not a funny spoon handling...he is "Paladin Hup" :D

    Str8LthlStr8Lthl2 months ago
  • Isn't the show a prequel? So I wouldn't care Too much for differences cause it gives you new things and the puppets look great in the show that they don't seem like puppets most of the time skskdk also Is Chamberlin like a costume cause that's a huge puppet if it isn't

    OrangeCrush FizzyOrangeCrush Fizzy3 months ago
  • So I Watched the series... Deet my cinnamon roll.

    Amare OdieaAmare Odiea3 months ago
  • Number 1: the Gelflings are still alive

    kamenriderreaperkamenriderreaper3 months ago
  • Did they just praise the show for having more female characters? Is that really even something that matters? There was only like two gelflings in the movie made in the 80's, why not be more fascinated with the fact that there are more than just two gelflings?

    JaredJared3 months ago
    • Its likely because the Skeksis + Mystics are all male, the entire cast of the film that had major roles except Kira and Mother Augra were male... ...Except... Neither mystics or Skeksis are actually "male", they have no gender they just choose male identifications. Except Skeksa, who identifies as female, but we haven't seen her yet.

      AngelEmfrblAngelEmfrbl3 months ago
  • "There are significally more female characters at the forefront of the story, which is a welcome improvement" What? The original had 2 protagonists one a dude the other a lady. 50 50 wasnt good enough? And seriously the series has a bunch of interesting well handled female characters , it never makes a point or lampshading it or feeling all look at us about it They are just good characters Good characters are good characters (shocker) regardless of gender . The gender of a character doesn't in itself improve the quality of a work

    Leon EvelakeLeon Evelake3 months ago
    • Its a nod to how all the mystics and skeksis are "male"... Meaning there was two female major cast members only. Except the Skeksis and Mystics aren't male... They choose to identify as male but they have no genders. Only one Skeksis identifies as female, Skeksa... She is dead by the start of the film and not yet shown in the netflix series.

      AngelEmfrblAngelEmfrbl3 months ago
  • Well im dumb

    Super Sonic LaserSuper Sonic Laser3 months ago
  • Wait keegan micheal key was in the show

    Super Sonic LaserSuper Sonic Laser3 months ago
  • Rian Not Rion

    Super Sonic LaserSuper Sonic Laser3 months ago
  • if there is a season 2. it will be depressing as all hell with the extinction of the gelfling

    Joshua PlotkinJoshua Plotkin3 months ago
  • Watch Mojo is leftist tripe these days. Just had to add the comment about “more female characters” and “climate change”. Stupid

    Chris DailChris Dail3 months ago
  • That conjunction reference

    Ramon GarciaRamon Garcia3 months ago
  • I need more episodes or movies

    Daisuke TVDaisuke TV3 months ago
  • Honestly it feels more like Lord of the Rings than Game of Thrones

    The RoninThe Ronin3 months ago
  • This show was fantastic. Left a bit of a void behind for me that only a season 2 will fill....

    Kyra SKyra S3 months ago
  • It has a netflix series?! IT HAS A NETFLIX SERIES?! AHHHHHHHHHHH

    Ysia LewabahYsia Lewabah3 months ago
  • Please stop compairing this to Game of Thrones. They're two different series! All fantasy shows are compared to that show these days and it's annoying! Especially for those of us who haven't seen the GOT series.

    Seiferboy GamingSeiferboy Gaming3 months ago
  • Now I want to watch the series all over again. :D Loved it!

    Kora SaulKora Saul3 months ago
  • Me and my sister enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see season 2 but need to still get the movie.

    Jor- El RandJor- El Rand3 months ago
    • I think the movie's on Netflix.

      Seiferboy GamingSeiferboy Gaming3 months ago
  • More female characters than the film!?? 2/3 of the film’s heroes were female and the rest of the cast were skeksis, but keep citing “improvement” on an issue that never existed. 🙄

    BradBrad3 months ago
  • The Gelfling were ruled by a Matriarchy... Go figure... Explains why they were so easily enslaved by the Skeksis! #NeedSomeToxicMasculinity

    Dreary KnitPickerDreary KnitPicker3 months ago
  • game of muppets

    mike brownmike brown3 months ago
  • Oh please, I saw no such thing as Climate Change in this movie.

    mamc1986mamc19863 months ago
    • The Darkening and how it ravages the land. By the time the movie rolls around, the land around the castle is desolate.

      Seiferboy GamingSeiferboy Gaming3 months ago
  • Was not disappointed. Loved this show. Was a great expansion to the original.

