iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
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  • Motorola Q for me

    Darren HigaDarren HigaMinute ago
  • We want to see comparison between mkbhd 2019 vs original mkbhd

    Azad NewsAzad News13 minutes ago
  • 2012: iPhone 4s 2019: Galaxy A5

    Azad NewsAzad News14 minutes ago
  • My first iphone was an iphone 4. I guess that selfie camera was a must for me haha

    Jason HastingsJason Hastings25 minutes ago
  • Jailbreak it!

    Hunter KelseyHunter KelseyHour ago
  • My first "smartphone" (which was at that time not called smart phone as this name was reserved [bit latet tho] for a special sort of devices) the Ericson R380s than I have switched to Motorola Accompli 008 and the first colour display "smartphone" of mine was Motorola A925 following by Motorolla A1000, Ericsson P800 and Ericsson W950 (and this kind of device was called a smartphone those days :) ) followed by some HTC PDAs at the time where the original iPhone came out. First Smartphone as we know it now was the G1

    Sammy OofolSammy OofolHour ago
  • IOS on IPHONE1 are way smoother than any samsung present now..lol

    J. pJ. pHour ago
  • Who's been a fan of Marques Brownlee before 2019 Gifting next 67 subscribers💙

    Super Avesome ExperimentsSuper Avesome ExperimentsHour ago
  • Nokia C3

    Justin MawiJustin MawiHour ago
  • 2001 Nokia Communicator 9110i 2019 iPhone Xs

    lwrz ELBlwrz ELB2 hours ago
  • Mine was a Motorola T191 lmao

    AbdulWasayAbdulWasay2 hours ago
  • Are apple still sell those?

    Maguna AshMaguna Ash2 hours ago
  • I had a blackberry as my first smartphone, but the first touch screen smartphone I had was the Galaxy S2 and man, that phone was beautiful. I still have it and it still looks cool.

    OsCernaOsCerna3 hours ago
  • You love camera right?.... Try Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

    itz syahmiitz syahmi3 hours ago
  • My first smart phone was a Nokia N8. I love that phone had an amazing camera at the time. It ran on Symbian OS which was rubbish but still loved the phone

    Mick DelaneyMick Delaney3 hours ago
  • I had the Voyager! I loved that keyboard, if we count that as a smartphone, that was my first. But I consider my first smartphone the HTC Eris

    Brian NelsonBrian Nelson3 hours ago
  • These are the worst models you must check out iPhone Jazz

    Omar KocakOmar Kocak3 hours ago
  • I was on singular/at&t, but at that time the price tag on the iPhone was pretty hefty and I was about the same age as you so I wasn't getting that. I also got an iPhone competitor and it was also an LG, but it was not what you had. Mine was called the LG-VU and it was also resistive touch. It worked really well for me and i used it until it basically wouldn't charge anymore.

    Josiah VincentJosiah Vincent3 hours ago
  • 2008 : Motorola L6 2013 : Samsung Galaxy S4 2016 : iPhone 6 Plus 2019 : Just about to go with iPhone 11 Pro Max

    azhar mominazhar momin3 hours ago
  • iPhone 5 first, great phone

    LegitMichel777 LM7LegitMichel777 LM74 hours ago
  • My wife and I had twin Motorola Razrs. Fun times!!

    Damion WilsonDamion Wilson4 hours ago
  • Samsung Galaxy star 5 pro

    kiran vrkiran vr4 hours ago
  • I challenge lew later (unbox therapy ) to use this phone for a week

    oloyede rotimioloyede rotimi4 hours ago
  • First iphone was good, last iphone sucks

    after cosmet15after cosmet154 hours ago
  • iphone 11 pro 12 years later will be like first iphone in 2019

    شخص ذكيشخص ذكي5 hours ago
  • My first smartphone was the T-Mobile G1. It was awesome

    S WilliamsS Williams5 hours ago
  • 6:53 "steppin' sone" ... 😁 ... That tongue got twisted a bit, lol

    Skrllex RichardSkrllex Richard5 hours ago
  • My first phone was the samsung galaxy s8

    Casey Ayuk-TabiCasey Ayuk-Tabi5 hours ago
  • It was a blackberry! Can't remember the model but I got it from my Dad. MAN I could type on that thing. It had HTML view email, and browsing was possible on 3G but it was kind of a joke compared to a computer haha

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith5 hours ago
  • Please review realme X2 pro 🥳

    Rishat KabirRishat Kabir5 hours ago
  • Google pixel is crying at the corner :'(

    DrägøN KnîghTDrägøN KnîghT5 hours ago
  • I also had the Voyager!

