Evil Little Brother Part 4 | Twan Kuyper, Gavin Magnus

Hey guy's welcome back, this weeks video is about Me having my sister over for the weekend but one thing doesn't seem to be right! Evil Little Brother
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  • Rip

    William SlayerWilliam Slayer39 minutes ago
  • I have been in frend zone I thought we were gonna be gf

    Potatoes PatatasPotatoes Patatas51 minute ago
  • you should do part 5

    Prajithnandhan RamarajPrajithnandhan Ramaraj51 minute ago
  • Gavins face he save coco omg lol 😂😂😂

    Lily HardimanLily Hardiman2 hours ago
  • I hate coco Gavin I pick piper because coco just wants good looks thinking she is the best girl friend ever Well it’s upp to y’all .🙃😔

    Banana blueberry Roblox gacha life gamerBanana blueberry Roblox gacha life gamer6 hours ago
    • Heck! Piper is a loser.

      alejandra y Isabellaalejandra y Isabella3 hours ago

      Yesenia GarciaYesenia Garcia5 hours ago
  • COCO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Charlene LockyerCharlene Lockyer7 hours ago
    • Ilove your videos coco

      Katherine O'neillKatherine O'neill56 minutes ago
  • That are so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍

    Amy HaasAmy Haas7 hours ago
  • Love you 😘

    Kennese TaTeKennese TaTe8 hours ago
  • gavin❤❤❤❤❤

    Maia GigauriMaia Gigauri10 hours ago
  • twan how is your evil little brother dating your little sister that does not make sence are they a family

    Abdul RamadanAbdul Ramadan22 hours ago
  • Coco is a chiter

    Anely DiputadoAnely Diputado22 hours ago
  • i like coco and gavn CAVIN 4 the 2 of them

    Oluwatoyin CaulcrickOluwatoyin CaulcrickDay ago
  • Coco is so nice 🖤

    Matt GajeskiMatt GajeskiDay ago
  • I like piper and Gavin more

    Lacey WaddellLacey WaddellDay ago
    • nah #CAVIN

      Yesenia GarciaYesenia Garcia5 hours ago
    • Me too

      Kennese TaTeKennese TaTe8 hours ago
    • Nooo

      Getrudes Da silvaGetrudes Da silvaDay ago
  • Part 4? 👇🏽 I’m not forcing only if u want :)

    Stephany SantosStephany SantosDay ago
  • Ouch,”we’re just friends”

    David SantiagoDavid SantiagoDay ago
  • And now you need to ask Piper & Walker to come in your video

    VlínderVlínderDay ago
  • She is a loser

    James AdderleyJames AdderleyDay ago
    • james adderley you are just mad bc she is more nicer and pretty

      Yesenia GarciaYesenia Garcia5 hours ago
    • Who?????

      Charlene LockyerCharlene LockyerDay ago
  • I hate coco who els does

    James AdderleyJames AdderleyDay ago
    • ya i dont hate coco

      Yesenia GarciaYesenia Garcia5 hours ago
    • I don't hate coco

      Charlene LockyerCharlene Lockyer16 hours ago
    • It's not her fault that she likes Gavin. Gavin chose her! So I don't hate her. She's nice,pretty,and has Gavin. And piper has 2 crushes

      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
    • I do

      Alisha ThomasAlisha ThomasDay ago
    • I don't have coco

      Charlene LockyerCharlene LockyerDay ago
  • A los Beatles

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezDay ago
  • Do a part 5

  • Ok I am the real Gavin

    Gavin BiegaGavin BiegaDay ago
    • Gavin Biega no your not!!!

