Memorial Day

To the families of the fallen women and men who have died for this land we love: we thank you and honor your loss by continuing the fight for liberty, justice, and freedom each and every day.




  • Thank you to The Lincoln Project Founders. You have reminded us all that there is a Future after Draft Dodger Trump. My brother is an Iraqi War Veteran and I am Proud of his service as I am of all the many that have and still rise to the challenge of Serving this Beautiful Country that no matter what will always be long to its Peoples.

    Laura Diaz -AutinLaura Diaz -AutinMinute ago
  • Beautiful memorial, thank you.

    Helen TranumHelen Tranum23 minutes ago
  • Thank you.

    Mesha MainorMesha Mainor30 minutes ago
  • Superb! How can anybody dislike this?

    mymr3xutubemymr3xutube33 minutes ago
  • Great Job!

    Sandra L.Sandra L.39 minutes ago
  • It is *fantastic* seeing *AMERICANS* coming together with a single voice like this. Going beyond political party or leaning to oust a wannabe King and erosion of our Republic. 👍🇺🇸

    The Mean LiberalThe Mean LiberalHour ago
  • God Bless America

    Mark EverhartMark EverhartHour ago
  • A president who spends the whole day in front of TV , when he is not playing golf or tweeting , this dude is the American Waterloo. Whatever Donald Trump touched in his life, it ended up in bankruptcy. At the end of his presidency, he developed America from a super power to a failed state. Back to the political stone age. It makes no difference for Donald Trump whether 40 ... 50 million unemployed and 100k or 150k death. This president never served as a soldier, as president. To serve is more than strange to him. Memorial Day is just holiday for this president. This presidency is a game for Trump, his monopoly. Hopefully the day will come when the American people and independent lawyers will take him to court. God bless america 🇺🇸

    KowalskiKowalski2 hours ago
  • That's all great and i am a Patriot American that will Honor those that have served & die, but let's be clear here the Lincoln Project is a Liberal front (Lie) disguising them self's as Conservatives or even Republicans ie like the Great Conservative (Rep) President Lincoln. Have you all seen the Ad they have run against Trump that should tell you every thing you need to know about this group. Wise up people...

    David HicksDavid Hicks2 hours ago
  • I cannot contribute right now but as soon as I can will support your efforts...Thank you so much for reminding us who we used to be!!🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏽🙏

    You hold the Power A Rose Is Still A RoseYou hold the Power A Rose Is Still A Rose3 hours ago
  • Those little boys, in tears of grief, accepting the flag made me cry.

    Hazel McCloyHazel McCloy3 hours ago
  • 🇺🇸Thank You for today Lord 🇺🇸 Goodmorning and Blessings to yo all..It's a another Beautiful one 😁💜Minnesota yes it is Praise God loud and Proud hey I wish for you and yours to make the best memory ever today rain or shine Enjoy..Have a Great Monday👋🏽 🗞 🤣ou know you're going to make it when they laugh at you😂...👍🏾 20🇺🇸HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY🇺🇸20 YES... GOD Bless all of you that have served and that are serving.. Lord lift the Spirits of those who have lost a love one while serving Bless them..It's a Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Day America THANK YOU 🇺🇸 GOD IS SO GOOD💜 I LOVE YOU❤♡💙

    SoundWave 6SoundWave 64 hours ago
  • I almost cry,it so touched,protect this great nation from Trump pls.BTW,can the poster tell me the what the BGM is

    Lei ZhangLei Zhang6 hours ago
  • Great advert, great message, and a very important message . Made me tear up. Trump doesn't give a rats backside about anyone else but him self. His mother called him a failure and that has fucked with pea size brain ever since. So to all those who have served their country, great respect but remember not all your leaders care about your welfare just there own Respect from an Aussie

    yz4901983yz49019837 hours ago
  • Bone spurs moron

    Cathy BradleyCathy Bradley8 hours ago

    M LeeM Lee9 hours ago
  • Please vote 🙏 America's a shxthole now !!!!

    Otis DriftwooddOtis Driftwoodd9 hours ago
  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    Rebecca AllenRebecca Allen9 hours ago
  • As a veteran of the U.S. military who served my country it pains me to say I would never condone my children serving in the military today under the abomination of a demogague and tyrant the GOP has elevated to Commander and Chief. History will hold each and every elected official accountable (largely the GOP) who aided and abetted turning America into an elective despotism. Our Founders did not fight for nor our brave sons and daughters serve and sacrifice for an elective despotism and neither shall my sons and daughters. Here lies the great American Experiment, The capability of a people to govern themselves. Passion rallying us to the cause of revolution, Can do so no more birthing anarchy and demagogy. Cold, calculating, unimpassioned subjective self-interest, Unprincipled Conservatism qua factionalism has wrought. Dying a death by a thousand lies and brutish insults, R.I.P. Old Glory, lingering death by Narcissism (1776 to 2016?) The GOP has become a party of Sophistry filled with demagogues and wanabe tyrants. Everlasting shame and infamy will be the legacy of the cowardly GOP Senators that aquited the high crimes and misdemeanors and treason of Trump.

