Highlights: India 0-2 United Arab Emirates (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Group Stage)

Highlights: India 0-2 United Arab Emirates (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Group Stage)

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  • It's just unlucky for India use has less chance and chance they get they scored first goal was so sad for Indian goal keepr he can save that shot easily but he thinks he shoot and put ball so high that's why he stay like statue and indias somany chances shootes hits on bar

    Muhammed AsifMuhammed Asif8 days ago
  • インドの方が押してるやんw

    、よりひと、よりひと17 days ago
  • 🇮🇳0-2🇦🇪 INDIAN loes UAE 💜

    OTOP AngThongOTOP AngThong27 days ago
  • This game recorded the highest attendance of the tournament..

    Jitu SinghJitu SinghMonth ago
  • UaE and India...team Both had Equal supporters... In the Ground

    Zubi BuubiZubi BuubiMonth ago
  • That was the best Indian Football team we have witnessed. What a class team it was, they almost scored two goals against the UAE, but luck didn't favour. They were capable of playing both short and long passes which is the best weapon to break opposite defence.🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ismail DaimariIsmail Daimari2 months ago
  • No luck with india.but india more better play than uae.

    shahid gajishahid gaji2 months ago
  • Amazed so many Iranians supporting India. Another india fan from Iran

    Ismail MasoomiIsmail Masoomi2 months ago
  • India will come soon as far far better and power full

    Irshad MuhammedIrshad Muhammed2 months ago
  • If make there chances so ind 4 uae 1 and that first goal from uae gift from india by poor defending hard luck india have potential the day is not to far when india are top 10 in asian teams

    Pranav TambePranav Tambe2 months ago
  • India played well but luck does not favour them.

    selim mahmudselim mahmud2 months ago
  • Bangladesh will also Improve with INDIA. ❤FROM BANGLADESH🇧🇩🇧🇩

    Rehman Kaysar 04Rehman Kaysar 042 months ago
    • India cant play football

      ayush thakurayush thakur2 months ago
  • Well played ind

    kundan kumarkundan kumar3 months ago
  • India need one more player like sunil chetri. . India support Bhutan and Nepal

    J K sJ K s3 months ago
  • India good parfomas in fotbool but bad lake

    India gold bankingIndia gold banking3 months ago
  • UAE got so fucking lucky 😂

    Uzochi OkekeUzochi Okeke4 months ago
  • How many are here after India's draw against Qatar

    John Samuel VargheseJohn Samuel Varghese4 months ago
  • Good job India..from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

    Mustafa AididMustafa Aidid4 months ago
  • Indians players r very skinny nd Short, physically weak 4 football

    super emesuper eme4 months ago
  • Who is the commentator? Is he Peter Drury?

    sbobet lagisbobet lagi4 months ago
  • India too quick, UAE just lucky 😇

    Pratham ShanbhagPratham Shanbhag4 months ago
  • India played better then UAE

    Anurag ThakurAnurag Thakur4 months ago
  • Super playing by INDIA .. Salute for Indian team.. UAE it's a world class team...congratulations to them.. Indian respect and love uae,iran,iraq..many Indian peoples work there..

    Goh GohGoh Goh4 months ago
  • 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Ashish GoleAshish Gole4 months ago
  • Indian team better parfomans against big team like china, uae, etc.

    raj rajbesaneraj rajbesane5 months ago
  • India is improving day by day ... 🇮🇳

    saurabh bittusaurabh bittu5 months ago
  • Very bad defeading 4m India when 2nd goal scored by uae,Indian defender play like a school boys sorry to say,lot of short guys player 4m India that's why they didn't able to score a goal,every time a ball missing the goal post nd hitting the pole by India,india need some strong and tall player,Indian players body structure so poor to play football

    super emesuper eme5 months ago
  • India playing very well good performance

    Lettinthang HaokipLettinthang Haokip5 months ago
  • Well played India. It was js a bad day, otherwise the game was fantastic

  • Unlucky team india

    Tech4 paradiseTech4 paradise5 months ago
  • It's really inspiring to see people across different nations expressing support for one another in the comments section. You guys are the kind of people who'd someday be the ones responsible for the elimination of hate across race/religion and continents. Wishful thinking but it's a wish for sure. Cheers fellas!

    soul snatchersoul snatcher5 months ago
  • 😂😂

    Geo PoliticsGeo Politics6 months ago
  • Congrats uae...I love udanta

    Dk ChaudhariDk Chaudhari6 months ago
  • in 10 years, india will be number 1 in asia

    Ratan SharmaRatan Sharma6 months ago
  • India create so many chances but finishing was poor if india finishing was good may be 4 goal score by india it means india improve well but they need to improve finishing

    Pranav TambePranav Tambe6 months ago
  • India missed 3 chances in this match did anyone notice?

    YOLO AQUAYOLO AQUA6 months ago
  • Gurpreet was always crap since he left Norway club

    Rahul BhatRahul Bhat6 months ago
  • Oh man gurpreet is so lazy he dnt even dive to stop the ball

    Prashant TripathiPrashant Tripathi6 months ago
  • India 🇮🇳 ❤️ Indonesia 🇮🇩

    Yui & LalaYui & Lala6 months ago
  • Goalkeeper is not good !

    m Cm C6 months ago
  • India will be 4 goal.... But they can't score.... but they play good.... India need good Defence...

    Malem YambemMalem Yambem6 months ago
  • 😖 no luck!

    Ankit RoyAnkit Roy6 months ago
  • defence should be stronger

    Thejas P KThejas P K6 months ago
  • what was jinghan doing

    Thejas P KThejas P K6 months ago
  • what was anas doing

    Thejas P KThejas P K6 months ago
  • Hard luck for India India did more attepmts for goal than UAE India did'nt win the game but won the hearts

    Neymar JuniorNeymar Junior7 months ago
  • Support indian football please

    Anu SyamAnu Syam7 months ago
  • Really well played India

    Neil MukherjeeNeil Mukherjee7 months ago
  • Trận này ấn độ chơi hay hơm

    ple simple sim7 months ago
  • Hard luck for India . India tried many attempts than UAE

    Neymar JuniorNeymar Junior7 months ago
  • Ind bat lak match

    Gopal SutradharGopal Sutradhar7 months ago
  • India need to eat more beef....

    CC PPCC PP7 months ago
    • Pork is good enough

      Indian Football TeamIndian Football Team2 months ago
  • Nice job, India. From Gabon.

    Kala VeluKala Velu7 months ago
  • Sunil chethri😍

    jappu Husainjappu Husain7 months ago
  • India India India.... We can win next time 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🏆✊✊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Amalkumar MalikAmalkumar Malik7 months ago
  • Dil jeet Liya India

    Suman BiswasSuman Biswas7 months ago
  • Yes I love football

    Sukhdeep KaurSukhdeep Kaur8 months ago
  • India played well but no luck...

    Birendra DewanBirendra Dewan8 months ago
  • India should bring new generstion players

    Hrushi DawangeHrushi Dawange8 months ago
  • They miss five easy chances 😢😢

    TECH SANABTECH SANAB8 months ago