Natalie Reveals She Doesn't Love Mike! | 90 Day Fiancé

Natalie reveals during their couple's interview she doesn't love Mike yet.
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  • I love Natalie ! Feel for her and get where she’s coming from.

    Daisy EscalonaDaisy EscalonaHour ago
  • Careful Mike. Natalie is an alien that wants to breed hybrid babies

    Evelyn HuberEvelyn Huber22 hours ago
  • Lol why is he pressing the issue? If someone said they didnt love me I would leave it at that. Are you gonna force someone to say it??

    Kyle BKyle B23 hours ago
  • Natalie you know the right thing to do..thats why u are sad..we cannot marry a person that we are not equally yoked...America cant take the place of Gods word.

    Julie CieslowskiJulie CieslowskiDay ago
  • The hair doesn’t suit here. She should go bald 👩‍🦲

    Hamza JHamza JDay ago
  • I guess he likes to be lied to

    July GJuly G2 days ago
  • Her eyes are scary

    Mei MeiMei Mei2 days ago
  • I’m a woman, I think It’s okay to not be sure my life motto 😂

    Elaina EsquivelElaina Esquivel3 days ago
  • Michael is an amazing guy. I had debt 2 years ago and was at a 410 credit score.. I paid my debts and ate noodles and now I'm at 712. He should find a hard working woman that wants to split everything down the middle and Want to reciprocate love and adoration. I've been single for 4 years now and want to just live off the land and grow my own foods. I did all I needed to and found a good magic number and now I just want out. Out of the city.

    KALI HusslzKALI Husslz3 days ago
  • The longest 16 seconds of my life

    Zee AZee A3 days ago
  • I don't feel bad for these lame beta males.

    Grand Yeet Burger SupremeGrand Yeet Burger Supreme3 days ago
  • Is anyone else bothered by the way Michael tilts his head and shakes it yes or no All the time? Also, he doesn't have a pot to pee in. She can find someone who can love her, believes in God and can support her. I don't think she can go from a big city to the trailer in the woods with Uncl Bo.

    Lenny WalkieLenny Walkie4 days ago
  • I just want to say that yes this is awkward but I am rather grateful to finally see someone not bursting out in tears every five min on a TLC show.

    DjcPunk182DjcPunk1825 days ago
  • I dont know the backstory but I think she is a standup girl to admit this and I dont think there is anything wrong with her saying I have feelings for him which might turn into love

    Fatelvis2Fatelvis26 days ago
  • She’s right , how can you love someone you don’t know

    eggieeggie6 days ago
  • I Spy With my Little Eye , Somethinke Begging With GOLD DIGGER 😂😂😂

    Aaron SidwellAaron Sidwell7 days ago
  • Well she liked him enough to try and make a baby with him

    donald smithdonald smith8 days ago
  • The only thing these people want on this show is a f****** green card. That's the basic premise of every show. They don't care whom they have to marry to get one.

    Traveler7711Traveler77119 days ago
  • What is his big secret he is hiding?

    rio drio d9 days ago
  • I don’t understand how people start a relationship with the idea that it can become love. Give me a break, take yourself serious please. I believe when you start a relationship you want to be with this person every day, when you receive a message your heartbeat raises and a first kiss turns into a magical moment that lasts forever. I see people fighting for a relationship that never existed in the first place. This boat never left the harbor before it started sinking. Abort mission and find some real love.

    OmarOmar9 days ago
  • i see a lot of comments on here bashing her and bashing mike at the same time. So apparently, those 2 don't know each other well enough prior of getting serious and for him flying across the world to meet her twice. I see the sincerity of her love to him but when she was informed that Mike didn't want to respect her religious views, having a baby with her, he doesn't want to find common ground but display his lust for her, she lost it. On the other hand, Mike, you ain't all that, like most men who just wants to get between the lady legs, you don't communicate to her. I don't agree that she wants a child right away because it won't be fair to leave by her side while the the K1 is going on but your big mistake was is not telling her what you really want and discuss your non religious views prior going to Ukraine. Also, if you told her about your debt, she can decide early on if she wanted to continue the relationship. Dude, she wanted to help you because she truly loved you but you are the one who blew it.

    Gabriel RodriguezGabriel Rodriguez9 days ago
  • I love Mike but just like... 55 percent

    Mc Lovin' it!Mc Lovin' it!9 days ago
  • Such a beta, stop being sorry for yourself and go find a real person. Not a robot that obviously couldn't care less about him.

    Real SemtexReal Semtex9 days ago
  • She just a curly headed thot

    Jake CrazyJake Crazy10 days ago
  • This woman is a nutcase. Stay away. Shes a dangerous investment.

    Boere plaasBoere plaas10 days ago
  • Talking from experience the norm of the eastern european women are like that. All they want is the good life, the money, the status. They take advantage of their good looks to manipulate men and use them. Believe me I am NOT a racist but I have seen A LOT of these women doing that. They are usually rude, they cheat on their husbands and all that matters to them is the bloody money. Seriously I don't really understand how men fall for women like that. Another example is Caesar with Maria (if we want to talk about TV). Seriously guys??? Why do you have to look for women from sites like Ukrainian or Russian women looking for husbands since you do know what they are after???? Get some brains!!!!

    EliEli10 days ago
    • Eli I married a Ukrainian hottie six years ago and it’s been truly amazing. Best decision I ever made.

