Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home (from Bright: The Album) [Official Video]

The official video of "Home" by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha from 'Bright: The Album'
'Bright The Album' available now:
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  • can we go back to summer 2016 pls xo

    twattwat20 minutes ago
  • That part where MGK & the background people stood up to the cops And where he pointed a finger so they could leave.. MAN and the part where the kid was clinging to his dad WOW JUST WOW NO WORDS FOR THIS SONG

    ceionie doctorceionie doctorHour ago
  • We are D Musicals We did a rap song for all independent music artists around the world Please listen to it and help us reach friends Thank you

    Valamkudimal GnanamoorthyValamkudimal GnanamoorthyHour ago
  • Good job

    Eileen ReddenEileen Redden3 hours ago
  • Alove song Alove you bebe rexha💋💞💖💖💖💖

    Disko NinoDisko Nino6 hours ago
  • Quarantine day 11

    Chhuana WralteChhuana Wralte10 hours ago
  • By lock down I am going to be irrrited whin i to ply urs musick. I fill like mizz my home .............,😓😓😓😓

    Dipu SaudDipu Saud11 hours ago
  • i have home but i still feel ruthless and makes my home isn't home if someone understand what's I mean

    Bawer wargerssonBawer wargersson12 hours ago
  • I hear that music and i cry😭😭😭😭

    Emanuil TsvetkovEmanuil Tsvetkov20 hours ago
  • like who is here for querly video 👇👇

    Francesco CaldaraFrancesco CaldaraDay ago
  • Bebe's face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a> ooff mommy

    Daxel RavesDaxel RavesDay ago
  • This song is probably the National Anthem of Homeless people

    Mugsy GreeneMugsy GreeneDay ago
  • Wer kommt auch von tik tok

    Lacisha SprelichLacisha SprelichDay ago
  • one word..I cry

    Giuseppe AnnarummaGiuseppe AnnarummaDay ago
  • This song is extremely reputed I should say as viewers and subscriber is more

    Lianhoihkim TonsingLianhoihkim TonsingDay ago
  • I love both Eminem and MGK I don't see a reason to dislike one or another because they dislike each other

  • 2020 könnte dieses Video nicht gedreht werden wegen dem corona

    Giona BenaglioGiona Benaglio2 days ago
  • I just want to go @home Ⓜ️

    Zulemy EncisoZulemy Enciso2 days ago
  • Am i the only one that thought the bearf guy was going to have a different voice?

    Victor Castañeda MejiaVictor Castañeda Mejia2 days ago
  • 100 shots 100 seizures we stay out of the park for a proper burial any violation of a black book is punishable by death..

    Chris McNallyChris McNally2 days ago
  • Home is a feeling, it's not a place.

    Wong MatthewWong Matthew2 days ago
  • I like this song just becuase of beats

    theFFL playertheFFL player2 days ago
  • Home, a place where i cant leave.

    the perpethe perpe2 days ago
  • This is making me feel alone and depressed after what my friends did to me,

    Forest AJForest AJ2 days ago
    • I'm sorry. Hope you feel better soon. You are amazing and one of kind rememeber that. ♥💓💛💗💟💖🌮💞💕🍵💝☕💜❣💙💌💚👑💘❤ Don't ever forget that. P.S. I hope you know that it gets better. Check out the video Season reason lifetime by Jay shetty.

      Shelbie BennerShelbie Benner2 days ago
    • What happened?

      quality memerquality memer2 days ago
  • Colson is so hottt :)

    Krisztina DobosKrisztina Dobos3 days ago
  • I dont no english but Little understand lam from nepal 🍁

    Ashokgarti MagarAshokgarti Magar3 days ago
  • Someone take him home.

    lord beeruslord beerus3 days ago
  • At least we can express our feelings in music. If your from a broken family, you’ll find your real home someday, keep searching 💕

    Melany S.Melany S.3 days ago
  • whos that rapper

    CieloCielo3 days ago
    • Machine Gun Kelly

      Jennifer DenhamJennifer Denham3 days ago
  • Hands down MGK best one yet.. ❤

    Ourida FerdiOurida Ferdi4 days ago
  • Little pump Trippy redd uzi vert and many other just have no skill compared to kelly he got skills and kicks ass most rappers are shite these days raps dieing

    Rusty EmmersonRusty Emmerson4 days ago
  • Bright 2!

    katapellos7katapellos74 days ago
  • Someone take me home Coronavirus: you're welcome

    Rami FikratRami Fikrat4 days ago
  • That's song basically on who going to home by walking in india. I pray to god to get it over this COVID-19

    Tejas PanditTejas Pandit5 days ago
  • I been through so much pain And it's hard to maintain, any smile on my face 🙂 This lines are 💔

    Ankur HaldarAnkur Haldar5 days ago
  • quarantine protocol

    Tormenting rubyTormenting ruby5 days ago
  • There's no place like home 🖤🖤

    Caleb ReyCaleb Rey5 days ago
  • If we try to go out in corona . some of us couldn't see their home again . There's nothing better than home be safe . Stay home with your family Have a good day 🙂

    freaky gamerfreaky gamer5 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> name this actor please

    Anh Duy_94Anh Duy_945 days ago
  • I'm here because of Bright from Netflix

    1920_3H_30 Wong Chun Yip1920_3H_30 Wong Chun Yip5 days ago
  • Im fucked up of staying at home. Coz of this corona virus 😒

    Fringe MWFringe MW5 days ago
  • Wow just wow if you know you know people. We are all victims of today's society.

