Memorial Day Speech by President Ronald Reagan

Regardless politically...this speech touches my soul. Proud to be American!




  • May 24, 2020. John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="913">15:13</a>. Amen.

    Benjamin RushBenjamin Rush2 hours ago
  • Happy Memorial Day! God bless all those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice to make our lives what they are today.

    Michael OdomMichael Odom20 hours ago
  • God Bless America

    Bill LoaneBill LoaneDay ago
  • Still the best speech. Thank you

    GhastlyGlowGhastlyGlowDay ago
  • This is actually his inauguration speech.

    Larry LeaseLarry Lease2 days ago
  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Angela StarsAngela Stars2 days ago
  • One of the greatest speeches of all time.

    Thomas BrookerThomas Brooker2 days ago
  • Sadly today's Democrat Leadership HATES sentiments like this. Reagan NEVER brought up illegals or changes in the weather.

    Essential DefenseEssential Defense3 days ago
  • I would like to show this video on Memorial day at church. Who do I need to get permission to do so?

    Allen AAllen A5 days ago
    • It's on USproject. Just play it. Reagan's speeches are all PUBLIC PROPERTY. Share it as you see fit. If you charge admission to see it, you might have some issues.

      Essential DefenseEssential Defense3 days ago
  • I miss Reagan.... I was 13 when he made that speech; made me feel proud and honored to be American! I'll be voting for Trump in 2020! He just visited our troops today in Afghanistan for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome! Reagan and Trump..... two of the best Presidents ever!!!

    AlexDAlexD5 months ago
  • President Reagan was right! Today we face an enemy from within our own country! We are possibly on the threshold of civil war! If we lose then those who died before us will have been for naught! God Bless America!

    American Axe & Tool CoAmerican Axe & Tool Co8 months ago
  • President Reagan’s speech is motivational and encouraging. I miss him and often think when we will have another President like him. He was a great orator and cool as a cat when it came to delivering his message on the field. Thank you Mr. President for your sacrifice to this beautiful land called The United States of America.

    Niv YatomNiv Yatom9 months ago
  • Happy 4th of July United States of America! 🇺🇸

    Sand manSand man10 months ago
  • This has the tempo of a Transformers movie build up speech from Optimus Prime, with Michael Bay soundtrack.

    blumpkinkingblumpkinking11 months ago
  • America will never be conquered. So long as the second amendment exists the people of the United States will remain free.

    CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior.CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior.11 months ago
  • They played this in church

    FreniteFrenite11 months ago
  • Can anyone identify the music behind this piece?

    Rita SmithRita Smith11 months ago
  • Background music?

    Noah PNoah P11 months ago
  • The dislikes are the commies

    WoensWoensYear ago
  • we miss you mr. President

    Banshee ManBanshee ManYear ago
  • Very stirring. I get conflicted with the power of his words, and wondering who exactly is he speaking for. American and Britiah soldiers gaurding poppy fields in Afghanistan to flood our countries with heroin and they'd better stand there and like it - Is that what they signed up for?! Give your allegiance to The LORD and be a soldier in His host.

    SouthsidemanSouthsidemanYear ago

    George SparksGeorge SparksYear ago
  • With what is going on today with some people trying change our country to what we don't want and even though my back is and I am 51 years old, I will take up the fight for our Constitutional Republic. It dose not matter if I lost my life in fighting for this Constitutional Republic as long as it is preserved.

    john frazierjohn frazierYear ago
  • one of the best. He said it best. Respect.

    Manda KatManda KatYear ago
  • Perfectly said...I love the USA!

    B HB HYear ago
  • I fucking love this country!!!

    You wouldn't UnderstandYou wouldn't UnderstandYear ago
  • The DemoRats will destroy it (freedom)!

    JRJRYear ago
    • They are certainly trying.

      MajorC202MajorC202Year ago
  • Thank you Ron 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👌

    el bandidoel bandidoYear ago
  • Ronald Reagan was American Hero himself. Honorable, Distinguished, Diplomatic yet tenacious and a heck of an orator. I miss him!

    Niv YatomNiv YatomYear ago
  • America we stand, Trump 2020

    John Clamshell SPJohn Clamshell SPYear ago
  • No one gave more patriotic speeches.

