Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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  • Do victorious

    Jacob TaucherJacob Taucher9 minutes ago
  • imma be honest here. your channel is shit because i went to it and i saw atleast 15 videos in a row where your just shitting on them calling them horrible or wierd.. just stay off youtube if your not going to provide actual good critism

    NoisyGamerzNoisyGamerz19 minutes ago
  • The teacher is Tisha Campbell from Martin 🥰

    IamJayismIamJayism26 minutes ago
  • haha the cartoon man does funny faces, that makes the video so much better and not annoying and overbearing at all

    ian ghostingian ghosting33 minutes ago
  • you should check out show "Manifest" it's soooo good !

    r.s.b 1997r.s.b 199739 minutes ago
  • The only time is look in my high school year book is to find spank bank material

  • He ruins my view on movies.

    Damaris Reyes-SamayoaDamaris Reyes-SamayoaHour ago
  • So with the release of disney+ could you please do "so weird". It such an underrated show from the 90's and disney+ has all the episodes

    Michelle BoosingerMichelle BoosingerHour ago
  • Did anyone realize he looks like Krillin from Dragon Ball Z

    SonicSonicHour ago
  • You Should do stranger things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    narges mahmudinarges mahmudi2 hours ago
  • please do the teotfw

    IrisIris2 hours ago
  • Read it and Weep is a pretty good movie, actually- you might want to check it out

    Rune AnonymousRune Anonymous3 hours ago
  • This is literally the best disney channel movie and the best soundtrack ever

    הדסה ליברמןהדסה ליברמן3 hours ago
  • can you do it the movie

    Veronica BrocatoVeronica Brocato4 hours ago
  • Lemonade Mouth was easily the best DCOM of the 2010s decade.

    Sasha KingSasha King4 hours ago
  • Stella was always my favourite and now everyone thinks I look like her

    Alexandra CitanAlexandra Citan4 hours ago
  • react to cheetah girls please

    Stream LemonadeStream Lemonade6 hours ago
  • Hey u should do a reaction video about the new Netflix series DayBreak

    J RedQueenJ RedQueen7 hours ago
  • You have to watch let it snow

    Sophia MarySophia Mary8 hours ago
  • -.-

    MasilithMasilith8 hours ago
  • i've never even heard of Lemonade Mouth

    Mark SparkMark Spark9 hours ago
  • I’m just here for lesbian jesus

    lovinqlxlalovinqlxla9 hours ago
  • He should watch let it shine

    DJ WolfDJ Wolf11 hours ago
  • You should review Victorious , iCarly, and Drake and Josh.........3 shoes all made by the same guy but vary in quality

    Tyler WatkinsTyler Watkins11 hours ago
  • Plz do Zombies

    XxPoptarts xXXxPoptarts xX11 hours ago
  • wait is that the girl that played princess Jasmine

    Jasmine MJasmine M11 hours ago
    • yes

      Stream LemonadeStream Lemonade6 hours ago
  • So were not gonna talk about how Mo's and Charlie are black in the animation but white in the movie???

    Stephanie CameronStephanie Cameron12 hours ago
  • "Squidward is actually an octopus"

    Vidhu CheriyanVidhu Cheriyan14 hours ago
  • but why is it dumb...?

    Audrey 84Audrey 8414 hours ago
  • I what about them in prison hello

    kira joykira joy15 hours ago
  • The beginning of the movie sounds like the breakfast club. I do love the breakfast club its one of my favorites though.

    Lia CrenshawLia Crenshaw15 hours ago
  • You better take this back Alex

    Official CosmicSnailOfficial CosmicSnail15 hours ago
  • do “Let It Shine” next

    Ella JudgeElla Judge16 hours ago
  • That is Velma from the real life movies and that is Kimberly from the new power rangers and that is the older sister from good luck Charlie. I don't know how I actually know this but uhh yeaaaaaah.

    Nerdy WatchNerdy Watch16 hours ago
  • Dont say that abt lemonade mouth 😔🤘🏻

    Ben B.Ben B.16 hours ago
  • The music was pretty good.

    jungle master redjungle master red16 hours ago
  • Okay but like, the reason why this movie is better or seems better than a lot of disney original movies is because its not. Its based off of a book. Yeah they changed a few things here and there but its core was still the same. So its not a fully original story like they try to do with other movies

    gage pillergage piller16 hours ago
  • Can you make one about #realityhigh ?? Pleaseee

    Javi IglesiasJavi Iglesias16 hours ago
  • When I saw the title i freaked the frick out!! Until you said Lemonade Mouth was a good movie and yes I do agree!! ^^

    Peach_Tree 123Peach_Tree 12316 hours ago
  • I really love this movie, even though I hadn't watch it many times. It's just... well, I really like musicals and sensitive stories, and this movie does pretty well both of them. And, of course, there's this John Hughes feeling in it, so it's basically impossible to not like it at least a bit. It's light, heartwarming, and doesn't treat like a dumb, unlike many teen movies.

    StephSteph17 hours ago
  • Do “Let It Shine”

    OutertaleOutertale17 hours ago
  • Alex Meyers we need you There’s a high school musical show😱

    Gglitch 77Gglitch 7717 hours ago
  • The second I see/hear “lemonade mouth” and “dumb” in the same sentence... let’s just say there’s a dead body that I had nothing to do with

    Lexi KlineLexi Kline17 hours ago

    kat elenakat elena17 hours ago
  • You should review zapped 😝😝😝

    K.S.Lawrence 3K.S.Lawrence 317 hours ago
  • do high school musical the musical the series when it comes out tommorow cant wait!!!!!

    Sebastian Lopez-CarrilloSebastian Lopez-Carrillo17 hours ago
  • Never watched this movie or had an interest in it but I do really like the question authority shirt and kinda want one

    JulesJules18 hours ago
  • do victorious

    Margot WymanMargot Wyman18 hours ago
  • Just your average teen rebellion mo-...is that Tisha Campbell??

    J SharpJ Sharp18 hours ago
  • Thank you! It’s one of my fav disney movies lol

    Amy NicoleAmy Nicole18 hours ago
  • Big red flag moment was funny asf 💀💀

    Princess ManassePrincess Manasse18 hours ago
  • I thought this movie name was fake bruh

    Nugget Chicken subwayNugget Chicken subway19 hours ago
  • *24 frames of nick wants to know your location*

    BloodMinecraftBloodMinecraft19 hours ago
  • What is wrong with you? Why don't you do a video about how nice a movie is or something? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    Elisa KistemannElisa Kistemann19 hours ago
  • Review Dexter!!

    SiennaSienna20 hours ago
  • Wasn't the band arrested in the movie

    lauren hartwichlauren hartwich20 hours ago
  • Wow I feel so old, that detention music teacher lady looks familiar, like from Martin? And I had no idea the dad was dating some GIRL IN COMMUNITY COLLEGE THAT'S BASICALLY ME DATING MY DAD

    AzureAnieAzureAnie20 hours ago
  • Please react to teen beach and teen beach 2...omg...best Disney musical ever

    lauren hartwichlauren hartwich20 hours ago
  • Wheres the part where they morph into Power Rangers????

    PlatinumPlatinum20 hours ago
  • Do the Disney Movie Starstruck

    McKenna HendersonMcKenna Henderson20 hours ago