      Ella KofflerElla KofflerDay ago
  • i. hate. Coco

    JxJ VlogsJxJ Vlogs2 days ago
    • I agree with you

      Keeanna CaudilloKeeanna CaudilloDay ago
    • Shut up

      Sophia Da TorreSophia Da Torre2 days ago
  • 我是个小女孩的妈妈都会在身边了?我的手机📱?我们要努力💪?我想知道为什么这样红了眼都觉得好漂亮、我们就没有人知道自己到底怎么过呀、这些东西真的太棒咯……这种事情就应该这样对待别人我不会去相信自己能接受别人说过你就知道为什么你们自己看看我们家有儿女们可以理解成什么时候放假都没有的了、在乎过不一定知道了……我们在学校门口了……这样我会很难过!你说什么我不会告诉你为什么这样对待我们都很重要、在线的人越来越多啦、我们在路上等着你呢……我们要做个简单一点吧……在于我们对他们而言……这么早到的话也没有意思?我们是要你在哪上班

    Vicki DongVicki Dong2 days ago
  • ooh coco and gavin magnus love each other.

    Prajithnandhan RamarajPrajithnandhan Ramaraj2 days ago
  • The other day and the rest 69uhhuu2h22ysbsjn

    Beata WisniewskaBeata Wisniewska2 days ago
  • Or is coco Twan’s little sister!!

    Mikaela MintenkoMikaela Mintenko2 days ago
  • Is Gavin Twan’s little brother!!!

    Mikaela MintenkoMikaela Mintenko2 days ago
  • 😘🥰😍

    Emina DraganovicEmina Draganovic2 days ago
  • Gavin and coco are the WORST WORST WORST people in the world you were the one who broke pipers heart into pieces and she loved you also coco is the WORST bratty little girl she is soooooo bratty and dramatic she didn’t stay with piper and instead she stole Gavin from piper you guys are stupid and no one will ever like you guys

    Superchach 456Superchach 4562 days ago
    • They are not the worst people. Gavin and pipers mom don't want them hanging out. And Gavin chose coco. Piper has 2 other crushes so it doesn't matter. Gavin chose coco and Piper chose lev and walker so it's fair for them. They love each other and that's what matters. So think before u speak

      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
    • Courtney Butterworth me

      Jada BolithoJada BolithoDay ago
    • don’t be a hypocrite. you’re saying she’s a brat when you’re writing this.

      vuriiellavuriiellaDay ago
    • you are just jealous

      Courtney ButterworthCourtney ButterworthDay ago
    • Superchach 456 y’know instead of hating on coco you should do something more useful that won’t bring people down.

      Anika’s WorldAnika’s WorldDay ago
  • Coco is so pretty and nice I don’t care what the haters say about her

    mj odehmj odeh2 days ago
  • I hate coco because gavin broke pipers heart

    Naly YangNaly Yang2 days ago
    • @mj odeh exactly🙄🙄

      Nusaybah CassimNusaybah CassimDay ago
    • mj odeh yeah!!

      Anika’s WorldAnika’s WorldDay ago
    • How did Gavin broke pipers heart?if it was pipers mom fault

      mj odehmj odeh2 days ago
  • I hate coco

    Naly YangNaly Yang2 days ago
  • Gavin you you so monster you braked piper rockelle 😭😭😭

    Vangmen VueVangmen Vue3 days ago
    • His mom and pipers mom don't want them hanging out. Know the real story already

      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
    • Vangmen Vue do u even know the story

      Anika’s WorldAnika’s WorldDay ago
    • Vangmen Vue he did not omg!

      mj odehmj odeh2 days ago
  • ...

