OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production | Jamie Foxx & Vince Vaughn

Join us and OFF SCRIPT host Jamie Foxx as he catches up with friend and legendary actor Vince Vaughn. They cover films, first gigs, family life and the importance of one-to-one connection.
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Coming soon: Sarah Silverman, Jeremy Renner, Benicio Del Toro, The Rock, and Denzel Washington.
Join us and our host Jamie Foxx as we go OFF SCRIPT with Hollywood’s most beloved talent to celebrate the iconic moments in film that shaped their success.
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  • I love Vince Vaughn!!! He is so hot!!!!

    Andie SiskAndie Sisk7 days ago
  • thumbs up

    Deborah Ann FrederickDeborah Ann Frederick11 months ago
  • PYPF!!!

    Joanne MercaderJoanne MercaderYear ago
  • First comment

    Ian DantzlerIan DantzlerYear ago
  • I love Vince Vaughn I'm serious

    Ameerah toy fun Review!!Ameerah toy fun Review!!Year ago
  • Vince Vaughn is Chuck Shumer, Wearing Prosthetics.

    Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/MalakGood Messenger Jennifer 2.0/MalakYear ago
    • I’m weak!!!

      tiarra03tiarra0312 days ago
    • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak he’s got the same hair line

      Dirg RamseyDirg Ramsey4 months ago
  • woww

    Capone BneCapone BneYear ago
  • this show is firee

    Adam JaveedAdam JaveedYear ago
  • Eric was in over his head on this one. Vince had him checked. I love this episode.

    Sifiso ThwalaSifiso ThwalaYear ago
    • Sifiso Thwala eric who?

      BroxineBroxineMonth ago
  • Wedding Crashers is literally one of my favorite movie's.

    Cameron BaileyCameron BaileyYear ago
  • I’ll just buy a grey goose bottle because of this

    TheTauliMauliTheTauliMauliYear ago
  • This was amazing. More people need to see this.

    Riley McCormickRiley McCormickYear ago
  • Jamie Foxx is so cool.

    Give Trump a chance ObengGive Trump a chance ObengYear ago
  • Jamie Foxx is so cool.

    Give Trump a chance ObengGive Trump a chance ObengYear ago
  • My guys!!

    Quensel LawrenceQuensel LawrenceYear ago
  • Why doesn't he have a late night show?

    Day ChanDay ChanYear ago
  • Cracked me up. The comedic chemistry is amazing

    Chanelle ReneeChanelle ReneeYear ago
  • These two are both so smooth! I can see how they would both be charming to "ladies", especially Jamie and why Jamie would want his daughter to avoid a f***boy like him. I wanted the video to go longer. Guys who try to charm you are entertaining - not marriage material, but entertaining for sure.

    frolickinglionsfrolickinglionsYear ago
  • Talking way too fast

    Timpo MediaTimpo MediaYear ago
  • Vince Vaughn is the Chad of our generation.

    God Emperor PepeGod Emperor PepeYear ago
  • kml Vince said some real shyt... sometime you can have a whole relationship in two days...i feel that but you cant tell that to a woman...she wouldn't understand that

    Chief HaltonChief HaltonYear ago
  • Love your work guys ... And I agree with Vince , Jamie you are the most gifted person alive .. That's real dude. I've subcribed and got the Alert squad going cant wait for the next one, watched all of them so far. Love Dude.

    JT GirganJT GirganYear ago
  • Love Vince Vaughn man! He’s hilarious and an entertaining actor!

    D. FoxxD. FoxxYear ago
  • Jamie, when are we going to get the Jamie Foxx late night talk show? Love it

    Michael CarpenterMichael CarpenterYear ago
  • #OffScript #JamieFoxx ❤ here for whatever #Jamie does

    Drea BabyDrea BabyYear ago
  • First

    redesign my liferedesign my lifeYear ago