I Vlogged My Colonoscopy

After celebrating his 50th birthday for a full year, Will gets serious about his health and heads in for a colonoscopy. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
For more information about all cancer screening tests, visit the National Cancer Institute’s website here: www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/screening/screening-tests
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  • I am a brazilian that love you will! I don't wanna learn english but if you, Will Smith, not support me with a subtitle in portuguese of brazil, i "will" have to

    Fabiano FerraraFabiano Ferrara3 hours ago
  • Que Deus te abençoe Poderosamente!!!!!!!!

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  • Moncler drip

    Trel HuttoTrel Hutto6 hours ago
  • May God Bless You!!!

    zully suazozully suazo7 hours ago
  • Sou do Brazil e meu maior sonho e conhecer Will Smith antes que minha vida se acabe ...vou conseguir sim

    Henrique MacedoHenrique Macedo7 hours ago
  • Hi

    Henrique MacedoHenrique Macedo7 hours ago
  • Oi

    Henrique MacedoHenrique Macedo7 hours ago
  • That doctor is great.. and I am glad that everything went well for him

    alexis casanovaalexis casanova8 hours ago
  • Eu sou brasileiro 🇧🇷 God day kkk

    Apolo Gomes freitaApolo Gomes freita9 hours ago
  • get well soon brother

    Ali TanırAli Tanır10 hours ago
  • Poxa Will vc deveria ser eterno amo vc desde q era pequeno força e bastante fé para vc meu irmão

    Kennedy AndersonKennedy Anderson10 hours ago
  • Melhoras pra você wil

    Luiz RicardoLuiz Ricardo10 hours ago
  • I hope you get better quickly, always in my prayers, I present you before GOD, I love you a lot and I enjoy your work a lot. BETTER ..

    Branca GringaBranca Gringa12 hours ago
  • i got the same problem

    didier zezedidier zeze13 hours ago
  • like si vienes de wefere

    SuriquenSuriquen14 hours ago
  • @5:03 🤣🤣🤣

    Let’s Be RealLet’s Be Real15 hours ago
  • Like si vienes por wefere news

    Joshuka NEXUSJoshuka NEXUS15 hours ago
  • Mr Smith get well and get ready for the next round in 2021 or 2022.

    RomanoProductionsRomanoProductions16 hours ago
  • Salve Will Smith tu e foda pra krl ♡♡♡

    Cloudy AsylumCloudy Asylum17 hours ago
  • I’m glad he did this video because a colonoscopy is literally every mans worst enemy

    Rainbow Mist I-XRainbow Mist I-X17 hours ago
  • Que estés bien =(

    ASPA JJASPA JJ18 hours ago
  • 11:08 chair noise again? 😄😅

    Ms JindarellaMs Jindarella19 hours ago
  • Glad u are good Will. Peace and Blessings.

    MentagasmMentagasm19 hours ago
  • You need to sit with that as it was heavy and I’m sure took you a moment to process. Thank you Will for being vulnerable within this space to potentially save others lives. Big love ✅💯

    Michael W. ConnorMichael W. ConnorDay ago
  • Dios lo bendiga😖🙏

    Miguel ChavezMiguel ChavezDay ago
  • Wills doctor is awesome! Her entire demeanor is wonderful 👏🏾

    brooklynforever1990brooklynforever1990Day ago
  • How messed up that people think anything is ok...you are people like me..he is just like us people...DUHHH...

    Betty SlawinskiBetty SlawinskiDay ago
  • Omg I'm only 9:48 in....🙃

    Betty SlawinskiBetty SlawinskiDay ago
  • Love the guy with the toilet/faucet line...💛

    Betty SlawinskiBetty SlawinskiDay ago
  • Dammit Will you are still full of poop!!!! I knew it!!!💛lol💛

    Betty SlawinskiBetty SlawinskiDay ago
  • Health is our greatest wealth...nothing more

    Samini GunasagaramSamini GunasagaramDay ago
  • Good wan..

