How D.K. Metcalf Broke the Rookie Receiving Record in Wild Card Weekend | NFL Turning Point

During Wild Card Weekend, D.K. Metcalf recorded more receiving yards than any other rookie in their playoff debut.
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  • Please give me a job scouting and drafting .. these guys doing it currently are HORRIBLE .. seriously!?

    StaTiC MaJoR 20/20StaTiC MaJoR 20/206 hours ago
  • DK and Julio Jones are two in the same

    WGE RecordsWGE Records8 hours ago
  • lost to pack

    Tristan SmithTristan Smith9 hours ago
  • Hold up im an eagles fan but wtf is that decision

    Prior's ProductionsPrior's Productions12 hours ago
  • his graciousness and tears when he got the call tell me pretty much everything I need to know about the kid. He's going places, boys and girls. Places that may, *may*, even surpass Largent

    molon labemolon labe21 hour ago
  • DK has the perfect QB to set some records imo he is a beast with speed and RW has a pretty long ball and a great QB overall

    Jonathan MayesJonathan Mayes23 hours ago
  • That boy built different !

    Sauce JacksonSauce JacksonDay ago
  • Just ridiculously stupid that he lasted as long as he did in that draft. Over a cone drill?? He was the 9th WR taken. I made a comment after watching him play Week 1, in the next 2-3 years, Metcalf will be a top 3 WR in the NFL -- 6'4" 230 Lbs. ran a 4.33 40 Yard Dash - I just still am in shock that, that many teams passed on him - especially the Patriots.

    Nick JasperNick JasperDay ago
  • We passed on him in the draft and now all we have is a broken down Deshaun Jackson to work with 😞.

    MilkMonsterMilkMonsterDay ago
  • Russell Wilson really said aw fudge repeatedly...

    Joshua ClarendonJoshua ClarendonDay ago
  • step 1. be the only player russel wilson passes too

    sxythesxythe2 days ago
  • A boy that big crying is still scary

    Hunting and fishing With camHunting and fishing With cam4 days ago
  • Could you imagine the triple threat that could have been with locket, Metcalf, and Baldwin

    OxnardMontalvoOxnardMontalvo4 days ago
  • D.K does everything in a matter of seconds its crazy bruh.

    Sukie LorSukie Lor5 days ago
  • I saw that boys highlights before the draft and saw he got drafted in the second round Ik that was steal

    ToevackToevack5 days ago
  • Dk is something special, glad he's with us..

    seth thomasseth thomas7 days ago
  • How he did that is by going up against a team whose players were injured.

    Skilled DragonSkilled Dragon7 days ago
  • #DECAF 💙💚🦅

    DxviseDxvise8 days ago
  • Is it Sept yet

    Borie SengBorie Seng9 days ago
  • 6:00 look at russels wrist still locked in the flick motion.

    dicker9dicker910 days ago
  • Dk in 2-3 years is gonna be unstoppable

    Troy MilesTroy Miles10 days ago
  • Seahawks 2021 Superbowl Winners

    Rip.Rip.10 days ago
    • Rip. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves

      Aspect HenryAspect Henry9 days ago
  • That’s what happens when he gets targeted so often for passes. You gotta also look at how many chances he’s got throughout the season and also the dropped balls. He absolutely put in the work though and has absolutely improved

    John VartanianJohn Vartanian11 days ago
  • Changed his life 💯

    TyTheDonnTyTheDonn12 days ago
  • D.K:🐐

    Franky ReyesFranky Reyes12 days ago
  • Im telling you metcalf is going to be one of the greats

    Maria PerezMaria Perez13 days ago
  • He's going to be good Russ is going to make home great

    Mr AndersonMr Anderson13 days ago
  • “Fudge.... Fudge.” - Russell Wilson

    Eddie3074Eddie307413 days ago
  • 5:56 my man dk really got a 'nesquik' chain... props

    that's methat's me13 days ago
  • When he cried and I cried

    Toby GibbsToby Gibbs14 days ago
  • Two words. Russell Wilson

    D JD J14 days ago
  • Eagles regret that

    Greydabeast14Greydabeast1415 days ago
  • Congratulations DK Metcalf let’s go hawks

    Brandon MaruszczakBrandon Maruszczak15 days ago
  • Why didn’t the Eagles draft DK!