    HallieEvaHallieEva3 months ago
  • Seeing as the Netflix show is a prequel to the Dark Crystal movie, then there should be differences. Of course there will be advances in technology but I am glad that they chose to make it in the more traditional manner, that way it doesn't destroy the magic. Well done.

    Slytherin Ginger WitchSlytherin Ginger Witch3 months ago
  • I don’t get how nobody has realized this yet but Brea is actually Kira’s mother. If you go to the episode titled “prophets don’t know everything” Deet gets her second vision from the sanctuary tree. In this vision you see brea dressed in scarves and running away with baby Kira

    Kari GordonKari Gordon3 months ago
    • YES! Im glad Im not the only one who thought this.

      Grace McLarenGrace McLaren3 months ago
  • Maudra Farrah you would think was designed to look like Lena Headey..

    jack jackson3jack jackson34 months ago
  • “rEy-On” that’s not his name sis. They’re just determined to mess up someone’s name.

    Kira SharpKira Sharp4 months ago
  • wouldnt compair dc with got. dark crystal is 100% better the game

    GadzooksGadzooks4 months ago
  • I very much agree with all the picks on here and love The Dark Cristal and can't wait for season 2 of the prequel series

    Andy BrittonAndy Britton4 months ago
  • If we're naming Game of Thrones stuff, don't forget Deet is voiced by Nathalie Emmanuel!!! Missandei :)

    Krista S.Krista S.4 months ago
  • How about “well, it’s a prequels so having it be the same would be self defeating on concept”

    sandorsboxsandorsbox4 months ago
  • You're incredibly mistaken the person who played the scientist is the same person who played as Luke not Yoda check your facts or you'll have your viewers checking your facts for you and hitting the dislike button along with the unsubscribe button this is my first comment filled with rage

    Darth XingDarth Xing4 months ago
    • They're always making these types of mistakes lol!

      Seiferboy GamingSeiferboy Gaming3 months ago
  • I love thi i really do but i need a actual sequel to the original film as well... im still down with this thought for real awesome show!

    Brittney MBrittney M4 months ago
  • One thing I hate about the show....We know the uprising will fail :(

    slitorslitor4 months ago
    • Will be a good fight tho!!!

      Chris MortimerChris Mortimer4 months ago
  • Am I seriously the only one that sees how this show shit all over the movie so that it now makes no sense? This prequel takes a key element of the movie, the fact that the Skesies and the Mystics were once one being that split into two when the crystal was cracked, and flushes it down the toilet to say that the Mystics were always on Thra and the Skesies came from another world. Augra is an idiot in this show, oh I will totally trust these obviously evil creatures with the soul of Thra. The Gelflings are even worse, for trusting these terrifying creatures blindly, I call BS. Oh and the prophecy doesnt exist I guess because the Skesies dont swear to kill all the Gelfling so the crystal cant be healed. This show is a huge disappointment.

    Mary HarrisonMary Harrison4 months ago
    • Bitch thefuck you talking about??? They literally fo a puppet show in th3 srrie abiut how the skeksis and mystics split. Educate on the subject you're crying about,you obviously have no clue at all how good the show is.

      QueekQueek4 months ago
  • Natalie Dormerwas also a voiceactor who was in game of throes

    Cory MosesCory Moses4 months ago
    • Cory Moses yes! And Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei, voiced Deet

      Melissa AmlungMelissa Amlung2 months ago
  • Personally I feel Brea is quite underrated. Everybody loves Deet, But they haven’t realized Brea is more optimistic then her. Brea still looks on the brighter side, even though she’s been through a lot of pain. She still could give people hugs when her own mother couldn’t give her anymore. And still tried to look for hope even when her sister died. And she’s extremely smart, She’s still optimistic even though she knows the bad of the world, While Deet is optimistic since she is nieve to the the badness. I don’t mean to thrash Deet, I’m just trying to make a point. Brea is awesome! They probably would never defeat the skesis without her. ( she found the shard ) She also hitched a ride for all of them across the desert, Which if she wasn’t there, The rest of them probably would’ve died. She also figured out the badness of the skesis on her own.

    Paletteful PlumbPaletteful Plumb4 months ago
    • I mean she couldn’t even get a funko pop or an action figure.

      Paletteful PlumbPaletteful Plumb4 months ago
  • There should be a warning in the beginning of this video for SPOILERS. Unless there was a warning and I missed it

    Steve MatosSteve Matos4 months ago
  • ...it's weird that the themes I picked up on from the series had almost nothing to do with the themes mentioned in this video.

    5ilver425ilver424 months ago