    Jagnole101Jagnole101Year ago
  • Ronald would not have liked the “wind farm” thing.

    FroggyStyleFroggyStyleYear ago
  • Happy Memorial Day 2019! #LestWeForget #NeverForget #TheFallen

    American InfidelAmerican InfidelYear ago
  • RIP to all of our dead heroes . Theyre still here with us fuelling our coming warriors they died for freedom they fought for their country they fought for each other and gave the ultimate sacrifice for their kin You aren't forgotten

    Wulfz lairWulfz lairYear ago
  • Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. God bless you and God bless America.

    Carol MillimanCarol MillimanYear ago
  • God blesses America

    Torture Killah2Torture Killah2Year ago
  • My patriotic eyes are sweating again! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    plang527plang527Year ago
  • This is the greatest speech I've ever heard....... I listen to it ever year

    itachi's returnitachi's returnYear ago
    • You listening this memorial day?

      крест Лапотниковкрест Лапотников6 days ago
    • Watch every year also. God Bless President Reagan and our beloved country

      JP HickoryJP HickoryYear ago
  • 58 enemies gave this a thumbs down. Y'all can suck a dick, and get the fuck out my country you vermin

    jrftworthjrftworthYear ago
  • The best President in our history, aside from our founding fathers

    jrftworthjrftworthYear ago
  • in 3 minutes the greatest President of the 20th century summed up what it means to be an American. God Bless you President Reagan

    Scott MurphyScott MurphyYear ago
    • @El Stealtho Blah, blah, blah. It took him 8 years to unfuck 4 years of Mr. Peanut. I bet you were not even alive back then,

      Scott MurphyScott MurphyYear ago
  • For the 58 pieces of shit that disliked this . pray to what EVER shit god you believe in that i never see you in person . your lives are nothing but waste of flesh and air

    Rebel TRebel TYear ago
  • I can't like this video enough!!!

    zechariah Germeniszechariah GermenisYear ago
  • Reagan Also said , quoting someone eles i think , if FASCISM ,ever comes to America , it will come in the name of LIBERALISM . Let that sink in a soak into your bones and take a good look around at the mania the left brings about .

    Gerald HoskinsGerald HoskinsYear ago
    • Gerald Hoskins I think that was from his “A Time For Choosing” speech in 1964 during the Goldwater campaign.

      plang527plang527Year ago
  • whenever democrats have me feeling angry I just watch this video and it calms me down

    Chaz McrChaz McrYear ago

    Fulvio LazzariFulvio LazzariYear ago
  • This is the Great man who converted me to Conservatism. I will never forget him. Rip Gip.

    Cali CraigCali CraigYear ago
  • Idk how him and trump can be compared. I literally lose iq points when bone spurs gives a speech. This could move anyone to tears

    Eric SheldonEric SheldonYear ago
  • What’s that music

    Lincoln KopetskyLincoln KopetskyYear ago
  • This gave me so much courage to join the army, and I will

    Jason RodriguezJason RodriguezYear ago
  • Great speech

    Ker PesKer PesYear ago
  • You got a successful business? You didnt build that.... We will trade 5 high ranking taliban members for one traitor. We will give Iran 151.7 billion dollars and let em develop nukes in 10 years while we try to disarm law abiding citizens state side, no “full semi-auto” glocks for Americans, no sir. We will weaponize the irs and doj to attack our political opponents and cover up crimes of our political allies then say “theres not a smidgeon of corruption.” What was that criminal mullah terrorists name again? I forget. Oh well. Maga maga maga🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    richard kayerichard kaye2 years ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> stolen from JFK Cuban speech.

    Sterling simmsSterling simms2 years ago
  • Great speaker, destructive President.

    Sterling simmsSterling simms2 years ago
  • God that is Beautiful , AMEN

    Donnie PeteDonnie Pete2 years ago
  • James mccutchan.....if taxes aren't raised this country fails? Lol boy you are a fuckin moron!!!!! Is that the way our country supposed to work? Lol lol lol lol....The greatest president ever? Lol let's not get into the Iran contra situation!!!!!!!

