i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
Thank you so much for watching!

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  • hey guys i'm back

    SethEvermanSethEverman13 days ago
    • Bald guy

      PenaGeladaPenaGelada13 days ago
    • Amen

      4aid3r lol4aid3r lol13 days ago

      NullsteinNullstein13 days ago
    • Guess who's back

      KardTrickKidKardTrickKid13 days ago
  • Full version please

    HabiHabi56 minutes ago
  • Release full version coz its fire

    pengupenguHour ago
  • The One punch man live action look good

    David SanzDavid SanzHour ago
  • everyone wants a full cover of this, seth

    SchneiderNicoleSchneiderNicole2 hours ago
  • Ticktockers welcome

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach5 hours ago
  • Nice 🤣🤣🤣👌

    Renato DiasRenato Dias5 hours ago
  • Angry react please 👊😠

    Attention xXxAttention xXx6 hours ago
  • Bro fr your voice is actually the bomb. I so enjoy your content, keep it up!!

    Catherine StuartCatherine Stuart7 hours ago
  • I like this more than the original

    Raahim FareedRaahim Fareed8 hours ago
  • Bald Ben Shapiro!!!

    Moksh SharmaMoksh Sharma9 hours ago
  • This is content I didn't know I needed

    xxThat anime freakxxxxThat anime freakxx9 hours ago
  • You should put this on Spotify this is awesome

    Elijah GreenElijah Green9 hours ago
  • if we don’t get a full version i’m gonna be real sad

    ClaraClara10 hours ago
  • Calvoooo

    El Melocoton kawaiiEl Melocoton kawaii10 hours ago
  • This song literally sounds like it would be in Rocky.

    MrMemePadMrMemePad10 hours ago
  • Replay for me 1:25

    Chloé BusherChloé Busher11 hours ago
  • Wtf, why did my ovaries explode after watching this????!!

    RebzRebz12 hours ago
  • Looks like Johnny Sins has returned

    KTN PunisherKTN Punisher12 hours ago
  • Please help what’s the name of the first song

    Svving SvvongSvving Svvong13 hours ago
  • Es una obra de arte

    agnès falgàsagnès falgàs15 hours ago

    Floppy Blogs y masFloppy Blogs y mas15 hours ago
  • the black piano what it is ?

    Jarol alexander mayorga diazJarol alexander mayorga diaz16 hours ago
  • Please release some covers

    BRACKKUSama zBRACKKUSama z16 hours ago
  • Good job "007"

    Wilis R. CastilloWilis R. Castillo16 hours ago
  • His voice alone could get me pregnant. But that stoic look he has on his face playing the piano, especially at the end makes him look like a serial killer.

    Shirin LeungShirin Leung16 hours ago

    Hazbow TenHazbow Ten17 hours ago
  • rifty but bald

    Aaron is A Mole Rat DudeAaron is A Mole Rat Dude17 hours ago
  • I want this on Spotify!

    PocketPocket17 hours ago
  • Singing please more yes

    WJMarvin PlaysWJMarvin Plays18 hours ago
  • guess who's back

    Camera of a mad manCamera of a mad man18 hours ago

    Savannah NowickiSavannah Nowicki18 hours ago
  • Is this the first time he sings in one of his songs? Cus now I think we won't ever have enough of his voice.

    Dark Bloody CrowDark Bloody Crow19 hours ago
  • The fact that you're not a world-famous original musician is a crime

    DryxketDryxket19 hours ago
  • I demand an unironic cover of “Ain’t no sunshine”

    Volatile productionsVolatile productions19 hours ago
  • 🤔

    LateLate19 hours ago
  • You could make a religion out of this

    CBC GamesCBC Games19 hours ago
  • How to recreate giorno's theme?

    rx72rx7219 hours ago
  • Saitama life

    walter Enriquezwalter Enriquez20 hours ago
  • If Seth makes an album cover I’ll eat my shorts

    Mr MemelordMr Memelord20 hours ago