OnePlus messed up.

The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter "X-Ray" camera, and its caused people privacy concerns and has been suspended in China - Whoops.
Also credits to GSMArena and Getty images - I have used a few images from them, and forgot to add in visual accreditation
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  • I thought the red thing was a bow tie in the thumbnail. Lol

    lialia7 hours ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> how many people went to their phone to look at the infra red

    YoloishYoloish8 hours ago
  • Hi bro i need a phone 😤 if possible please...✌️

    VIKINGVIKING8 hours ago
  • This mode was the main selling point for me.

    Trey LoveTrey Love9 hours ago
  • Lol a custom rom will fix that ban

    Debonair WattDebonair Watt10 hours ago
  • It's not even a problem. If you think it is, you might as well cancel technology all together. Technology can be as helpful as it can be harmful.

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez10 hours ago
  • I knew my husband was cheating but had no evidence but I saw someone named Oleksandre on here, I contacted him. Omg this guy is a genius I got more than enough evidence that my husband was cheating, he mirrored his phone with mine and I was able to view everything on his phone including deleted messages. I knew his location every time. You can also reach out to Oleksandre on whatsapp +1 318-479-0559

    tony montanatony montana10 hours ago
    • I have no idea but the hacker is really good and effective he is so fast

      Sandra AshlySandra Ashly10 hours ago
  • Nice..... analysis and observation of that vague u said it could harness privacy....

    Vishnu AcharyaVishnu Acharya10 hours ago
  • Dude thats a great feature, they would sell me the phone with this feature alone. I mean i would use it for lots of "research" u know looking through remote controllers and stuff, for sure not clothing *cough* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Erikas L.Erikas L.12 hours ago
  • You cant stop progress. Banned today, new normal tommorow.

    WykiusWykius12 hours ago
  • Its a very cool idea. They shouldn't have removed it. You can see through almost no things, I have tried it. Those are very picky examples. This is too exaggerated.

    TheMinigatoTheMinigato12 hours ago
  • I see 007 🙀

    The TinnitusThe Tinnitus13 hours ago
  • Now that's what I call a phone for perverts

    AndreeaTubeAndreeaTube13 hours ago
  • you can get this color filter in a pic by doing the following (you need samsung for this cuz I dont know if this happens in other phones or not) take a photo go to settings go to accessibility go to vision then tap negative colors or color inversion then go to ur pic take a screenshot then turn to normal settings Arun if u r reading this please make about what I think

    StingerStinger13 hours ago
  • oneplus is china dont buy it

    rohan dhurirohan dhuri14 hours ago
  • Didn't know much about infrared photography thanks for the blog and it seems OnePlus's camera was subtle at the first glance but now its both interesting and spooky. May get court martialed for this added stuff.

    Rupam MalakarRupam Malakar14 hours ago
  • Oops..😳

    Samuel WilsonSamuel Wilson14 hours ago
  • I paid for the whole camera. I'll use the whole camera. XDA : I got your back bro..

    World PeaceWorld Peace14 hours ago
  • It's just an IR camera, nothing more, nothing less, I don't get the controversy.

    Kian JKian J15 hours ago
  • I say: let them bois see our panties if they really want to! Who's with me?

    Emily ThomsonEmily Thomson17 hours ago
  • I like to consider myself a d3generate, so yeah, definitely will be buying this one.

    Darkid124 :3Darkid124 :317 hours ago
  • I have the same tv remote

    Atharva ZodpeAtharva Zodpe18 hours ago
  • Maybe its a spy camera that sends automatically every photo back to 1+ ... :-D

    Miroslav HolecekMiroslav Holecek18 hours ago
  • Busty pornstars : *EXISTS* Oneplus : *we're gonna end their whole career*

    Ayush ChandraAyush Chandra18 hours ago
  • This was creepy

    Pranav DixitPranav Dixit18 hours ago
  • after your video, its now selling like hotcakes.

    dennis sohdennis soh18 hours ago
  • You should definitely review Sony Xperia 1ii (Mark 2).

    Farhan MalikFarhan Malik18 hours ago
  • They knew exactly what they were doing...

    Tinkamanyire KizitoTinkamanyire Kizito18 hours ago
  • Strange that nobody noticed it could be a Chinese spying technology.

    Not My Real NameNot My Real Name19 hours ago
  • *Zor zor se bolke sabko sceme bata de

    CrispKiller #11CrispKiller #1119 hours ago
  • If Samsung release flagship lower cost OnePlus will be gone

    Siva JosephSiva Joseph19 hours ago
  • Should manufacturers be able to remotely disable hardware you paid for? Didn't Sony get sued for removing linux support from the ps3 after launch?

    TuiCatNZTuiCatNZ19 hours ago
  • Get me one of those phone

    Jannah MuftyJannah Mufty19 hours ago
  • That alone is worth all the money

    Jj MmmJj Mmm20 hours ago
  • I think it’s a great way to get your name out there, all the media is writing about it. The reason to keep it so hidden I feel is to prevent an outbreak of those kinds of pictures so that they don’t have to go into damage control. IMO it looks like a marketing stunt.

