Markiplier Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Markiplier visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make Eggs In Purgatory with Carla Music. Can he follow along using verbal instructions only?

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Markiplier Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit




  • Carla teaching Markiplier Chef Doggo taught Carla

    Elyas05Elyas056 hours ago
  • He knows how to smash😏😏

    Adrijan SvenšekAdrijan Svenšek15 hours ago
  • Thank god for rusty

    Task PersonTask Person18 hours ago
  • The way Mark says 'Picking up.' at 12:32 reminds me of how he said ‘holding on' in his play through of the Forrest with Jack.

    Rainbow RoseRainbow Rose20 hours ago
  • I'm so sorry to say that but Mark's booty pops

    Kiwi aka OmegaKiwi aka OmegaDay ago
  • Are we just going ignore that he casually called himself a tosser or?

    Nishil SanghviNishil SanghviDay ago
  • I don't know what the recipe Markiplier is preparing

    Ricky BhattacharyaRicky BhattacharyaDay ago
  • Yes a back to a kcab chef

    *BruhMonkey BruhMonkey**BruhMonkey BruhMonkey*Day ago
  • Mark's better taking instructions than that amateur weeb cooking with gordon

    W1NW1NDay ago
  • cooking is a little easier because you can wing it a little, i like to see mark in a real challenge, BAKING!

    radiant chocolate heroradiant chocolate heroDay ago
  • mm-hmm

    MaalamatMaalamat2 days ago
  • Hey for once Mark is tall.

    smolder breathsmolder breath2 days ago
  • I swear the thumbnail got flipped

    Haven B777Haven B7772 days ago
  • i love this XD

    Mr_knight 779Mr_knight 7793 days ago
  • At 6:14 I think darkipiler came out of him for a small bit.

    Mortimer MoonfallMortimer Moonfall3 days ago
  • i cant believe mark can actually cook!

    Benjamin MorenoBenjamin Moreno3 days ago
  • 12:56 :now the best part i get to eat your eggs*😅 *instantly goes to the comment section for memes*🤣

    Radeon VegoRadeon Vego3 days ago
  • G I V E M E Y O U R J U I C E S

    Raymond PhanRaymond Phan3 days ago
  • Oh God, it's so weird to see Mark struggling with such an easy recipe hahaha. He didn't even made justice to the garlic

    MrBowserMrBowser4 days ago
  • Girl you are so sweet and patient with him, but WOW! He’s such a tool! Lol

    Ryan MeulpolderRyan Meulpolder4 days ago
  • i think this is the best effort and result i've seen in one of these videos- since all other people just struggle so hard and fail at so many of the different stages of the dish

    1337azaltuth1337azaltuth5 days ago
  • He’s literally my childhood. That voice will always give me nostalgia... so happy he hasn’t changed.

    some assholesome asshole5 days ago
  • I like him usually but Mark is lowkey unbearably childish here

    Jimmy JinJimmy Jin6 days ago
  • Haha Mark is just like me, what with all the salt lol

    Hide SanHide San6 days ago
  • Now, I’ve got to make this.

    Randomguyonthestreet 13Randomguyonthestreet 137 days ago
  • Can you guys do this like every day Forever?

    Jesus Fried ChristJesus Fried Christ7 days ago
  • They should've allow mark to use the tactical shovel to cook

    meme mastermeme master7 days ago
  • I thought markiplier is a gamer but he is also a chef.good job markiplier

    Daniel IzaharDaniel Izahar7 days ago
  • Markiplier: do i really have to do this? USproject: You have to stay relevant Markiplier: okay but i do not care and it will show! USproject: we neither

    Thone XThone X8 days ago
  • Alternative title: Markipler schools professional chef

    Robert E.O. SpeedwagonRobert E.O. Speedwagon8 days ago
  • That is one gorgeous kitchen!

    Themis SpanopoulosThemis Spanopoulos8 days ago
  • 11:50 HowToBasic confirmed. 😂

    Fedico7000Fedico70008 days ago
  • this is cute xD

    Azazura AzuraAzazura Azura8 days ago
  • Very intense Aries energy by markiplier

    Jessie PloscoweJessie Ploscowe9 days ago
  • Haha 0:00 - 0:08 mark’s an angel. 😂😇

    AudreyAudrey9 days ago
  • Title: Markiplier- Me: **click**

    Elizabeth JamesElizabeth James9 days ago
  • Mark has plenty of experience He has 5 ovens

    Dylan SchwartzDylan Schwartz9 days ago
  • Marks face at 3:00 I almost died of lafter

    Charlie MooneyCharlie Mooney9 days ago
  • 3:28 What about a circle

    PerplexPerplex9 days ago
  • this is really bad he seems so insanely uninterested

    van treyuvan treyu9 days ago
    • nah it's just him trying to keep calm and not to make mistake

      ElmivezElmivez7 days ago
  • I love seeing Mark do all these new things

    Robert SalazarRobert Salazar9 days ago
  • His horizontal stripe keeps throwing me off, thinking he's wearing some fancy apron with fashion straps.

    Dole PerfectionDole Perfection9 days ago
  • I was so annoyed by this guys pompous confidence and rude competitiveness that I'm still not sure that I was an act even after his moment of self awareness at the end.

    Morgan EllsworthMorgan Ellsworth10 days ago
  • 4:20 "Just a touch of Olive Oil."

    Han ChenHan Chen10 days ago
  • i like that his job description is just 'A Heist With Markiplier'

    YoshiYoshi10 days ago
  • After watching the other episodes i see how hard she was flirting w mark

    makai walkermakai walker10 days ago
    • FLIRTING? Fukn idiot

      Elijah UsedSplashElijah UsedSplash9 days ago
  • *Her:* _Just tear a couple of these..._ *Mark: RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT'S DONE!*

    TornadoTornado10 days ago

    Kitsune ElieKitsune Elie11 days ago
  • I just realized this is the EXACT same Kitchen found in Gordon Ramseys twitter question video

    Jaden GarnerJaden Garner11 days ago
  • Guys, this isn't Markiplier. This is Darkiplier in disguise.

    Your Dead GfYour Dead Gf11 days ago
  • I know how to smash things. -Markiplier 2020

    PyroniusPyronius11 days ago
  • This made me laugh more than an year's worth of comedy shows 🤣

    Tired_bishTired_bish11 days ago
  • She didn’t realize she’s cooking with the KING OF FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S

    A GA G11 days ago
  • Markiplier is an absolute gem!

    Phoenix BorealisPhoenix Borealis11 days ago
  • Mark is like my dad in this

    Suspicious ToadSuspicious Toad12 days ago
  • Killed me when he was about to murder the basil plant XD

    R A D I O · J U P I T E RR A D I O · J U P I T E R12 days ago
  • 3.43 Explanation anyone? Why on earth can one not say that?

    ZenTunEZenTunE12 days ago
  • Mark: How many turns? Carla: Te- Mark: Too late!

    MarkedBlueMarkedBlue12 days ago
  • Mark has one instinct and it is destroy

    Shahalie WaltzShahalie Waltz13 days ago
  • Get howtobasic in here.

    Just another dayJust another day13 days ago