Dear Corey La Barrie, this song is for you... love you forever

Rest easy angel I love you.
Not gonna lie
The mornings rough
When I wake up
And know you’re gone
It’s can’t be real
My hearts torn up
I start to think
Of all the times
We’d start to laugh
Until we cry
What I would do
So it could be just fine
You were the light when I was sad
You gave me hope when I was mad
You held my hand when I had fear
You held me tight when I had tears
You always were my guardian angel
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
You fought my wars when my mind was all tangled
But now I got you right next to me forever
Forever x4
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
Can’t fall asleep
You’re on mind
That night replays
Like on rewind
I see it all
I see the signs
You were the light when I was sad
You gave me hope when I was mad
You held my hand when I had fear
You held me tight when I had tears
You always were my guardian angel
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
You fought my wars when my mind was all tangled
But now I got you right next to me forever
Forever x4
But now I got you on my shoulder forever




  • This song should be sang again by all the people who loved him

    Naimah BegumNaimah Begum2 hours ago
  • Can someone pleaseee Explain who Corey is barley heard about his death today

    Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)3 hours ago
  • I watched Nezza’s video before this and I am crying again😭😭 We will love you Corey for ever

    sailaja Lakshmi kommarajusailaja Lakshmi kommaraju3 hours ago
  • Your voice is so beautiful. You’re very talented at writing songs, singing them even when it’s tough, I’m playing guitar. You’re an amazing person, Franny. And don’t forget that.

    Challenger SibsChallenger Sibs3 hours ago
  • Why are you whipping away at nonexistent tears. Literally not one year fell

    Charlie NashCharlie Nash3 hours ago
  • This song brought me to tears. you're so talented franny! All so real, raw, but meaningful. You are so strong and loved.

    Rebecca hRebecca h3 hours ago
  • It’s a great song for a great person.

    Gemma Leanne HendersonGemma Leanne Henderson4 hours ago
  • You are so strong and amazing Franny. This song is beautiful💙. Thank you🙏

    Rasika RaveendranRasika Raveendran6 hours ago
  • This should go viral its absolutely beautiful sorry for everyones loss💙

    Dolan Twins LoveDolan Twins Love6 hours ago
  • #LiveLikeCorey

    Aliea AndradeAliea Andrade6 hours ago
  • 💙💙💙💙💙

    Jude CraneJude Crane6 hours ago
  • Wow 2020 has already had an awful start 😕❤️ I love you so much franny and I love your song❤️❤️❤️ watching this I started crying 😭

    Xalia TeronXalia Teron6 hours ago
  • Corey passed away on my dads 10 year death anniversary. My heart will forever be heavy on that date. I loved watching Corey. It breaks me even more knowing I will never get to meet his awesome self when I finally get to visit LA. God bless you so much Corey ❤️

    Jaelyn RoseJaelyn Rose6 hours ago
  • RIP Corey La Barrie :( we will always have you in our hearts and no matter what you will be okay. we wish it didn't go this way but the year,2020 was just the worst. see you in the other world Corey. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    Raylinn CrowRaylinn Crow6 hours ago
  • this is beautiful franny. im praying for you and sending you love.

    Aubee MacBookProAubee MacBookPro7 hours ago
  • Dear Franny, I know that this is hard but as long as you’re taking steps forward everything will be ok :) I lost both of my Aunts this year and it’s been extremely hard but all you can do is keep remembering the good times you had with Corey. He’s right there with you every step of the way :) Don’t give up and keep smiling! Love you xoxo

    Chloe SuppleeChloe Supplee8 hours ago

    Yarismar SarmientoYarismar Sarmiento9 hours ago
  • My aunt died almost 5 years ago and I always think about her and cry she was the only one who had time for me at the time and my mom is pregnant so she’s not gonna have much time for me and trust me I know how it feels to lose someone especially someone you love my great grandmother,my uncle and my grandpa died before I was even born and I hope everyday that they will come back but they don’t and a bunch of people think nothing of losing someone because they’ve never lost anyone before but for all the people who thinks that losing someone is funny it’s gonna happen to you one day

