Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire backlot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.
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Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest




  • This man Tyler Perry is a pride to the black race. The youths should be inspired by this. Ride on brother.

    Anuta DorothyAnuta Dorothy18 minutes ago
  • Kudus to Tyler Perry!!!!🍺🍺🍺 veerry proud of the black family🍸

    Aquarian AgeAquarian Age45 minutes ago
  • The Carmichael show is awesome

    Dude TuberDude TuberHour ago
  • Wow Im really Inspire by this

    King JusticeKing Justice2 hours ago
  • wow ....I just love this guy .....✊✊😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦I know almost all his movies the one I seem to never get a hold of is Madea gets a job ...

    Nkoshilo EdwardNkoshilo Edward2 hours ago
  • I’m so proud of this video and his accomplishments.

    Marilyn TaylorMarilyn Taylor2 hours ago
  • wooow ......just woow🙌🏿

    Pamhidzai MashairePamhidzai Mashaire2 hours ago
  • Tyler Perry is simply the king of black entertainment. Pure inspiration

    One On One With Triple A aritaOne On One With Triple A arita2 hours ago
  • WOW Incredible ‼️ Maxineville 🙌❣️ The Whitehouse 🇺🇸❣️ Everything 💜🧡💚💙❤️💛❣️ Fantastic 👏👏👏❣️ Upstate New York here

    Beverly FelderBeverly Felder3 hours ago
  • Exclusive. Thanks for sharing. Dont stop the huSTLe #ysnd


    Dahlia RuddockDahlia Ruddock3 hours ago
  • Y’all see those houses like omggg.

    Donavon CannedyDonavon Cannedy3 hours ago
  • This dude works for SATAN 👹👹👹👹!!!! They will NEVER let a black man self own anything like this unless he's on their side.

    Jessenia AafifiJessenia Aafifi3 hours ago
  • Woow! Straight up inspiring and amazing! Keep up the great work Tyler! 🎬 🎥 📺 🙌🏽 👊🏽 👍🏽 ✅

    G-Phi ProductionsG-Phi Productions3 hours ago
  • 988 dislikes? Haters will be haters. I'm very proud of my Brother! ❤ Keep excelling, TP!

    C GouldC Gould4 hours ago
  • Oh my God, am speechless

  • Pure genius!!!! Blessed man who paid his way through sacrifice being homeless and hard work! Only a hater would dislike this video.

    Desvigne Chapter'sDesvigne Chapter's4 hours ago
  • Love you TP!!!!

    Fay 24Fay 244 hours ago
  • Good for you Tyler Perry!!! You keep doing big things. That is a gorgeous studio.

    Missy ECEMissy ECE4 hours ago
  • Lmao! The 988 people who disliked liked this are haters! 😂😂😂

    Emanuel DillardsEmanuel Dillards4 hours ago
  • 988 HATERS!

    Emanuel DillardsEmanuel Dillards4 hours ago
  • I am so Proud of you Tyler!!!!

    Emanuel DillardsEmanuel Dillards4 hours ago
  • "Go to your room" "Okay, which house and zip code?"

    Steven PhamSteven Pham5 hours ago
  • I'm going to visit

    adog Mooreadog Moore5 hours ago
  • Omg go ahead Tyler yasss

    *marieariana*marieariana6 hours ago
  • So amazing

    Brittany JBrittany J6 hours ago
  • I'm so happy for him and all black African American God bless him... I love you

    Elisa PenaElisa Pena6 hours ago
  • Oooooh my God. I don't have even grass house and look at this man 😪. God please bless me and bless everyone🙏

    Shukri Muhudin NurShukri Muhudin Nur6 hours ago
  • Love it!! I’m so proud of him!!!

