it's time to move on | Growing Up Eileen Season 4 EP 1 (FULL EPISODE)

Eileen and her family are finally moving into a new house! But it's adding stress onto Lourdes especially to keep the family on track.
Eileen is a rising Hispanic influencer, and her mom Lourdes is the matriarch of the family. Eileen is talented but she is truly influenced by her crazy and opinionated mom and aunts. Lourdes is the ultimate “momager”. Eileen is growing up, but at the end of the day family is everything!
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Eileen: bbyeileen
Lourdes: lnl_makeupartist
Lilly: lillyesparza
Armando: djr_mando
Elinna: bbyelinna
Created By: Kevin Stalker
Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Producers: Kevin Stalker, Jackie Merry, and Lourdes Padilla
Director: Kevin Stalker
Line Producer: Vanessa Naive
Associate Producer: Omid Afshar
Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Golnar Fakhrai
Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
Sound Mixer: Rommel Suniga
Production Assistant: Ethan Lee and Emily Parsons
Editor: Fay Robles
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  • When Eileen talked about Armando’s virginity you could tell he was embarrassed af by how high his voice went 🤣

    Johanna MinchalaJohanna Minchala19 hours ago
  • Lourdes: I cant believe we've lived in this house for 6 years Me: (looking at my house, realizing that I've lived here for 10 years)?!

    Nashad OmarNashad Omar4 days ago
  • Ahhhh i love Lily

  • Maria Cazares Wilmington Lourdes and Eileen and Dad Yaaas and Growing and 👆🍦😄🌹✌👪 and Family

    Maria CazaresMaria Cazares7 days ago
  • I knew it, them moving out was the opening of season 4

    ColdclearblueColdclearblue15 days ago
  • Eileen gained weight... but it’s good.

    ColdclearblueColdclearblue15 days ago
  • La cabrona

    Alejandra SilvaAlejandra Silva20 days ago
  • Oh I saw her house tour on her own Channel I thinkkkk my bad

    Dianas 4EVERDianas 4EVER20 days ago
  • Dude am I trippin?? But I thought they had already moved into that new house??

    Dianas 4EVERDianas 4EVER20 days ago
  • Did lourdes get her ass done

    doram339doram33928 days ago
  • Elina is me 18:43 haha

    Destiny HermosilloDestiny Hermosillo28 days ago
  • i miss lily...

    Karima SelmaKarima Selma29 days ago
  • Yes that's a good idea if y'all go to different city's or states

    Maria IsabelMaria IsabelMonth ago
  • Im so glad I didnt buy that product, right when I saw her story I went to the website wanting to purchase it but then backed out

    Merari SsMerari SsMonth ago
  • I got so emotional! I can't wait for my family to experience the same thing!

    Jazmin MiguelJazmin MiguelMonth ago
  • best feeling ever is when your brother gives you his clothes lmaoo

    leah Calderonleah CalderonMonth ago
  • are mi amigas coming to Phoenix? Where mi casa is at? 2020 yass!

    Jazmin MiguelJazmin MiguelMonth ago

    celeste gonzalezceleste gonzalezMonth ago
  • An Amigas Tour... I wanna see that🤩

    Evelin CastanonEvelin CastanonMonth ago
  • I love how humble and grateful they are for everything, even the little things. This USproject Chanel has taught me a bunch of lessons! I love you guys so much 💗

    Tjae 16Tjae 16Month ago
  • Lourdes: I’ve been packing all the things without help Regular Hispanic mom: ven ayudar que tu no ayudas en nada o mejor te doy “haaa” 🇸🇻😳

    Giselle Cas. M.Giselle Cas. M.Month ago
  • Lourdes relax. Your always giving attitude and your always mad and screaming. You want everything perfect🙄🙄🙄

    Ashley TecorralAshley TecorralMonth ago
  • Come to WASHINGTON!!!!

    yulissa cuevasyulissa cuevasMonth ago
  • Lourdes laughing as she realizes that the rusty old music thing was actually worth $700 and she wanted to get rid of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💙

    marlin sanchezmarlin sanchezMonth ago
  • what’s her yt???

