Jamie Foxx Interviews Vince Vaughn || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Vince Vaughn and Jamie Foxx get real about acting inspirations, improv, and fatherhood in this Grey Goose production. #ad #OffScript
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    ThrillistThrillistYear ago
    • why this stuff gotta be 10minutes, let em go for at least 45min this lil show is great but too short.

      MurkyWaterzMurkyWaterzYear ago
    • Can Jamie Foxx interview Jamie Foxx for "Robin Hood"?

      Gerald BryantGerald BryantYear ago
  • Grait actor Vince and you only young still man👍

    Hamid Bruno LouaniHamid Bruno Louani5 days ago
  • He was low key shooting is shot 😂😂

    Heyy ArRieHeyy ArRie8 days ago
  • Code for banging loads of birds i loved meeting people loool

    leadfarmerleadfarmer13 days ago
  • why are these so short??? Please guys give us at least 20 to 30 mins

    Rae of LifeRae of LifeMonth ago
  • I wouldn’t think these two guys would have nothing in common but I’m surprised..they seem like buds

    Harv06Harv06Month ago
  • Platinum 🥰😘😍

    GlenediaGlenedia2 months ago
  • that is a ugly sweatshirt for sure...

    nickles75nickles752 months ago

    ChoosenickeyChoosenickey2 months ago
  • lolol omg Vinny filled it on Jamie!!!!!!

    ChoosenickeyChoosenickey2 months ago
  • hmmmmmm

    Lemar FrenchLemar French2 months ago
  • From wedding Crashers to interview Crashers...hey Vince you are still the same... hijacked the interview!!

    JaguarJaguar3 months ago
  • Jaime Fox makes certain a flood of compliments, about his own accomplishments, are edited into every episode. That’s cracking me up. His brilliance is matched by his arrogance. Without both, he wouldn’t be here.

    AnjaniAnjani3 months ago
  • "To tall for life" lol

    Patrick DawsonPatrick Dawson3 months ago
  • Have a Coke n a smile

    SolSol4 months ago
  • Thats a fucking trailer.????

    Dimitri. L. Clark.Dimitri. L. Clark.4 months ago
  • I loved meeting people. That was good.

    Electronics Gadgets etc.Electronics Gadgets etc.4 months ago
  • That sweater is dope!

    Kenny205Kenny2055 months ago
  • Two greats

    John KaitlynJohn Kaitlyn5 months ago
  • Off Script is Jamie's secret classroom to study actors to do new impressions 😄

    MyMusicLuvMyMusicLuv5 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn is the best best friend anyone could ever imagine. He sees who people truly are and has the most wonderful way of testifying to that truth!!

    gblack49gblack495 months ago
  • I fell in love with Vince Vaughn in The Cell (with Jennifer Lopez)

    Christa-leigh JohnsonChrista-leigh Johnson5 months ago
    • Thank you. Someone else acknowledged this film. Highly underrated. I want a sequel with all the same cast

      Jasmine BischofJasmine BischofMonth ago
  • Season 2 needs to come out already

    Miguel ChevresMiguel Chevres6 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn is an awful trash human

    VincentVincent6 months ago
  • Two of my favorite actors and comedians (artist).

    squaredcircle athleticssquaredcircle athletics6 months ago
  • I like you fox, You're dangerous man, I like you, But you're crazyy.

    Flex PiperFlex Piper6 months ago
  • Bring Steve Harvey to this show !!!

    Sharingan EyeSharingan Eye6 months ago
  • brilliant .

    Barrie WrightBarrie Wright7 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn looks like a family guy character

    Braulio GuzmanBraulio Guzman7 months ago
  • why is this so short????

    Satish SewgobindSatish Sewgobind7 months ago
  • Lmao that boy out there doing drugs. No cap that’s grandmas.

    The Guy That Game'sThe Guy That Game's7 months ago
  • Two of the most naturally charismatic men in Hollywood. Do NOT leave your girl around them.

    GunkGunk7 months ago
  • Vince is 6' 5" if anyone is interested. ❤

    BehindTheThroneBehindTheThrone7 months ago
  • I need more of these interview lol

    JRD827JRD8277 months ago
  • Vaughn nails it very insightful! Foxx is dangerous! with so many gifts & talents it's no wonder he captured Hollywood with longevity in a way most couldn't, in the same way he would command a woman's attention.

    Ronald DavidRonald David9 months ago
  • love Vince Vaughn

    Chanz SandovalChanz Sandoval9 months ago
  • I wish these interviews were longer . . . like podcast long . . .

    JoJoJoJo9 months ago
  • I ❤️ Vince Vaughn! (And of course Old School 😭😭)

    Desiree TaylorDesiree Taylor10 months ago
  • Vince and Jamie have such a great chemistry they should have a sitcom,talk show,or movie together.

    DM HunterDM Hunter10 months ago
  • By far the funniest White guy in my opinion

    BIGROOBIGROO10 months ago
  • They def they just a mason or I wouldn’t be bothered

    Laura WhiteLaura White10 months ago
  • 2 guys that say they love listening, talking over each other in agreement 🤔

    dominicroman3dominicroman311 months ago
  • Jamie is a great listener. He makes all the guests relaxed and engage in the conversation. He reminds me of Graham Norton. He is also a great story teller.

    Tom ITom I11 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn needs to do more movies

    Saucy PapiSaucy Papi11 months ago
  • Vince was trying to be calm the whole interview but we saw that fast talking guy from wedding crashers in the end.

    Max PayneMax Payne11 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn Chicago' very own: straight from the mean streets of Lake Bluff....lol.

    Too Blessed847Too Blessed84711 months ago
  • You can't say "get in here" and give a one armed hug

    pappapYear ago
  • thumbs up

    Deborah Ann FrederickDeborah Ann FrederickYear ago
  • Super akward at the end... Sounds like someone wanted a illuminati break

    Prince solPrince solYear ago
  • Not in a bad way but if the cameras were off this shit wud have ended up at a strip club dahhahahah, Jamie blushed wen Vaughn said he was a bad man lol too funny

    Ngatai RataNgatai RataYear ago
  • Vince pumps Jamie haaaaard at the end then Jamie shuts it down dahahhahahahaahah, Vince owned him hard, he felt uncomfortable, never seen him like that

    Ngatai RataNgatai RataYear ago
  • Dangerous men Foxx, an understatement by every means.

    Maurice LavergneMaurice LavergneYear ago
  • Vince Vaughn's delivery as an actor is everything! He is one of my favorites.

    Shawnee WayneShawnee WayneYear ago
  • Why are these pieces only 8 min long when it's a promotion of vodka grey goose and there host and good guest don't even get half way thru the glass lololol let's make this a little longer say how about ONE DRINK AS THEY SAY

    Jason-doc- HolidayJason-doc- HolidayYear ago
  • Vince is polish Magic.

    Pip FlynnPip FlynnYear ago
  • He didn't want to share anymore air with Vaughan. Fox called that early!

    David BlackmanDavid BlackmanYear ago
  • Vince Vaughn is Chuck Schumer, a Shape-shifting Demon!

    Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/MalakGood Messenger Jennifer 2.0/MalakYear ago
  • Great show

    Polo PPolo PYear ago
  • I love how Vince actually recognised Jamie's talent!! Jamie is great at everything he does!

    Nicola StarNicola StarYear ago
  • #BRAWL

    RaRa B.RaRa B.Year ago