Dragged Across Concrete (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter

DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE follows two police detectives who find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics is leaked to the media. With little money and no options, the embittered policemen descend into the criminal underworld and find more than they wanted waiting in the shadows.
Summit Entertainment presents, a Unified Pictures production, a Cinestate production, in association with Look to the Sky Films and The Fyzz Facility, in association with Realmbuilder Productions. The film will be released in theaters and on demand on March 22nd, 2019.




  • Underrated as fuck, this was a great damn movie.

    Lepples-Du-OrangesLepples-Du-Oranges48 minutes ago
  • good movie until the end just fucking stupid which ruins the whole rest of the movie

    TheJu05 EhTheJu05 Eh11 days ago
  • very shitty movie

    imm0rtalimm0rtal13 days ago
  • Trailer seemed a little cringe, but the movie was good

    1234567890sunshine1234567890sunshine14 days ago
  • Brawl is fucking shit on so many levels

    Chevi The GreatChevi The Great27 days ago
  • Tory Kittles smashed this movie. Those hitmen were fucking nutcases lol.

    Josh PowellJosh Powell29 days ago
  • Ughh, im so over these damn remake of a remake of a remake, guns, cops, guy coming from a certain situation, hollywood is so dead, this type of crap is all they can squeeze out, this must be the template now for all medium range investment movies.,usual shit, change actors to suit the director, repeat.. Its so boring, its scary! If Bogarts slow measured responses were new back in 1930 something then slow, deadpan "gangster responses" are well and truly used up in 2000s!!

    Rockers From HellRockers From HellMonth ago
  • This was a strange but great cop buddy movie

    Kruppt808Kruppt808Month ago
  • Trailer doesn't do the film justice

    Jon SimpsonJon SimpsonMonth ago
  • I enjoyed this film. it's a slow burner but it's well worth waiting for a pay off.

    vova47vova47Month ago
  • Hi. Vince. Can you make this happen. This is Ana Vargas. I need you to make a movie about how a woman ask a family member that’s a cop to help her cause she needed an order of protection and it was being denied based on she didn’t have kids with the abuser. Then when she asks the cop to help her he locks his suv and forces her to have oral Inter course. Then he arranges that the cops go to where the abuser lives cause I went back to my abuser .. thinking I’m done. He’s going to just kill me if I leave him. No one will help me. But the cop send other cops to raid the abuser home. The cops find one bag of marihuana and locks me up. So then the abuser says here’s a number for the lawyer. Call him. I did. And then we sue and I win. But before that happens stupid me ask the lawyer if I didn’t have to worry about having any problems with cops. He said absolutely not. And well then ... you make this movie. Please remake the movie. This time include me in it. Thank you kindly !!!!!!

    Anna VargaAnna VargaMonth ago
  • Doesn't look that good, but I'll give it a shot.

    Will RobertsWill RobertsMonth ago
  • Fantastic movie ! Sad, funny, unpredictable, touching, violent... like real life Mindfuck

    M GM GMonth ago
  • Has anyone seen this? Is it good?

    Stuart OtisStuart OtisMonth ago
  • Highly interested in this despite the fact that this is probably the worst edited trailer I have ever seen.

    Chris N.Chris N.Month ago
  • 😠 Movie got high reviews probably because of the cast but after 45 mins I'm thinking why am I still Watching this bullshit ass movie! What a waste of my time 😩

    Anthony PAnthony PMonth ago
  • ok... this director is fantastic. brawl in cell block 99 and bone tomahawk are fuckin fantastic... i haven't seen dragged across concrete... but definitely check it out today..... he obviously loves using the same cast members.. especially vince vaughan.

    MohanicusMohanicus2 months ago
  • Good flick. Well written.

    Just NewsJust News2 months ago
  • Slowest most overly drawn out action I’ve ever seen... Love Mel and Vince... movie was crap

    nicole fechnernicole fechner2 months ago
  • Slowest shitmovie ever.

    LyncLync2 months ago
  • I smell a trilogy.

    Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du CraneLouverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du Crane2 months ago
  • Damn that was a great movie!!!

  • why the hell must Mel Gibson die in all his good movies lately...…………..Jeez, now I cant buy this movie on blu ray

    More SkittlesMore Skittles2 months ago
  • This movie is good guys. brutal and unpredictable. Funny sometimes too (Gibson and Vaughn are pretty good together). I suppose i know why they call it dragged across concrete. Its painful, but its a mad depiction of the consequences of our choices and actions. Know in your heart what you want to do, but YOU are responsible for the outcome my friends

    Elizabeth PinzonElizabeth Pinzon3 months ago
  • judging by the trailer I'm out... hey but enough about me !!!

    Redshift313Redshift3133 months ago
  • Rented this yesterday, pretty good and hold the tension to the end. I liked how simple it was, but yet you could not take your eyes off the film and just wait what happens next. Mel & Vince were great together and Don Johnson was in this!