    Samini GunasagaramSamini GunasagaramDay ago
  • Sorry Will but this was my favorite...I'm a 50 year old woman that had this done 4 years ago and it was so so so hard.......ugh....glad yer good man....💛💛💛💛💛they said no important decisions to me too!!! Love you and your family Will

    Betty SlawinskiBetty SlawinskiDay ago
  • Got mine two years ago, had one polyp but everything else was fine. Lotsa people won’t do it because it’s an invasive procedure.

    Terrence LinderTerrence LinderDay ago
  • Hola Will me encanta tus películas y tú forma de ser saludos desde México

    Ady PeñateAdy PeñateDay ago
  • Yo Will Smith Looks like he l as te 30zm

    D I a b e t u s J u I c eD I a b e t u s J u I c eDay ago
  • Will Smith I got mine too in 2017 or 2018 but they put you to sleep. The prep is irritating the fluid you have to take and you cant eat anything. I know!

    Scorpion QueenScorpion QueenDay ago
  • Mucha fuerza Will Smith!! te mando todo la buena vibra, vas a estar bien (Y)

    Kimberly PasténKimberly PasténDay ago
  • your channel has just been blocked

    Albert TriumphAlbert TriumphDay ago
  • d8-D

    MaryEllen MatthewsMaryEllen MatthewsDay ago
  • Man I been with you since the Fresh Prince and this is hard to take

    MyriadMyriadDay ago
  • U r amazing

    Reyna Carolina Flores MendozaReyna Carolina Flores MendozaDay ago
  • Will is a big fan of yours, not to the point of being sick, but you do me good! I watched all your movies, you don't know anymore I'm a friend of yours, I know the possibility of meeting you is 0.001%

    jhony chavesjhony chavesDay ago
    • I'm from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I would love to meet my favorite actor

      jhony chavesjhony chavesDay ago
    • 1% chance to meet you will, and more than enough friend, a hug from your fan! Hope you read, stay with God

      jhony chavesjhony chavesDay ago
    • I really want to meet you Will one day I hope to be part of your friendship !; I live in Brazil I hope many news your hug a friend you still do not know stays with God!

      jhony chavesjhony chavesDay ago
  • Will did you feel thoroughly erased? LOL

    Tony GrantTony GrantDay ago
  • My prayers for Will Smith, I hope he is well and can get out of his illness, hopefully nothing serious, God bless him and take care of him right now ☹️

    David GSDavid GSDay ago
  • May God preserve your health in Jesus name.

    Olive EmmanuelOlive EmmanuelDay ago
  • I am so happy Will shared his whole experience with us. Not a lot of actors do this. He is so brave, and this video will definitely have men go get this procedure done....

    Olivia Bibiano-MorenoOlivia Bibiano-MorenoDay ago
  • usproject.info/it/video/26XMnq5808aYnW0 😀😀

    Álvaro BardónÁlvaro BardónDay ago
  • Wow, this has more views than his last movie!

    Diego VeraDiego VeraDay ago
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    Puji WatiPuji WatiDay ago
  • Pueden hacer subtitulos al español?

    TheMusicYTTheMusicYTDay ago
  • wiiiiillll te quiero muchoooo

    Yaritza FuentesYaritza FuentesDay ago
  • 아프지마여ㅠㅠ

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  • Hello ben umut

    Umut ÇiçekdalUmut ÇiçekdalDay ago
  • Got in a car accident. The concussion specialist sent me to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. Turns out that have pigmented spots in my eye which can be a sign of colon polyps. So... I’m getting my colonoscopy too! Imagine!

    Denise KDenise K2 days ago
  • Yo solo espero que todo este bien

    trimitium oficialtrimitium oficial2 days ago
  • Listen to your Dr. but if you are low risk ColoGuard is a non invasive in home test.

    Rob SinbobRob Sinbob2 days ago
  • Weeey nooooo

    Sergio Ethan Vera BrisenoSergio Ethan Vera Briseno2 days ago
  • Thank you! We love you)

    Jane OnipkoJane Onipko2 days ago