    Connor McBrideConnor McBride17 days ago
  • GO DEKAF!!!

    Ceddy WilliamsCeddy Williams17 days ago
  • I was so amazed they picked him so late in the draft

    TuNerDreamProductionsTuNerDreamProductions17 days ago
  • That reaction is Priceless...getting drafted, just shows the immensity of this sport, its not a sport its a religion! I Heart Football!!!

    Matthew StormsMatthew Storms18 days ago
  • Dk is gonna be right there with Largent in All Time Stats as a Hawks WR. U wanna know whats scary, he was growing each week and learning. Getting 900 yrds and like 7 TDs his rookie year is nice. Im looking forward to him breaking 1250-1500 in the near future if not next year. Forget about everything u hear, the main objective should be Offense. A WR or 2 that u know is gonna make a difference in this years draft would be scary to see teaming up with Russ. Fix the OL somewhat and we're gonna be scarier than any team in the NFL.

    alex saenzalex saenz18 days ago
  • We're literally gonna win a SB in the next year or 3.

    alex saenzalex saenz18 days ago
  • Dk is the best

    Kaiser WilhelmKaiser Wilhelm22 days ago
  • 2:13 Did he really just say "Fudge" around his team mates? Lol...

    Meeks 9Meeks 923 days ago
  • Did my dude DK really get drafted to the seahawks with a T-Shirt with "Should have never passed" on it?

    DavedTheRealDavedTheReal24 days ago
  • I wanna see Denzel ward vs dk metcalf

    ShilohGamingShilohGaming24 days ago
  • I wanted my dolphins to draft him to go with Parker but it's cool we got Williams who's going to be a pure nightmare just like my boy Metcalf I'm glad he with a great org to show what he can really do

    Lyricaly ArtisticLyricaly Artistic25 days ago
  • See that hustle to be able to make that block for his teammate at 3:08... Dude's all about the team

    Lukas SchrammLukas Schramm25 days ago
  • Definitely gonna be on my fantasy next season

    Jeramy SpencerJeramy Spencer29 days ago
  • Is it just me or is DK the next Calvin Johnson?

    Charlie SheddenCharlie SheddenMonth ago
  • Its pretty ironic that they ran the ball at the goal line 😂😂😂😂😂

    isaac marcusisaac marcusMonth ago
  • 5:49 new wallpaper ahahah

    Micheal SathMicheal SathMonth ago
  • The Narrator has one hell of a Voice. Who is this man?

    m000ndm000ndMonth ago
  • Games turning point: Clowney's hit on Wentz that drew no flag

    Swirly TrainzSwirly TrainzMonth ago
    • You mad bro? Wentz is made of glass.

      Don GatoDon Gato18 days ago
  • Haha Eagle fans. #CryEaglesCry

    Uhhh JustPhilUhhh JustPhilMonth ago
  • Russell Wilson really said "Aw fudge" LOL that man is so corny

    Giants Fan12Giants Fan12Month ago
  • 5:56 DK has a nesquik chain

    Hudson MegeathHudson MegeathMonth ago
    • Yeah he drinks strawberry and now has a deal with them.

      TCLucasTCLucas21 day ago
  • Go hawks!!!!!!

    Elijah HawkinsElijah HawkinsMonth ago
  • JJAW over Metcalf? Bwhahahahahahhahaha! Philly pulled a Browns on that one.

    Don GatoDon GatoMonth ago
  • The raw emotion on this guy when he got the call. Hes gonna be a force for a while in the NFL

    Cole WorldCole WorldMonth ago
  • 1:05 MLK’s dream

    Juan MoncadaJuan MoncadaMonth ago
  • Still wouldn’t of happen if it weren’t for clowney

    MrLegendMrLegendMonth ago
    • You mad bro?

      Don GatoDon GatoMonth ago
  • Dk is an outstanding athlete but I think he need a little more agility practice, if he has the hands, speed and big frame just imagine that with a little bit of hips

    Gmgb DevinGmgb DevinMonth ago