    ADHD PatrickADHD Patrick3 months ago
  • I remember my first shotgun safari

    Senor PrinceSenor Prince3 months ago
  • The problem is that Hollywood still has it in for the great actor and director (Mel Gibson) I loved Brawl in Cell Block 99. I loved Get the Gringo. Both great movies.

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning3 months ago
  • Esta pelicula es muy buena.

    El Señor CEl Señor C3 months ago
  • This is the best movie I've ever seen.

    Владимир ПавловВладимир Павлов3 months ago
  • Mel fuckin Gibson. Hell yeah...!!

    RanjithRanjith3 months ago
  • worth watching great film loved it

    Zaykia KhanZaykia Khan3 months ago
  • Wow a trailer that doesn't reveal the entire movie and spoils it

    Anthony AnarchyAnthony Anarchy3 months ago
  • Zahler, nuff said.

    Just NewsJust News3 months ago
  • This was good movie

    Old-Man Logan 000Old-Man Logan 0003 months ago
  • Got maybe a 3rd of the way through this movie and thought...damn this is some racist garbage...figures...its Mel

    Carlos GCarlos G4 months ago
  • Anchovies. I knew a girl when I made her happy she would say, Applesauce ☺.

    Carr RexxCarr Rexx4 months ago
  • Mel Gibson, violence and dark humor. If it's anything like Payback, I will be buying popcorn and smiling for 100 minutes in the near future... PS And Vince Vaughn to add to the deadpan humor.. ;-)

    CharleybonesCharleybones4 months ago
  • ********Spoilers*********** The cops cut should of been a lot more I’m just saying the black guy Henry is living in an ocean view mansion while cops family got maybe enough of a cut to move to the middle class smh

    GetPaidWithKyleGetPaidWithKyle4 months ago
  • The film-makers must hate hands, is all I got to say. Those who have seen this film know what I'm talking about.

    Remo68Remo684 months ago
  • Sloooooow in the beginning...... But pick up.

    AztecaAzteca4 months ago
  • Long and shitty movie, gosh, we wasted time watching it with my parents. Not even a slow-burn type.

    Yela BombshellYela Bombshell4 months ago
  • an epic movie!

    mimo tifomimo tifo5 months ago
  • Great story, great actor too bad Mel Gibson is getting old.......

    Marcelo MerchanMarcelo Merchan5 months ago
  • Great movie, good old fashion writing, no PC SJW BS 👍

    jedslatherjedslather5 months ago
  • This movie was brutal.

    HatredPrimeHatredPrime5 months ago
  • Cell block 99 was great, bone tomahawk was ok..I'll watch a pirated copy, just look through the comments to see what kind of people support ol' Mel, lol..

    Ghostf4ce 7Ghostf4ce 75 months ago
    • Ghostf4ce 7 comment section is straight up trash. Mel Gibson fans are straight up trash

      DrPeePeePooPooDrPeePeePooPoo4 months ago
  • Dont waste your Time, the movie is stupid long like 2hour and 30 or 40 minutes... Sad ending, i would have passed this crap anytime

    MiguelMiguel5 months ago
  • this movie was awesome.

    alxk78alxk785 months ago
  • Who wrote this steaming pile of horse shit. The dialog was ridiculous at best. Written by a 5th grader with a 3rd-grade education. I cannot hate this movie any more than I do. These popular actors really must be desperate for cash to have their names attached to this one. I dare you to watch this movie.

    bakedpajamasbakedpajamas5 months ago
  • A Masterpiece was born

    Alan EscarenoAlan Escareno5 months ago
  • This reminds me of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

    ted loydted loyd5 months ago
    • Lol

      ted loydted loyd4 months ago
    • ted loyd yeah but pulp fiction was actually good

      DrPeePeePooPooDrPeePeePooPoo4 months ago
  • A good movie to watch. Over 2.30 hours long. But the movie just seems a huge mix of storylines with poor edititing and just thrown in there Poor women with the baby getting killed

    jollywollyUjollywollyU5 months ago
  • Looks awsome and long at nearly 3 hours!

    Johnathon NoakesJohnathon Noakes5 months ago
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    Amirza PratamaAmirza Pratama5 months ago
  • I want to watch it right now!

    VercassivellaunosVercassivellaunos5 months ago
  • According to some reports, the violence in this movie makes a Tarantino film look like a Disney production . . .

    Wired WeirdWired Weird5 months ago
  • This trailer seems strangly lethargic. Never quite kicks into gear.

    Drew LovelyhellDrew Lovelyhell5 months ago
  • This is the weirdest trailer I ever did see.

    RandomNestRandomNest5 months ago
  • That was the worst Trailer in the history of Trailers. It said, MESS.

    Neil AspinallNeil Aspinall5 months ago