Is the Pandemic Over Yet?

I feel like it should be done by now.
Dedicated to all my nurse and doctor friends who are really tired.




  • This video is inspired by a conversation I had with a nurse friend who was frustrated with me for wanting to see my parents. She works with Covid patients. :P

    Julie NolkeJulie Nolke4 days ago
    • I feel like this wasn't about comedy or health, this was really just an excuse to break out those CBC socks! Agreed with all the people mentioning the best thing about the pandemic has been finding this channel.

      Winston SmithWinston Smith21 hour ago
    • @David McCarthy I'm curious, how do you believe viruses spread if not from person to person?

      Jax rJax r22 hours ago
    • @bipedalbob Everyone has a breaking-point. The people in power have one. Even you have 1. I don't mean to sound pessimistic. I just hope you'll maybe feel more empathy towards people with a lower breaking-point than you.

      carealoo744carealoo744Day ago
    • @carealoo744 that's too bad the soon people aren't known for their smarts.

      bipedalbobbipedalbobDay ago
    • @bidmcms3 No. You are not the captain of your own life. Your freedom is constrained by the orders of the government during a public health emergency. It's a collective action problem. You don't get to do what you want. You do what's required by society or you go to jail. End of story.

      John PettusJohn PettusDay ago
  • A hundred thousand Americans have died in 2 months.

    Brian DoeBrian Doe11 hours ago
  • How I screamed when I saw you in working moms 😂

    TheShyscarletTheShyscarlet12 hours ago
  • Love the CBC socks!

    Not2Old4TEchNot2Old4TEch15 hours ago
  • Obsessed with this entire channel!

    Elizabeth YakoElizabeth Yako16 hours ago

    Albert KimAlbert Kim16 hours ago
  • I heard a Canadian accent break through.

    ldobehardcoreldobehardcore16 hours ago
  • Nice socks.

    Christine ChinChristine Chin17 hours ago
  • Yes, we do get to make our own decisions, because we are free individuals. If we wanted a doctor as our leader, we would have elected one.

    WeAreTheTwintailsWeAreTheTwintails17 hours ago
  • So you're gonna make fun of people who want this to be over. Nice.

    WeAreTheTwintailsWeAreTheTwintails17 hours ago
  • Many people lost due to the pandemic. Julie is not one of them.

    boban61boban6117 hours ago
  • One of my fave characters!

    Joseph ChenJoseph Chen18 hours ago
  • You are hilarious. I hope you get famous!

    VikVik19 hours ago
  • The😂

    Mr.NelloxxMr.Nelloxx19 hours ago
  • YEAH

    Isabely MadalenaIsabely Madalena19 hours ago
  • It ain't over till we say its over!

    fred jasperfred jasper19 hours ago
  • Your acting is sooooooooo good!!!!!

    Sandeep JayaramSandeep Jayaram19 hours ago
  • love those CBC socks

    BlamBlam20 hours ago
  • Go. OFF. Julie! This was so cathartic to watch. People have been showing how disgusting and selfish they can be to an entirely new degree during this pandemic and it's fucking infuriating to witness. It would be one thing if these idiots were infecting themselves and dying themselves, but they're also infecting and killing others who actually give a shit. America likes to pretend we're this perfect country, but we're really just a damaged country full of selfish, bigoted, careless assholes who prioritize money and "freedom" over human lives. I know there are also good people in this country, but God DAMN IT it's hard to remind myself of that when the selfish and disgusting people are always the loudest and most destructive.

    Christopher VanGoghChristopher VanGogh20 hours ago

    luisago1luisago120 hours ago
  • Gee that's a nice ass

    Sanderen XSanderen X21 hour ago
  • As a Canadian living in the U.S.... I feel the patient accurately represents American leadership.

    Ginger CunliffeGinger Cunliffe21 hour ago
  • Injecting Lysol, ha!!!

    mackmack22 hours ago
  • Not that funny

    marius du Plooymarius du Plooy22 hours ago
  • 3 cheers!!!

