Fiancé guesses *weirdest* female products!

WE'RE ENGAGED! We filmed this prior to the proposal, but there will be a proposal video coming soon. :)
Haley Pham
Ryan Trahan
comment "spock is cute" if you're reading this :)




  • hey traphamily! WE'RE ENGAGED!!! we filmed this video a few days prior to the proposal, but the proposal video is in the works and coming soon :) love yall

    The TraphamilyThe Traphamily7 days ago

      Ari G.Ari G.23 hours ago
    • Bro you shoulda got the facial cleanser haha

      SuavETSuavETDay ago
    • true

      Truth SeekerTruth Seeker2 days ago
    • Watched it already

      Dunkin DutyDunkin Duty2 days ago

      Lay RoseLay Rose4 days ago
  • Is I weird that I’m a girl (16, had my period senise 10) and didn’t even know half of these

    KristinaKristina5 hours ago
  • who else figured out what he showed her at the end?

    Bowen CurryBowen Curry6 hours ago
  • Im a guy and I knew almost all of these. I'm guessing having mostly friends that are girls, it wore off on me lol. And I'm pretty sure the thing that she whispered to him at the end was a fleshlight. Cause that is what I would have looked up, and because she said it was so realistic. Btw I DO NOT have one

    Dallas CowbossDallas Cowboss6 hours ago
  • “your hoo ha “

    Rachel BRachel B7 hours ago
  • i know none of these what

    Carly NCarly N7 hours ago
  • “ to smash it in” omg so funny

    Lilly GonzalesLilly Gonzales8 hours ago
  • what was the last picture of?

    Paul KalinskiPaul Kalinski8 hours ago
  • The amount of times Ryan says "maxi pads", is hilarious.

    andrea michelleandrea michelle9 hours ago
  • the fact that i didn't know most of these is scaring

    MariiMarii9 hours ago
  • spock is cute

    katie sireskatie sires9 hours ago
  • yooo no way i’ve never seen somebody else with camptodactyly

    Christian LopesChristian Lopes10 hours ago
  • Oh they definitely looked up a fleshlight at the end 😂

    selinarochelleselinarochelle11 hours ago
  • spock is so cute

    Levas GirdiušasLevas Girdiušas12 hours ago
  • no one: ryan: BREASTS

    mary keelmary keel16 hours ago
  • *At the end when Haley said, “I thought you were gonna look up a _______”* *I’m 99% sure she said..* *>>>Answer in the comments>>>*

    • *ANSWER: A P*$$Y POCKET* 😶

      KATHLEEN LEKATHLEEN LE17 hours ago
  • His "Are you okay" at the end where she coughs, killed me LOL

    Kas SparksKas Sparks18 hours ago
  • how is this not demonetized...

    Sunny DudeSunny Dude20 hours ago
    • Im a guy and i knew like all of these is that weird 😳

      neejoy solaneejoy sola18 hours ago
  • Ahhhh!!!! S h E c A n S a Y f I a N c E n O w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katherine SheridanKatherine Sheridan21 hour ago
  • Jess and Gabriel 2.0? I think yes.

    Kaylah LeandreKaylah Leandre22 hours ago
    • Jess and Gabriel I think it's Jack and Gabriel

      neejoy solaneejoy sola18 hours ago
  • Spock is cute

    Lil'Sydney 1300Lil'Sydney 130023 hours ago
  • i didnt even know some of these and im girl

    brisvidzbrisvidz23 hours ago
  • “is it a shower head?” ..guess boys don’t use shower heads..

    miamiaDay ago
  • ryan spock is cute :)

    Gacha CloverGacha CloverDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="442">7:22</a> Why did I think this was a B O N G

    John AppleseedJohn AppleseedDay ago
  • Spock is still cute

    Max HiltonMax HiltonDay ago
  • You said fiancé before the announcement

    Davey DermodyDavey DermodyDay ago
  • "Spock is cute"

    Satrina ThomasSatrina ThomasDay ago
  • haileys my new health teacher lmao

    мєlαιηα cσмвѕмєlαιηα cσмвѕDay ago
  • What the hell is this video I’m thought it was gonna be fun no I was wrong

    Cowboy PizzaCowboy PizzaDay ago
  • haley: you don’t know how a tampon works? ryan: *haley* im a dude

    kimberly the clownkimberly the clownDay ago
  • When Ryan thought the menstrual cup was cotton candy and the facial cleanser was a Bluetooth speaker... *I CAN'T*

    Rylie EmmertonRylie EmmertonDay ago
  • *spock is cute*

    Rylie EmmertonRylie EmmertonDay ago
  • Jess and Gabriel I think it's Jack and Gabriel

    tearzyytearzyyDay ago
  • Im a guy and i knew like all of these is that weird 😳

    CoreyCoreyDay ago
  • Wait I just realised my sister has the same phone case as you

    ultRa RaZzyultRa RaZzyDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> i really thought she said apple care 😂😂

    ultRa RaZzyultRa RaZzyDay ago
  • Ryan could guess because he stayed true that size doesn't matter