    Wolfpack familyWolfpack family9 hours ago
  • who was he? And im so sorry too

    CoconutcheeCoconutchee10 hours ago
  • I still can't get over the fact he is gone. You will never be forgotten Corey, you inspired so many people and brought smiles onto their faces with your amazing videos. Fly high angel, all your friends will see you again soon xx

    Milly PottsMilly Potts11 hours ago
  • He was the sweetest person I'm in so much tears. We love him💗❤️🕊️

    Julissa HernándezJulissa Hernández16 hours ago
  • Love you franny! You got this! ❤️

    Ee ZantuaEe Zantua17 hours ago
  • i hate 2020 so much :(

    Josie SandersonJosie Sanderson17 hours ago
  • this song is so good RIP Corey La Barie

    Mary KyorkMary Kyork18 hours ago
  • Wait I don’t understand did Cory La Barrie pass away If so I’m sorry to everyone who knew him and was a fan. ( Clearly I have no clue who Cory is ) Sorry 😐 Man this hurts 2020: the year everything goes wrong 😐

    Teleah SokTeleah Sok18 hours ago
    • Such a soft voice! Your doing him proud he would be so hyped to know someone wrote a song about him! Forever appreciated! 💜

      alisuo tokoalisuo toko12 hours ago
  • This is so beautiful Franny❤️ Rest in paradise Corey❤️

    Marlene GomezMarlene Gomez19 hours ago
    • You literally made me cry Corey will alway be with you ❤️

      alisuo tokoalisuo toko12 hours ago
  • I hate that people so talented have to go so soon😭

    Makenzie HackettMakenzie Hackett22 hours ago
  • Wait- I haven’t been here in a while- who is Corey? Also I’m so sorry

    Bella HaackeBella Haacke22 hours ago
  • I’m too sad :,(

    LexDetLexDet22 hours ago
  • mannnn my heart hurts for y’all :/

    Celeste DelacruzCeleste Delacruz23 hours ago
  • I listen to this everyday 🥺💙.

    yadira grimaldi .yadira grimaldi .Day ago
  • 2019: 2019 sucked! 2020 is gonna be our year!! 2020: courona virus, corey la barrie dies, juice wrld dies, and so many other celebs, it just seems so unreal how much 2020 has SUCKED!! Worst year ever!! But I guess 2018 was worse bc I lost my dad to cancer 2020 and 2018 are equal but I am just glad my dad didn't have to be here for this.

    Lacey LozierLacey LozierDay ago
  • This is so beautiful. Corey is definitely your hype guy up there. He's always going to be a part of you. Thinking of you and the whole squad and sending love. 💙

    Shannon DalyShannon DalyDay ago
  • Can i just say her singing is the bomb dot come also rip Corey

    Janey BakerJaney BakerDay ago
  • Please take it easy and focus on your wellbeing healing comes in many forms and different speeds pain only adds to the experience but what you do with that can change so much.

    Brandon WiszowatyBrandon WiszowatyDay ago
  • It still kills me he is gone I feel like this is all a NightMare 😭 He’s so missed.

    Angelina AndersonAngelina AndersonDay ago
  • Forever ❤️

    O KO KDay ago
  • You literally made me cry Corey will alway be with you ❤️

    Alyshia PahtaykenAlyshia PahtaykenDay ago
  • Such a soft voice! Your doing him proud he would be so hyped to know someone wrote a song about him! Forever appreciated! 💜

    kate samkate samDay ago
  • This is so beautiful franny, your strength really shows. You have a beautiful voice and the strength you show not only in this video but during these trying times is so inspiring and beautiful. We love you Franny and we all love Corey♥️

    Michael ScofieldMichael ScofieldDay ago
  • Never heard of this guy but I’m sorry to anyone who is hurting from his loss

    monika laosimonika laosiDay ago
  • I knew this was gonna make me cry 🥺🖤

    Ghislene Chavez 🦋Ghislene Chavez 🦋Day ago
  • you are so beautiful and talented. i hope u find peace even tho this tragedy happened. im sorry for the loss. but i believe corey is at peace now.