    Mega WarMega War23 hours ago
  • girl, you are phenomenal

    Joan MJoan M23 hours ago
  • "I got sensible epidemics" looool

    Danilo ArrudaDanilo ArrudaDay ago
  • I like your drunk mirror you so much, can you please make more of it?

    DgDgDay ago
  • Yup. That's about right.

    Revamped OutdoorsRevamped OutdoorsDay ago
  • You're gorgeous and your videos are awesome!

    Black BuleBlack BuleDay ago
  • Yes I do make my own rules. I'm not property of any Government. I will live and die as nature intended... FREE. unsubscribed.

    Ian HillmanIan HillmanDay ago
  • Wow. Thanks for this great contribution to the biggest crisis in our lifetime. You have really succeeded in the following: - Proving once and for all that women can be both cute and funny at the same time - Solving medical mysteries that have puzzled doctors for the last 6 months - Uplifting and empowering women Well done, keep up the good work.

    klaar nouklaar nouDay ago
    • The short answer is no. 🤨

      woiour loinwoiour loinDay ago
  • This is literally everyone in my neighborhood 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    loverrleeloverrleeDay ago
    • alone.

      woiour loinwoiour loinDay ago
  • shes great

    El Último SoñadorEl Último SoñadorDay ago
  • You Are Over The Top Right On ,Thank You !!!

    greg schultzgreg schultzDay ago
  • Those CBC socks are incredible!!! 🧦

    The Primal DesireThe Primal DesireDay ago
  • I was SO disheartened to see this video, as I’ve been a big fan of yours up until now. But seeing you sell out and push this ridiculous narrative that has been completely debunked over and over is just so incredibly disappointing. I still think you’re funny, but this was a huge misstep. Please, do some actual research on this “pandemic” and the horrific fallout from the lockdowns, the complete ineffectiveness and *dangers* of masks, etc.. before you try to make any more videos on the subject. As someone with a popular, public platform, spreading false information is a dangerous thing. Thanks, and have a great day.

    J SJ SDay ago
  • Completely doubled up laughing here. Instead of fetal-position terror. Thanks Jules.

    Paul HellardPaul HellardDay ago
  • Julie You're great. I found the doctor ridiculous and the person wanting to see their parents as normal. Not sure that's what you meant, but it worked for me. Your nurse friend may not be the wisest friend you have.

    Angela RasmussenAngela RasmussenDay ago
  • Nossa, poderia ser um bolsominio. Só que mais tranquilo, um estilo que é só burro mesmo, sem a parte agressiva.

    Maiara FreitasMaiara FreitasDay ago
  • Justin Trudeau's not going to be happy that you're wearing his socks!!!!!!

    woiour loinwoiour loinDay ago
  • That chick in blue is gorgeous.

    forthetrullzforthetrullzDay ago
    • Oh my god the socks ❤️❤️❤️

      woiour loinwoiour loinDay ago
  • Healthcare worker here. I work with COVID-19 patients. This type of frustration is in the back of my mind constantly. People don't seen to understand unless they see it up close and personal. And I've seen plenty of young people debilitated by this. It's not just older adults. The only thing I'd change is that the doctor would be wearing a mask.

    Laura AleshireLaura AleshireDay ago
  • She is desperate to become an actress - borne out by the comments SHE has written. Don't give up your day job!

    Merv SilisMerv SilisDay ago
  • Where do these idiots come from? Some idiots will do anything to be on youtube.

    Merv SilisMerv SilisDay ago
  • You are the best cure for the misery that COVID has brought me. Thank you Julie!

    wade170wade170Day ago
  • your acting skills are genuinely very impressive!

    Jordan CooperJordan CooperDay ago
  • I’m so grateful that my father died before all this. It would be terrible to have him alone at the end of his life. I’d rather die of Covid 19 than to have one of my family members die alone.