    Ben RamosBen Ramos5 days ago
  • I'm here cuz I dont want to be bored during quarantine

    Bryant HuescaBryant Huesca5 days ago
  • I live on this song

    Sarah BananaSarah Banana5 days ago
  • Lets go

    Juli SharrarJuli Sharrar5 days ago
  • My school in the 2000s:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥my school now: this song

    LABP MANLABP MAN5 days ago
  • I hear this song in seven kills css server

    Amir Hosaim TalebiAmir Hosaim Talebi6 days ago
  • Can't be more true in 2020 amid the pandemic

    Tune Is Very RealTune Is Very Real6 days ago
  • 2020 and still the SHIVERSSS

    Rahmani RimaRahmani Rima6 days ago
  • Who was here before Tik Tok

    Ryan ByrneRyan Byrne6 days ago
  • those alien mf obviously have corona

    E4engineeringE4engineering6 days ago
  • This was uploaded a day after my brother was born Cool

    0 Subs with zero videos?0 Subs with zero videos?6 days ago
  • this song touches my heart in a deeper level

    austina wilsonaustina wilson6 days ago
  • can we just appreciate bebes vocals????????

    Alex HAlex H6 days ago
  • This song made me fall in love with MGK. Eminem may be my no. 1 and I’ve loved him since day 1. Quarrel or not MGK has such heart and talent. How can you not love him? 💙❤️😘🥰💙❤️

    Melinda DavidsMelinda Davids6 days ago
  • I'm a fan of Eminem but still would say that Mgk has good rapping skills atleast better than Nick Cannon

    Antariksh upradeAntariksh uprade7 days ago
  • i live a hard live and i know what all of you are going through please stay strong all of us can get through this

    Dare youDare you7 days ago
  • Fine song from luvly people!

    Paul FadahunsiPaul Fadahunsi7 days ago
  • This song fits with the current situation since corona is everywhere and the countries are lockdown so they are finding their home

  • All time favourite song it speaks

  • This is really good...

    Chris EllerChris Eller7 days ago
  • My 2 years spent by not listening this beautiful song

    Menuka85 BasshiMenuka85 Basshi8 days ago
  • im gonna tell you a secret No one cares what year you are listening

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant8 days ago
  • It's corona tym 😔

    vivek Gonekarvivek Gonekar8 days ago
  • Thx! :)

    Tomigaming85Tomigaming858 days ago
  • 2020?

    FLUK INEFLUK INE8 days ago

    Mark Anthony MagdugoMark Anthony Magdugo8 days ago
  • Subscribe Adol football vines

    adol football vinesadol football vines8 days ago
    • fuck no

      E DiabloE Diablo7 days ago
  • My homeless. I have no HOME only HOUSE.

    Leila ErebosLeila Erebos8 days ago
  • He is the BEST

    Jessica MillerJessica Miller8 days ago
  • I am on my mom's profile but I love mgk

    Jessica MillerJessica Miller8 days ago
  • this song hits you differently

    Khadijah SachaKhadijah Sacha8 days ago
  • when hes rappin you can absolutely feel the emotion in his voice

    Khadijah SachaKhadijah Sacha8 days ago
  • Stay in HOME! 🏠

    Gustavo LopesGustavo Lopes8 days ago
  • This is mgk's best work. Change my mind.

    Heinrich NeustaterHeinrich Neustater8 days ago
  • Right now I actually wanna go out. The irony though.

    XulluXXulluX9 days ago
  • Back when MGk was used to be cool

    CallMeBoomerLVCallMeBoomerLV9 days ago
  • Anyone notice MGK lookin like pinky from pinky and the brain with his skinny self and dumbo ears trying to fly away

    Adam KraningAdam Kraning9 days ago
  • Who's here during the corona pandemic.

    vannie's kitchvannie's kitch9 days ago
    • Who isn't these days

      Chelsea-Lee loveChelsea-Lee loveDay ago
    • Me

      Jugantar Hazarika TVJugantar Hazarika TVDay ago
    • Wassup

      Popular LegendPopular Legend2 days ago
    • Meeee

      Raven clawRaven claw3 days ago
    • aye

      Stale BeansStale Beans3 days ago
  • Someone take me to the Bathroom Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh😂😂

    Zina AbbasZina Abbas9 days ago