    Meta CapitalismMeta Capitalism10 hours ago
  • Freedom Train is one of those books that I believe everyone should read. It is a wonderful tribute to the life of a true American heroine 🇺🇸

    Île-de- FranceÎle-de- France11 hours ago

    MrArchangel73521MrArchangel7352111 hours ago
  • For Memorial

    MrArchangel73521MrArchangel7352112 hours ago
  • Semper Fi brothers

    Robert DahseRobert Dahse12 hours ago
  • And again, many Americans focus on Trump as if he is the main problem. The main problem is Americans themselves, or at least about 40% of Americans. They elected Trump and still have this childish belief in Trump, completely forgetting that Trump is a documented coward (5 times draft dodger) and a truly despicable person since he did not only insult John McCain, who truly served his country, but also Gold Star families, who lost family members doing their duty for their country. What has Donald Trump ever done for America. The main problem is not Donald Trump. He is merely the result of the monumental stupidity by 40% of all Americans.

    TheChiefEngTheChiefEng12 hours ago
  • Many thanks to the Lincoln Project for the production of this beautiful and moving tribute to those of us who put our lives on the line for our country, going back all the way to the founding fathers! Even those of us who returned from combat alive and in what appeared to be one piece have in many cases had the remainder of our lives scarred by recurrent problems with PTSD, Agent Orange, or roadside bombs.

    Del ThomasDel Thomas13 hours ago
  • Let's celebrate our fallen heroes. But the last 50 years it really begs the question? Why has the USA been sending its service men and women to die overseas? What was the point of the Vietnam war? Afghanistan? Kuwait? Iraq? All corruption. Our service men are sent to die for the profit of the industrial military complex and oil companies while Congress people enjoy their lavish lifestyles. Respecting our military includes keeping them out of harm and close to their families. Every Congress person voting for war, every president invading other nations and every voter asking for more blood don't get to celebrate memorial day. You are the enemies of the military.

    JohnnyJohnny13 hours ago
  • If only The Republican party was what it is suposed to be. It needs deep desinfection and decontamination.

    Gros BuckGros Buck13 hours ago
  • Holy smokes, this comment section is cancer. Can y’all go one day without thinking about Trump and just like the video?

    Marcellus AaronMarcellus Aaron13 hours ago
  • I knew add the Russia China Arab leaders sitting around with baby trump in diapers on their lap caption Vote Biden we need a new leader

    spirit sekerspirit seker15 hours ago
  • Stunning!!

    Amellia TAmellia T15 hours ago
  • I am a proud contributor to the Lincoln Project. Trump MUST be voted out of office this November. He is a disgrace to this country. Anybody who got a phony medical deferment to avoid military service and then dares to say a man like John McCain is not a hero is rotten to the core.

    bdflatlanderbdflatlander15 hours ago
  • “TRUMP IS DOING PUTIN’S WORK FOR HIM”! These are the words of Senator John McCain, a true patriot who fought and suffered in a war in which Trump was a four-time draft dodger. Putin’s hackers are proactively aiding Trump to steal the election so that he may continue to do grave harm to the USA. Trump will do what Putin wants, destroy our way of life and our fragile democracy. A VOTE FOR TRUMP AND HIS WHORES IS A VOTE FOR PUTIN!

    Alfred DegiorgioAlfred Degiorgio16 hours ago

    Classy Chassey CARHOPTRAYSClassy Chassey CARHOPTRAYS17 hours ago
  • My. Dad fought in WWII, and I fought in Vietnam. Now we face a plague and a evil that has disgraced our nation, a man that wouldn’t defense and was a coward. Stand up and defense this nation and release this evil from our nation. Defeat Trump

    Randy ReneauRandy Reneau17 hours ago
  • Some bravely serve their country. Others avoid service like the plague. How can someone like this become commander and chief?

    Powell LanguagesPowell Languages17 hours ago
  • A moving tribute -- thank you.

    W MathewsW Mathews17 hours ago
  • There is no honor in fighting and dying for some rich old men that don't give a damn about you.

    areUawareareUaware18 hours ago
  • Trump plays golf while there are 97,599 confirmed COVID Deaths and 1,639,872 confirmed cases in the United States. (5/24/2020, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a>:40 PM EST)

    Jason AJason A18 hours ago
  • Great add! U.S.M.C. veteran here. This is to my uncle's and great uncles who fought and died for this country! Always Faithful!! Semper Fi!! S.A.F.