    Jay ColeJay ColeDay ago
  • The short answer is no. 🤨

    James RemusJames RemusDay ago
  • 0.4% in the U.S. will die from this. I would ship this doc to China, she sounds like a communist.

    woodpecker singswoodpecker singsDay ago
  • Was expecting "Doc" to pull out a tranquilizer gun, saying: "Now we're playing by my rules!"

    zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsvDay ago
  • Loved her alter ego crazy lady!

    Paul BradburyPaul BradburyDay ago
    • No, the lockdown has not ended yet, Julie. We will inform you when the time comes. Until then, stay in your house and don't go outside. Remember, one look at the monsters

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsvDay ago
  • The CBC socks are awesome

    YuuupYuuupDay ago
  • Julie Nolke is my Dream Girls...

    Scottie RayScottie RayDay ago
  • OMG, I don't know how this video could be more perfect. It makes a point so clearly and with humor I think even the open up people might get it. Thank you for doing this

    Rob DRob DDay ago
  • Not only you are funny, but also I love the fact that your videos are never clickbait :')

    Agustín VisAgustín VisDay ago
  • The CBC socks really complete the look

    drumguy2007drumguy2007Day ago
  • Oh my god the socks ❤️❤️❤️

    zestypingzestypingDay ago
  • She’s like the female Ryan George

    Mojo the Helper MonkeyMojo the Helper MonkeyDay ago
  • This channel is really cringe

    Avengers: The Investing InitiativeAvengers: The Investing InitiativeDay ago
  • OMG how amazing is Julie !!! I have been following her videos recently and all of them are good !!!

    Akhil VemulaAkhil VemulaDay ago
    • 230k Views in 1 day! Congratulations

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooDay ago
  • Just saw you in Working Mums on Netflix, more Nolke on my tv please, you are funny

    creationofmadnesscreationofmadnessDay ago
  • I have those same shoes!!! The slip-ons!!!!! Haha love it!

    Cc MCc M2 days ago
    • How long till you realized it's the same woman playing both characters?

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooDay ago
  • narc

    bestguytoeverexistbestguytoeverexist2 days ago
  • Maybe I’ll marry another Canadian now that I’m single . They sure are funny.

    xrmwehoxrmweho2 days ago
  • Yes I would like to speak to the CEO of coronavirus please. Yes I'll hold.

    CMBurns18CMBurns182 days ago
  • Nailed it on the head!!! All my thoughts lol

    kyle Irvingkyle Irving2 days ago
  • Jazz Cabbage

    K DargoK Dargo2 days ago
  • No, the lockdown has not ended yet, Julie. We will inform you when the time comes. Until then, stay in your house and don't go outside. Remember, one look at the monsters and you will die. Have a nice day. From the President of the U.S, Alexander Graham Bell

    Ali AsimAli Asim2 days ago
  • I love how the patient doesn't know what to do with her legs. Loved the CBC socks.

    Adina LesperanceAdina Lesperance2 days ago
  • Me: WEAR MASKS Me: oh wait it’s one woman oh yeah

    Donutsandmusicaltheatre areamazingDonutsandmusicaltheatre areamazing2 days ago
  • I am a RN and that was hilarious

    MrBlueregardMrBlueregard2 days ago
  • Woh Doc with the F bomb lol I know I've dropped a few of those in these annoying times.

    SydneysssSydneysss2 days ago
  • She reminds me a lot like Winona Ryder.

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo2 days ago
  • spits on the subway..." What does that mean?

    Mel D.Mel D.2 days ago
    • “Tom Hanks, look at me” sharp writing Julie - fun funny video - had tears in eyes from LOL!!

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo2 days ago
  • OMG, just love the socks!!!

    Denis DuguayDenis Duguay2 days ago
  • How long till you realized it's the same woman playing both characters?

    Chris ParrotChris Parrot2 days ago
    • I confess it took a few minutes to be sure.

      SableagleSableagleDay ago
  • 230k Views in 1 day! Congratulations

    Chris ParrotChris Parrot2 days ago
  • The crazy looking lady reminds me of a Kate McKinnon character 😂

    qumquatqumquat2 days ago
  • The HOAX isn't over

    BLUBLUDBLUBLUD2 days ago