Today's video is so festive fam!! Loving this green eye moment we have going on here. Using some old favorites today

Products used:
tarte shape tape concealer -
iluvsarahii x colourpop through my eyes palette -
nars skin deep palette -
lilly lashes "ela" -
waterproof better than mascara -
makeup forever ultra hd concealer #30 -
armani luminous silk 3.5 -
dose meet your hue #9 concealer -
pat mcgrath powder light 1 -
nars honey concealer -
fenty bronzer shady biz -
mac warm soul blush .-
dose of colors dime lip liner -
kylie cosmetics naked matte lip (discontinued)
dose of colors honey im home lip gloss -
real techniques brushes -
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  • I love Samantha so much!! That video absolutely killed me!! Her personality is literally the best lol seriously seems like everything she has ever loved has been discontinued or reformulated 😂😂 it’s truly tragic 😘

    Stephanie GunnisonStephanie Gunnison23 days ago
  • @katy ! Nail polish please!

    T. pilorgeT. pilorge25 days ago
  • I hope you and Jon had a great Christmas and New year! 🎅🏼🎄🎁🥳🍾🥂🎆 Edit: yes to a haul video! 🛍️💄

    Brittany DuggerBrittany Dugger25 days ago
  • Hi Katy: Sure is good to see you doing a makeup video. Maybe I am just not getting notifications but it seems like it's been a little while. LOVE this green look on you! I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas, so Happy New Year to you and John and the pups! xo

    boxiebabeboxiebabe28 days ago
  • What product did she use on her nose in the very beginning?

    Alicia RoperAlicia RoperMonth ago
  • I need to know what nail polish this is?!

    Deanna YuilleDeanna YuilleMonth ago
  • Would love to see u do some looks with the DOC Block party shadows

    Makeup by monisha bathijaMakeup by monisha bathijaMonth ago
  • yes please do a haul!!

    Mom BossMom BossMonth ago
  • I love the green eye look! I need more green in my collection because I've been feeling a good green look for the holidays!

    ColipopkolaColipopkolaMonth ago
  • Yes, do a haul😁😁😁

    Edna SantamariaEdna SantamariaMonth ago
  • yess background :)

    WTFreaak19WTFreaak19Month ago
  • If you want a sick show that isn’t boring that you can binge with your husband, watch godfather of Harlem. So many famous ppl and it’s honestly so binge worthy

    Alexandria MAlexandria MMonth ago
  • Omg today you’ll hit 2 mil!!!!!

    Janeth RamirezJaneth RamirezMonth ago
  • Love you, love the background, love the look, love how real you are, literally could just keep going! My #1 favorite USprojectr 🤗❤️💚

    Danyel ByersDanyel ByersMonth ago
  • I live and breathe for Taz!!!!

    Raven FreemanRaven FreemanMonth ago
  • Do a haul on your new makeup!!

    Marissa AcostaMarissa AcostaMonth ago
  • What mirror is that? 🥰

    Neri DuranNeri DuranMonth ago
  • I can’t find the ornaments I want either. Wtf? These stores need to get it together!

    Colleen MillerColleen MillerMonth ago
  • I need to know... and if anyone knows the answer please let me know... Katy! Do you still love Queen Bs???

    Dalia ArroyoDalia ArroyoMonth ago
  • Haul please....and please divert some of your energy my way!!😂

    M. ColeM. ColeMonth ago
  • yes on the hall! 😊

    Salina ZetinaSalina ZetinaMonth ago
  • I feel the same !!

    Sabrina MontanoSabrina MontanoMonth ago
  • Lol she cracked open a Celsius as I’m currently drinking a Celsius 🤣

    Kelsey BaenaKelsey BaenaMonth ago
  • Love this whole look! And this hair! Stunning

    Iqra KhanIqra KhanMonth ago
  • Cringing when beauty gurus cover their pimples with concealer right out of the tube. All that bacteria is going back into the tube. Eeeeeeek.

    E WE WMonth ago
  • I'd love a haul!!! Gorgeous look on you. Love that green. Happy holidays!

    Elizabeth and Bill AnsleyElizabeth and Bill AnsleyMonth ago
  • Also can you show us a plain holiday look with gold eyeshadow and red lip 😬

    Jackie M.Jackie M.Month ago
  • Please do a haul yesssss

    Jackie M.Jackie M.Month ago
  • Hi Katy! Have you tried the Shiseido Synchro Skin FOundation. If you have what color are you? And did you like it? Love you! and I'm definitely gonna copy this look!

    kissnMAYkeupkissnMAYkeupMonth ago
  • Love you!!!