    Never Enough B-rollNever Enough B-roll5 hours ago
  • I had the voyager! Great phone

    Andres David CalvacheAndres David Calvache6 hours ago
  • "the battery life is about 3 hours"......so its a pixel?

    Alex ClelandAlex Cleland6 hours ago
  • 2009: Nokia C6-00 .... 2017: OnePlus 3T

    Yura MocherniukYura Mocherniuk6 hours ago
  • one of my first smartphone (or at least I considered it to be) was the Samsung Corby anyone remembers it?

  • i had the nokia panda phone and it was pink XD

    nouf ba fadhlnouf ba fadhl6 hours ago
  • Intex 4g aqua was the first phone i owned

    Clin BastyClin Basty6 hours ago
  • 0:19 ‐ Moon Wallpaper. Neat, Very Neat.

    Lungelo GigabaLungelo Gigaba6 hours ago
  • 2009: LG GW520 2019: iPhone 6S

    Esméralda GuilletEsméralda Guillet7 hours ago
  • Did anyone noticed.. wallpaper in old generation iPhone and new generation monitor (behind him)are same 😅😅

    Thota LikhilThota Likhil7 hours ago
  • 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3 2019: iPhone 8 Plus

    Shaydon BodemarShaydon Bodemar8 hours ago
  • why are using words that apple says like

    Ebrahim HakimiEbrahim Hakimi8 hours ago
  • Mine was the Motorola A925. The screen was about half the height of the device. And it came with 2 batteries and a charging dock because there was no way you could get through half a day with only one battery.

    kada jawikada jawi8 hours ago
  • iphone 4

    andrew darrenandrew darren8 hours ago
  • Iphone 3g

    Cody PunselieCody Punselie8 hours ago
  • Nokia E11 then HTC Desire!

    Brian KinzieBrian Kinzie8 hours ago
  • My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S3

    Juanith ThomasJuanith Thomas9 hours ago
  • First Phone: 2006: Nokia N.GAGE. Now 2019: iPhone 8 Plus

    Anirudh NvAnirudh Nv9 hours ago
  • Motorola Cliq.... SMH hahahaha

    MrKingINFAMYMrKingINFAMY9 hours ago
  • Damn i really want an iPhone 11

    Lawrence ninoLawrence nino10 hours ago
  • You steal Dave2D's background?

    AutotropeAutotrope10 hours ago
  • Hello MKBHD. I purchased a Huawei p30 pro last week and I am amazed by the performance of the phone. I end my day with 30 percent battery life. Now comes the question. Should i charge the phone to up 50 percent and then the rest in the morning or I can just leave it on charge the whole night. I am wondering what should I do because the phone charges within 1 hour. How should I charge it to keep the battery healthy and what can I do to prolong it's life because I want to keep this phone with me for at least 2 years. Thanks and Iove your content

    Dominik GrbacDominik Grbac10 hours ago
  • My first smart phone was the Blackberry Storm

    SpiderGbus81SpiderGbus8110 hours ago
  • My 1st smartphone was Samsung Galaxy Y (Youth) . For it's time it was a budget phone with features geared towards teenagers

    Wayne DsouzaWayne Dsouza11 hours ago
  • Seems like you're outta content

    Esenpy letapEsenpy letap11 hours ago
  • 1994: Siemens S1 1996: NOKIA 8110 and soo many Nokia phones to count.. then was a part of the blackberry boys... then got my brick iPod and so on... 2019: with a iPhone 6s Plus stuck in Apple Eco-system.. 2020: Would switch to Android.

    Amit BAmit B11 hours ago
  • Decided to watch some marq-ass brownlee

    VORTEX 9VORTEX 911 hours ago
  • Please give me the wallpaper on your iphone 11 pro

    Ajay SharmaAjay Sharma11 hours ago
  • In keypad i had Nokia 5310 and my first touch phone was LG 400

    Harshal PatelHarshal Patel11 hours ago