• Internet’s grandfather

    Esmam La CrownedEsmam La Crowned50 minutes ago
  • What a beautiful soul ❤️

    RuuRuu55 minutes ago
  • Ethan is using you, be careful!

    B3ro1080B3ro108056 minutes ago
  • Legend

    The Bloody LegendThe Bloody LegendHour ago
  • Congrats, beautiful video!

    Emanuele AbramiEmanuele AbramiHour ago
  • I think keemstar was right about this one. H3H3 used him once for publicity and is never going to acknowledge this man ever again 😔 go ask keemstar if he wants to be friends 😂❤

    HxneyBeaHxneyBeaHour ago
  • This man is so sweet! Love when he did the vape nash.

    Anna HAnna HHour ago
  • How does it feel now at drama Lord has exposed you for what you are

    Daniel SwainDaniel SwainHour ago
    • The messages were faked

      Tyler CooperTyler Cooper28 minutes ago
    • Exposed? What?😂

      Tarun K0903Tarun K090359 minutes ago
  • We love u man ❤️

    Frick YeahFrick YeahHour ago
  • Keep it up my friend dont worry about dumbstar

    Kerry 47Kerry 47Hour ago
  • I can't believe how someone can be mean to this guy, he is such a wholesome guy i just wanna hug him

    Duck PoppyDuck PoppyHour ago

    Joey EcholsJoey EcholsHour ago
  • Lmao, Ethan’s such a snake using this old man for clout, good move on his part tho

    messiahmessiahHour ago
  • This actually made me tear up a bit

    Its OwzIts Owz2 hours ago
  • It's genuinely heartwarming to see someone have such a positive attitude even after all he's been put through. Strength and respect to you man!

    Florian De Bont DelbarreFlorian De Bont Delbarre2 hours ago
  • This is why beef is good

    PlacidPlacid2 hours ago
  • It’s so funny how many h3h3 fans are here there all bums he wants clout Keemstar apologized abunch of times he doesn’t care he wants clout

    KodakKodak2 hours ago
    • Kodak Fr, but it was a good move on Ethan’s part

      messiahmessiahHour ago
  • Much love to you sir and your family keep doing you and dont listen to the haters 💖

    Lilhan XxLilhan Xx2 hours ago
  • keep up the good work peace

    GazmanlpGazmanlp2 hours ago
  • Put all the drama and stuff aside, and look at that MIGHTY beard.

    Mr. NonsenseMr. Nonsense2 hours ago
  • We love youuuu

    Edoardo Con OEdoardo Con O2 hours ago
  • keep going my dude! you’re great.

    Georgie SweetGeorgie Sweet2 hours ago
  • I’m sorry you got so much hate! ☹️ I hope you and your family receive nothing but love and support

    deirdredeirdre2 hours ago
  • Yesss!! U are so pure!! Stan u king!!

    indoor fxshindoor fxsh2 hours ago
  • I might cry this is great I'm proud of Ethan's community for helping him 💗

    Loft PoleLoft Pole3 hours ago
  • You don’t deserve what keemstar did to you. Keep doing you man ❤️

    Emma SmithEmma Smith3 hours ago
  • That makes me so happy, people who ruin lives of others who just want to have fun on the internet don't belong here. Lots of love to you and your family, keep going! :))

    FranziskaFranziska3 hours ago
  • this is the sweetest old man alive

    BeelzebethBeelzebeth3 hours ago
  • Fuck man this guys making me miss my grandpa ): Hope you can continue having good days and put everything behind you

    Red RiotRed Riot3 hours ago
  • Why did I get a notification from this channel even tho I’m not even subscribed

    OkOk3 hours ago
  • Petition for G-fuel to sponsor him instead of Keemstar!

    slghfd djdidr456slghfd djdidr4563 hours ago
  • What a beautiful wholesome man ❤

    CabbylaCabbyla3 hours ago
  • I've seen all the people praising this guy in the comments, but the keemstar false allegations aside, didn't this guy catfish young women in the not so distant past??? If that is true the guy doesn't exactly deserve praise, people need to do their own research, rather than blindly following and believing everything h3h3 says. He has done just as many shady things as keemstar, we all have skeletons in are closest. Plus them skeletons are harder to bury when you have lived your life publicly online for a long duration. "You shouldn't throw stones, if you live in a glass house". This guy loves Ethan so much because he has sent lots of his blindly led followers to his channel/streams, a channel/streaming account that was dying due to this guy catfishing young women. Do your own research, before taking what a big USprojectr with an agenda says, at face value.

    youdoobgethighyoudoobgethigh4 hours ago
  • I'll never thank Ethan enough for making me discover you, the good content you make and how adorable and how a good soul you are. And THANK U TONY! I am not a gamer but I love your RuneScape livestreams and how chill you are, thank for making my day better!

