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Hillsong Young and Free's song “Highs and Lows” led by Aodhan King
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Highs and Low
Words and Music by
Aodhan King, Ben Tan
& Joel Houston
When it feels like the dark
Lingers longer than the night
When the shadows feel like giants
Are You chasing me down
Tell me where could I run
From Your light
Where could I hide
Hemmed within Your precious thoughts
There’s no hiding from Your love
Highs and lows
Lord You’re with me either way it goes
Should I rise or should I fall
Even so
Lord Your mercy is an even flow
You’re too good to let me go
Should I dance on the heights
Or make my bed among the depths
Your mercy waits at every end
Like You planned it from the start
Should the dawn come with wings
Or find me far-side of the sea
There Your hand still fastens me
Ever closer to Your heart
Highs and lows
Lord You’re with me either way it goes
Should I rise or should I fall
Even so
Lord Your mercy is an even flow
Should I rise or should I fall
You are faithful through it all
You’re too good to let me go
Highs and lows
You surround me either way it goes
Should I rise or should I fall
Lord You’re with me through it all
Highs and lows
In the rhythms of Your grace I know
Should I rise or should I fall
You are faithful through it all
And You’re too good to let me go

© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 710945




  • Can’t wait to see y’all in winter jams this Friday.

    Honoring GodHonoring God51 minute ago
  • Great music

    J MejJ Mej12 hours ago
  • Highs and lows Lord your with me ether way it goes should i rise or should i fall

    Morgan Hope ExleyMorgan Hope Exley16 hours ago
  • so beautiful.... usa

    Gary IngersollGary Ingersoll17 hours ago
  • 😐😔😊😍😍😍😍

    Ciin KhawlCiin Khawl19 hours ago
  • This song makes me wanna Go down on my knees and worship you God all the way... Thanks Lord for Loving me through all my mistakes

    kinyanjui Bikinyanjui Bi23 hours ago
  • 🙌🙌🙌💗

    lexi loves youlexi loves you2 days ago
  • I loved it *wow* ❤️

    Seidian CauseySeidian Causey2 days ago
  • Jesus is with you, so dont be afraid. He will say "it is I, dont be afraid" he will always be with you.

    Myoung Ae ParkMyoung Ae Park2 days ago
  • I saw them preform last night! Such a good show!!!

    Blake LarsenBlake Larsen2 days ago
  • I hope he is still with me I don't mean what I say but I do but I don't I am a hurting man all I ever have done please God I'm so stupid please forgive me help them 2 understand Life is confusing 4 Me I'm so confused

    WitchAbubble AndAwhoWitchAbubble AndAwho3 days ago
  • Cuando en la oscuridad Tenga yo que caminar Y gigantes enfrentar Se que tú me sostendrás A donde correré Donde no me encontraras Con tu luz me guiaras De tu amor no escapare Oh señor Si me caigo me levantas hoy a mi lado estarás Tu amor Aunque falle no me dejara Gracias que me rescato Hacia cielo subir O ir a la profundidad Tu gracia allí me encontrara Todo es parte de tu plan En el medio del mar Cuando me sienta desmayar Tus manos me sostendrán Cerca de tu corazón Oh señor Si me caigo me levantas hoy A mi lado estarás Tu amor aunque falle no me dejara tu a mi lado estarás Tus promesas cumplirás Gracia que me rescato

    Pedro BulejePedro Buleje4 days ago
  • I loved this song, from the first time. 😭😭😭🙌🙌❤

    Olga Kelly Yana CcOlga Kelly Yana Cc4 days ago
  • OMG 😍❤️

    Gabriela HermosilloGabriela Hermosillo5 days ago
  • They release this in the last month before the new decade. I am ready for the fourth album. | MMXX |

    ANG GANDAANG GANDA5 days ago
  • Selah

    Michael FitzsimmonsMichael Fitzsimmons5 days ago
  • Where is that place?! What country? I gotta know!

    ImTheBadGuyImTheBadGuy5 days ago
  • Lord, Guide me 🙏

    Purple FlamingoPurple Flamingo5 days ago
  • This song makes me feel that God is inside me

    Roge JoseRoge Jose5 days ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Maria Luz LaraMaria Luz Lara6 days ago
  • I have a lot of stuffs going on in my mind and this song gives me comfort that I cant explain. I have listened to it countless times. Lord, your mercy is an even flow!

    Aneth NzikuAneth Nziku6 days ago
  • I went to their concert yesterday! It was so fun

    Aly ThompsonAly Thompson7 days ago
  • ...♡

    Amanda Jean JasinskiAmanda Jean Jasinski7 days ago
  • Nice song in world are now

    Syukurman HawaSyukurman Hawa8 days ago
  • Jesus um amor mais que perfeito por nós !! ❤️🙏🏼🇧🇷

    joyce Botelhojoyce Botelho8 days ago
  • Iure FerrazIure Ferraz8 days ago
  • Brazil ama vcs

    Gabriel Viegas RebeloGabriel Viegas Rebelo8 days ago
  • This song help me to realize that I could always come home to God nomatter what I have done wrong..no matter how much i felt that I dont deserve His mercy or compassion..I then realize that His love is so much bigger then my fault..my sin...Im so so sorry Abba Father...Im so so sorry...

