Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

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Content featured:
Sailor Moon
Johnny Bravo
Magic School Bus
Pepper Ann
Rolie Polie Olie
2 Stupid Dogs
PB&J Otter
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Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?




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    REACTREACTMonth ago
    • How the hell do some of these parents who are my age look so much older than I do? I 39 and I don't look this old!

      fireheartis1fireheartis1Day ago
    • You should do an episod on collage cartoons like undergrads, mission hill, the oblongs and clone high!

      Jennifer BuchananJennifer BuchananMonth ago
    • Hey, REACT. For the next React Gaming, have the College Kids play Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. It will be a good exercise routine for them to play as the game is both an RPG and a exercise game.

      Devin GilesDevin GilesMonth ago
    • I’m a millennial & I know all these cartoons more than these dummies no offense

      F-zero91maruF-zero91maruMonth ago
    • Coming up to react to cartoons, sign me up! I always confused Cardcaptor Sakura with Sailor Moon...ooops loved the 2 shows as a kid and to now still (idea: could get the elders to react to cartoons from their time and as bonus with their kids (now adults) and other grandchildren - if they have) Much love, (a small YT both ways trying to make it by helping others) - Mila

      LittleCutie ABDLLittleCutie ABDLMonth ago
  • Most of the cartoons I remember and know them. But "2 stupid dogs"!! It was a cartoon that I had forgotten but used to watch. I was like woahhh

    Saruul 12345Saruul 123452 hours ago
  • Sailor moon is so iconic

    1996mm mm1996mm mm4 hours ago
  • Love this... parents vs kids and cartoons... two of my favorite things

    Michi LawMichi Law7 hours ago
  • I wanna scream at the adults lol

    Samantha CostillaSamantha Costilla11 hours ago
  • 5:57 cutest reaction mom and daughter in perfect sync.

    Jhon homer RañaJhon homer Raña12 hours ago
  • I'm so disappointed in the parents. How did the teens, but not the adults, know about Johnny Bravo, Magic School Bus, and Sailor Moon? I never watched Sailor Moon, but I would recognize the character anywhere.

    Truth Be ToldTruth Be Told19 hours ago
  • I miss those old shows, even if they were around when I was going up I watched all of them

    Gothic ChickGothic ChickDay ago
  • My librarian makes us watch the magic school bus

    Girl Treasures !!!!!Girl Treasures !!!!!Day ago
  • Even those are 90s, alotta 2000s kids kinda grew up with some of the same cartoons

    Sades XOXOSades XOXODay ago
  • I knew all of them.

    KImberly BresettKImberly BresettDay ago
  • Isn’t Dog World The Show That Justin Roiland Made But Didn’t Publish?

    Sans The Pun MasterSans The Pun MasterDay ago
  • Bro Pepper Ann was the only one I didn’t know!! I was so frustrated that none of the kids knew most of these 😪

    02_05Karla02_05KarlaDay ago
  • Should do an 80s cartoon list if you haven't already. Anyway, I knew every single one of these including ones I didn't watch (Roly Poly Oly), ones I wasn't a fan of (Johnny Bravo), and ones I enjoyed (Madeline, 2 Stupid Dogs), and ones I loved (Pepper Ann, Sailor Moon, Magic Schoolbus). PB&J Otter my younger cousin used to watch (going on 26 this year) and I liked watching it with her when babysitting back then...seeing these do make me feel old...I'm going on 39. lol Anyway, I'm going to assume these parents are older than I am to not know some of these.

    ssjup81ssjup81Day ago
  • how did you not guess Rollie pollie ollie.

    Chell 4everChell 4everDay ago
  • Sailor Moon Johnny bravo magic school bus pepper Ann Madeline roly-poly OliTwo stupid dogs PB&J otter

    Vicky NevesVicky Neves2 days ago
  • honestly just thinking of sailor moon as a "forgotten" cartoon makes my blood boil i mean eXCUSE ME

    Sofi KlosterSofi Kloster3 days ago
  • Im so so upset those few didn't know what sailor moon was

    Alicia HAlicia H3 days ago
  • Don: this is going to be a cake walk this was my time. Didn't get a single one

    KingWolfJMKingWolfJM4 days ago
  • The nostalgia hit hard and im a 2000s kid and i knew every single one exept for the disney ones

    Sarah BananaSarah Banana4 days ago
  • I remember 2 stupid dogs. My childhood friend loved the show then and always talked about it, but I could't ever like it =/. Yet I remember it.

