[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 숨이 차 (Getting Closer)

[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 숨이 차 (Getting Closer)
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  • I'mma makin' this badass 23M today. Im so f*ckin' mad of MAMA 2019, wanna slap that mf b*tch so hard they'll get invalid.

    Dan G.Dan G.11 hours ago
  • *how dare you **2:47** kim mingyu. so disrespectful for these weak hearts*

    nctnct and nctnctnct and nct13 hours ago
  • 向日葵的含义是什么呢

    1230_航1230_航21 hour ago
  • nice

    1230_航1230_航21 hour ago
  • *But Vernon with a shocker can like step on me and I’ll still thank him*

    Lee [male name]Lee [male name]Day ago
  • I remember i got in trouble at school the day this released, and i snuck my phone under my jacket and saw the notification and lost my shit, almost got caught but i easily get out of things like that So now this mv reminds me of that exact day

    meowing ssimeowing ssiDay ago
  • Time flies so fast?? I didn't realize this masterpiece has been one year old

    elfprom15eelfprom15eDay ago
  • Who who?

    Scrub LordScrub LordDay ago
  • Who loves S.coups and the birthday twins(vernon and dk)?

    mariama barrymariama barryDay ago

    sevateensevateen2 days ago
  • Imma be real here. Imma be honest. They are all so HOT

    Maiya YoungMaiya Young2 days ago
  • 1:24 does anyone know what Seungcheol is saying??

    Quinn VelezQuinn Velez2 days ago
  • hoshi

    kpop loverkpop lover2 days ago
  • Ooooohhh Minghaoooo!!! I mean THUGHAO!!

    zee pandazee panda3 days ago
  • this is my favorite Seventeen song.... that really says something about me.

    Hannah HereHannah Here4 days ago
    • Hannah Here that you have good taste in music

      Mariam Ray BTS fanMariam Ray BTS fan15 hours ago
  • I just hope that svt stays healthy

    sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]5 days ago
  • thank goodness they are fine. hopefully svt stay healthy when performing songs with very strong moves like this song

    sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]5 days ago
  • this song has strong movements. when this song was released, I always thought about svt's health, I was afraid they would get hurt while performing this song

    sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]5 days ago
  • sumicha!! getting closer

    sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]sofa-nim [soonyoung-fadhilah]5 days ago
  • Getting Closer deserves way more views

    Maelle AberMaelle Aber5 days ago
  • Wow!!!

    Tae kookTae kook5 days ago
  • I so cute seventeen

    Nabila putri kristiandiNabila putri kristiandi5 days ago
  • you deserve more than you see

    rojin arasrojin aras6 days ago
  • *O timbre de voz do DK é diferenciado!!!*

    Valber PatrickValber Patrick6 days ago
  • Only seventeen can beat seventeen. Just stating a fact.

    Jeonghan stanJeonghan stan7 days ago
  • JUN😁❤💜💚💖

    Filiz KızılFiliz Kızıl7 days ago
  • Did any of yall realize that the room in which Jun and Joshua were in is the pledis dance room

    The AnimeFoxThe AnimeFox8 days ago
  • @1:25 Seungcheol’s look screams ‘BAD BOY MATERIAL’ aaaaaHHHFGDGSHSBSBS

    I Want Eat.I Want Eat.8 days ago
  • 02:32 WOOZI ❤️❤️❤️

    Winnie TsaiWinnie Tsai8 days ago
  • 엿이나 먹어라

    캐럿흔한캐럿흔한9 days ago
  • 하 ㅆ발 서명호 개잘생겨서 숨막혀

    잔ᄆᄁᄋ잔ᄆᄁᄋ9 days ago
  • I just accidently watch this and I am pregnant... LOL=~=

    Miền Tây Con sóiMiền Tây Con sói10 days ago
  • a b o p

    Hannah HereHannah Here10 days ago
  • I-

    It’s bAeKhYuN Not bAcOnIt’s bAeKhYuN Not bAcOn10 days ago
  • This is too good. This song makes me release my bad bitch side that I never had wtf 😭😂

    MarrriMarrri11 days ago
  • Watching this at midnight is the worst thing . I cant sleep and i feel hyper .. RIP sleep🤟

    zkr dreamerzkr dreamer11 days ago
  • Getting Closer is really a badass choreo so far. The first time I saw the mv was like, 'oh my...' I was really shocked! It was really awesome, I can feel that I am very proud to know this amazing group. You can see their hardwork and love in what they do...

    Carolene PenaroyoCarolene Penaroyo11 days ago
  • Seventeen :Raps,Dance,Act,Sing Me:Is there something they can't do? Them:Let your heart rest is something they can't do.

    Jungkook's Dumb girlJungkook's Dumb girl12 days ago
  • This song is sick but why the view is not more than 100m

    zaki chandrazaki chandra12 days ago
  • Sorry visting my boys due to exams now im gonna visit you

    Karuna IssaKaruna Issa13 days ago