    Adinda ArumiAdinda Arumi9 days ago
  • This praise is beautiful! I don't want the song to stop. It ministers right to my heart.

    Jessica RaeJessica Rae9 days ago
  • Sounds like Phil Wickham

    Kingdom GenerationKingdom Generation9 days ago
  • Bv

    BasketBasket9 days ago
  • Awesome

    Anna Perry ColemanAnna Perry Coleman9 days ago
  • When i started to experience weird stuff inside my body i felt angry with the world especially god, i want a long life but instead god gave me this pain to cope. Sometimes i just feel upset about my life. Im still young and i expect to strive in life. My condition limits that. Deeply broken

    lee ladyyylee ladyyy9 days ago
    • lee ladyyy u r not alone God is with u through the highs and lows just trust in Him.Going through pain too but I know God will heal me in his own timing I just have to trust in Him.

      Jane VenessaJane Venessa8 days ago
  • Dios les bendiga cada día con nuevas canciones que honran El nombre de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo!!!desde el principio de la canción está la presencia de Dios!!Gloria a Dios!!

    Andrea CorreaAndrea Correa10 days ago
  • When I play this song all I do is cry. I'm going through a tough stage of life at the moment but I know my God will carry me through.

    lifewithdebbielifewithdebbie10 days ago
  • There is no coincidence i came across this song during this low season in my life....Its just one of Gods ways of letting me know He is with me no matter what. I am not alone, i am not defeated, for i have the King of Kings with me thru it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus!!

    Stephanie OronaStephanie Orona10 days ago
  • I don't like this feeling when I do something wrong again and again.he forgives me every time

    odeode10 days ago
  • It Had To Happen.. God's had a plan for it to happen. The God of our lives, has a plan. Breathe, friend. (= It's going to be okay.

    BORIBORI10 days ago
  • Does anyone know where this was filmed?? its so GORGEOUS. new zealand perhaps?

    Brianna LeeBrianna Lee10 days ago
  • this is amazing, really needed to hear this 💚💚

    wam mdzangawam mdzanga10 days ago
  • This song just hit the sweet spot🙌🏾🙏🏾

    Joseph MangizaJoseph Mangiza10 days ago
  • hello, i filmed a video about my testimony on waiting two years before dating again, praying it helps shift culture since media is heavy right now with wordly things. if there is anyone you know who is struggling with any wait He might be calling them into, please share! it's going to be okay :)

    sunnysunny10 days ago
  • This song is sooo great... this 10 years is so hard for me to pass, my life was ups and down fastly. God make me realise that i cannot do anything without His hand. Every step that i walked, every decision that i made, every hardest time that i passed, God is always with me (: sometimes i felt like my hardest time given to me because i deserved to receive it (my bad). But not all the hardest time because of our fault. Maybe we didnt do any fault or bad things, but we were faced by every bad situation. It because God just want us to come back to Him again and again. How far we run, It feels like a rubber to come back to Him. God bless (:

    Ernawaty WongErnawaty Wong10 days ago
  • This song was recommended to me! Just failed my real estate exam. Felt so depressed but, I’ll pass next time.

    Relentless RuthieRelentless Ruthie11 days ago
    • Failure doesn't define you .You are a victor because He who sits on the throne is victorious!! You're going to ace your exams - Hugs .

      lavinia lauralavinia laura10 days ago
  • When you feel alone.. Dont forget you are never alone.. He is on your side for your entire life... God is with you and he loves you more than everything because you are his child❤ I was sick for 2 months... I cant breath normal... But i believe in myself and god... that god makes everything good... And after 2 months i healed and can live my life in a better way(its not away but much better) when you read this god bless you❤

    BelieverBeliever11 days ago
  • Before I love Jesus, Jesus first loved me.

    Berta GratiaBerta Gratia11 days ago
  • Wow😊

    Temwani mwaleTemwani mwale12 days ago
  • Muito linda❤

    Karinne PereiraKarinne Pereira12 days ago
  • Am in low season but am grateful God is with even in my confusion

    Bora JollyBora Jolly13 days ago
  • There's peace, tranquillity and trust that this song gives to me about God. That I can be sure I can count on Him.

    Leroy JumaLeroy Juma13 days ago
  • This song will change lives. Thank you Hillsong.

    Dr. David TarunDr. David Tarun13 days ago
  • As músicas de vcs transmitem uma paz inexplicável sinto a presença de Deus 🙏

    Jayanne SantosJayanne Santos13 days ago
  • S2

    Danielle CristianeDanielle Cristiane13 days ago
  • Anyone think this song sounds like yellow- Coldplay?🤔

    David VictorDavid Victor14 days ago
  • This song💕🥰

    Litz SLitz S14 days ago
  • This song💕🥰

    Litz SLitz S14 days ago
  • Tentando entender pq ainda n fizeram a versão BR dessa música 🤔😅

    Jhonata EvangelistaJhonata Evangelista14 days ago
    • Algumas versões... EM breve a minha kkkk

      Silas SantosSilas Santos7 days ago
  • Where was this filmed

    Trey HenryTrey Henry14 days ago
  • Hah you can see a drone on the frame at 0:46 seconds lol

    Kolson JohansonKolson Johanson14 days ago
  • This would have been a TVD soundtrack! 😭

    Laura Sarahs - Music FilterLaura Sarahs - Music Filter14 days ago