    Harry Duncan-KingHarry Duncan-King3 days ago
  • Piper really wants you as well as me

    gizza845gizza8453 days ago
  • Gavin your so fit

    gizza845gizza8453 days ago
  • I love you Gavin

    Hanna Lee Ellen StilbornHanna Lee Ellen Stilborn3 days ago
  • That boy is a little demonic Twan should be with lele

    Jasmine MensahJasmine Mensah3 days ago
  • gaco

    unknown ytunknown yt3 days ago
  • Gav co

    Malcolm AbidinMalcolm Abidin3 days ago
  • gavin choos methis is my mom pickture im very nicein real live

    Reality Talks - MarcyTallReality Talks - MarcyTall3 days ago
  • get back to piper she loves you all of her fans just hate you like if u agree

    John Carlos PanisalesJohn Carlos Panisales3 days ago
    • Piper USED to like him. She moved on. She has lev and walker

      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
    • Some of piper’s fan like him

      chloe zhangchloe zhang3 days ago
  • Well we sure know that gavin & coco isn’t friends they’re dating

    Jake SchonewaldJake Schonewald3 days ago
  • Your friends with lele pons and Hannah stocking

    Garry  CooperGarry Cooper3 days ago
  • I love coco

    Philip NorthPhilip North3 days ago
    • Haha

      José SánchezJosé Sánchez2 days ago
    • You are so funny twan

      Garry  CooperGarry Cooper3 days ago
  • Coco,do you you really wear glasses?

    Mikayla NgMikayla Ng3 days ago
  • I’m kinda still mad at Gavin for dumping piper


      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
    • CAKE QUEEN UwU does no one know the story?

      Anika’s WorldAnika’s WorldDay ago
    • do people know how to spell

      MegaBlaster02MegaBlaster023 days ago
    • I know , coco’s just spoilt brat.

      Txca_ CharTxca_ Char3 days ago
    • your rite

      John Carlos PanisalesJohn Carlos Panisales3 days ago
  • That’s coco

    Fatima HaqFatima Haq4 days ago
    • Duh

      Shamina SubbaShamina Subba21 hour ago
  • Your brother is following you

    Jessica TurnerJessica Turner4 days ago
  • Love u cavinnn

    • Yo Syfe coco and gavin

      Anika’s WorldAnika’s WorldDay ago
    • Hihi

      Monique MartinezMonique Martinez3 days ago
    • Uhm cool

      Yo SyfeYo Syfe4 days ago
    • @Yo Syfe it means coco and Gavin cavin

      Lisa HaddockLisa Haddock4 days ago
  • I need part 5 NOW

    Talis1Talis14 days ago
  • Hi

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande4 days ago
    • R u fan of Ariana Grande

      Iaiah SmithIaiah Smith2 days ago
    • Ariana Grande hi faker

      MegaBlaster02MegaBlaster023 days ago
  • My favorite part was when Gavin and coco were playing hockey puff and he touched her hand it was soooo romantic! Cute you guys are a cute couple!💖💖💞💞👍

    Christina HardinChristina Hardin4 days ago
    • Christina Hardin kfi

      yuri sotoyuri soto3 days ago
    • Christina Hardin ,Alaska,lasted ieds Dudu

      yuri sotoyuri soto3 days ago
    • It was really cute 😍😍

      مصطفى س.صمصطفى س.ص4 days ago
  • PLS do a part 5 I am dying to see what happens

    Zihad AhmedZihad Ahmed4 days ago
  • I love u coco jk I don't like her Haha I hate you🤣

    little Christinalittle Christina4 days ago
    • Keep comenting mean like that if Gavin seee this

      José SánchezJosé Sánchez2 days ago
    • You fr are mean your going to hell bruh

      Jaicine RolonJaicine Rolon3 days ago
    • Keep comments to your self that's mean what you said!

      Christina HardinChristina Hardin4 days ago
  • Coco and Gavin are so cute together

    Ashley Miguel LopezAshley Miguel Lopez4 days ago
    • Ikr

      TheNewAnonymous 666TheNewAnonymous 6663 days ago
    • Thank you for who liked my comment

      Ashley Miguel LopezAshley Miguel Lopez4 days ago
  • Share the love

    Cassie monroeCassie monroe4 days ago
  • I love you co co

    Htoo Pyae NandaHtoo Pyae Nanda4 days ago
  • Why does Gavin still have crush N as his intro

    XiXi YoungXiXi Young4 days ago