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Today I shot with the big guy & tried to become a part of his show...
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I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.




  • Smash

    Nahaat NassorNahaat NassorDay ago
  • You smell what the rock is cooking

    Veronica MorenoVeronica MorenoDay ago
  • 2020?

    Marten RampeMarten RampeDay ago
  • Can you start doing iPhone give a way you will get a lot of fucking subs

    Colton DevoreColton Devore2 days ago
  • Is that rock🤔

    Nooby NorgeNooby Norge2 days ago
  • 2 0 2 0 anyone?

    YeahBoyRobertYTYeahBoyRobertYT5 days ago
  • Bro can not fine jogger on logan shop

    Swapnil HosainSwapnil Hosain6 days ago

    Laarni ClobLaarni Clob6 days ago
  • Yep hang out on Jan 1st

    jelly tokensjelly tokens6 days ago
  • RIP mav;(

    John HancockJohn Hancock6 days ago
  • 2020

    Eimaar ShakirEimaar Shakir6 days ago
  • 2020 anyone

    Swift erSwift er7 days ago
  • What is the name if Dwayne Johnson’s work?

    mightyflash0 Robloxmightyflash0 Roblox8 days ago
  • Lol🤣

    Brucethecat2018Brucethecat20189 days ago
  • what is the movie Baywatch right?

    Æ._.FUCKBETÆ._.FUCKBET9 days ago
  • 2020 people

    AngleyAngley9 days ago
  • Logan is a huge DICK

  • 2020 wow Logan looks so young!!

    Maw JaMaw Ja9 days ago
  • Ha

    TheHwnPrincessTheHwnPrincess10 days ago
  • Your gay 😄

    Mario CervantesMario Cervantes10 days ago
  • 9:40 the rocks mad but he’s laughing

    sJc CaldwellsJc Caldwell10 days ago
  • Jumanji Rock holy sh*t

    Werewolf RaufWerewolf Rauf11 days ago
  • Has anyone in 2020 looked at the views!

    Js Gaming chanelJs Gaming chanel11 days ago
  • K

    Ty boy LiveTy boy Live11 days ago
  • Alguien sabe que peliculas esaaaa

    MundoGatMundoGat12 days ago
  • 2 0 2 0

    WW2 CollectablesWW2 Collectables12 days ago
  • 2020 ???

    Just a GuyJust a Guy12 days ago
  • 8:46 is the time he gets caught by dwayne

    Saba AghayevaSaba Aghayeva13 days ago
  • 1:am

    Saba AghayevaSaba Aghayeva13 days ago
  • Logan never lie NEVER EVER EVER LIE

    Saba AghayevaSaba Aghayeva13 days ago
  • Everybody check out the rocks channel its DOPE and awesome

    Saba AghayevaSaba Aghayeva13 days ago
  • 8:49 My favorite part of this video

    Dark LinkDark Link13 days ago
  • What film is it

    giorgi georgia2007giorgi georgia200716 days ago
  • Cool

  • Your gay

    Mr CrabsMr Crabs16 days ago
  • this was acted out

    drift_the_lynxdrift_the_lynx16 days ago
  • How the hell

    Teddy bear 5Teddy bear 516 days ago
  • 7:17 Reminds me of.... SQUASH THE FISH!

    LJ The Youtube MasterLJ The Youtube Master17 days ago
  • 2020 anyone

    Money is the best 1217Money is the best 121717 days ago
  • How the rook liks this bich

    Danka MazgajDanka Mazgaj17 days ago
  • What?

    a single shota single shot18 days ago
  • 8:46 ur welcome

    Mohid KhanMohid Khan18 days ago
  • This is so much more entertaining than freaking Logan now

    Sam_Gaming345Sam_Gaming34519 days ago
  • Logan: how are you, first of all Me: *says nothing* *a weird silence* Logan: that’s good Me: rewind so I can say my answer

    Green AceGreen Ace19 days ago
  • 2 0 0 2. *here*

    Elias SedinoElias Sedino19 days ago
  • What movie they filming and 2020 anybody

    Kreek CraftKreek Craft19 days ago
  • I popping on fortnite R N

    Olly HuntOlly Hunt19 days ago
  • This how ,mean time waiting for 2020

    Yusuf SaeedYusuf Saeed19 days ago
  • This to the wrong see you next time fuck you

    Mai VangMai Vang20 days ago
  • 2 0 2 0 Anyone???

    FluffeeerTheMasterFluffeeerTheMaster20 days ago
  • 2 0 2 0 Anyone

    DeadSkull 1643DeadSkull 164320 days ago

    Shootya ForealShootya Foreal20 days ago
  • You should play rock paper siccors shoot to see if Dwayne dose rock

    Dragon FierceDragon Fierce20 days ago
  • Like 2020

    TheRealMateir GDTheRealMateir GD20 days ago
  • 2020? :D

    u3slzy. Kanekiu3slzy. Kaneki20 days ago
    • Me

      Luis LimLuis Lim16 days ago
  • Logan and jake rake ps Logan is better Jake comes with a bat run da na na na na na LOL

    Chloe’s WorldChloe’s World21 day ago
  • I’m from the future and he and Kong dies

    Owen GoldsboroughOwen Goldsborough21 day ago
  • 2020 anyone.

    Bridie McMahonBridie McMahon21 day ago
  • What movie was this

    AliceFashion let’s reach 5k with no vidsAliceFashion let’s reach 5k with no vids22 days ago
  • I'm French

    Skiller ReaperSkiller Reaper22 days ago