    Solena HeckathornSolena HeckathornMonth ago

    Sisi BarrancoSisi BarrancoMonth ago
  • You are so gorgeous and thank you for this bc I have acne and acne scars that are bright red! & 0:10 SAME 😭 High key stresses me tf out 😂

    Gemma DiazGemma DiazMonth ago
  • this look is 🔥 🔥

    nno 109nno 109Month ago
  • Also that’s backdrop is CRAYCRAY adorbz

    Quadiasia HaywardQuadiasia HaywardMonth ago
  • Gossip girl is so good!

    Quadiasia HaywardQuadiasia HaywardMonth ago
  • Yessss to the haul! Lovin this eyeshadow😻

    Alba SepulvedaAlba SepulvedaMonth ago
  • So dope! My Xmas makeup look for sure 😍🤩

    Kimberly AliceaKimberly AliceaMonth ago
  • This is the third tut on a mint green look 🤔

    V CRV CRMonth ago
  • Haul please!

    Alison PetersonAlison PetersonMonth ago
  • Highly interested in the haul you talked about !! 😻😻😻

    Brittney FrederickBrittney FrederickMonth ago
  • Love the look! Could you please make a video about your camera and lights etc

    Rusudan PruidzeRusudan PruidzeMonth ago
  • Come THROUGH green lewkkkk 🔥 also, let us have that haul sis !!!!👍🏼

    Hillary PenaHillary PenaMonth ago
  • I love this look on you! That green is gorgeous with your brown eyes. And that lip combo is 🥰🥰

    BrittFacedBrittFacedMonth ago
  • I wanna start by saying that you’re one of my favorite peeps on here.... but boo you was talking so loud in this video... specially after Cranz got there your voice just elevated 💯 but I love ya, I love ya... yes please do the haul.... but do it ASMR style then maybe we can get a normal tone... lol jk ... sending much love 💕 btw tell Joons that he needs to hire me as your PA.

    Beauty by Linda VBeauty by Linda VMonth ago
  • Katy always comes through with phenomenal vids! Share this queen’s channel with a friend so she can reach 2M!! 🤩 love you Katy

    Leslie PalominoLeslie PalominoMonth ago
  • Yes to the haul!!! And an ultra haul too 🙌🏽👏🏽

    Mirian DelgadoMirian DelgadoMonth ago
  • Haha she brought up Y2K lol we had battery powered tap lights ON deck. Mind you, tap lights were like the new new back then. Ugh bitch is making me feel old lol. Xx

    Jessica BooneJessica BooneMonth ago
  • i’m leaving for Colorado Springs December 28th 😍😍 we’re spending NYE there & i am SOOO EXCITED 🤩 enjoy your trip!

    ashesnwine •ashesnwine •Month ago
  • You should check out Guidance to Glow! Fenya is an awesome esthetician in LA with her own skin care line. Her phyto calming serum should help with the redness and inflammation of breakouts!!!

    Cynthia LopezCynthia LopezMonth ago
  • Love it that you brought out some of the veteran products that we all have already!!!😊

    mindy breuermindy breuerMonth ago
  • You have the best subscribers dude how uplifting!

    Aitawna BennettAitawna BennettMonth ago
  • Hi I love you 🙈 just a suggestion that the mic is too loud!

    AmandaAmandaMonth ago
  • Please do a haul 💖

  • Is the breakouts from your diet? Salty snack foods, chocolate, pizza, etc?

    Barb HaddadBarb HaddadMonth ago
  • So pretty

    Raven LenzRaven LenzMonth ago
  • Haul!!!! And maybe a favorite of the year? I always love to hear what you've been reaching out for throughout the year ❤ As always, this look is 🔥🔥🔥

    Typhanie Lirette-ServantTyphanie Lirette-ServantMonth ago
  • Definitely do a haul video!!!!

    Mary BeechlerMary BeechlerMonth ago
  • I’m addicted to those energy drinks too 😭

    Amanda WAmanda WMonth ago
  • Missed ya. 😂❤️

    Yolisa BYolisa BMonth ago
  • This look is literally so beautiful.. we would love a haul

    Kiana DorceKiana DorceMonth ago