Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas

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Music video by Katy Perry performing Cozy Little Christmas. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC




  • It is great!

    mixail antonoffmixail antonoff17 minutes ago
  • My favorite Christmas Song 😍😍😍😍

    M MM M19 minutes ago
  • Those born on Dec 2 are possessed of tremendous spirit. No matter how small their physical frame, they will exert an influence on their surroundings far beyond what one might expect on first meeting them. It is only when seen in action that they really shine. So MAGICAL is their effect that those involved with them may sometimes feel as if they've been hit with a bolo punch.

    Cyber UnitCyber Unit30 minutes ago
  • Amazing Christmas 👑🎄👏👏👏👏👏👏🎄👑2019/20👍✌

    Kurt BoehmKurt Boehm49 minutes ago
  • Katy sure does love Christmas ❤

    ū ω ūū ω ū53 minutes ago
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  • Great song and nice video, thanks for posting!!! My best wishes (in particular, Christmas wishes) to you, Katy!!!! Kisses and kind regards from Barcelona, Joan (John in Catalan)

    Joan76LiJoan76LiHour ago
  • 0:54 , 1:17 , 2:00 , 2:15

    Senthil k4Senthil k4Hour ago
  • i like this

    Senthil k4Senthil k4Hour ago
  • Cool! ❤️❤️❤️

    Алина КамчаткинаАлина КамчаткинаHour ago
  • She is underrated because everything you hear on the radio is trash

    Jose OrozcoJose OrozcoHour ago
  • Four Of Diamonds - Cozy Little Christmas (Cover) usproject.info/it/video/3Gu1pYdp06iknqA

    Pedro GarciaPedro Garcia2 hours ago
  • LOVE❤︎

    よしみゆきよしみゆき2 hours ago
  • 100

    balkans musicbalkans music2 hours ago

    Jayjay DoriaJayjay Doria3 hours ago

    Jayjay DoriaJayjay Doria3 hours ago
  • Happy 10m views !! That's weird but it's true

    Osaku TrầnOsaku Trần3 hours ago
  • views on Amazon Music🤩

    Roger IbáñezRoger Ibáñez3 hours ago
  • She looks like Cinderella on that red hair😍

    Chamily ChamilyChamily Chamily3 hours ago
  • Christmas is in winter Katy : Nah lets make it in summer but with an Xmas theme

    Robert FlahiveRobert Flahive4 hours ago
  • 10.085

    balkans musicbalkans music4 hours ago
  • Katy, you're the queen of christmas, =)

    Cristiano PáscoaCristiano Páscoa4 hours ago
  • 10 m views

    Sa BhrmzSa Bhrmz4 hours ago
  • I was hereat 400k views

    Princess_Greenleaf _xxPrincess_Greenleaf _xx5 hours ago
  • Christmas is a religious marking. A birthday of Jesus. The man that explained God to us, that talked anti materialism more than any. And what do people with urges like rats do ? We pull stash home from stores like obsessed, gorge on food like it was the last time you ever eat. It is my opinion that if we can not honor the real meaning of this day, we can just as well stop doing it and go back to work like any other day. Because this is low frequency like we see in so many other occasions, people drift from the original idea of it and give in to its most primitive basic urges. Again.

    Tarsan97Tarsan975 hours ago
  • The more she post,the more underrated it gets :(((

    Linh Gia NguyenLinh Gia Nguyen5 hours ago
  • Go kathy perry.. whoever who poke this ill poke you back..too tnx

    Wilma's channelWilma's channel5 hours ago
  • Who is here after 10 million? Hit a like to show your love for katy🥰

    Biswadeb BasuBiswadeb Basu6 hours ago
  • I don't care what hair color or whatever Katy Perry does to her hair. For me, she is still the same woman who inspired me and I will continue supporting her no matter what. 😊

    J VJ V6 hours ago
  • 사랑해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    ᄎᄋᄒᄎᄋᄒ6 hours ago
  • Katty Parry ❤️ Love Lioninzook 1.Wish Key 2.Tool Eki 3.Pink Slot 4.Smooth Lock 5.Cozy Christmas 6.Play Station 7.Strawberry Spears 8.Handsome Lioninzook 9. The love I'm 1. 10.Shaking Bottom 11.Kia Tim 2019 - 2025 ❤️

    Eki Atim IsaputraEki Atim Isaputra6 hours ago
  • Tìm mãi không thấy cmt của bạn việt nam nào nhể..bận đi bão seagame 30 roài.

    Phuong DangPhuong Dang6 hours ago
  • Katy Perry look more beautiful when she dye hair black

    Muhammad ZafarMuhammad Zafar6 hours ago
  • After this song I am become katty's big fan...

    Ruma AhmedRuma Ahmed7 hours ago
  • I miss Dave my old bestie

    Glenda MillerGlenda Miller8 hours ago
  • What a cute video :) Love the song.

    Maris FrenchMaris French8 hours ago
  • I came here from amazon music lmfao

    Nick PetrellaNick Petrella8 hours ago