    Henkolson PietersenHenkolson Pietersen20 hours ago
  • Dangerous

    Google UserGoogle User20 hours ago
  • Honestly anyone who already bought the phone shouldn’t have anything they’ve paid for be taken away. If they want to change something on how it is and sell it cheaper then sure, but I think it just comes down to the fact that just because you have some type of power doesn’t mean you should abuse it

    Jar6dJar6d21 hour ago
  • Sony did this in the 90's yawn. Got their camcorder banned then retooled with a filter... That everyone promptly removed. works best on wet blue swimsuits

    ewmegooliesewmegoolies21 hour ago
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera was originally supposed to help with night photography. Infrared cameras are often used with home security cameras to get data that is then either fed directly to the storage system or combined with the filtered RGB sensor to allow for good quality video in both the day and night. It would make sense from the perspective of making the OP 8 Pro more appealing than other flagships, since they often lack in night photography. But like you mention, they probably realized later on that this had huge privacy concerns and shouldn’t be promoted.

    Alex BeaverAlex Beaver21 hour ago
  • “It’s different, it’s quirky” brah it’s a gimmick period 😂

    OfficerpapiOfficerpapi21 hour ago
  • Who cares

    Jessie AguilarJessie Aguilar21 hour ago
  • Actually if you take the remote ir blaster in a dark place and see it closely with your eyes, you can see the infrared actually. Yes, our eyes can see infrared but not clearly.

    Irfan JamaluddinIrfan Jamaluddin22 hours ago
  • Well.. Thanks to you.. Now we do know.. And I'm in for such tech

    painful1978painful197822 hours ago
  • I use ir Camara a lot for work, to diagnose problems before they happen. There are already 2 phones that have this function and that cat phones S60 and S61

    it's winter playzit's winter playz22 hours ago
  • Imagine finding someone with a black bikini on... 😍😂😫🛌🛌🛌🤰🤰

    mason dipplemason dipple23 hours ago
  • thats when one plus realized, they fucked up.

    Christopher WhitenerChristopher Whitener23 hours ago
  • Oneplus add a cool feature but try to bury it as much as possible in the camera setting and make sure nobody realized it exist. Meanwhile, the whole world literally focus only on that feature. The next thing you know it is banned in China.

    L1_m3L1_m323 hours ago
  • I'm NoT lIkE oThEr PhOnEs, I'm QuIrKy

    Air CeeAir Cee23 hours ago
  • Great. Now I have to get one

    VantaDioVantaDioDay ago
  • Good feature but little troublesome 😅

    hsd287hsd287Day ago
  • OnePlus: This camera could see through clothes Perverts: Oh Yes! I'mma buy that real quick

    TrexAFKTrexAFKDay ago
  • Arun: explaining* Me: *starts spacing out watching the tv

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytDay ago
  • Camera Pervert: Let me pull off what I would like to call... A PRO GAMER MOVE. 👌🏻

    Alex NeumannAlex NeumannDay ago
  • The camera that shows the inner you.... By that, it means your small peepee..

    suffian saadsuffian saadDay ago
  • Controversy: They are now looking through your stuffs in the physical realm. The spy game is strong.

    • Teenagers: Nice

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytDay ago
  • Not for us global owners 😎

    MyemMyemDay ago
  • The way you pronounce controversy is incredible "con troe versay"

    Soupcan13Soupcan13Day ago
  • That is infrared. I have done infrared photography and confirm it is.

    Mark LewisMark LewisDay ago
  • Have done this year's ago with SLR... it's not hard to do, however seeing through clothes, I never noticed.

    ThisisRubbishloThisisRubbishloDay ago
  • Does it work with scratchcards? Asking for friend..

    Lucas MPLLucas MPLDay ago
  • his voice is one of the essential reasons for all of his subscribers

    Marco AmreinMarco AmreinDay ago
  • Video: OnePlus messed up Also video: "Hey here's an ad featuring the one plus :D"

    Butter ._.Butter ._.Day ago
  • Alright you convinced me I'm getting one

    Saki NikaidōSaki NikaidōDay ago
  • Doesn’t make any sense if you can use DSLR camera but you can’t use cellphone camera.

    Al VAl VDay ago
  • That camera is there so it can secretly take photos to send back to the Chinese government.

    ryanhaynryanhaynDay ago
  • Lew unboxed the Sony Xperia 1 II. Get your hands on it!! 👍 😁

    HR-VexHR-VexDay ago
  • wasted 7 minutes saying... nothing

    Darth FatherDarth FatherDay ago
  • So some stranger in the airport could see me naked but I can't use something with a much less powerful camera with the same feature? I trust myself and not some weirdo in the airport. And yes, this is a feature that I would be interested in. If I had the money I would buy it

    American MartyrAmerican MartyrDay ago
  • i smell a conspiracy here... what if oneplus purposely put that camera to spy on people.. at the end its a Chinese company and everyone knows how badly china is in everyone's radar now..

    Shankar NadkarniShankar NadkarniDay ago
  • Teenagers: Nice

    Faking GalebFaking GalebDay ago
  • The tv tho

    Faking GalebFaking GalebDay ago
  • They Better give refunds

    Chris OChris ODay ago
  • police need this camera . instead of shooting unarmed suspects. 1 1

    Krisso The Great .Krisso The Great .Day ago
  • Gosh this is so cool.

    RoiFRoiFDay ago
  • Horry Sheeeet!!

    Marco MaceoMarco MaceoDay ago
  • Review Sony Xperia 1 ii

    Syahwill.Syahwill.Day ago
  • they messed-up really big time this time!!!!!

    letbygones bebygonesletbygones bebygonesDay ago
  • now we can check for silicones

    azizul zulzahaazizul zulzahaDay ago
  • So you can use it to look directly at the skeleton and internals of most celebrities

    Ouroboros MDOuroboros MDDay ago
  • Nothing like a little controversy to get easy publicity

    Alerxz twist kidAlerxz twist kidDay ago