    Maddalena MenabueMaddalena Menabue4 hours ago
  • Everyone that disliked this doesn't deserve present for Christmas

    KezKez4 hours ago
  • This man is so nice. We need more of this instead of Keemstar. I wish him the absolute best :)

    Cat in a HatCat in a Hat4 hours ago
  • Honestly this is one of the greatest people on the planet, Mr. Beast needs to bless this man to truly change his life and his family’s lives

    BaconToGoBaconToGo4 hours ago
  • Please quit smoking 🙏🙏 I can hear your lungs ☹️...

    xDEVIANTxxDEVIANTx4 hours ago
  • Glad Ur doing well my man 👍👑

    lewis smithlewis smith4 hours ago
  • Good dude

    【 Eggwhites 】【 Eggwhites 】4 hours ago
  • You are the greatest!!! keep it up Keem can't keep you down! LEGEND!

    Zak TaubeZak Taube4 hours ago
  • You make my day❤️

    GhostPilotGhostPilot4 hours ago
  • 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    GhostPilotGhostPilot4 hours ago
  • What a beautiful soul. :')

    Sarah LyonSarah Lyon4 hours ago
  • Jax SimmsJax Simms4 hours ago
  • Your the best!

    Doni SenpaiDoni Senpai5 hours ago
  • you seem like such a good man hope your life is blessed with more happens to come

    Flor Amador AgundezFlor Amador Agundez5 hours ago
  • good on you, buddy. Keep up the great work.

    MrBahubaMrBahuba5 hours ago
  • You should make some asmr or make videos telling stories of your life, your voice is super calming and would help me sleep c:

    Alex PaigeAlex Paige5 hours ago
  • You’re the best bro

    Kostas GaliatsatosKostas Galiatsatos5 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Robby OttenburgsRobby Ottenburgs5 hours ago
  • Good onya Tony!!! Keep doing what you love to do, you've got a bunch of new friends here ❤ Keemstar is utter GARBAGE 💩🚽

    Boob DylanBoob Dylan5 hours ago
  • Can someone explain what happened because I havent watched the H3H3 video

    Dimitris SpyrouDimitris Spyrou5 hours ago
  • This video made me want to be a better person. Love you bunches tony !

    Honor KHonor K5 hours ago
  • He needs to be the new face of gfuel

    JoeytemJoeytem5 hours ago
  • This is soo wholesome i love this guy

    abomabom5 hours ago
  • This is pewdiepie in 2050

    joe joejoe joe6 hours ago
  • ❤️

    Cody GreenCody Green6 hours ago
  • The battle of good and evil is going on at the top gov of our world and we need to back the good guys

    ForkTasTic GamesForkTasTic Games6 hours ago
  • You’re the man! Keep up the positive vibes and awesome content!

    Beaver FishBeaver Fish6 hours ago
  • Always stay strong forever❤️❤️💕💕

    Anthony ThiessenAnthony Thiessen6 hours ago
  • I was trying to eat while watching this but I started crying 😂😭

    Klára PetrováKlára Petrová6 hours ago
  • It's sad he's being used aswell

    D. B.D. B.6 hours ago
  • Love ya tony, papa bless

    Jack RogersJack Rogers6 hours ago
  • Chad king. Respect.

    inkognito616inkognito6166 hours ago

    Sydney gronboldtSydney gronboldt6 hours ago
  • Kemstar is a mistake by his parents

    cidoxcidox7 hours ago
  • Ur so inspirational

    Aidan RobinsonAidan Robinson7 hours ago
  • Does he get money from comments cause i want to help as much us i can If its true i will comment like crazy

    Happpier HussainiHapppier Hussaini7 hours ago
    • Thx

      Happpier HussainiHapppier Hussaini4 hours ago
    • He doesn't get money from them but he get recommended more from comments

      cidoxcidox7 hours ago
  • You rock man

    Jerris RamirezJerris Ramirez7 hours ago
  • The one thing that came good out of that video

    WideGap 69WideGap 697 hours ago
  • im so sorry about everything that keemstar has put you and your family through. You are the last person to deserve that type of hate and are clearly an amazing person who still manages to focus on making others happy. I’m sure you will find love again tony. Good people like you don’t grow on trees.

    Mia shonbrun-siegeMia shonbrun-siege7 hours ago
  • you should have put on a blue party hat because you're being the wise old man right now.

    kyle beattiekyle beattie7 hours ago
  • Congrats on 200k

    Curator on the internet.Curator on the internet.7 hours ago
  • Love you dude! Greetings from Chile

  • Papa bless

    Seth BerneySeth Berney7 hours ago
  • You're a good man Tony. Greetings from the Netherlands.

    Rik SpeekRik Speek7 hours ago
  • keemstar is such a worthless excuse of a human being, thank god people like you and ethan still exist.

    JazzJazz7 hours ago
  • this man is so nice and wholesome, why would keemstar ever do something like that to such an amazing human. Keep one the grind man, fuck that keen star prick

    Andy PierceAndy Pierce7 hours ago
  • G Fiel should sponsor Tony

    Nicson FloresNicson Flores7 hours ago