    Mario De La RochaMario De La Rocha4 days ago
  • i recognized all and could name almost all of them 😂

    Sherol AnglinSherol Anglin4 days ago
  • I totally forgot about PB&J otter, that was so lit to me when I was 6 😅

    Chantel IzerChantel Izer4 days ago
  • Sailor moon idk

    Ashia KeeAshia Kee5 days ago
  • So old dude

    Ashia KeeAshia Kee5 days ago
  • I was born November 19 2002 Sailor moon Johnny bravo .magic school bus Madeline Rolli polli dre Two stupid dogs Pb and j otters All the ones I know and I born in 2002

    Legolas GreenleafLegolas Greenleaf5 days ago
  • The only one completely unknown to me was the PB&J Otter. Definitely knew Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo, and Magic School Bus hands-down. I recognized the rest, but couldn't quite place their names. For some reason, I was thinking Pepper Ann was Doug. xDD

    Heather AtkinsHeather Atkins5 days ago
  • The scariest thing is that I remember these shows from 20 years ago and I'm 24 now Seriously, this makes me feel so fucking old...

    brandon castillobrandon castillo5 days ago
  • I remember pepperann but didnt remember its name. I was the in between generation for the parents and teens so these were all in my childhood

    OK-est GuitaristOK-est Guitarist5 days ago
  • Just happy I got Pepper Ann.

    Weston WickmanWeston Wickman6 days ago
  • The parents saying Magic School Bus reminds me of each ending of the episode where kids from around the world were saying that! Too funny!

    Weston WickmanWeston Wickman6 days ago
  • I got the 1st 5 no problem. Never saw the 3 after that but I've heard of all of them

    Rita MishkinRita Mishkin6 days ago
  • Who the hell is forgetting about magic school bus

    Alex FarnhamAlex Farnham6 days ago
  • 90s cartoons are my shit

    Smokin with Small TownSmokin with Small Town7 days ago
  • sailor moon dub 🤢

    k.popperk.popper7 days ago
  • How are Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo, and the magic school bus forgotten?

    Meaghan BrownMeaghan Brown7 days ago
  • am I the only one Who knows pb&j otter?

    Yoshi GuiYoshi Gui7 days ago
  • how the hell is sailor moon forgotten? Excuse me, Sailor Moon Crystal and Sailor Moon Eternal.

    KiwiPotatoKiwiPotato7 days ago
  • Pepper Ann, 2 stupid dogs, and Rollie pollie Ollie. Mann How do you forget those😱

    Laurie LopezLaurie Lopez7 days ago
  • two stupid dogs is the best, is just about two dogs that are stupid, back when live was simpler

    Jose Luis Cañas TabordaJose Luis Cañas Taborda8 days ago
  • RIP Pepper Ann

    Wesley WhitesideWesley Whiteside8 days ago
  • Sailor Moon is an icon. How can they not know that? I havent even seen any episode of it but people still keep talking about it.

    Melting IceMelting Ice8 days ago
  • Rolie Polie olie brought back a forgotten memory

    dawgsfan1196dawgsfan11968 days ago
  • The parents had to be at least teens during the 90s so I feel like they should have chosen a younger group that may have been kids in the 90s.

    Wesley WhitesideWesley Whiteside8 days ago

    Crankitup scottyCrankitup scotty8 days ago
  • Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann Marching in her own parade Pepper Ann, she's like one in a milliOOOON! Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann Much too cool for 7th grade. No one's cooler than Pepper Ann! She's her own biggest fan, Pepper Ann!

    jdubbisjdubbis8 days ago
  • These videos are stressful to watch

    Wölf CarterWölf Carter8 days ago
  • Roly-poly Oli is that greatest. good day sir

    joel awukujoel awuku8 days ago
  • This was sad af for a millennial to watch 🥴

    HavonyaoHavonyao9 days ago

    Amanda MajewskiAmanda Majewski9 days ago
  • I knew all of them, so I wouldn't say they're forgotten 😂

    Jehovah KheavantJehovah Kheavant9 days ago
  • I remember pepper ann, Rollie Polly Ollie and two stupid dogs. 👵🏼

    Brianna FinnellBrianna Finnell9 days ago
  • I knew Rolly Polly Olly on the first cilp like “ROLLY POLLY OLLY!!!!!!”

    Viviana VazquezViviana Vazquez10 days ago
  • Thank you for remindinge of two stupid dogs

    Carlos RuanoCarlos Ruano10 days ago
  • Im black and got 100%... and had above 3.5 gpa ... smh that girl better have straight As cuz it looks like she didnt watch any cartoons growing uo

    Cicishere5Cicishere510 days ago
  • Wow... i broke into the whole rolly polie olie theme song... so cute! Love 💗 that show. And there was some books too

    Cicishere5Cicishere510 days ago
  • Literally the first three things are totally not forgotten and iconic. How the hell do these classify as iconic and forgotten?

    Jaime BethJaime Beth10 days ago
  • I loved watching Roli Poli Oli

    Connor GuerreroConnor Guerrero10 days ago
  • we need Johnny Bravo , Dexter's Laboratory and ed edd n eddy in our lives again 😭😭

    mariam jolokhavamariam jolokhava11 days ago
  • Pepper Ann was my fave growing up!!

    Meggz PhillipsMeggz Phillips11 days ago