this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain




  • U look like a poser

    ImJayVlogsImJayVlogsHour ago
  • U r making it akward but it was ok u r just making us feel awkward but it's not🤦

    Nazneen kadirNazneen kadir10 hours ago
  • you are better then ne xD

    Marko MihajlovićMarko Mihajlović10 hours ago
  • Uhm... Ethan fs

    Abigail StupiAbigail Stupi18 hours ago
  • Emma u are literally the best person ever ur just a huge vibe like i-🛹🖤

    lily.editssx on ig xlily.editssx on ig xDay ago
  • me watches this video i need a skateboard now

    Felix MartinezFelix MartinezDay ago
  • Ethan skates? Ahaha

    Lesley LulandLesley LulandDay ago
  • imagine being emma chaimberlain's crush and not knowing it

    cool.cool.Day ago
  • emmas voice is like---

    Kelly LiuKelly LiuDay ago
  • She 100% likes Jack Dylan Grazer.

    a_n_n_aa_n_n_aDay ago
  • She’s not *BoArD* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a>

    Lila MahurinLila MahurinDay ago
  • I’m kinda doing this ... I’m just trying to attract skater boys😂

    mel belmel belDay ago
  • Girl don't be scared but honestly, you could of went to Walmart or Target.

    Keyla CastilloKeyla CastilloDay ago
  • Step one- get some comfy flat sole shoes

    Riky AjiRiky AjiDay ago
  • I will buy a skateboard and I need you to teach me

    Pup KittyPup KittyDay ago
  • Ethan Dolan who??

    Camila MarquesCamila Marques2 days ago
  • Yessss u don’t skate with ur foot facing forward bc most girl do dat and I have the same wheels 👀

    Londyn BLondyn B2 days ago
  • there’s different types of skaters it’s okay be yo self😌✌🏼

    Londyn BLondyn B2 days ago
  • I feel like if u call your self a skater girl then u a poser I’m not saying Emma is but I just feel like it

    Londyn BLondyn B2 days ago
  • i think its ethan

    Sofia De GioiaSofia De Gioia2 days ago
  • Ethan Dolan skates

    Gravity inverseGravity inverse2 days ago
  • Its obviously Ethan

    Aika NawaitaAika Nawaita2 days ago
  • Im sad it was only like 3 min of skate boarding

    -blossom- :p-blossom- :p2 days ago
  • Ethan Dolan skateboards 😏😏

    D.G 2007D.G 20072 days ago
  • On a girl to.

  • dont do it for a boy do it bc u love it D:

    Nicole DabrowskiNicole Dabrowski3 days ago
  • Hello, my name is Aaron Kyro, and i’m a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco bay area.

    Zara AustinZara Austin3 days ago
  • Okay but like she can actually skate, that's talent right there-

    Cassandra TranCassandra Tran3 days ago
  • Hehe Aaron would be so proud

    Mystical KoalaMystical Koala3 days ago
  • what dickies fit/style is she wearing

    Jaiden Del RosarioJaiden Del Rosario3 days ago
  • Like if yk who the boy is

    Kiowa PikeKiowa Pike3 days ago
  • can you donate the skateboard to me plis :)

    Alejandro OsorioAlejandro Osorio3 days ago
  • Ok you are the most down to earth person I’ve seen on the internet

    BlitzCreedBlitzCreed3 days ago
  • Pls tell me he can actually throw down

    Preston SimaoPreston Simao3 days ago
  • why are the bushings so squeaky

    Noah FranklinNoah Franklin3 days ago
  • I just learned how to skateboard but I know no skater bois :(

    Olivia BettsOlivia Betts4 days ago
  • Ethan Dolan!

    Maddie LiveseyMaddie Livesey4 days ago
  • Why are ppl doing this for a boy and not for themselves no hate just SAYING 🧐

    Laura Family’sLaura Family’s4 days ago
  • I’m a girl and I skateboard But none of my friends do😢 *sadness*

    ellzsxlbsellzsxlbs4 days ago
  • coffee is comforting maybe switch to tea or matcha for the same comfort

    Sierra VoorhiesSierra Voorhies4 days ago
  • i just thought of this randomly but like i barely have the energy to like a video so how do people have the energy to dislike a video

    mwahmwah4 days ago
  • Sick board

    Kong 77Kong 774 days ago
  • her board is so small LMAO but it still goes

    kim katanakim katana4 days ago
  • how bout you get a otter box then so you don't crack it

