Nike Responds to Runner Mary Cain's Abuse Allegations | NBC New York

Nike will investigate accusations of abuse by Mary Cain while she was part of Alberto Salazar's training group. The runner says it reached the point where she started having suicidal thoughts and cutting herself.
Cain joined the disbanded Nike Oregon Project run by Salazar in 2013, soon after competing in the 1,500-meter final at track and field's world championships when she was 17.
Now 23, Cain told The New York Times in a video essay that she joined Nike because she "wanted to be the best female athlete ever."
"Instead, I was emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and endorsed by Nike," she said.
Nike said in a statement these are "deeply troubling allegations which have not been raised by Mary or her parents before. Mary was seeking to rejoin the Oregon Project and Alberto's team as recently as April of this year and had not raised these concerns as part of that process."
The sportswear giant added it will "take the allegations extremely seriously and will launch an immediate investigation to hear from former Oregon Project athletes."




  • I'm just trying to figure out who called her the Michael Jordan of women's track

    Harvey NelsonHarvey NelsonDay ago
  • Who referred to her as the Michael Jordan of Track & Field is what I want to know.

    Earl StewartEarl Stewart8 days ago
  • Nike is the name of the Greek goddess of victory... What a shame her name is being put to the dirt because people can't see anything above power and money... It's not a good representation of victory in the slightest... Just terrible sportsmanship and blindness.

    Rae WinterRae Winter11 days ago
  • A rapadura é doce mas n é mole n

    marilia moreli parisi de castromarilia moreli parisi de castro11 days ago
  • People have the audacity to defend Nike and telling her to toughen up 😑

    Colombia Jr10Colombia Jr1013 days ago
  • Nike should be banned for what they have done

    Cynthia _123456Cynthia _12345614 days ago
  • This is not Nike fault. It’s her stupid coach. He believed that the thinner the athlete the faster they would perform in mid to linger distances. She goes on to mention how he demanded her to lose weight at any means necessary.

    Seppe TankSeppe Tank14 days ago
  • The same with ballet! Horrific what they make these women put their bodies through.

    Gordon HarperGordon Harper15 days ago
  • Pathetic little girl. Typical current era of victim mentality. If you don't wanna put in the work then get out the kitchen girly. Pathetic and clearly not cut out to be a pro athlete. And these women wanna be paid the same as men yet need to get a break when they want kids. And I thought men and women are all the same? Dont let feminists see this video. They will go berserk.

    Justin SJustin S15 days ago
  • How do companies like this get away with abuse ?

    RazzerRawRazzerRaw16 days ago
  • Nike is simply a band of more corporate thugs looting the world, making so money money while ruining sports all over the world. Every-time athletes get MILLIONS of dollars, we the fan get charged more for everything to pay all the fees and salaries down the line. I own NOTHING with Nike on it, while all the mass's actually pay their hard earned cash to advertise for them for free, because they've been so brainwashed. Nothing will come of this, as corporate cash can buy any politician in america today and cover up everything and the status-quo continue on. Pride and heart should be at the head of the line, but runs the american world. It's pitiful.

    Denny LawDenny Law16 days ago
  • A four year ban - absolutely no big deal to Alberto. He will go play with his money for four years. Admit that he "pushed boundaries" and will resume right where he left off (this time with a new Nike CEO). Any coach that is caught pushing PEDS should be banned for life. What about some sort of financial penalties for Nike or the organizing body of running?

    Coach Robb BeamsCoach Robb Beams16 days ago
  • Nike is just trying to cover up there bull shit. This bad press could mean lower sales, which is all any company cares about.

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ16 days ago
  • Weak ass entitled female ....why not quit when this shit started happening? ? ? Smh

    JanuaryJanuary16 days ago
  • I hate nike now.never going to buy nike im shifting to Adidas.

    Omer MalikOmer Malik16 days ago
    • Same

      [ insert name here ][ insert name here ]15 days ago
  • FFS she wanted to be the best n they helped her be the best, sacrifices have to be made so stop bitching.