    Lolita StokesLolita Stokes6 hours ago
  • Was thankfully blessed to be a part of the building process. LMI

    Myron SmithMyron Smith6 hours ago
  • I'm proud and happy for you Tyler Perry . You are a Good Steward of all GOD has Blessed you with and for + ! One day I would be privileged to share my Gifts and Talents on your film compound... 😇🤗🙏🙌. Alleluia HALLELUAH. Yes Lord YES YES YES +++++

    Fernando Lundi FaustFernando Lundi Faust6 hours ago
  • I see greatness all around, congrats Tyler 🙌🏾

    martins chinedumartins chinedu7 hours ago
  • I'm so proud of you!!!!

    Karen BlackwellKaren Blackwell8 hours ago
  • Thank God the white man discovered blacks

    Moor WakandaMoor Wakanda8 hours ago
  • This so inspiring.... salute

  • i see Monique gave him all these thumbs down

    Ray'sFave.Ray'sFave.8 hours ago
  • This man is so inspiring to me. I just love his story #veryinspired #dreambig #dreamsdocometrue

    Amelia WilliamsAmelia Williams8 hours ago
  • I am soo happy for him.. When is He coming out of the Closet..? He is like Queen Latifa "in the closet is better ".

    Roru LoruRoru Loru8 hours ago
  • Well deserved. ❤ #stayhumble

    MsClap1986MsClap19869 hours ago

    Bface MusicBface Music9 hours ago
  • CAN I GET A JOB🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Adriana AlejandraAdriana Alejandra9 hours ago
  • For the culture 💪🏾

    DjSwollJoel954DjSwollJoel95410 hours ago
  • This guy inspired Minecraft..

    Michael FloresMichael Flores10 hours ago
  • Proud of him and everything he has accomplished!!!!

    Darius Deasia CooksDarius Deasia Cooks10 hours ago
  • Your the boss, please can you release, if loving you is wrong and haves and the have not.

    Irene Manuel FHWIrene Manuel FHW10 hours ago
  • What an iconic man this whole video was of of a pure genius

    Lor LorzLor Lorz10 hours ago
  • Set life...I love it! What a beautiful place!!

    Colette ByfieldColette Byfield11 hours ago
  • Amazing use of 300 acres. White House replica. And that Dream!!! Hospital hallway, dive bar....I mean.. And yeah, that 4-sided mansion.. Ridiculous. The suburban neighborhood. This is just absolutely astounding. I'm in love! Way to go Tyler Perry! You da man!

    Gabriel SchrollGabriel Schroll11 hours ago
  • A four sided mansion is very genius! Great idea. Such a great use of rooms in all of theses spaces!!!

    Hiya BeatzHiya Beatz12 hours ago
  • The naming of studios of people who inspired him like Halle Berry and Denzel Washington is so beautiful. This man is amazing! Can’t wait to see what comes in the future from him. 🖤

    kimberly reyeskimberly reyes12 hours ago
  • How much rich white penis do you have to suck to get this?

    payd doospayd doos12 hours ago
  • This is amazing Working, I think I need a career change 🤔

    Susan MteghaSusan Mtegha13 hours ago
  • I was stationed at McPherson up until it closed. The dream building was where I worked. Amazing job that Tyler Perry has done there.

    JSTJPN 2011JSTJPN 201113 hours ago
  • hahahaha, I am getting a golf cart with a turbo to go up that ROAD. I love my mother so much and I too would name a whole town after her. Respect!

    John TruthJohn Truth13 hours ago
  • Very proud of this man and his teams vision.

    Duron BentleyDuron Bentley14 hours ago
  • I bet he hates hiring the white man when he needs something done

    Arizona PhoenixArizona Phoenix14 hours ago
  • All God.

    LaroLaro14 hours ago
  • Great job👍 and black Panther, the walking dead and a Mark Wahlberg movie was already made there.

    Jude JeanJude Jean14 hours ago
  • Sound stages inspired by black people only ..

    Jammal AkhtarJammal Akhtar15 hours ago
  • Want to work with you Tyler Perry from ghana

    Ashanti AdjeiAshanti Adjei15 hours ago