    LPSMoonLightLPSMoonLight4 days ago
  • Didn't her voice sound like jojo siwa at the start when she said whoo hey guys

    adam leonardadam leonard5 days ago
  • Are you interested in learning or develop skills? kindly subscribe trgt.ai/techieguide

  • Emma: im gonna learn some tricks ....... Jumps off skateboeard Me: 😂😂😂😂

    Sophie AyreSophie Ayre5 days ago
  • That’s cringe

    Alberto RodriguezAlberto Rodriguez5 days ago
  • i just got this feeling it was ethan... :/😔

    jaz :3jaz :35 days ago
  • When you were trying to do a trick I cried

    Bella IDKBella IDK5 days ago
  • Every 12 year old boy : OH I SKATE EMMA DATE ME Me depressed because the skater boy I liked didn't like me back: EMMA LETS CRY TOGETHER

    Claire TimourClaire Timour5 days ago
  • One word “ Ethan”

    Jessie LiJessie Li5 days ago
  • Ok ik she’s trying to learn how to skate and that’s fine but she just struck me as the biggest poser fukin ever

    Oougla BoouglaOougla Boougla5 days ago
  • her trucks are hurting my ears

    West PattersonWest Patterson5 days ago
  • i love emma’s energy in this video

    Gweneth EvansGweneth Evans5 days ago
  • The boy is Ethan

    Pet person!Pet person!5 days ago
  • Who else is here from 5/26/2020

    Aêsthêtic. CløudsAêsthêtic. Cløuds5 days ago
  • youre pretty fucking good for it being your first time

    Kate LandKate Land5 days ago
  • her: *forgets helmet* “its ok i wont do any tricks”. also her: i’m gonna learn some new tricks.

    Vaehand lailaVaehand laila5 days ago

    iistxrmxarmyiiiistxrmxarmyii5 days ago
  • Emma u look like a skater girl 😂

    Colby Br0ckColby Br0ck5 days ago
  • elle est casse- cou

    E180 TEKNOE180 TEKNO5 days ago
  • I‘m a „skater girl“ and I want a skater boy please come to me thx 🙏😂hahah

    Natalia MichelsNatalia Michels6 days ago
  • It's funny cause I just bought a skateboard so I can impress a boy but now I just realized that this boy doesn't even know I exist.

    Olivia LopezOlivia Lopez6 days ago
  • Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa you are my favorite and the Dolan twins and James SISTER SQUAD

    Payton KrugPayton Krug6 days ago
  • And people still dont see ethma...like...hello...

    I L II L I6 days ago
  • No one: Nobody: Emma Chamberlin: I like this guy..... He skateboards... OMG it’s Ethan Dolan

    Gwen HowardGwen Howard7 days ago
    • Gwen Howard too many comments like this, that’s NOT, AND I REPEAT NOTTTTTT! a tale anymore :(

      Bib1027Bib10275 days ago
  • I’m learning how to skate ahah

    Ella BawdenElla Bawden7 days ago
  • Is it ethen cause he skateboards I think

    Alanah BelangerAlanah Belanger7 days ago
    • Aaron hull. Watch sum tea vids bout it. That ass hole didn't deserve her

      Elia FellasElia Fellas7 days ago
  • Me a 13 year old: uses penny board Emma: “a penny board is like those thugs middle schoolers use” Me: well shit

    Alexa NinaAlexa Nina7 days ago
  • i’ve been binge watching ur videos all quarantine

    userwithaphatass101userwithaphatass1017 days ago
  • EtHan DoLaN sCaTE bOarDS

    Alice RichardsonAlice Richardson7 days ago
  • who else thinks that its one of the dolan twins that she likes

    Josi dejesusJosi dejesus7 days ago
  • I literally just watched this video and now I wanna skateboard soooo bad and I’m looking for skateboards to buy lmao

    NoeyNoey7 days ago
  • aaron?

    Izzy OIzzy O8 days ago
  • I wanna skateboard not impress boys

    Purrple DaePurrple Dae8 days ago
  • Hi

    Flower AestheticsFlower Aesthetics8 days ago
  • I’m surprised you know how to push right 🤣

    Davis HallDavis Hall8 days ago
  • I am a skater 👧

    Sonic the hedgehog fanSonic the hedgehog fan8 days ago
  • In my experience, skaters are either super chill or really rude. Either they'll help you and give you tips, or they'll call you a "poser" or a "noob" for not immediately knowing how to skate as soon as you step foot on a board

    Bob RossBob Ross8 days ago