    Mohd KhalidMohd Khalid17 days ago
    • All they did was tell her to starve herself, basically. No professional women's trainer, no research, no care.

      crystal deercrystal deer15 days ago
    • All they wanted was money. They couldnt care less that she was literally dying. You dont need to abuse someone to help them. She would have dyed if she hadn't quit.

      [ insert name here ][ insert name here ]15 days ago
  • There is no difference between men and women you bigots, a woman can do anything that a man can do and even better.

    Mohd KhalidMohd Khalid17 days ago
    • [ insert name here ] True men are naturally stronger then women but a women can train the same way a man does WITH training a tons of hard work

      Colombia Jr10Colombia Jr1014 days ago
    • Theres a *huge* difference. Its bacic anatony. woman cant be trained the same way men are trained.

      [ insert name here ][ insert name here ]15 days ago
  • Nike Corp what a message to send to girls, women or even there care don’t need to be a women anymore.... act like man look like man turn your body into a man 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Crystal GarciaCrystal Garcia17 days ago
  • Nope no more Nike for me

    mark ramirezmark ramirez17 days ago
  • Disgruntled former employee. Hey, my sgt yelled at me once in Iraq. Suck it up.

    william Rupertwilliam Rupert17 days ago
  • There is a video on this go watch it

    Reed MillerReed Miller17 days ago
  • Hey Nike! STFU! YOU hurt a little girl! And you cry about it? I'm ashamed of you! Get out of my America! Criminals!

    mama bearmama bear17 days ago
  • A company that praises kap 🤨

    Mikey CastilloMikey Castillo17 days ago
  • How is nike going to investigate themselves? That is the biggest bs I’ve ever seen

    JordanXPlays0JordanXPlays017 days ago
  • But arent men and woman the same🧐

    Raul SolisRaul Solis18 days ago
    • Physically, no.

      crystal deercrystal deer15 days ago
  • She said she still loved him? That’s just weird idk if I believe entirely her story if it was that bad why didn’t you speak up during or just not do it. I’m an athlete and her story is weird and makes women athletes look like wimps.

    Matthew LeeMatthew Lee18 days ago
  • Softies

    DWNtoERTHDWNtoERTH18 days ago
  • Never liked Nike (pronounced like Mike but with an N) I refuse to say it as nikie.

    VGMStudios33VGMStudios3318 days ago
  • You know nike isn’t doing anything it’s the coach

    David VegaDavid Vega18 days ago
    • Nike hired the coach

      [ insert name here ][ insert name here ]15 days ago
  • say all you want but in three days you’ll forget about this and start buying from them again

    AmaliaAmalia18 days ago
  • Fck sake, just say, your program is not for me and leave.

    KezKez18 days ago
  • All this free advertising might not take the company where these athletes want it to go.

    Alan WoodAlan Wood18 days ago
  • Now you know why they are pushing trans into women sports. They cant be pregnant, they don’t have monthly women issues and their bodies are more stable. I will not watch anything were trans are competing against real woman. The industry can bet on trans but than they will loose the consumer.

    SophoklisSophoklis18 days ago
  • Think about it white men caused the worlds problems nobody else and if they aren’t white they are men and usually white

    Isabella HernandezIsabella Hernandez19 days ago
  • Nike is ingrained in cultures around the world. This is just a bump in the road. They have teams to repair this image. Time will help forget. People will keep buying.

    WTF SFWTF SF19 days ago
  • I mean, lighter is faster

    Mark DMark D19 days ago
  • I know this one person who did Denmark international cross country and the person in his team has suicided I think many of these running coaches are terrible people

    Felix [ZR]Felix [ZR]19 days ago
  • What else can you expect from a company that employs small children to make cheap shoes in sweatshops

    SpoonySpoony19 days ago
  • I will never buy or recommend a Nike product again!

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker19 days ago
  • Nike: “Values” You mean monetary values?

    What is this 64What is this 6419 days ago