    Scott FlintScott Flint18 hours ago
  • Patriotism goes beyond political affiliations, and that's why, as a Democrat, I am supporting The Lincoln Group with a donation.We simply cannot afford another four years of Trumps incompetence and insanity, and I encourage all of my fellow patriots to please do the same.

    Craig PhillipsCraig Phillips19 hours ago
  • Ban faux news please

    Elson yuElson yu19 hours ago
  • Memorial Day World War II tribute:

    ImperatorImperator19 hours ago
  • God Bless America.

    LenapeLenape19 hours ago
  • The America Trump and his family know nothing about because he, like everyone else in his family, past and present, is a coward.

    Josie Burgin LawsonJosie Burgin Lawson20 hours ago
  • I'm just curious as to what exactly was wrong with this message that caused 96 people to give it a thumbs down? I suspect that your partisanship is sullying the memory of those who have it all in the trenches rather than in the hall of Congress. Shame in you then! 😑

    Donny ShortDonny Short20 hours ago
  • TIMELINE OF TRUMPS PANDEMIC Dec. 31, 2019 - China alerts WHO of a possible pandemic. Jan. 7 - Trump sells China ALL of our Masks, Respirators, Gloves, 17.8 Tons of very light materials. Jan. 18 - Trump goes Golfing. Jan. 19 - Trump goes Golfing. Jan. 28 - Trump has a Rally Jan. 30 - Trump “We have it under control, I think it’s just 5”. Jan. 30 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 1 - Trump goes Golfing. Feb. 10 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 14 - Trump “People are recovering, we are in very good shape” Feb. 15 - Trump goes Golfing. Feb. 10 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 19 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 20 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 21 - Trump has a Rally Feb. 28 - Trump “Dems are politicizing the Coronavirus; this is their new hoax”. Feb. 28 - Trump has a Rally March 4 - Trump “We are doing a very effective job.. March. 7 - Trump goes Golfing. March. 7 - Trump goes Golfing. March 25 - Trump “it’s hard not to be happy with the job we are doing”. March 29 - Trump “We all together have done a very wonderful job”-2,500 Americans are dead. April 6 - 10,389 American deaths as of 10am HST. April 15 -27,000 American deaths as of 10am HST May 23 - Trump goes golfing again. May 24----97,500 American deaths as of 10am HST. 1,633,000 Americans are sick right now with Covid 19.

    dennis cdennis c20 hours ago
  • Because of a fake virus,we cannot honor those that have died for our country.No flags on graves.This is a total disgrace to this nation!!!!

    pissedoffguy45pissedoffguy4521 hour ago
  • What kind of sick person would click "Thumbs down" do this message????

    karla levinkarla levin21 hour ago
  • The Lincoln project is made up of consultants and neoconservatives that are upset that they no longer control the Republican Party. I've been watching the American political system up close since 1976, I have never seen a leader, including Ronald Reagan with more support than Donald Trump. The neocons should focus their energy on assimilating and the Never Trump Consultants should focus on getting another career, Republican candidates will never hire any of them again, no wonder they're so pissed! #MAGA! Go Trump 20/20!

    James JosephJames Joseph21 hour ago
  • I liked how they focused on a Muslim grave

    Davis TranDavis Tran22 hours ago
  • I read all the comment sections here and the ones from Fox News, and it seem that the two of you are from parallel universes

    nano llanosnano llanos22 hours ago
  • Yes keep on bringing them, I love this videos 100k💀, record # unemployment Keep America great?

    nano llanosnano llanos22 hours ago
  • From Israel, Just wanted to say *thank you* to the American soldiers that are sacrificing their lives to make the world a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    VirtwreckVirtwreck22 hours ago
  • Powerful.

    SethSeth22 hours ago
  • Quite a piece of propaganda. No more war.

    David McCandlessDavid McCandless23 hours ago
  • My Dad was a WWII Vet. He would be so angry and sad at what Trump has done to our great country. I have three honors degrees, one in political science - a registered Independent. I have voted both Republican and Democrat based on what I believe our country needs. After Trump I do not think I can ever vote Republican again. The Lincoln Project gives me hope that there are other Republicans who will vote for their country over party. This is the closest to fascism this nation has ever come. We are corrupt, immoral, and lawless. :(. Voting Trump out of office ensures we restore hope to our once great country.

    yorocco1yorocco123 hours ago
  • Thank you to all service members! Yes, that also includes NOAA Corps, UPHS Corps, Merchant Mariners, Coast Guard Auxiliary, USAF Auxiliary, USNSCC, ALL ROTC & JROTC, USAF, USCG, US Army, USMC, US Navy, Space Force, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Veterans administration, and more!

