I'm a Dad now!

Our Baby Boy Asher was born on the 5th January. We will not be sharing his face on USproject or social media to protect his privacy so please respect that. I will be back soon!
Twitch : www.twitch.tv/DanTDM
Twitter : DanTDM
Instagram : DanTDM




  • when asher is older Dan: hey Asher whos your favourite youtuber Asher: Pewdiepie Dan: Hello darkness my old friend

    GamerFreakGamerFreak22 minutes ago
  • I missed watching you! I’m starting to watch you again, and I’m so happy for you! Congrats for you two! 💎🤘

    ParkerParker38 minutes ago
  • April fools

    jn444446jn44444643 minutes ago
  • I can imagine his child going to school with blue hair lol

    TomBow RogueTomBow RogueHour ago
  • its not DanTDM its DadTDM

    Siena LombardoSiena LombardoHour ago
  • He is now DADTDM

    Green TeaGreen Tea2 hours ago
  • Wait when !!!!!!!!! Who remembers the sour sweet song that someone made for dan

    Ibbie ColemanIbbie Coleman2 hours ago
  • Dan got busy?!?!

    Ravensword YeetRavensword Yeet3 hours ago
  • Yay

    Halle VaughanHalle Vaughan3 hours ago
  • hay dan i hope you and your wife jema have a grate time with your new baby

    Ed HerEd Her3 hours ago
  • Dan kidney m

    Glitch GamerGlitch Gamer3 hours ago
  • "I forgot what I am doing" .... "I lost my mind" .... -Every father of a 1 month old

    Greg PalmerGreg Palmer4 hours ago
  • How good was the sex?

    JVR95JVR954 hours ago
  • What's the baby's name

    Annabelle PhinneyAnnabelle Phinney4 hours ago
  • Me: haven't seen dan since I was 6! Dan: I am a dad! Me: 1: NANI?! And 2: Congratulations to dan!

    Maggie EubanksMaggie Eubanks4 hours ago
  • He was born On the same day and year as my baby cousin

    Itz_wofieblueItz_wofieblue5 hours ago
  • *DADTDM*

    B R U HB R U H5 hours ago
  • Sorry haven’t watched in a 2 yrs as I’m not into fortnite but congrats dan I will always love u

    Saoirse MurtaghSaoirse Murtagh6 hours ago
  • how could anyone dislike thisss?

    2 D2 D6 hours ago
  • DAD TDM I-

    nomi noodlenomi noodle6 hours ago
  • Jan 5th wait that so close to my birthday I haven't watched you in a while then I find this out :)))

    Caylee VannessCaylee Vanness6 hours ago
  • R a dad

    Robert PetroRobert Petro6 hours ago
  • Wow !!!!

    Super CatSuper Cat7 hours ago
  • Congrats dan

    tails the battails the bat7 hours ago
  • AsherTDM

    GameatsGameats7 hours ago
  • Yeaaaa you did THAT with her.......

    묻고더블로가묻고더블로가7 hours ago
  • congraglintshins your a dad

    Angela AvitiaAngela Avitia8 hours ago
  • In one video a comment said hed called his kid pug man,but his is beuatufil

    Ruby ChoudhuryRuby Choudhury8 hours ago
  • Play a baby game👍

    Brick KingBrick King9 hours ago
  • I stoped watching dan for a year then 3 months then boom he has a baby

    ¿iouh master god mond gg¿¿iouh master god mond gg¿9 hours ago
  • Does any one else realise what they did to create this child. Mmm yh disturbed much!!!!

    Joshua BrigstockJoshua Brigstock9 hours ago
  • Awww Asher the name is so cute

    Ashley AldeguerAshley Aldeguer9 hours ago
  • I'm sure u will be a great father!😁

    Itz Ella Gacha!Itz Ella Gacha!9 hours ago
  • ._. Wow

    Mary Jane PoncianoMary Jane Ponciano9 hours ago
  • I wish you never do to your Son now That you do in Mom simulator

    AmazeAngeloGamesAmazeAngeloGames13 hours ago
  • Congrats man that amazing

    Thomas KellyThomas Kelly13 hours ago
  • Asher is so cute

    Little Dino gurl PlayzLittle Dino gurl Playz13 hours ago
  • DanTDM=DadTDM=DabTDM

    Jonathan RobertsJonathan Roberts13 hours ago
  • Asher: Dad I want to play Video Games and post videos for people to see Dan: it’s time you see what I do at work

    Freddy FriedNoodlesFreddy FriedNoodles15 hours ago
  • Can you imagine growing up going to school and it’s show ant tell or something. And you get the blessing of saying “DanTDM is my dad, and he’s awesome” 🥺✊🏻

    Taylor DrayTaylor Dray15 hours ago
  • "i'm a dad now!" wait a minute then that means....

    Just A Random PersonJust A Random Person15 hours ago
  • DanTDM??? Pffttt Don't you mean.. DADTDM

    Pola LPola L17 hours ago
  • Con crats dan

    Michelle MwaMichelle Mwa18 hours ago
  • Me sees tiktok that says this and popularmmos apart

    Mel ComMel Com19 hours ago
  • Ok. Dan, You should remember if your kid is turning into another color, Feed him the Banana You should watch the trashcan and batteries Remember to not let your kid eat the dog's poop.

    Mr IzanagiMr Izanagi19 hours ago
  • I remember when I watched DanTDM 5-6 years ago.

    deus exdeus ex20 hours ago
  • Congrats dan Bruh I’m crying now all my childhood

    Joatari_loverboiJoatari_loverboi20 hours ago

    Cat bros forever MKCat bros forever MK20 hours ago
  • Dan 6 yrs ago: *old intro* Dan here from the diamond minecart! also dan: I'm a dad now! me: wait... DAN'S A DAD NOW?!?!?!?!?!?! *wipes away tears*

    Lion Zombie PuppyLion Zombie Puppy20 hours ago
  • Are you going to name it pug man

    Adrian VerdinAdrian Verdin21 hour ago
  • I had not even watched DanTDM for a long timeeee , sooo now , I am sooo in shocked Dan : I am A Dad now Me : 😦

    Chloe_ DapocChloe_ Dapoc21 hour ago
  • Think of process 6th grade PE that's gross ewwww

  • O.O I did not know this... Anyway my six year old sisters "boyfriends" name is Asher. UvU

    Goldy FoxGoldy Fox22 hours ago
  • Woah I started watching you in 2014 stopped in 2017 came back and hit me with this WOW CONGRATS YOUR A DA *TikTok claps*

    Eden Eden Eden EdenEden Eden Eden Eden23 hours ago
  • I bet you $10 that dantdm is going to be in youtube rewind this year and his child.

    CrazyFastPixelCrazyFastPixel23 hours ago
  • Dang I'm proud of you.

    kai dohikai dohi23 hours ago
  • Dan the dad Dan the dad Does whatever a daaadd can Who’s that kid In his arms? Ohh ittt’ss hiss son! :D

    Toaster895 AjToaster895 AjDay ago
  • Only ogs remember the old dan 😭😭😭😭😭

    aka_ ahadaka_ ahadDay ago
  • Me when sees title:Will he stop making video? 1 week later me:he did not quit Me:this should be in USproject rewind 2020

    Rgd_NeonRgd_NeonDay ago
  • Omg that’s the day before my birthday!! Congratulations!

    Latte’ the GreatLatte’ the GreatDay ago