    Martin hansenMartin hansenDay ago
  • 💙💙💙💙 you'll never see this Corey but we miss you

    Carla JacksonCarla JacksonDay ago
    • “There’s never goodbyes in this world , Always see you agains” - Corey 🕊❤️

      monika laosimonika laosiDay ago
  • this is beautiful Franny

    Bruna RochaBruna RochaDay ago
  • this loss is heartbreaking. everybody’s posts and videos make me sad each time. im so so sorry for your guys’s loss. sending so much love and so many prayers. ❤️

    Daizjah TorresDaizjah TorresDay ago
  • For Corey get this recorded and use all the profits to go to his family 🥺🥺💙💙💙🥺🥺🥺

    Kailey SanchezKailey SanchezDay ago
  • I’m so sorry for the loss of this amazing person. I can see how much you all love one another and that kind of love/friendship is something we all could only wish for in life. That kind of friendship also never dies. He will live on in each and everyone of you. He will never be forgotten. I want all of you to know, I never knew of Corey or about him until his passing.....I wish I had but I unfortunately didn’t. I’m getting to know him now though, through the friendship you all have with him. You are all already keeping him alive and now I actually still get the chance to know him through each and everyone of you through past videos and the ones still to come. He’s with you Fran. Pls, don’t be afraid to smile or laugh in fear of it meaning you’re getting over the loss of him or that he means less to you somehow now because that isn’t the case. I lost my mom at 21, very unexpectedly. Several months later, I caught myself feeling a brief moment of happiness and I remember feeling immediately ashamed of myself for it. If I wasn’t sad or paralyzed over her loss at every waking moment, I felt that I was either losing the love I had for her or maybe I was starting to forget her. I felt like I was going to lose even more of her than I already had. I went on like this for quite sometime and one day I realized I had stopped living when she did. It dawned on me I was indeed losing more of her.....I was losing more of her by not living and numbing my pain in some awful unhealthy ways. My mom would have never wanted me to feel that way because of the love I had for her. She wouldn’t have wanted our relationship to end my life. She would have wanted to inspire me to be the best version of me I could possibly be and the memory of her to empower me instead of crippling my every thought. I know how heavy your heart is and how it’s hard to catch your breath or feel anything other than emptiness. The fog surrounding you is so thick when something like this is so raw. It is completely okay to fall apart just don’t forget to put yourself back together as I did for so long. Let him continue to inspire you in life by allowing yourself to feel everything he brought into your life. Just by seeing what little I have recently, I am so sure his arms are around each and every one of you. Keep pouring him into your life by ways of music and laughter or any other way he inspires you. He is with you all and will never miss a beat. You are a family of soulmates. I have never seen or experienced a family and friendship like yours. I honestly never knew that really existed until seeing all of you together and I’m about to turn 42. Fran, he loves you and that beautiful family. That is the kind of love that nothing could change except maybe the world, so let it do that....let the love you all have for one another change the world. We all need a lot more love and happiness here. Thanks for sharing this beautifIul song. He's already inspiring you:) Me writing this is to help if I can by reminding you to keep on being inspired and not let the grief cripple your life. The hard part is when it feels as if the world is moving on without him... Just know, that those who know him or have gotten to meet him through all these wonderful videos won't be moving on without him. The world will carry him in their hearts. Hugs to each and every one of you. To the family, he was born to and the family he chose, he's with you all always and forever. Sorry, this turned into a book.

    Heather EkborgHeather EkborgDay ago
  • I am so sorry hunny..