    Charles BillmanCharles BillmanDay ago
  • nobody: ryan to everything: Is this a vibratooOor

    neejoy solaneejoy solaDay ago
  • W

    William BowenWilliam BowenDay ago
    • “Hayley... im a dooood”

      neejoy solaneejoy solaDay ago
  • “Haley, I’m a duuude.” -Ryan

    sabr _sabr _Day ago
  • I love how I didn't know half of these, and I'm a girl lol.

    achar13achar13Day ago
  • Lmaooo "extended mode" tampon

    Ethan Nunnally MusicEthan Nunnally MusicDay ago
  • Weirdddd I watched the video where they do a Q and A and I was like, I wonder if they would ever collab with Jess and Gabriel. (They are youtubers I like) And then I click on this and they mention them, literally giving them a shout out. Weird but cool. Lol

    Victoria ParksVictoria ParksDay ago
  • I'm 100% they looked at fleshlights at the end

    MuzzyMusic SamMusgroveMuzzyMusic SamMusgroveDay ago
  • Just get married already!

  • hahahah u already know they were looking at a fleshlight at the end

    Rosy WarnerRosy WarnerDay ago
  • Me: *tries not to laugh bc its <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a>am* Also me *likes it bc I CAN'TTTTTTT 🤣🤣🤣

    Zoey ZoeyZavalaZoey ZoeyZavalaDay ago
  • “Welches fruit snacks” ahahahahaga

    Grace GerritsenGrace GerritsenDay ago
  • When your a girl but still get some wrong

    Jennifer RingJennifer RingDay ago
  • Actually guys can produce milk

    SmittyPoo 54SmittyPoo 54Day ago
  • I’m a girl and I have no idea what most of these are

    StaceStaceDay ago
  • i learned so much more in this video then I ever did in school

    NoahABGamesNoahABGamesDay ago
  • spock is cute

    xLinx_xxLinx_xDay ago
  • FIANCÉ??!!!!! aaaggghhhh!!! love tall

    ev ieev ieDay ago
  • “Hayley... im a dooood”

    PlebbieBicepsPlebbieBicepsDay ago
  • Spock is cute

    Squad FilmsSquad FilmsDay ago
  • I’m literally dying right now 😂😂😂

    Sydney CoxSydney CoxDay ago
  • def looked up a fleshlight at the end

    BenSerBenSerDay ago
  • Spock is cute

    Andrew RaczAndrew RaczDay ago
  • Haley: FEMALE products Ryan: toilet paper holder, shower .. Me: do boys not use those? 😳

    Crazy CooconutsCrazy CooconutsDay ago
  • You guys have the best outros in the world :) congrats! Ily

    SofuaSofuaDay ago
  • The diet lemonade bit sent me

    Emmaline AtwellEmmaline AtwellDay ago
  • The hair?

    IceFNIceFNDay ago
  • It’s like a SHOVEL?!?!?!?

    Mason ErnstMason ErnstDay ago
  • She said pocket pssy btw

  • She said pocket pssy btw

  • Tf I'm a woman and don't even know some of these

    Mafe .07Mafe .07Day ago
  • Spock is cute

    redtomatoredtomatoDay ago
  • 💲

    Zachary Rico-AlonzoZachary Rico-AlonzoDay ago
  • You see this is why education is important

    Sophaipilla •Sophaipilla •2 days ago
  • As a female, I felt extremely uncomfortable watching I freaking love this

    Apple fluffyApple fluffy2 days ago
  • Spock is cute

    Frick NickFrick Nick2 days ago
  • Didn’t this trend happen years ago but for the price or something?

    Caitlin The NoodleCaitlin The Noodle2 days ago
  • Around July 13, 2021 sadly they will no longer be together...

    ImUltraImUltra2 days ago
  • Points to chest “one point, one point” lol

    Rebecca RyanRebecca Ryan2 days ago
  • Spock is cute

    Muhammad BoodhooMuhammad Boodhoo2 days ago
  • So I have had a bent pinky all my life and I genuinely thought something happened when I was little or something then I see Ryan has the same thing as me and I am 16 and I just found out I have a genetic disorder called Camptodactyly

    Lanna QuigleyLanna Quigley2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="648">10:48</a> mid way

    slatt boi rogerslatt boi roger2 days ago
    • pause as soon as 10:49 starts 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      slatt boi rogerslatt boi roger2 days ago
  • From "(ft. Ryan Trahan)" to "with my boyfriend" to "with my fiancé". Next up: "with my husband"

    SourblockSourblock2 days ago