    Always BoredAlways BoredMonth ago
  • I missed this series seriously so much

    Athina LoembaAthina LoembaMonth ago
  • 21:02 Eileen had a GLOW UP

    Gaby MenchacaGaby MenchacaMonth ago
  • my best friend’s last name is padilla😗

    wendy aranawendy aranaMonth ago
  • Her dads words at the end omg cry 😭 Your little sister changed her face expression real quick hearing your dad words . Congrats for the new house 👏

    Betty PastranaBetty PastranaMonth ago
  • where is eileen’s track suit from , it’s so pretty !

    alondra jimenezalondra jimenezMonth ago
  • The ending was beautiful. Hearing her talk about the struggles of owning a home was beautiful.

    E PE PMonth ago
  • Dallas 🥺

    Jocelyne GongoraJocelyne GongoraMonth ago
  • You’re teaching her a lesson for having her own life? 🤦🏽‍♀️ for not being with her sister 24/7 😂

    Jasmin LopezJasmin LopezMonth ago
  • All I can say Eileen had a huge glow up 😂

    Nachaly VergezNachaly VergezMonth ago
  • “Armando when he lost his virginity upstairs” 🤣

    Joselyn FloresJoselyn FloresMonth ago
  • Come to phoenix

    Lesly RodriguezLesly RodriguezMonth ago
  • Remember we Saw You at skyzone

    Martha MoralesMartha MoralesMonth ago
  • Finally

    Nani LopezNani LopezMonth ago
  • Can't wait in tell Saturday!!!

    Joceline MendezJoceline MendezMonth ago
  • Raunchy!!!!!? Dude that's a record player. People pay hundreds for that "ugly brown box."

    Molly LoveMolly LoveMonth ago
  • I just love this family soooo much. #familygoals♥️

    lencheena pertinlencheena pertinMonth ago
  • “How do you know it plays music?” “because it looks like it” 😂 Cutest little girl!!!

    Sailen RamirezSailen RamirezMonth ago
  • When is this amigas tour !!! I need to know

    Isabel AyalaIsabel AyalaMonth ago
  • Wait Ik I’m late but like what is Eileen Starbucks drink called?🤔

    Nadia MijangosNadia MijangosMonth ago
  • Why does lily want to get into every thing 😂 no hate 💀

    Marielena charcoMarielena charcoMonth ago
  • GROWING UP EILEEN. Im so glad to finally see a season 4❤

    lillie mellillie melMonth ago
  • I miss you all ❤️ may God bless you're family

    Jae BlancoJae BlancoMonth ago
  • Oh my goodness yass I wanna meet Eileen and Lourdes!!! PLEASE PLEASE COME TO CHARLOTTE NC!!❤️❤️

    Lola cherrycolaLola cherrycolaMonth ago

    Zayda HernandezZayda HernandezMonth ago
  • 18:45 SHE IS MY MOOD lmfaoooooo

    leleleleMonth ago
  • Do one in Ontario California too !!

    Corina AraCorina AraMonth ago
  • Hi I love your vedes

    stephanie estradastephanie estradaMonth ago
  • I love these full episodes 😍🤩

    Yumalay BecerraYumalay BecerraMonth ago
  • I’ve been waiting for thissss!! 💞🥺

    Kamiah VlogsKamiah VlogsMonth ago
  • “I’m not taking this drama” lmao I felt that

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMonth ago
  • Omggg yessss

    Ceda WihongiCeda WihongiMonth ago

    angela tapiaangela tapiaMonth ago
  • Finallyyyyy

    maria yanesmaria yanesMonth ago
    • What a bunch of total cunts.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMonth ago
  • when she started speaking spanish that’s when yk she’s already fed up 😭💀

    misolou foutmisolou foutMonth ago
  • Omg I love watching you guys !!!!

    Caren CastrejonCaren CastrejonMonth ago