Kanye West - Closed On Sunday

Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Cody Ryder
Producer: Joe Faulstich
DP: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Company: Park Pictures
VFX: Chris Buongiorno
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Creative Direction: Angel Boyd




  • He’s talking about the antichrist. Not christ himself.

    bxrvtbxrvtHour ago
  • Rap and fear god-kanye west

    RowelEdna BdiegoRowelEdna BdiegoHour ago
  • Do you like fish sticks?

    Satsuki's JourneySatsuki's JourneyHour ago
  • Is kanye still selling?

    Barry RamírezBarry Ramírez2 hours ago
  • Why closed on Sunday ?

    Manie de BruinManie de Bruin2 hours ago
  • Hey kanye you better run yo white jesus ass over there and stop kim from launching the glitz and glam collection. I'm sure your white christ wont like that

    Zion IzlegendZion Izlegend2 hours ago
  • Shit gay bro

    Zion IzlegendZion Izlegend2 hours ago
  • Your the new Jezebel. Even Jezebel her self will speak about herself. She allow herself to be put down. To make men believe they had the power over themself.

    luis Santiagoluis Santiago3 hours ago
  • Ooooop

    mikado studiomikado studio3 hours ago
  • And I'm Kanye West

    Sayoz respubilkSayoz respubilk4 hours ago
  • I'm confused at the concept of this video the only thing that made sense was kris k coming out of a tank mad max style if that tells you anything lol

    jaxxcaponejaxxcapone5 hours ago
  • Who else got goosebumps when the choir started singing?

    Kevin SmithKevin Smith7 hours ago
  • 1:32 why does that beat sounds familair?! It’s driving me nuts! Figured it out it sounds EXACTLY like dark horse by katy Perry just a higher note and faster

    Kelsey KleynenbergKelsey Kleynenberg7 hours ago
  • So is he gonna sell all his possessions and follow Christ? Possibly use the money from this album to feed starving people and humbly serve God? Or will he double down on the Joel Osteen prosperity gospel vibe and buy another jet and keep living that Kardashian lifestyle?

    ghostduster1ghostduster18 hours ago
  • I can’t lie this go hard

    Trending NBA Games HighlightsTrending NBA Games Highlights8 hours ago
  • It looks like an apocslypse.

    D.B.AD.B.A9 hours ago
  • The choir part gave me goosebumps shit so good

    Rayz GraphixsRayz Graphixs10 hours ago
  • Lil uzi disliked

    mr illuminati204mr illuminati20410 hours ago
  • Doing good brother

    Legend GamerLegend Gamer11 hours ago
  • Bro I’m just waiting for the beat to drop

    Britishperson 10Britishperson 1011 hours ago
  • The scene with Kanye in the middle of the choir singing around him is absolutely EPIC

    Eli SuaveEli Suave11 hours ago

    Rae ChristianRae Christian11 hours ago
  • This dedicated to chick fil a

    Blackwolf100173 GamerBlackwolf100173 Gamer11 hours ago
  • this christmas music is straight up fire no cap.

    DylzvnDylzvn12 hours ago
  • This is the worst fucking song I've ever heard. Kanye has lost his fucking mind. Man's retarded now. Kim ruined him.

    nightchickensnightchickens13 hours ago
  • I think he ate too many member-berries

    DerRollende RolloDerRollende Rollo13 hours ago
  • Didn’t Kanye sell his soul Well everybody know he did so which god he’s praying to

    Shen_fuenteShen_fuente14 hours ago
  • This sound like a song in a jordan peele film

    LukeLuke14 hours ago
  • He is like hands down the worst musician ever. Why people feed into his dumb ego I have no clue. And Kim Kardashian is actually smart. So why is she supporting his dumb ass.

    MySunAndStarsMySunAndStars14 hours ago
  • He's amazing. God bless him

    Sean DearthSean Dearth14 hours ago
  • All rappers go back to the Creator

    og babaog baba14 hours ago
  • I like this song because I like to be family!!!!

    The KilliansThe Killians15 hours ago
  • I'm scared

    Mariah MohammedMariah Mohammed15 hours ago
  • I guess he a cult guy

    24 g24 g15 hours ago
  • Can he rap any slower

    24 g24 g15 hours ago
  • Like usual it sucks he sojourns ds like a slow reader boaring instrumentals

    24 g24 g15 hours ago
  • Thanks for the music ......even though y’all don’t know nothing about hard life ✌️

    Shen_fuenteShen_fuente15 hours ago
  • 🐐

    Anthony 5050Anthony 505015 hours ago
  • Now that you have this new revelation Kanye, please redo Jesus Walks. Loving what Jesus is doing in you my brother. Welcome Home!!!

    Cornerstone MinistryCornerstone Ministry15 hours ago
  • It looks like a char hart ad

    Riot short filmsRiot short films15 hours ago