    Rafael GarciaRafael Garcia2 years ago
  • G-D bless the great and beautiful American people

    EL Caballo BlancoEL Caballo Blanco2 years ago
  • This always gives me goosebumps, but when he talks about Martin Treptow... Man that's deep.

    Valerie КарреонValerie Карреон2 years ago
  • This chickenshit fraud spent WWII in LA making training films. But he's Abe Lincoln compared to the fascist fraud now befouling our White house.

    slownomanslownoman2 years ago
  • This man was the one who opened my eyes, when I voted for him. I had never been so proud of myself. Because that day, I became A patriot. I have never looked back. God Bless America .

    Sergio GrajedaSergio Grajeda2 years ago
  • my favorite President Ronald Reagan a real American !

    Mark NagyMark Nagy2 years ago
  • They don’t make presidents like that anymore

    Charles TerrizziCharles Terrizzi2 years ago
  • as a vet my eyes get watery

    hong leehong lee2 years ago
  • Reagan was God. Everyone had a job under Reagan. Fuck you, Dim-o-craps.

    Heritage NOT HateHeritage NOT Hate2 years ago
  • Only if Reagan was alive today. .wouldn't take no shit off nobody. .

    Tim HartTim Hart2 years ago
  • The Great Communicator! What a MAN! Missed but never forgotten.

    A FozzA Fozz2 years ago
  • Best president EVER!!!

    JohnJohn2 years ago
  • And twenty years later.. we got Barry😖

    Christpher R FritzChristpher R Fritz2 years ago
  • Just Great as always for Reagan

    Dick BuelowDick Buelow2 years ago
  • I've always been really proud to be an American but this just adds to it thank you to all serving and to all that have served and had given up almost everything to do so you are true American heros!✌

    Alexander KobuskyAlexander Kobusky2 years ago
  • I cried today. I stood at the bus stop in the heat waiting for the bus to take me to the wal-mart clinic I ask 5 people if they whatesour flag fly today. As I made my long slow hunting body creep ever slower ask more people. I was walking with a slow gate because of all the pain I young wal-mart lady provided me with a set at the clinic but it was closed hearing all the disrespect in my home town I sat on the chair and cried. I was deeply hut. I asked the very nice lady If I may talk to her manager. Another one cam a very nice lady was talking to me I asked see could get rid of my water bottle it 4 AA from The pics that I saw. I asked her to put in to a legal trash bee, I all and for them to help me get the off our land clogging up seas and killing our water plant lie. I asked a wal-mart to charge us all deposits on all plastic bottles What do you all think. They will still end up in ditches but provide people with a something to pick up and make some extra cash. When I was 5 we walked around a lot of places getting them ez money extra cash

    Darryl LippoldDarryl Lippold2 years ago
  • You need to feel bad of the people Ben killed to

    Ricardo TijerinaRicardo Tijerina2 years ago
  • Withe people fell sad of there dead warriors in "native's land " how start war

    Ricardo TijerinaRicardo Tijerina2 years ago
  • Trump should have watched this YESTERDAY, before letting his fat little orange fingers again prove what a tone deaf, complete piece of sub-human garbage he is.

    The ManagerThe Manager2 years ago
  • double r was in my book the greatest potus we ever had

    Will GarrettWill Garrett2 years ago
  • Honor the dead.

    JJ2 years ago
  • If I could piss on Reagan's grave I would.

    Kirk ThietsKirk Thiets2 years ago
  • Like Lincoln at Gettysburg, this President said so much making every word count. God Bless the free men and women of The United States.

    Keith GarlandKeith Garland2 years ago
  • U46 people who put thumbs down should be in some other country and see what it's like not to have the freedom you have and your thumb would turn around and put straight up afterwards you don't understand what the world's about we are very graced with freedom that no other country has so for you 46 individuals that put thumbs down you are ignorant and don't deserve to be in this country like the other guy said get the hell out you don't deserve to be here God Bless America and everybody in it I fought for this country very hard very grueling days and it wasn't to test my man had it was to fight for you 46 ignorant people so you can have the freedom of speech to say what you're saying but you really need to stop and realize what this man is saying he is the greatest president we have ever had people just don't realize it but you should buy now after your last eight presidents once again God Bless America

  • Talk out greatness

    Douglas MacyDouglas Macy2 years ago