Lamar Jackson Ridiculous 47 Yard Touchdown Run | Ravens vs. Bengals | NFL

Lamar Jackson Ridiculous 47 Yard Touchdown Run | Ravens vs. Bengals | NFL
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  • And yes, he _can_ throw.

    Charles UrbanCharles Urban5 days ago
  • One of the top highlights ever, at least as impressive as the ODBJ 1-Hand. Such a beautiful fake handoff, then, instead of being pushed outside, makes just the perfect cut between the defenders and his own downed man, then that spin move...omG!

    Jack WoodsJack Woods5 days ago
  • It hurts to be a bengals fan...

    ImTwiss YTImTwiss YT7 days ago
  • Lamar Jackson is the next Michael Vick!!! He's the new Michael Vick!!! I 🖤 #8 LJ!!! Let's go Ravens!!! Ravens Flock!!! Lamar Jackson is the best dual threat quarterback in the NFL!!! He's the truth!!! I love this kid!!! He's special!!! He's the man!!! He's going to take the ravens to the Superbowl!!! Let's go Ravens!!! Ravens Flock!!! I 🖤 #8 LJ!!! I love Lamar Jackson!!!

    Jake WilsonJake Wilson7 days ago
  • he is prone to injuries with this style of playing,i hope it won't happen tho !

    • KINGDANNI no. Staying in the pocket getting tackled by 300 pounders hurts quarterbacks. Going getting tackled by corners is way less damaging

      Geron FletcherGeron Fletcher9 hours ago
  • ridiculous Sport in regards to Soccer ;-)

    James OnedinJames Onedin8 days ago
  • The fact he could do this against the Bengals is so amazing.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne9 days ago
  • Let's just thank God Kevin Harlin was on the call instead of someone like Al Michaels or Dick Stockton

    MajicMajic9 days ago
    • Joe buck: Jackson....jackson....jackson....into the endzone.

      Mr.RidleyMr.Ridley6 days ago
  • Dudes on rookie mode

    Blake CrawfordBlake Crawford9 days ago
  • God was playing Madden.

    Eric WilbertEric Wilbert10 days ago
  • He eventually will get knocked out of commission. All running QB's do. Name one that won a Superbowl ? And not one that runs every once in a while and slides. We're talking one that runs all the time like Lamar.

    Eugene russEugene russ10 days ago
  • Beautiful!!!

    Chris BChris B10 days ago
  • Iv never seen someone stop at drop of dime like this not even runnin backs this man is blesed with great arm also mvp nfls ratings go up

    Rocko AlvarezRocko Alvarez11 days ago
    • Rocko Alvarez his jukes are the best in the league and he’s a QB that’s not fair lol

      Geron FletcherGeron Fletcher6 days ago
  • I cant stop watching highlights this a once in lifetime thing so im bettin it all with ravens im lovin this awsum

    Rocko AlvarezRocko Alvarez11 days ago
  • Fuck the nfl negroes fake locks

    Briana ParksBriana Parks11 days ago
  • The Ultimate battle : Kevin Harlan vs Gus Johnson

    Orbitz _Orbitz _12 days ago
    • It's an absolute travesty that they don't let Gus call NFL games anymore.

      Charles UrbanCharles Urban5 days ago
    • Great comment. Gus is my favorite. He could announce a chess match and i would be entertained. He should be doing madden

      Anti- EstablishmentAnti- Establishment10 days ago
  • Nah. Lamar LITERALLY broke a Texans DBs ankle the following week. 😐And no one is talking about it.

    trufiend138trufiend13812 days ago
  • Now yall wanna support the ravens

    Quay GrantQuay Grant12 days ago
  • That spin was clean as fuck I thought I saw him glitch out like the Matrix

    gearsofengineergearsofengineer12 days ago
  • Nick Vigil called the cops after this play

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealersiONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers13 days ago
  • Me avoiding homework by feeding it to my dog

    Cristian GonzalesCristian Gonzales13 days ago
  • keep in mind he is making PROFESSIONAL football players look silly

    Dezmon ZunigaDezmon Zuniga13 days ago
  • Broke ankles fam!👑👑👑

    frank millerfrank miller14 days ago
  • My mfkn QB! Let's Go Ravens 💜🖤💪🏻

    Matt ChristopherMatt Christopher15 days ago
    • Let's go RAVENS

      iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealersiONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers13 days ago
  • Goat!!

    martha kentmartha kent15 days ago
  • For u ravens fans at the end of this play I see your right tackle 47 yards downfield in the endzone. This is a fired up ballclub.

    Derrick JohnsonDerrick Johnson16 days ago
  • That's it ?!?!? Jaysus .. the way the sports jocks were talking, I thought it would be GAYLE SAYERS stuff... COME ON with the CONSTANT bogus rants !! ;P

    Taxi Talk NYCTaxi Talk NYC16 days ago
  • Lamar plays like a kid on the play ground

    Bucck JonesBucck Jones16 days ago
  • MVP

    Zach BrownZach Brown16 days ago
  • That's what playing madden with fios connection is like

    Amechi MangroverAmechi Mangrover16 days ago
  • That's exactly how I react to a devastating KO watching ufc lol OHH!

    _mvphx_mvphx16 days ago
  • The entire city of Cincinatti: Pick your jocs up.

    Dwight SandersDwight Sanders17 days ago
  • Call the cops

    913dodger913dodger17 days ago
  • Why would anyone dislike this video?!

    Cameron TuckerCameron Tucker17 days ago

    Ares BealAres Beal17 days ago
  • As a browns fan we have a helmet for him too

    Eric MiksanekEric Miksanek17 days ago
  • Let me see him throw a ridiculous pass...until then, I'm not impressed. Cam, Vick, RG3, it all before. Somebody's gonna light him up and cool him off. I nominate Vontaze Burfict.

    Ivan WatersIvan Waters17 days ago
    • He's already broke records bruh in my opinion he's better than vick

      WeebKage81WeebKage8112 days ago
    • Ivan Waters he’s already had 2 perfect QBR games and will probably lead the NFL in QBR by week 16. You obviously don’t even watch football

      bleekeatbleekeat17 days ago
  • The ravens havemts just been winning these games are blowouts they are destroying the NFL competition . The QB rollout is a difficult play to stop and with someone who can rush well it is even harder.

  • He is like Goldberg of the NFL right now... What a monster on his deer

  • Me avoiding my school work

    Andrew SeversonAndrew Severson17 days ago