    Kalie VeselyKalie VeselyDay ago
  • 😭

    Alma CholulaAlma CholulaDay ago
  • This song🥺

    hello friends let's singhello friends let's singDay ago
  • This is such a beautiful song. ❤️ love you Corey forever. Miss you. I am sorry for your lost. Stay strong and we will stay strong together. I know it is difficult now but it will eventually get easier. He is looking down on his family and friend. He will always be there for you no matter what.

    Sushi2002Sushi2002Day ago
  • i couldent herar a thing like ifyou couldnet ether! rip corey

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Anastasia BruderinAnastasia BruderinDay ago
  • ❤️

    laurenturtlefullaurenturtlefulDay ago
  • Good job I image Corey is watching u and saying it’s ok

    Lily Cuthbert-DennisLily Cuthbert-DennisDay ago
  • YUCK

    Jordan SmithJordan SmithDay ago
  • Aww im sorry about corey he will always be in your heart i know its hard but WOW Franny you sing so AMAZING Corey would be SO proud

    drama 101drama 101Day ago
  • “There’s never goodbyes in this world , Always see you agains” - Corey 🕊❤️

    okow tinaokow tinaDay ago
  • 🤍😔

    Eh.Eh.Day ago
  • My heart is so heavy for you franny. Your song was so beautiful, I cried while listening to you sing because I could just tell you meant every word. May Corey rest in paradise 💙

    Paris HackettParis HackettDay ago
  • I cried with you Franny, love you so much and I know you will get through this!!

    Ella HolbertElla HolbertDay ago
    • just that kinda person who makes you feel you knew them. Rest in peace angel

      okow tinaokow tinaDay ago
  • I started crying right when she sang the first word

    Ava HineAva HineDay ago
  • wow i got so emotional that was a beautiful song

    Amity ArcherAmity ArcherDay ago
  • This song is so beautiful Franny. Keep your head up and live your life to the fullest for Corey.

    Kelsey SnyderKelsey SnyderDay ago
  • It’s like I could Corey in the background hyping you up. I miss him.

    IzzyIzzyDay ago
  • Taking Corey was the last straw. I’m beating 2020. For Corey. We will all beat 2020 for Corey.

    IzzyIzzyDay ago
  • This made me cry

    Anaya KocielskiAnaya KocielskiDay ago
  • “There’s never goodbyes in this world , Always see you agains” - Corey 🕊❤️

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovDay ago
  • Corey is listening to this rn and thinking how lucky he was to have an amazing friend like you and he’s hyping you up ❤️ love you stay strong 🥺❤️❤️

    I love the trap houseI love the trap house2 days ago
  • Some of the best songs are made by those with a broken heart.

    PlumberGasfitterPlumberGasfitter2 days ago
  • Beautiful tribute

    PlumberGasfitterPlumberGasfitter2 days ago
    • Congratulations on reaching 1 million views Fran. Even if it is for a sad situation :( Corey is probably celebrating you reaching it!

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovDay ago
  • we love u corey

    Amber NewportAmber Newport2 days ago
  • Had to stop. Can't drive and sob.

    Nitro RoseNitro Rose2 days ago
  • I love her voice so much. She is so gifted. God know that you love Corrie and God is trying to message you back that he loves you back so much

    Hawaiian BraddahHawaiian Braddah2 days ago
  • thank you for sharing this with us franny, it definitely wasn't easy so thank you. This song will become an outlet for anyone who has lost someone so close to them like you have. my thoughts are with you x

    Saz GSaz G2 days ago
  • I really feel now how loosing a friend. Like when friends die, it really does something to them. I loved corey for how he was. Even though i didnt really knew him in real life, hes just that kinda person who makes you feel you knew them. Rest in peace angel

    limelight lyriclimelight lyric2 days ago
  • PLEASE actually record this Franny!! I need this on my playlist 💗💗

    Kali TiptonKali Tipton2 days ago
  • Rip, Who was he?

    zaying Huizaying Hui2 days ago
  • I love you, you guys are all so strong. We live for Corey now. FOREVER 🤍

    Sarah DeeseSarah Deese2 days ago