    How To Get Free Samples & OffersHow To Get Free Samples & Offers23 hours ago
  • Nice ad. However the top 1% don't send their kids to serve. We as a nation need to take care of our service personnel.

    Larry BerryLarry Berry23 hours ago

    David RobbinsDavid Robbins23 hours ago
  • This is what this country needs during these critical times.

    Tammy JamesTammy James23 hours ago
  • And now, they are led by a real estate salesman who lied to avoid service . . . God help us.

    ChitFromChinolaChitFromChinolaDay ago
  • As a US Army Veteran who served in Vietnam for eighteen of my thirty-six months and lost five of my brothers in arms there, I love and cheer this splendid tribute. I commit to being part of those who do what needs doing to save the America for which these honored dead gave their lives!

    Larry ConleyLarry ConleyDay ago
  • Respect to those who shall never see tomorrow, in stark contrast of bone spur who never sacrificed anything and wouldn't sacrifice a neck tie...

    Joey McculloughJoey McculloughDay ago
  • Oh my! Once again, The Lincoln Project comes through; a brilliantly poignant piece of genius. Thank you.

    Paula SuttlePaula SuttleDay ago
  • Trump 2020 don't let the demarcated establishment turn are country to socialism !!!!!

    Tiny TimTiny TimDay ago
  • Don went golfing as 100,000 non-combatant Americans died in 32 weeks. Your vote, the ultimate sacrifice.

    Obilon KenobiObilon KenobiDay ago
  • Bold Angels!

    Joel WeissJoel WeissDay ago
  • Andy Benonati and Ricky were friends of mine in high school. Now they're a set of boots at a memorial.

    Tommy NorthwoodTommy NorthwoodDay ago
  • My Father served in Korean war! My late husband served in Air Force!! I SERVED IN THE ARMY!! I SALUTE AND HONOR MY HUSBAND AND FATHER and all the Veterans on this day !! . Thankyou for your Service!! 👏👏👏✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

    Beverly VinsonBeverly VinsonDay ago
  • My grandfather on my dads side served in vietnam and my great grandfather on my mothers side fought in ww2.

    Richard HenckelRichard HenckelDay ago
  • Vote Biden! Vote out Fascism!

    Justin CredibleJustin CredibleDay ago
  • Because America loves war and is always fighting somewhere, join up for your patriotic duty to protect corporate interests around the world, or stop the spread of communism, which no one cares about really because we all like big screen TVs and expensive phones even in Russia. Don't thank healthcare workers for their service, you really should be thanking the military. Let's have another recruitment flypast at a football game. You can shoot things with big guns, we have the best guns. Don't look at the ex serviceman suicide rate or homelessness, they weren't true patriots. Sign up if you love your country, because your military cares about you.

    gotellbossc4tgotellbossc4tDay ago
  • Let us also remember on this day that trump did not serve by getting a doctor to lie that he had bonespurs (yet was still able to play football and baseball). In fact, not one trump family member in at least 4 generations has served. That must surely be a record for an American family. Trumps own grandfather fled to America to escape the draft, thus starting a _fine_ trump family tradition that continues to this day. Before trump married his 2nd wife, Marla Marples, he made her sign a pre-nup that included a clause which said if their daughter Tiffany (who was born 2 months before they married. Yet you hear nothing from trumps evangelist base about that) ever joined the Military or even the Peace Corp, she would be cut out of trumps will and from all allowances. That's how much trump loves the military.

    smoogsmoogDay ago
  • If you want to honor them who lied down their lives, go and vote and take at least 2 people with you that didn't turn out 2016 .

    allabout perspectiveallabout perspectiveDay ago
  • These LP county club Republicans gave birth to Trump. He is the product of the southern strategy. Only now they believe in abortion. Reap what you sow.

    NackdadNackdadDay ago
  • Love the ad. But we are in far too many wars, we've lost out way. Just because we have the money and means necessary to have all this might, is not an excuse to use it on the poorest non-European countries in the world... It's not patriotism... if it is, you can have it...

    Boyd CordBoyd CordDay ago

      Ravi PundirRavi PundirDay ago
  • GOD Bless America 🇺🇸

    Gigi ChezGigi ChezDay ago

      Ravi PundirRavi PundirDay ago
  • It baffles me how armed forces and cops stand behind someone who dodged the very concept of pride for our nation!

    mike williemike willieDay ago
  • While almost 100,000 Americans have died of Covid-19, Trump had the Secret Service set up a $45,000.00 “emergency order” for security detail so he could golf this weekend.

    FourWingedAngelsFourWingedAngelsDay ago
  • Hope Trump doesnt ruin Memorial Day weekend again.

    None YaNone YaDay ago