      Jonny BlondJonny Blond9 days ago
  • Bruh 0:05 this looks like a paranormal activity scene

    Dave TDave T10 days ago
  • S-I-M-P

    Shelton PenistonShelton Peniston10 days ago
  • There should be a show called 'women say the darndest things' lol

    diegolacosta2diegolacosta211 days ago
  • Atleast she’s being honest

    Maria’s Filipina lifeMaria’s Filipina life11 days ago
  • Lol I dont love you but let's get married and have some kids gtfoh

    BIGBROWN138BIGBROWN13811 days ago
  • How is that old umpa lumpa with a young women

    Sefi MirzaSefi Mirza11 days ago
  • He's ugly. Girl, move on. She's right though. Love has to develop and if he's not willing to be patient, she shouldn't be wasting any time with that dude. Women almost always get the short end of the stick in a relationship. It's fair to want to keep your guard up.

    232311 days ago
    • Exactly, a woman can only love a man if he is good looking, women are shallow as fuck, looks are all that matter to women, women only settle for an average looking man for money or a green card, idiot should have known better, she is not perfect herself but of course all women think they deserve Brad Pitt even they are not perfect themselves.

      KowalskiKowalski9 days ago
  • Love is difficult

    TechnoFeelingTechnoFeeling11 days ago
  • Damn

    Angel KilluminatiAngel Killuminati12 days ago
  • She didn’t say anything wrong

    Sherrell BusseySherrell Bussey12 days ago
  • He wasn't even honest with her about a lot of things, so I'm not sure how much he loves her either. Also, women only have a small window of time where they can conceive a child and for many it doesn't just happen on the first try. I think she can do better.

    lemonflowerlemonflower13 days ago
  • Respect her honesty it’s easier for most women to just lie and secure that green card

    mateo lopezmateo lopez13 days ago
  • Burn

    Yascal786Yascal78613 days ago
  • What kind of grill she wearing?

    Alph KioAlph Kio13 days ago
  • People need to understand that her honesty is not justified. She's engaged to him. That's a commitment. And you made that commitment when you weren't sure if you loved them or not? Ok cool.

    Next Level EntertainmentNext Level Entertainment13 days ago
  • That’s a pretty damn reasonable position to have. You can’t just automatically love a person. If you are like that you are either a liar or will fall in love with someone new at the drop of a hat.

    GeneralsaurkrautGeneralsaurkraut15 days ago
  • The most important thing for old Russian culture is to be stable in life. That’s basically what she’s saying. He is a good guy, he won’t hurt her and is financially stable to provide a good life for her and her children. Love sometimes isn’t the important factor for Russians. Kinda like in the monarch times.

    Ally NoNameAlly NoName15 days ago
  • That is why her visa was denied.

    longbeach225longbeach22515 days ago
  • BRUTAL! I can’t stand it sounds like she’s clenching her teeth every time she speaks

    Erick CisnerosErick Cisneros16 days ago
  • When she speaks it sounds like she’s clenching her teeth

    Erick CisnerosErick Cisneros16 days ago
  • The woman seems like a snake

    jagjitsingh saluja Salujajagjitsingh saluja Saluja16 days ago
  • I like her honesty! She’s a very realistic woman. Orthodox sister 👏🏼

    Lydia Politi94Lydia Politi9417 days ago
  • She's a good girl -.- I don't understand why some fat, not beautiful men claim to be loved by such beautiful women-.- you have to be really rich for this to happen

    Giannimngianni SmithGiannimngianni Smith17 days ago
  • Very bad

    Prinsess AtandjuPrinsess Atandju17 days ago
  • Ugly accent

    Canada LoveCanada Love17 days ago
  • Things changed the moment this guy said he had debts! The girl knew this is never going to work!

    Agnes MbeyaAgnes Mbeya17 days ago
  • Mike is such a great guy that kinda hurts for him really 😔

    Jhobel Antonette AbastasJhobel Antonette Abastas17 days ago
  • You cant tell a man you want his child but you dont love him. Wtf is wrong with some of you people. He's not falling for that bullshit

    Massagebyamaja LLCMassagebyamaja LLC18 days ago
  • Mike is so immature! They didn't spend a long time together, most say i love you after months of dating unless they're love bombing or just little crazy. Natalie gave a really good answer, she likes him and it could grow into love, but mike is just being a moody butt hurt baby. Better she is geniue and not a lying snake saying anything to get ahead.

    An AnAn An18 days ago
  • Okay, tbh this comes to a definitional issue. TLC producers aren't great at understanding how other cultures define love and companionship. This happened to another Russian/Ukranian lady in a previous season too when the brother in law or friend of the groom asked her if she loved her fiancé and she said something similar. In some Eastern European/Asian cultures, love is seen as something that comes into marriage later on, which grows with time after it faces challenges and obstacles from life. A lot of women in these countries don't marry because they're in "love" as Americans like to think they do. They usually marry for devotion, loyalty, and deep appreciation for the person they're with. They trust that in their marriage these feelings will help flourish into deep, meaningful love. Not the love that us Americans are used to seeing and consuming through our shitty perception of marriage and love. TLC needs to be better in understanding cultural differences and not use them as exploitation points to create tensions and fights between the American and non-American couples. It happened too with Ashley and her Jamaican boyfriend in one of the sit-in reviews. They asked the boyfriend if he was capable of being monogamous and he just stayed quiet and it wasn't until another cast member asked the 20-year-old Jamaican guy if he knew what monogamous was and he said no, he didn't know what the word meant. Y'all need to get your shit figured out as a show and understand these people's worldviews aren't American-like and there are differences in education, culture, and religion from some of these couples.

    E v i e V i l lE v i e V i l l18 days ago
    • E v i e V i l l Yes!!! I was just about to comment this

      Michelle LupaMichelle Lupa10 days ago
  • I so dislike her

    Jlo BronxJlo Bronx18 days ago
  • She likes him for the green card she's gonna receive in a few months

    R. IveR. Ive18 days ago
  • Good for him

    Question ?Question ?18 days ago
  • I like here hair

    Rose RedRose Red19 days ago